Houston II Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Tied Up, and Surrogate School

Franck couldn’t believe how excited he was at the thought of tying Felicia up and fucking her. His cock was leaking like a faucet. His slacks bore a large wet stain, and so the first thing he did on entering her apartment was to remove them, go to the sink and wash the pre-cum from the inner side of the material, and drape the slacks close to the air-conditioner that blew in cool air from its place in the living room window.

Felicia was naked first, and waited patiently for him to finish, then said, “How do you want to do this?”

He took a second to think about it, not having done it before. That alone had brought about his current state of excitement. “Spread-eagled, I guess. Is that all right?”

“Perfect,” she replied, and hopped backward onto the bed, forming her body in the classic “X”.

Felicia told him where to find the velvet ties, and he quickly placed them on her wrists and ankles, securing them to the four corners of her bed. He loved the way she looked tied up, helpless and completely open to him, her hipbones prominent and breasts flatter and rounder because of her raised, out-stretched arms. Glancing down at her black thatch of pubic hair, he noted it was wet from their earlier secretions.

He sat next to her, leaned down to kiss her, and tongued her deeply. He moved to her belly and kissed her there as well; then continued lower to her pubic triangle. Moving his hand over her body to cup her vulva, he rocked her with his hand.

“Let’s see how turned on you are,” he said, feeling her wetness even on the longer pubic hair as he tugged at it.

“YES!” Felicia moaned, “YES!”

Using a skill that caught Felicia by surprise, he parted her inner lips with two fingers, sliding his middle finger far inside her, feeling her wetness and the ever changing texture of her cunt.

“Oh,” he said, “very nice!”

A second finger moved into her, moving in and out with harder and faster thrusts until she moaned and began to strain against the binding. Suddenly he took both fingers from her and began working the area just above her clitoris with gentle, rhythmic caresses that made her scream in pleasure. Moving down to cover its length and circle the small knob of hard flesh, he moved his middle finger higher up to grasp its hood. Then he opened her inner folds with a separating sweep of his second and fourth fingers, holding them apart as he slid his middle finger firmly over her clit, a gesture he quickly learned she adored because she moaned all the louder. He worked the middle finger faster, back and forth over her tender clit, rubbing it ever so slightly harder in time to her increasing pelvic movement against his hand. With his other hand, John thrust two, then three, fingers all the way up inside her, faster and faster until her body tensed into immobility, lifting her into a high-pitched moan of an orgasm that rippled through her, rising and falling for the longest time.

He quickly centered himself above her; entered her with one stroke while her orgasm went on in wave after wave. His slow fucking sent his prick glancing from one side of her vagina to the other in a leisurely fashion that seemed to press all the right buttons as far as Felicia was concerned.

He slowly began to increase the rhythm, knowing it would bring her back to another pitch of pleasure. Her cunt opened even further to this type of fucking and she raised her hips to meet his thrusting cock; burning with such exquisite feeling Felicia thought she was going to faint away.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” she moaned, “it’s so fuckin’ good.”

John leaned over her, kissing and biting her breasts. He sucked hard on one, and then the other. He slammed his cock high and hard into her, licked her neck as he withdrew to the very entrance of her cunt; then plunged deeply into her while she screamed with pleasure, tightening her vaginal muscles to grip him when he was deepest inside her; making him gasp, squeeze his eyes shut, and whisper, “Oh, God, it’s unbelievably good.”

He stopped for a moment, and untied her legs, so she would move more. He reached for some pillows to slide under her hips, and she compliantly raised her legs and wrapped them tightly around his neck. This served to guiding him back into her.

As he resumed his fucking, Felicia found that each thrust brought a different pleasure, and after a while she lost the ability to know which one of them initiated from a given stroke, ankara escort or set of strokes. Sometimes it felt to her that the strokes were fast, fast, fast. Then it was long and slow, reaching so deeply into her that she was compelled to cry out. Then too, there were moments that seemed to her that it was sheer anger in the force of his fucking. She didn’t care if it would ultimately kill her. All she wanted was his cock; pulsating, driving and ramming into her.

They fucked for a long time, until he pulled out of her in order to move to her mouth. “I love being inside all of you,” he gasped while straddling her, bringing his cock very near her mouth. Opening to him with a sucking kiss, Felicia tasted the mixture of their secretions; licking and moving her mouth over him, taking him all the way in, then pulling back on him.

Just as she fell into the rhythm of wrapping her mouth around him as he rocked back and forth; he pulled out of her mouth and told her, “It’s getting very sensitive.”

He began to kiss her mouth, running his hands over her body, pausing to slide his fingers into her vulva, again seeking her inner labia and as she moaned louder and louder, her clit.

He opened her slowly; separating the inner lips carefully with his fingers, and pulling the hood firmly back until her clit lay exposed to his tongue. He knelt over her, his formidable erection resting against her belly. He started licking her, using long, loud gulps, wrapping his mouth around her. Her entire body shuddered with pleasure. Then he held her lips apart with the fingers of one hand as he slowly worked the tip of his tongue back and forth over the length of her engorged clit, returning to the spot just above its most sensitive area for a more intense tonguing.

