Hot Holiday

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Once out of university I decided on a complete change of scene. I worked for a large IT company in London who had a voracious appetite for graduates. I still had my boyfriend back in University, but with a hundred miles between us my voracious appetite for sexual satisfaction needed to be sated by one of my co-workers – a fresh faced American guy, who seemed to share my interests in non-stop transatlantic fucking, fitted the bill.

He was very fit, 5ft 8in, 24 year old, tanned from living on the West Coast, who I was introduced to on my first day. He was totally gorgeous, and I made it fairly obvious that I thought so too. Within the first week we met by accident going to get a sandwich for lunch and he took me to a lovely little grassy square surrounded by trees which make London such an attractive city. We sat in the sunshine and ate our sandwiches – we swapped half each and chatted for half an hour. His dark suit and crisp white shirt and lovely silk tie really made him look so sexy, and I was feeling horny just being close to him. As we returned to the office, he asked if I would like a drink after work. I nearly shouted “YES” at him in response, but managed to control myself, took a deep breath and thought about it before agreeing. We met at 5, went to a very trendy wine bar, and finished a bottle of Chablis before we moved on to a tapas bar for some delicious food. By nine we were back at his flat in bed and lovers.

After a few months of non stop shagging, we decided to take a foreign holiday – a cheap week to the Canaries – an island called Feurterventura. I had to admit I had never heard of it, but the travel agent was so enthusiastic we had to go. It was a great place – miles and miles of beach, with hardly a sole around. We’d a hire car in the package so we used to drive away from the beaches near the resort where the screaming kids could turn a holiday into a nightmare.

I remember going topless to start with, but seeing the occasional nudist. One day we pulled off the road and found a virtually deserted beach, with undulating sand-dunes. We walked for about twenty minutes down the secluded stretch of beach and lay out our things. After half an hour we were still alone and I decided to go the whole way, and stood up, removed my bikini top and then to tease Tom, very seductively took off my bottoms in front of him as he was trying to read his book. At his request I had started to shave my pubic hair and he was presented with the alluring sight of my bare pussy inches from his face.

The reaction from inside his trunks was obvious – I told him to strip like me, but he was reluctant. I lay down beside him and I whispered in his ear that I was feeling extremely horny and if he took off his clothes I would give him a glorious blow job, using some of the cold beer from our cool box. He soon stripped and we began caressing and fondling on bursa escort the open beach. As promised, I opened a can of cold beer, took a large mouthful, cooling my tongue and lips, and took his erect cock inside my mouth. I loved his cock. Like the rest of his body it was long, lean and very brown. I knew the pleasure I was causing from his loud moans, I loved the feel of his hot, throbbing cock inside my mouth.

I was practiced at the joyous art of deep throating and would have used it on my CV if I could. I fondled his lovely hairy balls as I worked his cock deep into my cold mouth. When I got hot, I took another swig of beer, and I knew he just loved having his cock fuck my cold mouth.

He lay back on his towel, with me between his legs, his knees in the air. I knew how he liked to be finished, so I rubbed him between his ass and his balls, then around his ass hole. As I started to slowly pop in a finger into his tight ass hole his balls erupted and my mouth was filled by the most intense orgasmic spurts. I swallowed as fast as I could, but also trying to savour the taste of his precious semen.

He lay back panting heavily and I licked the cum that had dribbled from my mouth. He smiled as I fondled his slowly shrinking cock.

I lay beside him, offering my breasts to his mouth and he was soon suckling on them, using the beer to cool his own mouth. As soon as he had regained his breath, he pushed me to my back, lifted my legs over his shoulder and buried his head between my legs. His licking of my nipples had already done their work of making me very moist and his fingers and tongue soon increased the flow of my sex juices.

He was really great using his tongue in concert with three fingers, pressing and circling my g-spot. I began moaning – gyrating my pelvis as he sent shock waves of pure pleasure, radiating from my sex through every limb, nerve and organ. I was so close to cumming myself but whenever he felt me reach the point of orgasm he would change his position, keeping me on a ridge of orgasm. I was nearly crying with anticipation when he raised my legs high in the air and penetrated me with his hard firm cock. The feeling of being completely filled with his thick, hot cock was enough. A couple of firm strokes and I felt the contractions start racking my body. I felt hands on my waist as I was turned and made to stick my bum in the air as he knelt behind me and started to slowly fuck me in the wonderful doggy style. When he eventually shot his load of sperm deep into my cervix we both fell exhausted to the blanket, sweat dripping off us as if we had emerged from a shower. We lay in each others arms and dozed as the warm sun dried off our bodies.

We woke a couple of hours later and refreshed our bodies with a nude swim together. He cuddled in the sea, and I was amazed to find another erection as we fooled around in the waves. bursa escort bayan I put my arms around his neck and let him impale his lovely cock inside me. Bobbing up and down with the waves gave us another lovely orgasm each.

