How Not to Keep a Secret Ch. 02

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I was sitting at my desk thinking about what had just transpired with Missy and I was a bit concerned that my secret wouldn’t be a secret for long. Missy liked to hang out after work with her three girlfriends from the office; Jan, the tall leggy one, Marissa, the petite one and Steph, the large breasted one. They were all different and Missy was by far the one with the sluttiest reputation as I had just found out in my office this morning. Her reputation as a cock hound was not far off as once she heard from her old high school friend about my gift, she couldn’t wait to get it in her. In fact, she didn’t even wait 24 hours. Well, since I let my secret out and into Missy, I had to deal with the consequences, whatever those might be. I didn’t have to wait very long to find out. Of the four party girls, Jan was the only one who had ever worked for me. She had been in my department for a number of years, in fact having worked here about the same length of time as Missy, about 7 years. Jan had been one of my direct reports at one point, but now handled the management of another area of our department. Although, not a direct report, I was still a senior manager to her. We both reported to the same woman and we got along very well. Working closely for as many years as we had, I knew a lot about Jan and her personal life. Much of the information I knew about Missy, Marissa and Steph, I garnered from Jan’s recaps of their evenings out. Jan and I were very open with each other and she liked to tease me with her long legs. She knew about my preference for long legs in thigh highs, and although she preferred going bare, she occasionally and intentionally would wear thigh highs just to make me crazy. I always knew when she had them on, because she would make sure to come in my office and “accidentally” cross and uncross her legs frequently so I would see her skirts ride up and get a good money shot every now and then. She was a class A tease and super flirt.

I had done a good job of keeping my secret from Jan. As far as I knew she was completely unaware of my gifts. She had often asked me how I managed to always have a stunningly beautiful girl on my arm at company parties, etc., but I always laughed it off and told her I paid my escorts well to be discreet. This wasn’t too far off, since I actually “paid” by fucking them insane with my giant tool. As I said, Jan and I were pretty close. She had always confided in me when she had issues and she had been having trouble with her husband over the past few months and had separated recently. She hadn’t been her perky self lately and had not gone out with the other girls as much either. Perhaps that might explain why what happened did take place. As I mentioned in the other story, Missy left my office before the office officially opened. It was now 9:15 in the morning and Jan usually popped in around 9:45 to say good morning. Today she popped in at 9:20. She had a asyalı porno similar smile on her face as the one Missy had on hers when she first arrived in my office. Jan waltzed in and sat down in the chair she usually sat in. She was wearing one of my favorite outfits, which figured. Today was going to be a weird day. She had a scoop neck sweater which exposed her tits if she leaned over too far. Her breasts weren’t big, 32C to be exact (she told me) but they fit her. She was wearing the shortest of her normal skirts and it had a small slit on the left side and when she sat down, it exposed her stocking tops, if she was wearing them. Of course, she wore them today. She looked good. It looked like she was wearing a little extra makeup for some reason. I had a hunch what happened, but I was going to play dumb. I might as well take the punches as they came today. So far, things were going ok, with potential danger ahead.

“Hi Jan, how are you today? You look lovely as always. You know I love that skirt.”

With that she uncrossed her legs and left them spread wide open. “Oh, this old thing, I’ve had it forever,” she said.

“Well, you know it’s one of my favorites, and I must say the view in my office is outstanding today.” Jan chuckled and crossed her legs.

“So, anything exciting happening today,” Jan asked, uncrossing her legs again. “Missy stopped by and said you were in a little early today, apparently working on some HUGE project.”

She spread her legs really wide and I noticed she didn’t have on any panties, which for Jan, was not normal. She had exposed herself to me many, many times but had always had panties on. At that point, I knew Missy let the monster out of the box.

“Well, Jan, I do have something rather big under wraps and Missy wasn’t supposed to let anyone in on it, but if you already know, I guess I just need to find out from you what you plan on doing with it?”

I smiled my most charming smile and looked her straight in the eye. Jan got up and put both her hands on my desk. She then leaned forward and was just a few inches from my face. I could see right down her sweater and she didn’t have a bra on. Unbelievable.

Jan looked right down at my crotch and said, “Well Greg, I’ve had a hunch you had something really big going on for some time. I was just waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to slide in and grab a hold and see where it fit for me. Any ideas? I hear it might be a tight squeeze. But I bet I can handle it.” She laughed. I smiled and my cock was as hard as steel.

I had long fantasized about those long legs, sheathed in sheer stockings and that perfect little ass, Jan bent over my desk with me pummeling her dripping wet pussy with my massive erection. I believed I was getting close to having that opportunity. As I stared, Jan stood up and turned toward my door.

“Well, Greg, right castajans porno now I have to get back to work, but I will be back right before lunch. I think we should discuss where this massive opportunity will fit for me. I haven’t had anything that large to handle in some time. In fact, I haven’t enjoyed anything small either,” she said with a bit of a pout.

