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My name is John, I am 38 and happily married for nearly three years now to my lovely wife Susan, who is 32. I am a doctor and have my own practice at home. My wife is an interior decorator, so connections are very important in her line of business. For this reason we host a number of parties every year. This story is about something that happened during one of those parties.

My in-laws live close by — twenty minutes by car — and are prominent members of the local social society, and so they attend almost every party. Except for the basic pleasantries and chitchat, I had never really talked to my in-laws, Bill and Chrystal. Being a physician, I was barely good enough for their daughter, as they had made clear on several occasions; needless to say that their social status had made them arrogant and condescending. Especially Chrystal who had only one word for everything she disapproved of: inappropriate, whether someone was late for an appointment or they bumped into her without apologizing, everything and everyone was always inappropriate. Since they had their own physician, I didn’t see them professionally either, which was fine by me… after all, who wants to see their in-laws naked?

Back to the story: there were about forty guests present and the open bar was a success, as usual. While I was trying to stay interested in yet another high society story from one of the guests, I suddenly heard a yelp followed by some commotion. As my eyes were still trying to pinpoint the origin of the noise, I heard my wife calling out to me: I honed in on her voice and ran over. Apparently my mother-in-law had twisted her left ankle and had fallen flat on her face. I helped her up and one of the bystanders pulled up a chair for her to sit on. After examining her ankle, I realized it was just a minor sprain. When I looked up at her to tell her how bad I thought it was, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked: her long blond hair surrounding her face, her big breasts making for an ample cleavage in her pink sweater. As I was kneeling there in front of her, my hands under the seem of her salmon pants holding her ankle, I felt so horny and hot for her all of a sudden, that for a second I thought I was back in high school, ogling my first girlfriend. When my wife asked me what she could do to help, I replied that it was going to be all right and that I would take care of her in my practice; I put Chrystal’s arm around my shoulder and helped her on her feet, meanwhile I was ogling her breasts as much as I thought I could get away with. I was getting hornier with every passing second, without any obvious reason; my wife and I had a good sex life, as a matter of fact she’d given me a sloppy blowjob just that morning!

Chrystal meanwhile limped, leaning on my shoulder, her left arm wrapped around my neck, towards the house; by now, we had left the crowd and were almost out of sight, when she stumbled again. I tightened my grip to keep her from falling, moving my right hand — which had been in her side up until now — up to her right boob. Chrystal gasped. We had our backs to everyone, so it went unnoticed, but as I couldn’t immediately move my hand until she took another step, I whispered:”I am sorry; I realize it’s inappropriate, but I can’t let go with you leaning towards that side.” My cock was fully erect now, and I fought a smile, realizing that I had used her favorite word.

“Don’t be sorry… it was reflex.” Chrystal said as she regained her balance and took another step. That would have been the end of it, I guess, if she’d hadn’t said what she was about to say next. “Besides, it’s not like you were squeezing it: that would have been inappropriate!”

I don’t know what got into me, but I took what she said as an invitation; instead of removing my hand now she’d regained her balance, I gently squeezed the underside of her breast, gently massaging my fingers into the soft tit-flesh, covered by her pink sweater. She gasped and turned her head to look at me as she slowly limped on, still leaning on me. My whole life flashed before my eyes as I realized the implications of her making a scene… I could have been in a lot of trouble! Luckily she didn’t freak out or object in any way. Figuring that maybe she was holding back because she didn’t want to make a scene in front of all of the guests, I feared that she might start to yell as soon as we walked into the house. In order to defuse a potential perilous situation, I decided to apologize preemptively and said:”I am sorry Chrystal, that was inappropriate of me!” feeling my cock throb in my pants.

As we walked down the hall to my office, she just whispered:”Don’t worry about it.”

Again, she probably — although less likely than before — could have stopped the whole thing here, if she’d just shut up. Instead she said:”That’s not inappropriate John… inappropriate would be if teen porno you tweaked my nipple or something.” I couldn’t believe it, again with that word, twice in the same sentence! The fucking bitch was daring me, I thought as she looked me in the eye. Ok then, I thought… if she wanted to play!

