Hot for Teacher Ch. 04-06

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Chapter 4

Michelle snuggled against the warm flesh, her lips resting on Kim’s neck as she opened her eyes, taking in her surroundings. For just a moment she had thought she was back in her bed, in the sanctity of her own bedroom before remembering she had stayed the evening with Kim after Lisa had threatened to reveal to the school authorities what she had done at the teacher’s conference.

Michelle wondered if Lisa would have really carried out with that threat or perhaps the bigger question in her mind – was she now staying the week because of blackmail or because she really wanted to explore this new side of herself – a new and exciting interest in women?

She had never made love, nor really gave much thought, to sex with another woman but now she had to admit she had thoroughly enjoyed succumbing to Lisa who had fucked not only her pussy, but her ass, with her strapon. Michelle had gone down on both women and sincerely enjoyed the taste of another woman’s sex.

Kim felt Michelle stirring as Chel’s hand slipped over Kim’s narrow waist, sliding over her stomach, feeling the little diamond dangle at her belly button. Realizing Kim was awake too, Michelle allowed her hand to slide further down as her fingers slid over the smooth satin skin of Kim’s mound. Her fingers traced the outside of her lips and she could feel the faint heat from her vagina as her hand cupped her warm and inviting lips.

“Sleep well?” Kim inquired as she half turned in the bed, their eyes now meeting.

“Yes, very well actually,” Michelle smiled back. They continued to look deep into each other’s eyes before it was Michelle who leaned in and placed her soft plump lips to Kim’s. Gentle at first before it became more passionate. Michelle’s tongue sliding between her new lover’s lip, exploring her mouth in a wet embrace.

Kim turned flat on her back as she placed her hand behind Michelle’s head, drawing her in as their bodies now rubbed together. Michelle was not accustomed to the feelings she was having but she knew she was attracted to this woman and was aroused in a way she had never been before. Lisa and Kim had stoked fires deep within her soul she never knew existed.

As the two lovers broke away from their kiss, Michelle continued to allow her hand to explore Kim’s body. Her fingers traced the contours of her skin, every curve, down her flat stomach, up to her breasts, capped off with the two shiny gold hoops which adorned her dark nipples.

“Did it hurt? Did it hurt when you had that done?” Michelle inquired as her fingers now toyed with a piercing in Kim’s left nipple. Holding the little gold hoop as she slightly tugged, pulling the taut dark nipple with it.

“Well, a little, but I’ve really enjoyed the look…and I wasn’t given much choice. Susan wanted it done,” Kim answered back as her hand gently rested on Chel’s soft hand as the young teacher continued to toy with the jewelry.

“Susan is your girlfriend?” Michelle asked back.

“Yea, I guess, although Susan is pretty non-committal. I love her and all and she loves me. But she’s not much into being tied down to one person. Ours is sort of an open relationship but if there is one person in the whole world I love the most, it’s definitely Susan,” Kim said softly back as she turned now looking directly into Michelle’s face almost searching to see if the young woman understood her response.

“And she’s the woman on your back, in the tattoo?” Michelle inquired. Kim nodded before Chel chimed in again, “She looks, well she looks pretty take charge from that tats on your back,” Chel smiled.

Lisa smiled too as she swept the hair back from Michelle’s face. “That’s saying it lightly. Susan and Lisa both are pretty dominant women. I wasn’t into the tatoos and stuff before meeting her. It was her idea to have the star on my hip and had me go down to a tattoo parlor and get it done. Then after we had been together for a while, she determined it was time I ‘come out’, letting my family and friends know that I was a lesbian.”

“Susan was determined that I would not only practice lesbianism, I would advocate it and she had the artist place the stars down my leg,” Kim continued as she removed the sheet from her thigh and bottom leg exposing the flesh and the colorful stars in a variety of sizes and colors adorning her lower leg.”

“So do the stars identify you as a lesbian?” Michelle asked back, her fingers now tracing the flesh, as she studied the woman’s leg.

“No, not really. I mean there are lesbian tattoos. The circle with the small cross underneath? That’s the symbol for the Roman God Venus and when you see that in a variety of rainbow colors, often interlocked with another one …well, that’s pretty unmistakable,” Kim smiled

“But tats are pretty personal… and Susan really digs seeing them on me,” she continued.

