Impossible to be Angry

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Andrea sat impatiently for the boat. It would ferry her across to the main land. Frequently, she looked over her shoulder and was happy to see that she was still not followed. Perhaps, he had figured she would stay on the island. When the ferry finally arrived, she was quick to board and get her room key from the purser’s counter. Once she was in her little cabin, she looked out at the boarding passengers hoping she had made it when he appeared in the crowd.

Her heart sank at the site of him. It was not because he was ugly or evil, she could not love him. He had asked her to stay with him and she had turned him down. Now, she needed to get away from him. It was a three-day boat ride and she would have to avoid him. It was a smaller confinement than the island, but she had hoped he would not follow.

The entire first day of the trip she managed to stay in her cabin but her stomach began to ache by the second day. Opening the door, she peeked out into the hall. It was empty. She quickly slipped out the door and ran down the hall to the aft stairwell. On her way she did not pass anyone else. Up the stairs and to the cafeteria, she found that she was there at the wrong time. The cafeteria was closed. Turning back she remembered there was a bar, perhaps she would be able to get something to eat there. Heading down the hall she saw him further down the hall walking the same direction she was. Ducking into a nearby door, she abandoned her search for food. She would return to the cafeteria during operating hours.

On her way back to her room, she rounded the last corner to the long hall where her room was to find him walking down the hall toward her. She quickly slipped back around the corner hoping he did not notice. Too late he did. She could hear his graceful strides as he loped down the hall toward her. She needed a quick escape. It was through a lounge and on to the aft deck, up a stair ladder and along the upper deck to the door and back inside. Now she had to return to her room, he would not stop searching for her until he found her. Down to the cabin deck again and back to the hall where her room was. She counted her blessings as she made her way to her cabin. Using the key the lock did not want to turn as he rounded the corner.

“Andrea!” He called to her. “Wait!”

Finally the door opened but he was right behind her. She tried to close the door on him but he wedged himself in the door. He entered her cabin and closed the door behind himself.

“Eric?” She said catching her breath. “What are you doing here?”

Eric scowled at her. “Not funny.”

Andrea sat on the bunk. “So you followed me. Now what?” She had trouble being mad at him with him near once again. He was a tall handsome man with blond wispy hair and a beautiful face.

“You left me without even a reason why.” She nearly melted at his voice.

“Is that why you followed me?”


“Well it was a wasted trip.”

“I think you owe me.”

“I think you are mistaken. Now leave me,” she said starting to try and ask him to leave the room.

“Talk to me,” he said looking down at her. He wanted more than anything to touch her again. She meant everything to him.

“I… I can’t,” she returned. She was running and she did not want to reason why, she just had to.

Eric grabbed her frail little body. She fought briefly but then looked into his eyes. The familiar excited feeling rushed through her body as she felt his arms around her. He leaned down his face and kissed her firmly. She leaned into the kiss, then she pushed away from him. He would not let her go.

“Let go of me.” She told him fighting his embrace again.

He only sighed and let go of her. She flung herself from him. “What is it?” He asked watching her scurry to the other side of the room.

“I don’t know.” She replied.

“I am not leaving until you tell me.” He said leaning against the door.

“No.” She told him and lied down on the bunk. She would be able to wait him out. It was only two days.

“So be it.” He told her.

They stayed that way for sometime at a deadlock. He was not going to let her out with out talking to him. Finally he spoke again, “What is it? Did I get too close? You were in love with me once or so I thought.”

His questions stirred a pain in her soul. The one night they had lied czech first video porno close to each other she had asked if he wanted to make love and he was the one to turn her down. He just wanted her to stay with him. There were too many others watching over them. It was unspeakable of him to be with her but he wanted her to stay anyway. That was… She was running from him from his proposal, because she loved him far too much and they could not be together. He was wealthy, handsome and kind. Too kind. That was why he had taken her in. He did not need her, he needed someone that he could be accepted with. If she could find someone else someone that deserved him, she would make sure he was happy.

“Why do you fear me?”

She turned to look at him, her eyes were red from the tears she had been crying silently since he had come into her room. “I don’t fear you.” She whispered.

“Then what is it? I will change. I swear I will.”

She shook her head. “Why are you following me? Just let me leave you in peace.”

He moved closer to her and touched her arm. His warm flesh seared into her warming her all the way to her soul. “You don’t love me?”

“No.” Tears filled her eyes again. Now that was not true she knew that looking into his deep blue eyes. They looked like crystal lakes. She bit her bottom lip as it quivered uncontrollably. She turned back over to stare at the wall ripping his hand off of her arm. She could feel the radiated warmth of his hand as he held it just behind her back. Then he moved it.