I took her nipple between my thumb and index finger and started rolling it gently, making her gasp and moan as we were approaching the door to my office. As we entered, I was really tweaking and jerking her erect nipple around under her sweater. God, my cock was so big, it was nearly bursting out of my pants. I gently sat her down on the examining table, which forced me to let go of her tit and nipple; as soon as she sat down, she looked at it and gently traced around the obscenely big nipple in her sweater several times, flipping the nipple herself a couple of times. I closed the door and locked it with the keys, then turned around and decided to see how far she was willing to go with this.

“You’re sure that that was not inappropriate?” I said, putting the ball in her camp. Looking up from her right tit — her finger still tracing around the nipple — she swallowed and said:”No no, it’s fine… just as long as you don’t ask me to take off my pants just to examine my ankle.” We both laughed for a second as if it was a real joke, then I turned around and took off my vest. She was calling my bluff, I thought — trying to convince myself that this was still a game. As I pulled up a stool, I looked at her and said:”Would you mind taking off your pants for a minute?”

She looked at me for a second, lust radiating from her and then said:”Sure.”

Leaning on her good foot, she unbuttoned her salmon pants and pushed them down. Before she had a chance to sit down again, I said:”Panties too please.” She looked at me, as her body shuddered, then hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down to her knees; as she sat back down onto the examining table, she wobbled her good leg around until her pants and panties had slipped over her shoes and were on the ground.

As I looked at my mother-in-law sitting on my examining table, naked from the waist down except for her white summer shoes, I lowered my hand and unzipped my pants slowly, whispering:”I hope it won’t be too inappropriate, but I’d like to jack off a little bit!”

Chrystal stared at my crotch with eyes big as saucers, licked her lips and replied:”I guess it’s okay as long as you don’t think about me while you’re doing it.” I kicked off my shoes, lowered my pants and boxers and got down on my knees in front of her, my huge dong dangling between my legs. I gripped it firmly with my right hand and started stroking it fast and hard. Chrystal gawked at my impressive member and the big purple head, sticking out of my fist. With my left hand I caressed her good leg up and down and stared blatantly at her rack, and her fully erect nipples. After about a minute or so, Chrystal opened her legs, giving me a prime view of her pussy.

While my eyes were ogling her rack and pussy, I grunted:”Would it be inappropriate if I came?”

“Maybe just a little bit… but as long as you don’t get any cum on my clothes, I guess it’s okay!” she replied.

I grunted and moaned as I aimed my throbbing, fat cock at her pants and started pumping out big ropes of disgustingly thick cum on them; when I was nearly done, I grabbed her white panties and wrapped them around my pulsating cock head, ejaculating the last of my cum in them.

I looked up at her and said:”Okay, let’s take a look at that ankle now.” as I wiped my cock on her panties and threw them on top of her soiled, salmon pants.

I sat down on the stool and carefully placed her bad leg on my naked knee. As I gently rubbed her ankle, looking for a swelling, I put my other hand on her thigh and started moving it upwards. Chrystal realized that I was not really examining her and gripped the edge of the table with both hands as her body started trembling as my hand was getting closer to its main target. When I reached her pussy, she opened her legs a little more and gasped; carefully I placed my thumb on her clit and started tracing tiny circles, making her squirm and wriggle. “I hope this is not too inappropriate.” I mocked her.

“No, that’s okay.” she whispered. “But don’t put any fingers inside of me; I am your mother-in-law, that would be totally inappropriate!”

“I agree.” I said as I starting prying her lips open and shoved my index and middle finger in, two knuckles deep. She moaned loudly and I could feel her soaking wet pussy getting even wetter.

“Oh, I am so sorry; my fingers got away from me there.” I said, continuing our little game. “I guess this is totally inappropriate behavior then?” keeping my fingers deep inside of her.