“Well, Jan, I believe we’ll do whatever we have to in order make the load fit. I am sure your work will be excellent. Shall I order lunch for us to have in my office today?”

It wasn’t uncommon for Jan and I to have lunch in my office since we had teamed up on so many different projects before.

Jan said, “Well, I was supposed to have lunch with the girls today, can you accommodate all 4 of us?”

Whoa. This was problematic. Did Missy and/or Jan already say something to Marissa and Steph? Could that be possible? It was still before 9:30 am.

How the hell could they have already said something, so I asked, “Jan, do Marissa and Steph know about the “project”? You do know there has been a reason for my keeping this under wraps for as long as I’ve been here, right? This kind of thing leads to sordid rumors, jealousy and inevitably loss of employment. I guarantee you that my experience tells me that women do not play nice when it comes to this kind of sharing of the “load”, so to speak. You four have worked together for how long? 6 years? You all have great reputations with your supervisors, the CEO and all your co-workers. Why would you want to get in the middle of some sordid project, regardless of how rewarding or pleasing it might be?” I was starting to lecture, so I finished with, “Tell the girls to come by for lunch, my treat, and we’ll figure out what do with this situation. Is that acceptable to you?”

Jan, looking a bit sad, but still exposing herself to me, said, “I think we can do lunch and see what the future holds. I am pretty positive none of us want to risk losing our jobs. In this economy, letting something ruin our careers, regardless of how good it would make us feel momentarily would be silly. I will get the girls together and come up here for lunch at 1:00 pm.”

I asked her, “Chinese food ok?”

“Sure”, she said.

She came up to me, looked me in the eye and said, “No matter what happens at lunch with the other girls, you and I are going to have an off site “meeting”. It’s been so long since I’ve been probed for information, I “need” to know what this is all about.”

I stepped toward her, my prick still engorged from the sight of her pussy, and gave her a hug so she could feel my cock against her pelvis. We were practically the same height when she wore those heels, so she felt my massiveness right against her.

She pulled me tighter into her body and moaned lightly, whispering in my ear, “Greg, you will not deny me the joy of what is bangbros porno poking me right now. I WILL have it.”

I leaned in, licked her ear, and replied, “I’ve wanted to for longer than you can imagine, discretion is the key.”

I gave her another lick and pulled away. As we separated, she looked down and clearly saw the outline of my cock protruding down my right pant leg, stretching my suit pants to near the ripping point. She rubbed it with her left hand and moaned again. I returned the moan. I was ready to fuck her, but I couldn’t, not another quickie in my office. Plus the door wasn’t locked. With that, she turned, took about five steps and lifted her skirt so I could see that luscious ass and her legs sauntering away. I loved how firm her cheeks were, simply perfect. I called after her.

“Jan, wait.”

I quickly moved up ahead of her and locked my door. I turned around and asked her to turn around. She looked puzzled, but she turned. I put my hands on her shoulders and led her toward my desk. As we approached, I asked her to lean forward and put her hands on my desk. Her feet were about three feet from the desk. As she leaned forward, I dropped to my knees and put my head between her legs. I let my tongue start right above the stocking top of her left leg and licked right up to her lips. I felt her shiver. I did the same to the right leg and then I shocked her. I licked her anus, go it nice and wet and then drove my long tongue right into her ass. She pushed back against my face and starting writhing around, trying to get it farther in.

She told me, “Oh my Greg, nobody has ever done this to me, it feels incredible.”

I reached up with my right hand and slid two fingers right into her tight, dripping wet cunt. She was drenched and ready for a fucking, but I was not yet going to oblige her. I pulled my tongue out of her ass and licked her pussy lips and even from the rear, I was able to reach up and lick her clitoris. This made her crazy, she started moaning loudly and I had to remind her to quiet down. She pulled her left arm up to her mouth and covered it so she reduced the sound. I started alternating between her pussy and her anus, sliding in as far as I could with my tongue keeping up a good pace. She loved every second. It only took a couple minutes before she had an intense orgasm. A combination of saliva and pussy juices were running down her legs and her legs were quivering. She was trying hard to catch her breath. I gave her asshole and pussy one last long lick and she jumped.

“Stop!” she yelled, but not too loud.

I pulled her skirt down, reached around, groped her breasts and said, “See you at lunch!”

She smiled a wicked smile, tried to get her clothes all situated and turned to leave.

“Wait ’till the other girls learn about that tongue too. Oh my, was that intense, can’t wait for lunch. See you Greg.”

I sat back down at my desk and pulled out the menu for the Chinese place up the street. I had about 3 hours to get some work done before I had to figure out how to manage this new “problem”. If this “problem” continued as the morning had, it was going to be an enjoyable day. Next up, lunch…

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