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It’s late at night and you are all alone in your house, everyone is away. Strolling to your bedroom, you carry several sheets of paper. You have been waiting all day to have some time to read my story to you. You could have read it when you first received it, but the anticipation only built up your desires. Over the past several months our correspondence has increasing turned up the heat. My stories and thoughts are passionate and contain a level of yearning you have never experienced in your life. Alone in your room you lay back into your bed and read my latest story of our mutual adventures.

The story describes in intimate detail an evening alone in a deserted hotel on a beach in Mexico. You push yourself into your pillows, open your legs and gently stroke your soft silk, while you begin to read.

We concocted a fairly reasonable tale of conventional responsibility that soothed the concerns of our families and gave us three days alone to explore our lust completely. We agreed to meet at a hotel which I booked online. The hotel was in a remote village in Mexico, along the gulf, that didn’t even show up on maps. Arriving in Mexico separately, we each commissioned a driver to take us there. Concurrently our drivers looked at us with puzzled expression and asked if we were sure we wanted to go to that town. We nodded and they drove. As they drove, my thoughts went to our rendezvous and our upcoming liaison. My mind drifted to imagining myself sliding between your legs and running my tongue along your soft lips as I feel a chill pass through your body. Without thought, my hand drifted between my legs raising my skirt. My fingers lightly touched my pussy, which was soaking wet with just this simple thought of you. Absent mindedly my other hand slipped into my shirt and I passionately rubbed my tits. My fingers moved in just the way I needed. I dreamt of you licking me and sliding your tongue from my clit to my ass and deep inside my crack. My fingers worked feverously on my clit and I knew my orgasm would not take long. Seconds later the first wave of my orgasm racked my body as I pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit with force. Oh, it felt so good.

When I came to the driver was staring at me with a stunned expression on his face. It was going to be a long trip to the hotel for me, but a much longer one for him with the strain in his pants. After three hours I arrived in the town, but it is not at all what I expected. The roads are unpaved, the stores have dirty window and there is not a car or person in site. It looks more like an old west ghost town than a resort village. He pulled in front of the hotel I had requested and asks me if I was absolutely sure that this is where I wanted to be left. Once again, I nod yes. He unloads my luggage and smiling promises to return in two days.

It is several hours before you arrive. I have never met you in person, but feel I know you intimately, because of what we have shared. You have sent me several pictures over the past few months of increasing intensity. We started with very simple ones of our significant others and us and then quickly moved to pictures of ourselves masturbating with thick dildos and vibrators. I still can’t believe I sent that to anyone. Lost in the moment I was suddenly awakened by the screech of brakes in front of casino siteleri the hotel. You seem to be carrying on the same conversation with the driver. You emerge from the cab and I am awe struck. Pictures did not do you justice. You are spectacular, a vision, breathtaking. I feel the heat rush immediately to my face and the moisture rushing between my legs. As the driver pulls away, you turn to face me and I can see that you are equally excited. Dropping our suitcases, we slowly approach each other. I can feel a wall of doubt and fear, as we get closer. “Should I really do this? Do I really want this?” Then just as suddenly I am face to face with you. If we had hesitated a moment I am not sure of what would have happened, but we did not hesitate.

My lips met yours and we locked perfectly. The softness of your mouth against mine was transcendent. We kissed deeply and passionately, moving to nibble and lick each other’s lips gently. My tongue slipped cautiously inside of your mouth, but was quickly embraced by your own. They danced and slid up against one another. I could feel every inch of your mouth as I spiraled around your delicious tongue. My arms held you firmly and I could feel your breast pressed tightly up again mine our nipples extended. Then at the same moment, we pulled away from one another breathless. “Uh, I think we better put our stuff away and get out of public.” You agree. Lost in a daydream we enter the hotel.

The lobby is large with tables, chairs all around, and a large reception desk in the front of the room. We call out for help, but no one responds. Walking from room to room, we are baffled. The hotel is clean and well kept, but there truly does not seem to be anyone there. Then you discovered the sign. The sign stated that the entire town was condemned and would be destroyed in one week’s time to make way for a luxury condo high rise. Below that sign was another that explained to any possible traveler that the entire community had been moved to a new location by the government and the town was uninhabited in preparation for the demolition. It took some time for this to register with us and it was you who spoke first, “We are all alone here”.

I looked at you with a mischievous smile. “We are all alone here.”

It didn’t need to be said a third time as we rushed happily into each other’s arms. We laughed and kissed for several minutes. Now we understood why the drivers were so reluctant to leave us here. Laughing we continued to kiss, but eventually the kissing became stronger and the laughter turned to moans. I pressed up against the front desk, with my tongue buried deep in your mouth. We both began to sweat as our hands groped for each other’s clothes. Your dress was the first to go followed by mine. Completely out of control now, I ran my hands down to your panties and slid them rapidly down your legs. I have been waiting to taste you forever. You help me by jumping up onto the counter and spreading your legs in front of me. My tongue slides down your inside right thigh, then I kiss and nibble near your patch of heaven. I am so wet and so eager to taste you, but I am trying to regain my control. My tongue slides down your other leg as I reach my hands up to your breasts. This is the first time I have ever felt breasts other than my own. Your skin is slot oyna so soft to my touch and your nipples harden immediately with my stroke. You begin to raise your hips and push your self towards me. I can tell that you are needing me.

