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Big Dick

I let myself into our house, I had remembered my keys for a change, which for me is unusual. I’ve been at work all day.

I’m wearing a tight black skirt, a white blouse, the red bra that you bought me in Paris, and sheer tights. I kick off my shoes at the door, take off my coat, and run up the stairs. I notice your coat has been carelessly tossed outside the bedroom door.

I can hear the unmistakeable noise of people having sex; the loud, moaning, gasping inarticulateness of people trying to reconcile mindful pleasure with the desire for more, the shuffling of bodies and positions.

I walk in on you watching porn, on your phone; a young blonde woman with big breasts is having sex with two men, taking one in her throat, and one anally. I’m a bit annoyed that you’re watching something so clichéd. I watch you for a moment, intrigued. I feel a flash of frisson rush over me and involuntarily smooth my blouse down over my breasts, noticing my nipples youporn porno have pathetically hardened, part loathing myself for my attraction to you, part anticipating what is to come.

You’ve got home from work before me, you are stressed, I knew you’d had a meeting and you’d been expecting it to be tense. You’re sitting on a chair at the foot of our bed, legs wide spread, phone in on one hand. You’ve unbuttoned your white shirt, I can see your toned torso, and you’ve unzipped your dark blue trousers to masturbate. I can see your cock is hard and you’re firmly and slowly stroking it as I let the door close behind me. I stand in front of it, my own legs wide, my back against it. You don’t care that I’m watching you, I’m not even sure that you’ve noticed me. I consider letting my hair down but then guess that, if you want it down, you’ll probably take it down.

You don’t say hello to me as you stand up. I look down at your hard cock and, zenci porno your eyes on the phone, you walk behind me, put the phone next to my ear so I have no choice but to hear the tinny sounds of fucking. You put a hand on my leg and roughly stroke it, pulling up my skirt, squeezing and grasping for my butt. You let the skirt fall and spank me, hard, causing me to stumble forward and gasp at the shock. Firmly, you put your hand around my waist and drag me towards the edge of our bed, and from behind you push me against it and tell me to, “bend over”.

I lean forward, still feeling a slight amount of disgust at the shit porn you’re watching. I hear you undo your belt and drop your trousers to your knees, you pull my skirt up and rip into the crotch of my tights, I’m not wearing knickers, you don’t care if I’m ready, and you force your cock into me and you fuck me.

You’re still holding your phone, watching other people have sex, and then xhamster porno you have the idea that you want to suck on breasts, because that is what is happening on the screen. You turn me over to get to mine and I’m surprised you are still watching the porn. Totally distracted by it, you rip open my blouse and motion for me to pull the fabric away from my bra so you can have access. You look at my breasts briefly, but are more interested in your screen. You want to suck them, so you do. You perch the phone on the side table, you grope them, hard, with both hands and I protest in pain. You leave red marks. You don’t really care. I try to make eye contact but you’re still looking at your phone, I see your private facial expressions, and a baseness in your eyes, watching the porn.

You decide then that you need to cum, I’m wet and ready, I can see that you want to, I ask you to, “please cum? I need it.” which distracts you from the screen and, at last you realise that it’s me you want, and snap out of it as you ejaculate into me looking directly into my eyes. The semen like a sharp flash on my cervix makes me relax, and I can feel the strain leave your agitated body. We stare at each other, and there is peace. You kiss me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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