With each motion of his mouth upon her, she moved to meet his tongue and lips, breathing herself into his mouth, pushing her pelvis against him when she wanted him to suck harder, and moving ever so slightly up or down in the bed to guide his tongue to her most rapturous part of the moment.

He fingered her with his other hand, thrusting hard, then slipping out of her, then thrusting into her again with gathering force while his tongue worked her clit steadily.

Her continued moaning ended abruptly only to be replaced by an orgasmic cry that went on for several minutes. Her arms strained hard against the binding holding her in place. When she went silent, he entered her, pushing himself all the way into her, thrusting this way, then that way, discovering and rediscovering sensations Felicia had all but forgotten. They moaned in unison, their sweat mixing as he nuzzled his face to her neck.

They smelled of sex.

When he finally came inside her, she felt, not an orgasm, but a series of tiny but pleasurable ripples in her cunt reverberating from the cessation of frictional motion. She quickly discovered she could intensify them by contracting her muscles against his still ejaculating prick.

Then they slept for two hours.


The following day, after John left for work, Argie dressed carefully, wanting to make a good appearance with the Doctor. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, and turned to gaze at her profile. Still looking at herself, she reached down and opened a bureau drawer containing her blouses. She took out a sheer white silk and held it up against her. It was almost, but not quite translucent. She nodded, and put the blouse down on the top of the bureau; a moment later, she unhooked her bra and took it off.

Argie put the blouse on and settled herself in the silky garment by shaking her shoulders. She looked at herself critically in the mirror, cocked her head to the left, then the right and shrugged to see whether her nipples showed. Her aureoles were almost totally visible to a discerning glance. With a wry smile, she rubbed the silken material against them to gauge whether she would find the friction comfortable during a full hot day. Finally, Argie decided that she would, and removed the blouse, put the bra back on. Then she tried the white blouse on again, and studied herself in the mirror. She smiled at her image and reached for a short skirt, which she knew showed her legs to their best advantage.

Argie was at Doctor Gladstone’s office fifteen minutes early, revealing her anxiety. As she entered the outer office a chime announced her entry. There was no one else in the room and the receptionist’s desk was empty. A minute or escort ankara two after her arrival, the inside door opened and Doctor Gladstone peered through the door.

“Hi,” it’s Argie, right?”

“Yes,” Argie, Argie Franck. Oh, but you know that already,” she said, and felt stupid for blundering about.

“I’m glad you’re early. I like that. Please come in and let’s talk,” the doctor said with a broad smile.

Argie got up and followed Doctor Gladstone into her office. When they were seated, Doctor Gladstone began by saying, “So tell me Argie, I hope you don’t mind my calling you that and please call me Rachel . . . now, what caused you to call and inquire about becoming a sexual surrogate?”

“Well, you are treating John . . .”

“Yes, I am, but other than the conversation we’ve already had, I really can’t go into any more detail about his treatment. I hope you understand.”

“Oh, I do,” Argie said, “This is about me. I mean, you can work with me as well as John, there’s not any conflict is there?”

“Not so far, no, please continue.”

“Well, it sort of goes like this: John’s been fooling around . . . forever, I guess,” she paused eyeballing the doctor’s reaction thus far. She crossed her legs and went on.

“You know I just found out. I mean, like I thought I was happily married . . . hell, I was happily married; only John wasn’t.” Argie halted her diatribe for a moment, and collected her thoughts. “Gee, I thought I had my thoughts together. I mean, I did, but right now I’m kinda confused.”

Doctor Gladstone smiled and said, “Take your time, Argie; I know this is difficult for you.”

“Yeah, thanks. Well, okay, I learned of his many infidelities and I went and got myself laid good and proper. A guy named Milo. He’s a nice guy and great in bed.”

Doctor Gladstone arched an eyebrow, caught herself and her face quickly returned to one of stone-like compassion.

“Anyway, John and I had a fight. I guess that was inevitable, given the circumstances and all. He didn’t like it that I had been with another guy. Not one bit, but hey, what’s good for one should be good for the other, right?”

Doctor Gladstone nodded and Argie continued.

“So, we ended the arguing and talked, really talked. For the first time in ages, we had a conversation with both sides listening to the other. I told him flat out that I didn’t believe him when he insisted he’d put an end to his whoring. I told him that I was going to find other lovers beside Milo. He didn’t like it at all. Finally, he agreed to join Sex Addicts Anonymous.”

“Yes,” Doctor Gladstone said, and crossed her legs. Argie did the same, switching and placing her right leg over her left. “I gave him the address. Do you know if he went to today’s meeting?”

“No, I haven’t seen him since this morning when he left for work. But I can tell you we made up yesterday; we even had some really terrific sex.”

Doctor Gladstone felt a tingle in her loins and asked, “That’s wonderful, and I hope it marked the beginning of a new chapter in your marriage together. But . . . you’re here asking about becoming a surrogate, why?”