“So she has them too?” Chel responded.

“No,” Kim chuckled. “That’s funny you asked. No she doesn’t. But she really gets into having chicks she’s illegal bahis been with, particularly young conquest, get them. Sort of marking her property I guess. I hadn’t really thought much of it really. She told me to do it and I did,” Kim added.

“And what’s the significance of this? It’s pretty,” Michelle asked as she touched the diamond piercing in her navel.

Kim settled back on her pillow, reflecting on her answer. There was a long pause before she began. “Well, I was engaged before I met Susan,” Kim began.

“You’re kidding. You were getting married to a guy,” Michelle asked back startled.

“Well, let me start from the beginning, “My hair stylist had moved and I was getting ready for my wedding and I needed to have it cut and styled. A girl at my office told me she had been to Susan before and she was outstanding. I called for an appointment and asked if she could get me in after work one afternoon. She was very gracious and said she didn’t really have an opening but she could tell by my anxious tone the jam I was in and agreed to keep her shop open. When I got there, the rest of her staff was already gone. She asked if she could go ahead and close the blinds and flip the sign so no one else would think she was still taking customers.”

“Susan asked me to slip off the dress I was wearing and put on a robe she had in a dressing room. She didn’t want to get any of the shampoo on my dress. Her hands felt really good as they massaged the shampoo into my hair and I really felt at ease as her fingers gently rubbed my scalp. On a couple of occasions I felt her breasts pressing into my arm. At first I thought it was just a random bump. As she rinsed my hair I looked up to see her breasts just inches from my face. Understand, at that point in my life, I had never had any thoughts of making it with another woman. I take that back. I had thought about it. I suppose many of us do. But I had never done anything about it.”

“I know it is hard to imagine now, but at the time I had thick black hair that I wore down my back. She trimmed up my hair and thinned it out and blew it dry. I was just before getting up from the chair when she asked if I wanted a wax. She said a lot of her clients, particularly that time of the year, were getting their bikini lines waxed. Perhaps I knew where it was headed, but it was something about her touch. The way she was with me. The next thing I know, she’s got me lying on a reclining chair back in another room of her shop.”

“She asked if I wanted the naughty or nice look. Seeing my expression she told me naughty was completely bald and nice left a little hair at the top. I told her I was a nice girl. When she was almost done with just the little strip at the top she looked at me with a devilish smile asked was I sure I didn’t want to be naughty? At that time I was so horny, I would have done anything she asked and told her to go ahead. With one quick swipe it was gone and I was as hairless as a little girl. Then Susan asked if she could just check it out and see if it was totally smooth. After washing me off she bent down with her tongue and ran the tip across the flat of my belly and around the folds of my pussy.”

“I’ve had lots of guys eat my pussy but I never had anyone lick me like Susan. She knew she had me as she stuck her tongue deep into my box, working her fingers in and playing with my clit. I came hard as she sucked on my little button. I still had on my bra which she encouraged me to slip off so she could see my breasts. Before I knew it she had pulled me onto a couch and was asking me to eat her pussy. She didn’t have to ask twice. I wanted to! I don’t know how long we spent in the shop that night but before I left she had taken a two headed dildo out of a drawer and she used it on both of us. I had never done anything like that in my life.”

“She gave me her card with her home number and asked me to call her. She wanted to see me again. I can’t tell you how many times I picked up and then put down that phone. I knew it was wrong. Hell, I was engaged to get married. But I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Finally, I picked up the phone and before I could hang it up, Susan answered. My heart was pounding as she gave me directions to her house. When she answered the door, she pulled me in and shut the door. Pressing me up against the wall, she kissed me more passionately than I’ve ever been kissed before. She literally stripped me before she got me to her bedroom where she went down on me. I wanted her as badly and we flipped over into a sixty-nine. Before I left that evening she had fucked me with her strapon and I knew I was hooked on her pussy.”

“We made love as often as possible, sometimes at my place, sometimes at hers. Then one evening while I was at dinner with my fiancé she called and told me to give him some excuse why I needed to leave. I wasn’t feeling well — something had come up. Looking back, I didn’t think twice. One night we’re lying in bed and she asks me to call him. Call him and tell him illegal bahis siteleri I’m calling it off. I’ve met someone. I’ve met a woman. I’m a lesbian and we’re through.”

