In Bed with The Boss Man Ch. 02

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“How you doing Andy?” Tony asked as he ruffled my hair to wake me from my sleep.

“You really dozed off there boy.” he continued. “Hope I wasn’t too much for you?”

I must have been more tired than I thought because I didn’t remember anything after ,,, Oh yes I did. My face reddened as it all came back to me, the seductive shower, the blow job and then the fucking. I could feel the soreness in my hole still. Had I been too much of a sex slut? I had really wanted Tony, my good looking boss, to make the first move, and when he did I gave it up to him without a thought.

“I hope you don’t think I was too eager,” I blushed. “It’s just that I’ve fancied you so much and .. and ..” I let the words tail off as Tony grinned back at me.

“No way lad. At least now we both know what we want. And I want more of you. Come here,” and with that he grabbed me to him in a bear-hug embrace, He planted a big sloppy kiss on my lips and I opened wide to receive his probing tongue.

Mmm, this guy could certainly kiss, and I melted in the firmness of his body.

Tony was just my type; about 38 yrs old and 6’2″ tall with a hard,hairy chest and legs, well developed arms and massive thighs. His cock was about 8″ and cut. It had tasted good earlier and had filled my hole to bursting.

“Tony, I thought you were married,” I ventured as we snuggled together. “Are you bi?”

He pulled away from me slightly and looked into my eyes. “No Andy. The ring I wore was just to keep the women away. You’d be surprised how many girls would like a fling with the boss. But no, I’ve never been married. Is that ok?”

“I just wondered, ” I said, and snuggled back into his strong arms. casino siteleri

At 19 I had been uncertain of my own sexuality but was pleased that Tony was so sure of his. I wanted a strong gay man to look after me, and I guess I had found one.

Tony stroked my hair and caressed my back, running his hands down to fondle my arse cheeks. I could feel his cock stiffening and it was no surprise to feel mine responding to his touch. I looked up into his eyes and he kissed me firmly on the lips. My tongue pushed between his and I sucked and fenced with his tongue eagerly until he pulled away.

“Well boy, it looks as though you’re ready to go again. Do you fancy it?”

“Mm yes please,” I answered. “But I’m a bit sore still. Go slowly eh?”

“No problem mate. This time I want to feel you inside me.”

I laughed with nervous anticipation. Mmm I’d loved the thought of fucking Tony but would I be able to satisfy this experienced and randy lover?

“Rub my arse cheeks like you did in the shower,” Tony said as he rolled onto his front. The bum he presented was meaty and firm. He must be really working on it in the gym, I thought as I rubbed each firm cheek with the palm of a hand.They moved under my touch as Tony showed his enjoyment.

“MM MM ” he murmered, as his hips rose and fell. “That’s really good Andy,” and he half turned to me for another kiss. Our hot mouths met, our tongues fenced and I knew he could ask anything of me. I was his.

I pulled his cheeks apart as I massaged and he moaned louder as my fingers brushed his hole. I licked one finger and rubbed it around the tight ring of his arse.

“OH yes, oh yes. Get it in me. Make me slot oyna squirm.” Tony writhed and bucked under my hands. This felt good. I had a man, and not just any man but my boss man, at my mercy and loving every move I made.

I slipped the finger into his hole and he gasped at first then began to enjoy the sensation. I leaned my mouth over and dribbled some saliva onto my finger as it entered his tight hole and Tony moaned again. This was hot. I could feel my own cock stiff against my stomach.

I pulled out my finger and climbed between his muscular legs. Tony’s head was buried in a pillow and he moved his thighs apart willingly. I leaned forward and put my lips to his bum cheeks. My tongue licked all over them as I followed the movements of my hands with my head. Round and round I licked and kissed and bit as I centered on Tony’s love hole. I pulled his cheeks apart and opened the tight pucker with both thumbs as I spat a load of juice into that tight canal.

“Mmm” he moaned as he bucked his hips. “Mmm. Do me baby, oh yes. That feels good,” and he slumped down onto the bed again.

I used my stiff tongue to lick his hole and was astonished as it opened for me. I prodded and pushed it inside, revelling at the musky man smell of my hot, hard boss. His hips came up again and he whispered, “Please fuck me Andy. I want you in me now.”

I moved higher and replaced my tongue with the tip of my cock. This seemed to set Tony alight because he writhed and moaned. “Oh yes baby. Get inside me. Now baby, now.”

For a beginner I must be doing something right so I eased my hips forward and felt his ring tighten. I knew he wasn’t putting up a fight. This was just his canlı casino siteleri body’s natural reaction, and I pushed on. My stiff cock forced through his tight arse lips and I began to slide all the way down.

“Oh yes, that feels so good. I need you right inside me. Fuck me Andy, oh yeah fuck me.”

Tony kept up this encouragement as with each thrust I impaled him further and further on my man pole. MM this felt so good I wasn’t sure how long I could last. It was certainly better than jacking off.

I realised I was completely inside him and could feel my hairy pubes on his bum. I stopped and kissed the back of his neck. He lifted his hips slightly and turned to find my lips with his.

“That’s great boy, now go hard and fast. Fuck me as hard as you like, as hard as you can,” and he bit my bottom lip provocatively.

I could’t stop myself anyway and now gave myself over to the lust that filled my loins as I pumped and pumped his body. He rose up onto his knees and elbows and we matched thrusts as the rhythm of our fucking took us nearer and nearer to the edge. At last I felt him shudder and moan and his bum clenched my cock. It brought me off in cries of pleasure as my cum filled his hole. God it felt good and I cried out with abandon.

“Oh yes, oh yes! Oh Tony UGGh, oh oh o.”

I lay on top of him as we recovered. I didn’t want to move and spoil this wonderful feeling but eventually he shrugged me off and rolled over clasping me in his bear-hug embrace,

“Well my lad,” he smiled.” For a beginner that was a mighty good fuck.”

I kissed his lips and they opened to my tongue. “Mm I’m pleased my boss man is pleased with me,” I said and snuggled down, my head on his chest. I had enjoyed taking charge and as I dozed against the firm torso I wondered what else I’d soon be doing for the first time.

“Bring it on,” I mumbled as I dropped off to sleep. “Bring it on.”

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