“Well, I guess as long [pause] as you’re not actually travesti porno [pause] fingering me, it’s not completely wrong.” she whimpered as she leaned forward, putting her hands on my shoulders for support, knowing damn well what was going to happen next. After waiting a few moments, for dramatic effect, I started pistoning my fingers in and out of her, rubbing against her vaginal walls and grinding my knuckle against her clit for maximum effect. She clenched her eyes shut as she moaned and groaned, bucking against my hand.

“Is this inappropriate then?” I asked.

“I [moan] guess [moan] so.” she replied. “Just don’t [moan] make me [moan] cream [moan] all over your [moan] hand, that just wouldn’t [moan] be [moan] right!”

Needless to say, I picked up the pace a little bit and shoved in third finger to do exactly that. Chrystal quickly started convulsing and thrashing against my hand, then let go of my shoulders and leaned back, placing her hands on the examining table behind her and started grinding her pelvis against my hand, fucking back hard and fast. She orgasmed for a full two minutes, soaking not only my hand, but also the examining table and the floor directly beneath where she was sitting. When my fingering could no longer enhance her pleasure, I stopped, keeping my fingers in her just a bit longer as she was coming down from her orgasmic cloud.

“God, oh god.” she panted as she sat up again. Slowly I pulled my fingers out of her and walked over to the sink, rinsing off her juices from my hand.

“Be honest.” I said. “That was inappropriate, wasn’t it?”

Still catching her breath, she replied:”It’s just nasty sex; it’s not like we were kissing…”

I smiled as I put the towel back and walked towards her.

“I mean you’re married to my daughter…” she continued, as I stepped in between her legs and gently took her face between my hands.

“… for us to kiss each other; now that would be inappropriate!” she said, finishing her sentence just a fraction of a second before I pressed my lips against hers. Immediately her mouth opened and our tongues started dancing with each other as we kissed passionately. As the fire between us exploded in a passionate kiss, I felt my cock becoming erect again. Due to the short distance between us, it didn’t take long for it to bump against her inner thigh, just an inch from her moist pussy. She broke the kiss and said:”I hope you’re not thinking of shoving that thing into me; that would just be…”

“Inappropriate!” we whispered in unison as we started devouring each other again, our lips and tongues entwined, swapping a fair amount of spit in our sloppy kissing. About ten seconds later, I turned my hips two inches to the right and pushed my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Because she was still so wet and loose from the fingering, she hardly reacted at all.

“Oh no.” I said, breaking our kiss again and looking down. “I’ve seemed to have slipped in, I just hope this isn’t too inappropriate.”

“No.” she replied. “Inappropriate would be if you actually started fucking your slutty mother-in-law!”

We didn’t put our mouths together anymore as we both knew what was coming next. I looked at her and brutally shoved my pelvis forward and upwards, shoving my cock all the way in; no matter how wet and loose she was, that she felt! She moaned, and I did it again, and again, and again. Each time she gasped and moaned a little harder.

“Does that feel good, you stuck-up bitch?” I asked in between thrusts.

“Mmm.” she murmured.

“Good, I was afraid that my cock wouldn’t be good enough to pump around in your arrogant little twat!”

“Just don’t expect me to [moan] suck it, now that it’s dripping with my juices… that would be so disgusting, not to [moan] mention highly inappropriate!” I pulled my cock out of her and forced her to her knees, stuffing my cock clumsily in her mouth, first getting some of her juices on her chin and the area around her mouth. She opened willingly and started sucking her own cunt juice off my pole like it was cotton candy.

After half a minute or so, I pulled my cock back out of her mouth and asked:”Like that?”

She licked her lips, swallowed and then said:”No silly, making me taste ‘m just once is not inappropriate; for it to be really inappropriate, you’d have to do it multiple times in a row… purposely feeding me my own cunt!”

