Intimate Portrait

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As I lit the last of the candles, she walked slowly out onto the set. I know I must have been trippin cuz I swear time itself started moving in slow motion. Every step had a sensual nature about it. The movement of the white satin robe contrasting against her dark chocolatey skin was like foamy ocean waves gently washing over the midnight shore, and I wondered what mysteries were hidden beneath.

Whew… I deeply exhaled shake myself out of this lustful trance. I had a job to do. I was here to photograph this beautiful specimen, not stand gawking at her, although that’s all I wanted to do.

Her voice brought me back to reality, “Where do you want me at?”

“Pressed tightly against me,” I thought to myself. I resisted that urge though and said, “How bout you just set yourself up on the bed there.”

Now this was no ordinary bedroom scene. I designed it myself. It was an image straight out of a fantasy. A round, feather soft bed layered in flowing satin sheets. Woven silk hung from the tall wrought iron bed frame. Surrounding the bed were pedestals with several candles providing a warm, comfortable glow. The scene itself sent the senses into a lustful submission, blocking out all distractions and focusing on one thing – that one object that you crave and desire. That one element was gracefully sitting down on the edge of the bed, completing this perfect scene. As I positioned myself behind my camera she slid her robe off revealing more of her bare, lustrous skin accented by edges of lace concealing her treasures of temptation below. I exhaled deeply and put my eye to the camera and began to focus my shot.

“Just be natural, hun,” I told her. “Feel the mood and let it flow.”

She started to move and pose and I started snapping pictures. However, I wasn’t prepared for the sight I was about to witness. The display before me was artful; a sexy interpretive dance. Her movements were so graceful and seductive, enslaving my visual cortex. Poetic motion so captivating, simply intoxicating; overwhelming my senses and literally getting me high off the beauty of it all. In my daze, I didn’t realize I had stopped taking pictures. She was looking at me questioningly.

“I’m fuck in traffic porno sorry… I just want to change angles,” I lied. I repositioned my camera, set focus, and continued taking pictures. However, I got drawn into the moment once again. I managed to continue, until she reached behind her back, unclasping her lacy bra, sliding it down inch by inch with each shot, revealing more of her heavenly landscape. As my eyes fell upon her exquisitely sculpted form, I felt the blood rush from my head and my heart rate increased. I had never witnessed such a perfect figure in all my years. After a moment, I realized I stopped taking pictures again and my jaw was hanging open. As I realized what was happening, I quickly closed my mouth and noticed the female laying on the bed six feet in front of me. Coyly, lying on her stomach, legs dangling in the air, head propped on her hand smirking at me. Her smile was strangely inviting and captured my gaze. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Why’d you stop?” she asked me.

“I don’t know…something distracted me,” I replied.

“And what might that something be?” she asked.

“You,” I said without hesitation.

She giggled and paused for a second. Then she extended her finger and started to beckon me to come over. I hesitated, knowing that if I stepped from behind the camera, I would be crossing the line between business and pleasure, but frankly I didn’t give a damn. It was just me and her, and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to experience the chemistry that was obviously radiating between us. I stepped from behind the camera and slowly walked over and sat down next to her on the bed. She looked up and smiled at me…damn, it was so easy to get lost in her eyes. I saw the flame of the candles dancing in her eyes, hypnotizing me into surrender. I had to look away. She giggled again.

“Oh, you think I’m funny do you?” I asked.

“Yea, I do,” she said.

“Well, let me show you how funny I am,” I said as I started to tickle her sides. She started shaking and laughing uncontrollably. I thought it was a great excuse for me to feel her beautiful skin, but she pleaded full porno for me to stop, but I didn’t want to let go of her soft skin. Instead, I turned my tickle into a massage and began to sensually rub down her bare shoulders and back. I firmly, but gently, ran my fingers up and down her skin rubbing and caressing every inch of skin from her neck to the lacy edge of her thong. I moved in close as I stroked the tender muscles in her shoulders and was drowned in her intoxicating fragrance.

She must’ve sensed my presence over her shoulder, because without a word, she turned over, grabbed my collar, and pulled me down into a deep, suffocating embrace. I was immersed in her very essence. It was almost dizzying. She was more aggressive than I originally thought, and I was enjoying every minute of it, but I had to come up for air before I slipped into an unconscious state. As my lips parted from hers, I sat up and took a breath. She was leaned back smirking at me.

“Do I amuse you?” I asked.

“Mmm…you sure do,” she seductively answered as she reached for my belt.

My mouth opened to say something in my amazement, but no words came out and I surely didn’t resist.

“Nothing wrong with mixing a little business and pleasure,” I thought to myself as she slid my pants down taking my boxers with them. Before I could make another move, she pulled my shirt off too, and then pushed me down on my back pinning my arms to the bed. She started kissing down my chest, as she reached my waistline an enticing shiver ran through my body. She paused for a minute and tilted her eyes up at me with that smirk again. Then she lowered her head and took me whole within the warm recesses of her mouth. My breathing stopped as she circled my stiff erection with her agile tongue. I slipped into a sexual daze as her mouth stroked me up and down. Her tongue tickled and teased the length of my shaft and her lips suckled on the tip like a lollipop. I felt her slow down and come to a stop with one final kiss on the tip, and I started to sit up, but she placed her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back down.

“Oh, no you don’t. I’m not done with you yet,” she gizli çekim porno slyly said as she slipped her thong off and straddled me on the bed. I could feel her warm juices dripping onto my penis, beckoning me to enter, teasing me, making me want it that much more. And she wasn’t going to make me wait any longer, as she took hold of my penis, placing the head at the gateway to her pussy. She began stroking her swollen labia with my dick. Feeling the anxious throbbing in her hand, she decided I had suffered enough and slowly slid my thick shaft inside of her wet tunnel of love. A look of intense pleasure crossed her face as she gasped loudly. My heart skipped a beat as I felt her tight walls firmly squeezing me. That moment felt like a blissful eternity, but then she slowly started to slide up and down on my pole. I could feel her muscles contracting sporadically, gripping and tugging at my sexual tool, yearning to pull in each inch. She found a comfortable rhythm and start to bounce up and down on my lap, hot skin slapping against each other blending with the sounds of heavy breathing and gentle moaning with the occasional scream to break the pattern. I grabbed onto her firm, tight ass to bring her down harder onto my dick pushing it deeper inside of her, tantalizing her g-spot.

As she started riding me faster, her nails dug into the flesh of my chest and her screams became more frequent and passion-filled. I wanted to be drowned in her scent again. I sat up and began nursing her perfectly-shaped breasts with my lips and tongue, while rocking in perfect rhythm with her. Our perspiring bodies were pressed tightly against each other tingling in pleasure. I could feel her vagina walls start to twitch and squeeze letting me know she was almost ready to burst, as was I. I gripped her ass once more and began to pull her on me tighter, faster, harder. Her screams blended with my moans as we both peaked at the same time juices flowing down our pelvic regions, heated passion soaking the bed. But it felt so good, that we just kept going. Ahh, her muscles tightened around me again as her mouth opened wide and then fell into a smile as we slowed to a stop and just sat there staring into each other’s eyes struggling for air. Then she just fell forward on top of me and she laid there on my heaving chest smiling at me. I tilted my mouth up and gave her a soft, deep kiss.

“Mmm…just hold this pose,” I said.

“Oh, I’ll hold this one for as long as you want,” she replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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