The hotel we were staying in was fairly basic. But within half a mile were an abundance of bars, taverns and cheap restaurants. We used to go back to our room at about 4, usually have sex, sleep for a couple of hours, have sex again, then shower ready for an evening meal.

As well as a new lover and new island to enjoy, we also took our first taste of foursomes. We met another couple in the hotel who were around the same age as us – perhaps a couple of years older. We saw them at a bar by the hotel when we were having a pre-dinner drink. We walked to the local fish restaurant and there they were. We smiled and said hello. We started chatting over the meal as we were sitting fairly close together and wandered back to the hotel together where we sat in the bar for a nightcap. Nothing happened that night, but we saw them over breakfast and arranged to meet up for a drink and a meal that night

We seemed to get on great together – we got more than a bit drunk and got a taxi back to the hotel. There was a fair amount of flirting and sexual innuendo, and we ended up in their room having a last drink. I’m not sure exactly how it started – I think we were watching some vaguely porno film on the local Spanish channel. I started to drop off to sleep and the next thing I felt, my shoulders were being massaged. I opened my eyes slowly and as I focussed I realised it wasn’t my boyfriend – but the other guy, Mark. It felt quite relaxing and was sending a nice warm feeling radiating around my tired body. Then I looked further behind me to find that Marks girlfriend, Denise was giving Tom a blowjob. I was totally shocked. My initial reaction was to create a scene, but the sight of her head bobbing up and down on my guys cock was truly erotic and I just could not look away.

Before I realised it, Marks hands had moved from my shoulders to my breasts which he was caressing sensuously through my skimpy top. It almost seemed dreamlike, but I could feel the tell tale signs of sexual arousal from between my legs as I continued to watch Denise work her tongue and mouth expertly around that cock which I knew and loved so much, and have my breasts explored by hands which started to remove my top and bra. Mark started to lick my nipples and I could feel my body react immediately. I was still entranced by the sight of my Tom being sucked off by a virtual stranger but I started to get very wet when he started caressing my thighs. Within minutes, his finger went inside my panties.

I was still watching the other pair as well. I clearly remember struggling to lift my bum so he could pull my panties off so I was quite happy to go along escort bursa with this most erotic turn of events. If Mark realised my attention was elsewhere he didn’t show it as he began to kiss me on my inner thigh. I opened my legs instinctively. When his kisses started to move towards my sex, I forgot the other pair as I compliantly gave him full access to me.

He seemed to know just what to do, and if anything was better at oral sex than Tom. He alternated between light kisses around my lips, mons and licks with his tongue. I began to get wetter and wetter as his tongue explored my hot pussy. I was on edge. I had forgotten about the other two and managed to look at them briefly – they were fucking doggy style and if anything, it made me feel even hornier.

As I returned my attention to Mark, I could see him unzipping the fly to his light chinos, and I got the first look at his erect cock, which he was gently pumping with his hand. I replaced his hand with mine, as I used my own juices to wet his thick cock. I leant forward and I remember trying to suck him for a while. Instead he pulled back from my mouth, made me lie back, put my legs up and put his cock to my pussy and slowly slipped himself inside me, my legs over his shoulders.

I could see Tom fucking Denise, and could hear her moans of “fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” as he penetrated her again and again.

As I was being slowly deep fucked I saw (and heard) Tom cum. He pulled out at the last minute and ejaculated all over her lovely bum. He continued to use his fingers between her legs, rubbing her clit until she couldn’t take any more.

They sank back, seemingly exhausted and watched as I had my legs high in the air, being deep-fucked by a guy I had known only 24 hours. Tom came over for a better view and knelt beside me. His cock was wet and swinging between his legs. He offered it to my mouth and as I tongued it I could taste the combined essence of her and him. Denise followed Tom. She was very thin and elegant with the most glorious olive-dark skin. She made him move and she got down and straddled my face. Her juices dripped to my mouth and I tasted her musky essence which I had tasted on Toms wet cock. It was so overpowering I think it almost made cum instantly. She obviously wanted me to taste her more as she bore down on my mouth. I responded by raising my tongue and licked her cunt – I could taste Tom’s cum inside her, but more her strong, overpowering musk.

The sight of her on my face seemed to act as a catalyst to Mark and he started to explode inside me. I couldn’t see, but he pulled out and Denise knelt down and sucked his cock. And then, as he moved back, she lowered her head to my cunt and licked me, tasting her husbands cum mixed with my own pussy juice. We spent about 10 minutes in a delicious 69 while the guys lay back and just watched.

When we finally couldn’t take any more we lay back exhausted, panting. We looked at the guys who, after watching us lick each other were now displaying their rock hard cocks. Denise and I looked at each other, smiled and laughed. It would be a busy night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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