“Well I guess this means you were right it was a wasted trip.” He stood and walked toward the door of the little cabin. “I’m sorry for chasing you. I don’t even know why I did. I just could not stand the thought that you left.”

“Eric,” She said feeling terrible.

“Yes?” He said closing the cabin door that he had just opened.

“Do you have a cabin?”

“No, but that doesn’t matter, I’ll sleep on the upper deck like the rest of the vagrants.” He said sarcastically. “Get some rest, love.” He said and turned again.

“You can stay here. I have an extra bunk they said they always prepare the rooms for at least two.”

“That is very kind of you, but I don’t think I could avoid you.” He told her sincerely.

“We don’t have to avoid each other, we just need to know what each other prefers. It won’t be much different then when I went to the island with you.” She offered. She just could not stand the thought that she had treated him so callously. “You wouldn’t touch me there. Why would it be so different here?”

“Stand up and tell me that.” He said watching her turned back. She shifted and rolled off the bunk and stood up to look at him. She briefly made eye contact with him. “Are sure you want me to stay here?”

She nodded without looking into his eyes. Eric stepped closer to her. He could smell her skin she had always worn some wonderful lotion that radiated from her. He raised her face up with the hook of one finger. Her face was tired and some of her soft brown hair was stuck to her beautiful round cheeks from her earlier tears when she was lying down. Then he remembered what her preference was. He let go of her chin and stepped back. “I can’t do it Andrea. I will be unable to keep my thoughts,” He lowered his voice a little “And my hands off of you.” He went to turn away again.

Andrea could not let him go now. As he turned, she reached out to stop him. “Don’t go.” She whispered. He turned back to look at her. She grabbed him around the neck and held him to her. He brought his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Turning his head, he kissed her again. It was a gentle kiss not forceful but possessive and warm. They opened their mouths slightly and tickled tongues. She lowered her hands and ran them down his back feeling his muscular body under the material of his clothes. She let her hands rest on his tight ass where she squeezed slightly. He let out a throaty moan as they continued to kiss. Un-tucking his shirt from his pants, she ran her hands up his bare back.

It was Eric that finally pushed away. “I can’t. We can’t. You said it yourself you don’t love me.” Yet, his desire to be against her overrode his moment of memory. He grabbed her close and kissed her deeply again. He ran his hands along the sides of her shirt. czech game porno Using his thumbs he ran them between himself and her over her breasts. The nipples were tight and excited. At that moment there was nothing more in the world than her wonderful presence. He wanted her body. He had resisted his desires up to this point, but to no avail now they were here. There wasn’t anyone around to criticize his behavior or walk in on them. He pulled the bottom of her blouse up and briefly stopped kissing her to remove the article of clothing from over her head. She quickly did the same to him. They continued to kiss and her bra pressed into his naked chest. He could not hold himself back. He had never allowed himself to be this intimate with her. She was the joy in his life but he was saving this for later, but only because he was afraid of what others would say.

His hands moved to the hooks on the back of her bra, where he unhooked the underclothing and pulled it off of her arms. Then he brought her naked body to his. It was a feeling of ecstasy. He could have climaxed at that moment with ease.

She felt as his kisses trailed down her neck until he kneeled before her and buried his face in her chest. She moaned when he sucked on her nipples and squeezed her breasts with his hands. For a long time he suckled her breasts until he finally gathered the courage and desire to nearly rip her pants from her body. They finally opened and he pulled them and her dainty panties down. He ran his hands down her beautiful legs following her pants and panties. Sitting on the floor he looked up at her. His face was level with her feminine parts. Leaning forward he kissed the hair covering of external mound. He had had some experience with women but nothing like this. He could not stop himself. When he kissed her some of her wet juices touched his lips. Licking them he could taste her. It was like nothing he had tasted before. Standing he kissed her again.

Andrea was still reeling from the feeling of his closeness to her parts that screamed for attention. “Oh…” She cried, “We can’t.” She told him parting from the kiss. “What will they think? You aren’t supposed to be with me.”

“I don’t care what they think.” He whispered in her ear. “It is just you and me.” He began to kiss her ear as his quick breath warmed her and making Goosebumps form down her side.

She pulled herself from his arms. “We can’t. I can’t…This will haunt me forever. I have loved you so much for your compassion, but you know that it will never work. That was why I had to leave.” The tears began to well up and she realized her own naked body. Reaching down she grabbed her shirt to cover her.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized and stepped away from her. “I should go.” He reached down also and picked his shirt off the floor. “There is still a chance for us.” He said with a thin smile.

“Please go.” She said.

Hurt Eric pulled his shirt back over his head. Then he turned around and moved toward the door. “I’ll stop back later to check on you. Is there anything I can get you? Are you hungry?”