“I realize John’s not about to give up his women. We sort of came to terms on that. So I’m going to have lovers too. There’s no way he’s going looking and I’m staying home. So I was thinking if I’m going to take on a series of lovers, perhaps I can do some good, too.”

“Could you clarify what you mean by ‘good’?” Doctor Gladstone asked.

“Sure, first the selfish part: I think that working through a doctor’s office, my clients would be safe from having STD’s. Am I right?”

“That’s a good assumption. But remember even if a patient has a clean bill of health today, they can come down with AIDS tomorrow and you’ll never know it. In the surrogate business it’s always advisable for one or both partners to use protection.”

Obviously this hadn’t occurred to Argie and she worried her lower lip as the doctor’s words sank in.

“Even so, they would be relatively safer than picking someone up in a bar, right?”

“I expect so. But the reason is probably different than what you’re thinking.”

“Really, how so?”

“The reason they’re in need of a sexual surrogate is because they need to measure . . . some form of assistance in performing the act of sex.”

“Oh,” Argie said and began drumming the fingers of her left hand on her right knee.

“Look, Argie. Think of it this way. The concerns motivating someone ankara escort bayan to seek out a surrogate partner range from general anxieties to specific dysfunctions. With males it involves dissatisfaction with their orgasm, ejaculation, or erection difficulties. A female’s sexual issues might involve difficulties with orgasmic release or with penetration. Please understand that clients of either gender may seek therapy to address problems relating to: A. lack of experience. B. A fear of intimacy.

C. Some form of shame or anxiety regarding sex.”

The doctor paused for a moment, and then went on, “And, D. They might have a low-level of arousal, or a lack of sexual desire.”

“It’s not an easy thing becoming a surrogate partner,” Doctor Gladstone said, warming up to the subject. She had not had this type conversation with anyone since interning years earlier. “Argie, a surrogate has to cultivate a bond, or trust with the client. You’re asking them to reveal their innermost thoughts and fears. They’re being asked to be honest and intimate with you and in return hope to gain meaningful benefits from the association.”

“So,” Argie said, tentatively, “it’s not just a matter of hopping into bed with them.”

“No! Actually it’s quite the contrary. Your job would be to bring them to a point from which they learn how to develop trust, how to create a satisfying relationship, and are able to see that the same potential exists for future relationships. Eventually they reach a point where they feel ready to explore similar kinds of interactions with partners of their own choosing.”

“It sounds kind of overwhelming to me,” Argie said, her eyes downcast.

Doctor Gladstone picked up on Argie’s disillusionment and said kindly, “Argie, it is hard work. The success ratio isn’t all that high. Many people cannot reach the point at which they put themselves in your hands. But when they do, the reward is one that is not easily matched in any profession.”

“Um, I guess I should ask how the process actually works,” Argie said, less doubtful than a minute earlier.

“Good point. There are two primary formats for this therapy. The first is Open-ended Therapy. Here the client typically sees the surrogate once a week, in 1-2 hour sessions, until the 3-way team consisting of the patient, you and me, decide that the therapy is completed. An average length of therapy appears to encompass 30 to 48 hours with the surrogate partner. The other way is through Intensive Therapy. This is structured to accommodate clients who do not have a local therapist and surrogate team, the client sees the therapist and surrogate on a daily basis for a predetermined length of time usually 10-14 days. In both instances, the decision to end therapy is made mutually between client, therapist and surrogate partner when the revised goals of therapy are met. The process of closure celebrates the uniqueness of each relationship, honors everyone’s feelings, and directs attention to the client’s future. From what I’ve heard about this process, each client will remain indelibly in your memory for years to come.”

“Oh, wow!” Argie gushed, “That’s awesome.”

“Now for the bad news,” the doctor said.

“Bad news?” Argie said, and went pale.

“Well, not actually, I’m sorry, I should have phrased that better. What I meant was . . .

If you proceed with being a surrogate, you won’t be working with me; I don’t do that form of therapy. However, I would be happy to give you a referral to a colleague of mine, who does a good deal of therapy in this field. His name is Dr. Everett Coughlin, and his office is just around the corner. Would you like me to call him and set up an appointment for you?”

Argie thought for a minute before giving her answer. She did want to do this, it sounded difficult, but the thought of working with men who really needed loving care remained foremost in her mind and she found herself nodding at first, then found her voice and said, “Yes, yes of course, please do that doctor. I appreciate it. I appreciate everything you’ve taken the time to tell me about the subject.’

Doctor Gladstone made the call and an appointment was made to see Dr. Coughlin in two hours.

“Would you be free for lunch, by any chance, Doctor? My treat, I really would like to spend some more time with you,” Argie said.

Doctor Gladstone stood up and offered her hand to Argie, saying, “I’d love to, but I have a patient in fifteen minutes, and need to go over some notes beforehand; but, some other time perhaps.”

Argie shook hands with the doctors and with the disappointment evident on her face left the doctor’s office and had lunch nearby, killing time until her appointment with Doctor Coughlin.

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