I Didn’t Ask Him to Put It There

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Most women have a slight fear when we turn over during sex. Going into doggy is always a rush and it feels amazing. But taking a cock in the ass without warning and no warm up can be a bad experience.

Well, not all experiences are like that.

Last night my boy toy and I were getting dirty in my clean sheets. I was on the bottom and he was grinding away on top of me. I love it when he pounds me and then grinds. It is a mix of slapping my clit and then rubbing it to maximize pleasure. Almost a tease as well.

When I was about to cum he forcefully made me turn over. God, I love being dominated sometimes. So I happily turned over and he entered me and we continued. He kept me at the point of orgasm for almost a minute.

To my surprise, he started playing with my butthole. He took his thumb and started massaging it. Then he slowly inserted it. Slowly and steadily he pushed further and further. Until it was all the way in. I didn’t realize the sensation my ass loves. It added to the sensation of being dominated. He was doing exactly what he wanted and I loved it.

Then he pushed further. My moaning told him to keep going. The thick of the base of his thumb was making my asshole open. I couldn’t help but cum. I screamed and held my breath.

He kept going and I came back to reality. He started to move his thumb in circles. His thumb deep illegal bahis up my ass was sexy as fuck. Then he slowly took it out.

I felt like something was missing.

Then he pulled it cock out of my pussy and started rubbing it on my asshole. A thumb was perfect but could I fit his cock in my ass and have it feel good?

Like a cartoon, he pulled out some lube from god knows where, and the cool liquid dripped all over my cheeks and hole. He rubbed his cock around my ass and pussy. It was a tease exciting me with anticipation.

Then he slowly slid the tip of his throbbing cock into my ass.

So far, so fucking good.

I didn’t move. I didn’t want to fuck anything up. This was his show and I was along for the ride bending to his will and cumming in the process.

Fuck I need to masturbate just thinking about it.

Anyway, with his cock entering me this was the first time I was getting fucked in the ass and loving it. He was slow and steady with enough lube to stretch my asshole with pleasure and not pain.

And god, was it pleasurably this time.

I don’t know if it was because he was in full control, or if it was his thumb loosening up my ass but it felt almost as good as his dick in my pussy.

He started going a little faster, sliding his head almost to the entrance of my butthole and going deeper each time. illegal bahis siteleri Keeping it slow and getting me used to a cock in my ass was getting me wetter.

I started touching myself. I could tell my pussy was dripping. Rubbing my clit I could feel drips hitting the sheets. I was going to cum. Again. Fuck.

Now I started to move my ass back and force. My asshole was open and taking his cock with pleasure. I stuck my ass out so he could go a little deeper.

Like his thumb, the difference between stretching and relaxing my asshole was getting me to the point of orgasm more and more.

I already came two times. Two more orgasms were on the way (I hope).

My face was pressed into the sheets. My back was arched. And my ass was bouncing off his hips. Fuck my ass daddy.

I started moaning, “fuck my ass. Fuck my ass.” He loved it. I could feel his cock getting harder. It was almost too much. His cock wasn’t overly thick but as it was getting harder a slight pain was present. But it didn’t take me out of my zone. I was returning to orgasm city.

Rubbing my pussy a little softer the sensation of his cock moving deeper in my butt and stretching my asshole a bit more was enough to make me cum.

That’s 3.

Now I had to stop. I was out of breathe, I came three times, and I knew I could again. I love being a girl. canlı bahis siteleri Multiple orgasms beat makeup any day.

This was the first time I have came from anal. I never thought taking a cock in my ass would be for me. But here I am screaming for my cock in my ass!

My fuck toy started up again. He hasn’t cum yet and he is hard as fuck. So I know he is close. He slowly starts going again. The lube sticking from the pause.

A little spit and the lube softens up. There we go. My asshole is getting a little sore, but it is still pleasurable. He starts fucking me harder and harder. He is going deeper and deeper. This feels dangerous but I am still so wet. Can I really cum again?

I start rubbing my pussy pretty aggressively. I stick two fingers inside me. Then, I tell him to. He has fingers that make me cum like no other. Two of his fingers in my pussy and it’s over.

He sticks one finger in. He moans as he realizes how wet and turned on I am. He sticks a second one in. He goes deep. I feel his cock get even harder in my ass.

Diamond status.

This is it. He is cumming. I pull out. I turn over and I have him cum on my face. Anal makes me feel dirty and I want him to make me his slave. Fuck me ass and cum on my face daddy.

He doesn’t miss a beat and he sprays his jizz all over my neck and face. A little in my eye but I don’t care. The warm fluid drips down to the sheets.

He is spent. He turns over and lays down. I lay in shock. Trembling from the sensation that lingers. My eyes shut, covered in cum, with my pussy and ass used and abused.

Fuck yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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