Chel’s eyes were wide as she listened to Kim’s story. “And did you?” she asked. “Yea, I did,” Kim confided. “And how’d he take it?” Chel asked.

He was quiet at first. I think he was stunned….then there was the name calling. That’s when I hung up. Jim was his name. He called me a few times, apologizing. Saying we could work things out. But I knew it was over. I actually didn’t feel the same way any more. I knew I had discovered something about myself.”

“Well, that’s kind of it. Oh, the hair thing. After we had been together for a while — I guess once I’d accepted that I was a lesbian and not just some bi curious chick that was still into dicks, Susan decided to cut my hair. She said I was a dyke. Not just a lesbian and this new look would let all her dyke girlfriends know I was too” Kim said as she raised her hand to her hair and pulled a small handful.

“Anyway, the belly piercing – that’s the diamond Jim gave me. I know some girls give it back but he told me to keep it. I guess half hoping I’d come to my senses and come running back. Susan took it down to a jeweler she knew and removed the stone from its setting and had it set in this piercing when she had my nipples done.”

“She said it made her hot looking down at my diamond piercing when she’s ramming that big strapon in my pussy. Wondering what Jim would think now if he knew where his diamond ended up and what she was doing to me. Laying on my back, a dyke fucking me,” Kim finished.

Michelle was in awe at the story she heard and at that point was worked up and would have put up no resistance if Kim had wanted to make love. Instead Kim threw back the sheet and announced they needed to get up. “I think Lisa’s got a big day in store for you. Let’s get moving.”

Kim slipped on a robe but Michelle was led down the hall nude which she was gradually becoming accustomed to. Lisa was already sitting at the dining room table, sipping coffee and perusing the morning’s paper. After the usual pleasantries, Lisa announced they were all going over to Susan’s.

“I thought she was coming here?” Kim asked somewhat puzzled.

“Well, that was the plan, but I think given our progress, we may just enjoy the rec room today,” Lisa fired back noting the look of acknowledgment on Kim’s face.

After a quick breakfast of coffee, juice, toast and fruit, the women all dressed for the ride over to Susan’s. Michelle was allowed to slip on a pair of satin shorts and a top which hung down just to her midriff. It was very sheer as her breasts stretched the fabric and her nipples were plainly visible as they poked through the fabric.

Michelle was looking around for her shoes when Lisa instructed the young teacher that the two articles of clothing was all she needed before she walked down the sidewalk, the cool morning pavement under her bare feet.

Michelle took notice that her car had been moved from the bar and was now parked in the driveway as the three women slipped into Lisa’s BMW and made their way to Susan’s.

It was perhaps a twenty minute drive over to Susan’s and Michelle was impressed when they pulled up in front of her two-story home. It sat back secluded in a rural neighborhood with at least a couple of acres of wooded land on both sides of the house giving her lots of privacy.

Michelle walked in front of the other two women, through a garage that had been left open. Lisa opened the back door for all three as they made their way into Susan’s hallway and kitchen. Susan, a very striking and gorgeous blonde met them, kissing both Lisa and Kim on the lips before taking in Michelle.

“Well, you must be Michelle,” Susan said appreciatively as she examined the young teacher before she leaned in placing a long and lingering kiss on her cheek. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” the older woman said. Susan appeared to be in her mid to late thirties and smiled back at the woman who was soon to be transformed under her talented fingers.

“Come with me. We have lots to do,” Susan said as she took the young teacher by the hand leaving Kim and Lisa in their trail. Susan took the girl back to her bedroom and bath where she proceeded to have her waxed, per Lisa’s instructions.

Susan emerged from the back every so often as she used the microwave in the kitchen to warm the wax. When she had finished, she instructed Kim to paint her nails.

“I’ve left out a nice hot red. Finish them and apply the polish to her fingers and toes. We’ll do her hair later,” as Kim went back to the bedroom leaving Susan and Lisa to chat.

“She’s a hottie,” Susan said to Lisa. “You sure you’re gonna’ give her up?”

“Well, this one will be a gift. You met my sister’s oldest right?” Lisa inquired.

“Yea, I think, although I don’t think I’ve met your sister,” Susan answered.