Wanting to satisfy you, more than I have ever wanted to satisfy anyone, I move between your legs. To my surprise and happiness, you smell incredible, better than I ever dreamed. Your clit is already engorged and you are so wet. As my tongue touches the tip of your hood, we feel a charged ripple pass between us. I must have you.

My lips wrap around your clit and my tongue begins to softly stroke it. You have never been touched this tenderly, but with such precision. It is exactly what you would have done. I instinctively lick you as only I can. My tongue slides between your lips and pushing your legs in the air, it continues on to your ass. My tongue circles around your back button and penetrates inside. I then slide back up to your clit and back to a circular spin around it on an even pace. You have never felt anything so good in you life and you want it all.

Sliding off the table, you bring me onto the carpet, pulling me close to your warm body. We kiss passionately again for a moment or two before you move my body so it faces the opposite direction and my pussy is directly above your face. Immediately you bury your tongue inside me and ram me with your tongue. I almost cum from just that. Seeing your delicious pussy in front of my face, I go back down on you and suck hard on your clit. You do the same and soon we are sucking furiously on each other’s clit. Wave after wave hits us, but we are able to continue. Before long, I can feel your finger at the entrance to my pussy. I let out a powerful sigh as you slide two long fingers deep into me. Your fingers fuck me in time with your tongue’s strokes across my clit. Matching your movements, my fingers are in you, but I go one step further by sliding fingers from my other hand into your warmly lubed ass. You are being fucked deeply in your pussy and butt, while my tongue works insanely on your clit. Rapidly your other hand fills my ass and you begin to abuse me hard. You are pounding into my pussy and tail and no matter how many times I cum or beg you to stop you continue the assault. The sweat is pouring from our bodies and we are unyielding. Finally, we both seem to ratchet everything up a notch. Your fingers pound into me as deep as I have ever felt and you are sucking my clit all the way into your mouth and swirling your tongue rapidly around it. I am doing the same. The heat strikes us at the same time and begins at our toes. It is not long before the most powerful orgasm in our lives takes over our bodies as we pound each other one last time with every bit of our energy. We explode and both cry out as the last of our strength drains from our bodies.

Laying there, we begin to laugh separately as we realize we have this entire town to ourselves and all of the places we can make love.

In my bed, I have taken out a vibrator during the middle of the story and am rubbing it firmly on my clit. I have experienced so many orgasms reading this and thinking about you that I have lost count. I am completely transfixed by your story. I have removed my clothes completely and am rubbing the vibrator on my canlı casino siteleri clit while holding your letter. Every few moments I push my nipples towards my mouth and suck them heartily. My bush is aching as I feel another orgasm rock my body. I close my legs around the vibrator and push it inside of me. The orgasm extends forever and I see stars. Collapsing, I put your letter next to my head and drop into the covers exhausted.

I am there for several moments before I notice an arrow drawn on your letter pointing to the back of the page. Curious, I turn it over and am shocked at what is written there:


“Oh my god, you really want to meet!”

Laying in bed, I start to dream about meeting you in Las Vegas and what we could do to each other and with each other in that town. In my own mind, I realize I am ready to take this all the way. Tomorrow, I will send my reply and search for a ticket, but tonight I am going to masturbate several more times dreaming of what it will be like to hook up with you.


Having spent days making love in every imaginable way in our bedroom, we decide to venture out to a strip club together. Our entrance causes quite a stir among the majority male crowd. We stride hand in hand to the edge of the stage and take in the show. On the stage, a beautiful woman is dancing wearing only her shoes. She is taking special notice to push her butt our direction. Joking you place a dollar in front of me. The woman strides quickly over and takes the dollar. Thinking its all over, I turn to you, but see you are still looking forward. I turn around and see that she is squatting right in front of me swaying from side to side. As I stare, she moves close to me and presses her breasts to my face and I am enveloped in them. She whispers in my ear, “you are both beautiful. My girlfriend and I are going to give you a great lap dance. Go in the back corner where we can’t be seen.” After she leaves, I tell you what she said and without hesitation, you pull me towards the corner.

Sitting there drinking our cocktails we watch as they approach. One is a slim brunette, possibly Latino, with perfect C breasts and tender brown skin. The other is a long legged blonde, who is decidedly more slutty looking. Both are already naked. I move to speak, but the blonde instructs us to stay silent, as the music begins to play. They are moving slowly and very sexy in front of us. They are harmonious and move their bodies together, which has a hypnotic effect on us. Separately they move forward to us and begin to dance with their bodies pressed against ours. They each slide down to the floor and rub their hair between our legs. I know I am soaking, so I can’t imagine how you are feeling. It was about then that we both looked at each other and realized we had not worn panties with our dresses. It was seconds later when I felt the first finger fill my hungry hole. The second filled my ass and they began moving slowly inside me. Soon two and then her tongue on my clit replaced the one. In a daze, I look over at you and realize the other is doing the same to you. I push my face to yours and we start kissing madly as they work aggressively on our sweet pussies. The pounding in my ass increases as she is ramming me as hard as I have ever been fucked. I can feel my orgasm explode and I ram my tongue down your throat. I can feel one is rocking you as well. The song comes to an end and smiling the two ladies go back to the crowd leaving you and I spent from yet another climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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