Andrea, walked over to the bunk and watched him leave. She really didn’t want him to leave but he had to. She almost told him not to bother returning but she knew that would not stop him. Instead of answering, she sat there.

He stepped out of the room and she rolled onto the bunk not even caring that she was naked. Suddenly the door opened again startling her. “You left the key in the door.” He told her dangling the key in the room.

“Keep it. I’m not going anywhere.” She did not know why she had just told him that but it was said and she didn’t get a chance to take it back before he disappeared again.

She lay there for a long time thinking about him. She longed for his touch again and her feminine body cried out for satisfaction. To calm the screaming nerves she began to rub herself. She did so slowly at first until climax was inevitable. She raised her hips to the sensation of climax. When her body began to shake at the strong sensation that enveloped her, pulling her hand away and breathed heavily. That was what she needed to stop thinking such things about him. Eventually, she fell to a light sleep with a dream filled with passion and desire.

Eric returned with a sandwich for Andrea and found her sleeping on the czech gangbang porno bunk with her shirt tossed to the side and her hand between her legs. She was in a restless sleep as she touched herself and moaned with desire. Closing the door, he could not hold back the growing lump in his pants. She was so incredibly beautiful lying there oblivious to his presence. He could take her and she would never stop him.

Setting down the food, he walked over to the bunk where she slept. Touching her hair, he whispered into her dreams. “You are beautiful.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek. No, he could not defile her while she was sleeping. In fact, he decided to lie down on the other bunk facing away from her.

He lay there listening to her breathing and after a time she began to move, but not off the bunk. He turned his head to see what she was doing, she was rubbing her feminine parts with her hand. This turned him on again as he watched her silently relieve her sexual frustrations while unknowingly raising his. After a time her breathing became irregular and she lifted her hips off the bed as her body shook. After a moment, she stopped and took a deep breath until she opened her eyes to see him on the next bunk looking at her. She blushed profusely.

“Did I cause that?” He asked. What else could he say?

Ashamed of herself she turned away from him as the blush worsened. “I didn’t know you were there.”

Eric climbed off of his bunk and crossed over to her. “Do you still feel the same way about us?”

“How is that?” She asked rolling slightly toward him but not making eye contact.

“In love? There are things that I should have changed before bringing you here and I will now.”

“Love has never been the problem. It is me. I’m too forward. You clearly don’t want to share intimacy with me because it goes against everything. I have all but forced myself on you.”

Eric nearly climbed on top of her as he sought to find her lips. When he found them he kissed her. “There is nothing you have done wrong.” He kissed her again and let his hand caress her chest between her beautiful breasts. Pulling her toward him she rolled so that she was on her back and he climbed on top of her naked body careful to not crush her.

His lips drifted down from her lips to her breasts making sure to suckle each nipple equally. She moaned as her body withered under his touch again. He moved a free hand down between her thighs and she moaned loudly when he ran his hand up and down on her stimulated button. He slipped a finger inside her warm body and she sucked in her breath in surprise. Soon with an in and out motion she was raising her hips to the touch and washed his finger with more lubricating fluid. He inserted another finger and she moaned at the added size. Before long he had three fingers that he was moving in and out of her, what he longed to do with the sizable lump that was tightening his pants to almost a breaking point.

Watching her climax almost made him climax as well, but his pants were too confining and causing him pain. Lifting off of her, he stood and undid his pants. Finally, he just let them fall to the floor. She stood as well and helped him out of his shirt and his shoes, socks, his pants that were surrounding his ankles and finally his underwear. His cock sprang forward and nearly hit her in the face as she pulled his underwear from it. She took this opportunity to kiss the tip. When her hands were free, she held it firmly and sucked on him. He could not hold back the moan that escaped his lips. She sucked him as he swelled threatening to climax. At this point she let go of him and stood. They embraced for what felt like an eternity. “Where did you learn to do that?” He whispered.

She only smiled, it was actually the first time she had done it. She brought his lips to hers again and they kissed deeply exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues.

As they stood his cock pressed against her stomach aching to enter her. He pushed her down on to the bunk and pushed himself inside her. She squealed with his entry. He paused a moment to watch her. He made eye contact with her and held her startled gaze as he pushed deeper and deeper until he was fully buried inside her. Still keeping eye-contact he moved in and out of her slowly at first with a steady pace, then as climax closed in on them he moved faster until they were both almost screaming with ecstasy. Finally he collapsed on top of her. Enjoying the feeling of her bare moist skin from her perspiration. He breathed in her scent and vowed to himself that he would let nothing stand in his way to having her. She could never leave him.

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