“No, Jan’s a canlı bahis siteleri bit older than me but her daughter confided in me a couple of years ago that she was gay. It’s challenging for her because she’s sort of shy herself. She knows this girl but has always been afraid that revealing herself could threaten their relationship,” Lisa explained.

“Sound like your niece needs a shot of confidence,” Susan shot back.

“True,” Lisa said sipping her coffee, “But I love her dearly and I agreed to help. She had made several overtures to this girl, Michelle, but either she ignored them or my niece just wasn’t deliberate enough. But we have about three days to get the two together.”

“Well, this is a first for me. But hey, I’m looking forward to breaking the little minx in. She’s got a killer body. I can’t wait to fuck her,” Susan gloated as she too lifted her coffee, savoring the taste.

It was almost an hour, if not longer, before Michelle padded into the dining room, her lower region completely waxed smooth. Her nails were adorned with the bright red polish. Susan could tell from the heat still in her cheeks and her disheveled hair that the two girls had done more than just paint their nails, experiencing a little oral sex play before Lisa and Susan started in on the main course.

Chapter 5

Michelle was led by Kim naked down the steps into a basement area that Susan had converted into her private play room. Instead of a traditional den or recreation room, Michelle gazed at the sights before her. There was a variety of chains hanging from the ceiling as well as padded benches and a shower in the corner.

The older women had not accompanied her downstairs as Kim busied herself with the task of preparing her young lover.

The teacher made no comment as she was taken to a spot in the room and leather restraints again placed on her wrists as they were fastened to two chains hanging from the ceiling. Similar restraints were placed on her ankles and a bar was placed between her outstretched legs which kept them spread and they were fastened to the ankle restraints.

Her arms were pulled up and apart and the tension actually lifted her until the soles of her heels were barely touching the floor. Michelle had never experienced anything but light bondage with her boyfriend Kyle as he had occasionally tied her up, but nothing compared to the treatment she was now receiving.

After she was securely fastened, Kim stepped back taking a position as if waiting on the other two to arrive. The room was cooler than the rest of the house and she felt a slight chill that made her shiver, little bumps popping up on her soft skin and her nipples hardening.

It was perhaps a good half hour before the other two women appeared. Michelle first saw the tall black boots with a striking heel as they appeared from the upper staircase. The boots traveled up Lisa’s leg, covering her kneecap as thy widened at the top.

She had on a black leather corset which pushed her exposed breast up, but leaving them uncovered. She also had long black leather gloves which ran almost to her elbow.

Susan was similarly attired in a matching red corset and boots but she declined to wear gloves. It was then that Michelle noticed her fingers were polished in the same shade as both herself and the outfit which contained her ample bosom.

Both women were gorgeous but menacing as they surveyed their prize now stretched out and hung before them.

Lisa stepped over to the corner of the room and began to examine a variety of whips. She looked at a few before settling on a short black leather whip. It appeared to have a dozen or more strands of leather that jumped as Lisa shook it in her hand.

“You know what this is pet?” Lisa sneered as Michelle looked on with a real sense of fear. “It’s a flogger…and in the hands of an expert, it can bring both extreme pleasure or extreme pain,” the woman went on. “Are you afraid?”

As Michelle nodded her head, Lisa seemed to revel in the response. “It’s okay to be afraid pet. You should be afraid.” Lisa dangled the ends of the flogger over the girls hardened nipples, lightly, teasing her before bringing her wrist back slightly letting the ends smash against the skin of her breasts.

Michelle winced but made no audible sound as Lisa smiled knowing it was not even a taste of what was to come. “So, you ever practiced any B&D baby? Ever had a lover tie you up and dominate you?”

Michelle just looked back and failing to give an immediate response, Lisa pulled her long hair down sharply. Even though Michelle stood 5’9″, Lisa’s tall heels set her just above eye level as the girl, now afraid, looked back at the blonde who intended to strike fear into her heart.

“I asked you a fucking question cunt. You ever played any bondage games?” Lisa raged.

“No mistress,” was Michelle’s soft but deliberate response.

“Very good,” Lisa smirked as she walked around her subject. Susan now reached out herself to tweak and pull on one of Michelle’s nipples. “Now we have to deal with a couple of things. First, I’m not pleased at all you made us resort to less than conventional means to convince you to share the week with us. Do you not find Kim attractive?”

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