Jade Ch. 01

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She offers me a drink but I ask for a glass of ice as I’ve got some wonderful bourbon in my hip flask. As I reach for it, I accidentally pull out my condoms from the same pocket and drop them on the floor. I glance at Jade. She stares at the condoms, then her gaze flicks across my crotch and up to my eyes. She smiles, and goes to the kitchen to get me some ice. I pick up the condoms and place them on the table next to me. No need for subtlety now!

I sit and sip my drink while she changes.

She asks if I can zip her up.

The first dress is silk, in shades of rose verging on red and it shimmers between the two as she walks. It’s low cut and comes to just above the knee, flaring out enough to make me want to sneak my hands underneath to stroke those beautiful legs.

I stand behind her and as I reach for the zip she bends forward slightly, brushing my crotch with her arse. I breathe out warmly on her neck at the sensation. She sighs and asks what is taking me so long with the zip.

I smooth the dress out first as it lets me slide my hand across her shoulder blades. Her skin is warm and soft. Her perfume gusts into my nose mixed with the scent of her. She smells earthy and rich. I finish the zip and return to my chair.

“Are you going to model it properly for me then?”

She smiles and struts out of the room. Returning with the confident, long strides of a model on the catwalk. Her eyes stay locked to mine. Her body moves beautifully under the dress and I wonder what I did to deserve this!

She twirls, and the dress whirls up around her hips, exposing slim, curvy legs and a flash of white panties. She’s not wearing a g-string and for some reason this realisation makes me go rock hard. I sip my bourbon.

“Wow Jade, your dress is beautiful! You’ve got real talent there!” I don’t need to lie, though men are often taught that we need to…

“Thanks! Help me with the zip and I’ll show you another.”

She turns away from me and coquettishly looks back through her eyelashes. My gaze travels from head to toe and I move behind her again.

This time she shoves her arse backwards into my crotch so quickly that I nearly fall over, and grab her hips to steady myself.

“Whoops!” she says dreamily. But she doesn’t move away.

Her arse feels so good against my hard-on. I’ve wanted her for so long it seems almost unreal that I’m here with her; dreamlike. I don’t want to wake up.

I reach for the zip and as I pull it down, my index finger glides along her spine. She seems to melt into me a little. I decide to help her some more and slide both hands under the straps of the dress and slowly up to her shoulders.

Her back is a smooth, warm expanse of soft skin, divided by her bra strap. I relish the feel of it momentarily before sliding the dress down to her waist and off her hips.

She stands right in front of me in her cream bra and lacy panties. Then she bends over to pick up the dress and pushes herself firmly back onto my crotch. Her legs quiver as her curvy, pantie clad arse slides up across the bulge in my jeans. She quickly stands straight again.

“If you liked that one, you’ll love the next,” she says.

She sashays into her bedroom and I take a quick gulp of my bourbon to wet my suddenly bangbross porno very dry mouth.

“Why don’t you put some music on?” she calls.

I look through her CDs and pick out Super Sound by Pepe Deluxé; skipping to Before You Leave.

“Good choice!”

“Of course!” I say with mock conceit.

I sit down again and take the opportunity to slide my hand down my boxers and stroke my engorged cock. I cup and massage my balls and give a silent vote of thanks to whatever powers in the universe have handed me this opportunity.

My jaw drops…

Jade walks back in wearing indecently short black chiffon. The front is loose and billows, so that her tits jiggle appealingly as she struts towards me. I can see her nipples poking through the material and I lick my lips at the prospect of teasing, sucking, tweaking them. My gaze travels down to appreciate her curves. But it returns to her eyes. There’s fire in them that I can’t ignore.

This time her display would be more suited to a strip bar than a catwalk. She makes the most of her captive audience, posing and pouting at me. She licks her lips, winks at me and turns away, bending over with her legs straight and slightly apart. The hem rides up her thighs and I see the curve of her arse peeking out from underneath as she sways from side to side to the beats.

I realise she hasn’t done up the zip again and that this time there is no bra strap adorning her back. I put down my drink so quickly it splashes onto my hand. Jade giggles and I stand, licking the drink off my fingers as I approach her.

I plant my feet slightly apart and behind her, so my legs are touching the back of hers and my cock is pressing into the small of her back.

“I’m not gonna do up that zip Jade,” I say softly – my mouth close to her left ear.

She gives a little moan and presses harder into me.

I slide my hands over her back again, but this time I slide them up and round her neck. I run my fingers over her neck and caress her cheeks. My tongue snakes out and flicks gently across her earlobe. She turns her head and captures one of my fingers, curling her tongue around the tip and sucking gently.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purrs.

I decide to take control and quickly push her dress down to her waist. I turn her to face me. She throws her arms around me and we kiss hard and deep.

She tastes sweet and hot and wet as our tongues meet.

I push her dress the rest of the way down despite her small noise of protest at the temporary separation of our crotches.

I glance down and see a large wet patch on the front of her panties and I smile at the sight of her pussy lips only slightly obscured. I slide my hands under the panties and caress her arse, squeezing it roughly and pulling her onto me.

She shoves her tongue so far down my throat that pain blends with pleasure and she grinds herself against me; one hand firmly on the back of my head; the other squeezing and stroking my arse and upper thighs. She makes a plaintive almost bleating noise as we kiss.

I gently disengage from her soft lips and plant soft kisses down her neck. She tilts her head back and moans.

I support her weight with my right hand as I lean her backwards and my mouth and free hand explore bangbus porno her stomach and chest. Her breasts are glorious pale mounds topped by small, hard, rosebud nipples. My hand circles her right breast, teasing its way to the centre. She shudders as it brushes her nipple and I tweak it gently between my finger and thumb.