I couldn’t believe what she was asking me to do…

I pushed her onto the examining table again and made her lie on her back, her head hanging off one end of the table and her legs spread wide on the other end. I stuffed my cock into her wide open cunt, gave her a few deep shoves and then pulled out, walking over to the other side of the table, where she willingly gulped down my drenched cock. This, I repeated at least twenty times and tricky masseur porno each time Chrystal seemed more eager to taste herself. I didn’t really have a plan here, so I just kept shoving my cock down her two holes alternately; eventually the inevitable happened just as I was stuffing it down her throat. I quickly pulled back and spurted out a massive batch of cum, drenching her entire face in beads and wires of warm sperm. She didn’t object one little bit; instead she just squirmed and took it like a champ, patiently and quietly waiting for me to empty my sack on her face. When I was done, Chrystal — with her entire face soaked in my goo — whispered:”I must say; shooting your sperm in my face and leaving me frustrated like this is really inappropriate!”

“Really?” I asked as I was shaking the last drops of cum out of my cock onto her face, noticing that my erection wasn’t diminishing. “We can’t have that, now can we? How about I shove my cock back up your bourgeois twat?” I asked rhetorically as I walked back to the other side of the examination table and plunged my still hard cock back in, taking her by surprise — as I had just glued her eyes shut. Out of reflex, she raised her head for a second, but quickly lowered it again as I started fucking her hard and fast. Despite the fact that I had just cum for the second time in ten minutes, I was able to maintain my erection and give Chrystal the fucking she so desperately craved. I banged her for five or six minutes before making her orgasm, kept going and fucked her through another one a few minutes later, and another one after that. I rarely was this virile with my own wife, but this bitch just brought out the very best — or worst — in me. I was sweating like a pig and getting pretty tired, yet I kept fucking her until she actually begged me to stop. I stopped and slowly pulled my raging hard-on out of her battered cunt, listening to her moan and whimper as she was nearly crying.

Grabbing my slimy cock in my right hand, I started jerking it and walked over to the other side of the examination table, where I continued masturbating inches from her face, determined to give the bitch another facial. That is, until I suddenly realized that — despite everything we’d done in the last fifteen minutes — I still hadn’t seen her tits. So without further ado, I grabbed both sides of her cleavage and tore her blouse to shreds, then yanked the cups off her bra, uncovering her juicy tits to my lustful glance. Shocked, Chrystal poked her head up and did her best to see past the haze of cum still covering her eyes as she felt around her chest area for the remnants of her blouse and bra, clearly worried about how she was going to explain all this to her husband and daughter. Frankly, I couldn’t have cared less. I aimed my cock at her tits and started jerking again, quickly yanking myself to a third climax. It was still a fair amount of cum and most of it ended up on her right tit and nipple, although a few spatters also made it to her left one. Completely spent, I took a few steps back and sat down on a stool, catching my breath.

As Chrystal got up and slid off the examination table, a bit wobbly on her feet, I smiled when I realized how much I had marked and degraded this narcissistic old cunt. With half-dried up cum on her face, fresh cum on her tits, a mixture of our juices running down her thighs and all of her clothes either spunked or torn, she looked like she’d just stepped out of a BDSM movie. With some water from the sink, a couple of towels and a blouse and bra from my wife’s closet, she cleaned up real nice. She even started to look respectable again — although I knew better — but neither of us spoke another word: the momentum was clearly gone from our little adventure. A couple of minutes later, we walked out of my office and headed back to the party.

Our timing couldn’t have been any better as Susan came looking for us right that very moment. “Better limp a little, at least for a little while.” I whispered. After reassuring my wife that everything was okay, we started mingling with the crowd again. For a little while, my mother-in-law was the center of attention and the main topic of discussion, but things eventually returned to normal and the party resumed its normal boring course. Except for exchanging a few knowing glances, Chrystal and I stayed clear of each other the rest of the night.

After all the guests had left — hours later — Chrystal and Bill helped us clean up as they always did and then went home themselves. Although Susan was pretty tired, I didn’t really give her a chance to say no; once we were both in bed, I got on top of her and just shoved my cock in. She figured I was going to let her off the hook with a quickie, but she was stunned by the energy I was fucking her with; I really slammed into her and lifted her petite body off the mattress over and over again. All the time I was thinking about Chrystal; even when I fucked her through two orgasms and spurted my cum deep inside of her, I was fantasizing about her mother, my mother-in-law, the arrogant bitch, and as I had learned earlier that day: a fucking whore!

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