I smirk as I know she hasn’t seen anything yet. My mouth explores her right breast before hovering over the nipple. I breathe on it a few times and flick it gently with the tip of my tongue. I can be such a tease…

I close my lips over her rosebud nipple and suck and lick it, with my tongue caressing it slowly, then hard and fast.

“Oh fuck me!”

We both giggle, me with my lips still clamped onto her hard nub.

“Jade, you’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to do just that!”

I crouch in front of her. Kissing my way down her body, which is glowing with a slight sheen of sweat. Reaching her panties, I consider delving in to have a taste of her pussy juices. The smell is intoxicating: sweet and bitter and… her. I decide to give her what she wants and enjoy the anticipation, because there are few things I like more than eating pussy.

I slide the panties down and her scent intensifies.

“You smell so good… Your pussy’s soaking!”

“Oh god, I’m so wet. I need your cock in me so bad. Fuck me! Please!”

I give in to my urges a little and lean forward to run my tongue lightly and quickly up her slit. She tastes like pure wanton sex and I waste no more time.

We turn round so she is facing the couch and I push her forward onto her hands. She spreads her legs and looks back at me over her shoulder with slightly glazed eyes and a filthy grin.

I meet her gaze and give her my best devilish grin with the full force of my twinkling brown eyes.

I practically rip my t-shirt off and slide my trousers, boxers and socks off in one go, not even bothering with my belt.

As I straighten up I see Jade gazing at my cock and biting her lip.

“Ohhh it looks quite thick! Are you going to be able to squeeze that in my tight little pussy?”

“Damn right I am!”

My right hand strokes the small of Jade’s back and I guide my cock between her legs with my left.

I groan as the tip meets the wetness between her cunt lips. I stroke it up and down her slit and soon it’s covered in her juices and seems to slide into her of it’s own accord.

“Ohhhh yessss! God that feels good! Fuck me Al!

I hold her hips and begin to pull her backwards and forwards, impaling her on my cock. She wasn’t kidding about her pussy, it grips my cock so tightly that I’m convinced I won’t be able to get it all the way in, but Jade matches my next stroke with a big push of her own and I’m right inside her; my balls pressing into the crack of her arse and moaning cries escaping both our lips.

I increase the pace and thrust myself inside her – wrapped up in the near-violence of good, hard sex. Jade begins to breathe in gasps and after a few strokes she shudders and the walls of her cunt ripple wonderfully across my cock. Her juices gush down her legs.

She sighs. Her arms shake a little under the force of her orgasm and she sinks down to rest on her elbows.

With beurette tour porno her back arched high I get into my rhythm and pound her pussy without slowing.

She begins to shriek loudly and a stream of filth pours out of her mouth:

“Fuck me! Stick that big hard cock inside my cunt! Ohh yeah, that’s it, fuck me harder! Your cock feels so good. Ohhhh goddd I’m cummmmming! Ah ah ahhhhhhhh!”

This spurs me on to greater efforts and I spank her arse for good measure.

“Ahhh yessssss smack me like the filthy bitch slut I am! Fuck! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!”

I get the impression she likes the spanking…

She cums again, her whole body shuddering and writhing around my cock. And the smell of her juices is making me dizzy as I continue to slide in and out of her sopping cunt; slowing to the rhythm of The Beat Experience; making her feel every inch as I slide inside her, and feeling her cunt twitching in the aftershocks of her orgasm.

She begs me to stop and collapses on the sofa; lying naked on her side and breathing hard; cheeks flushed and her eyes burning with passion.

I kneel in from of her and lean in to kiss her softly.

“Mmmm… that was sooo good,” she murmurs, and stretches languidly. We gaze at each other while she catches her breath.

She smiles, and reaches for my cock; caressing it softly and smearing her juices and my pre-cum all over the shaft and my balls. I get hard… fast. She strokes the shaft and rubs her thumb over the tip. I smile and half close my eyes in pleasure. She wanks me slowly and sensuously for what feels like an eternity of teasing pleasure.

She leans closer, licking her lips and her gaze moves from my eyes, to my lips, to my cock and back again, holding my gaze as she engulfs my dick with her mouth, sliding slowly down, barely touching it and moving her hand down to gently squeeze and caress my balls.

As her mouth nears the base, she closes it over the shaft and sucks her cheeks in as she slides back up, her tongue flicking across gently.

“Oh yeah Jade that feels amazing. Your pretty little mouth feels so good round my cock. I bet it tastes good too covered in your pussy juice. I’m gonna make you cum like you never have before when I get my mouth on your pussy.”

Jade moans around my cock and sucks faster. One hand continues to massage my balls and the other strokes my shaft whenever her mouth leaves it uncovered.

Quite simply the best blow job I’ve ever had. Appropriately the track playing now is The Ride…

My hips move involuntarily, shoving my cock harder into her mouth. She grazes the shaft lightly with her teeth and growls up at me, then intensifies her sucking and licking more than I thought possible and I feel my orgasm approaching fast.

“I’m gonna cum!”

My whole body spasms as bolts of cum shoot to the back of Jade’s throat. She sucks my cock dry, licking it clean of both our cum.

“Fuck Jade, that was.. fucking incredible.”

“Of course!” she says, mimicking me with a grin. “You were right though…”

“What about?”

“Your cock tasted so good covered in my cum… You should try some…”

She smiles broadly and pulls me onto the sofa to kiss and entwine our limbs together.

“You just try to stop me! When I licked your pussy before you tasted so good I wanted to eat you out right then, but I thought you needed a good fuck first.”

“Mmmmm that was a good call.”

We curl up together on the sofa and drift off to sleep.

To be continued…

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