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Big Dick

Paul opened his eyes again. The stars were like jewels spilled over the arch of the sky. There was no moon and no breeze disturbed the surface of the pool. Paul was lying in the shallow end with only his face, from nose to his scalp, above water. He treasured these quiet times when he could lie naked in the pool.

He and Virginia swam naked all the time. They had pool parties and barbecues with their friends and, more often than not, everybody ended up in the pool or lounging around naked. That was different though. Quiet nights under the stars without noise or conversation reminded Paul of the early years when he was coming to terms with his feelings and his sexual needs.

Paul closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he ducked under the water. Turning and shoving off against the side of the pool he stroked smoothly under the surface. He made it almost to the opposite end before his breath ran out. He bobbed up and gasped in a new breath. He used both hands to push his hair back and wipe his eyes.

He swam to the edge and pulled himself out to sit on the tiled edge. The dim light from the house gleamed on his smooth skin. The air was warm and dry. Paul let himself lean back and he rested a moment on the concrete, thinking about Virginia.

They’d met when Virginia came to work on the copy machine at Paul’s office. She was cute, short and slender. Her reddish blonde hair was cut short and looked like it was easy to take care of. In her slacks and white shirt and tie she was the picture of professionalism.

Paul went into the lunch room where both the copier and the coffee pot were located to get coffee. Virginia looked up and grinned at him. That was all it took. It was like they both knew in that one second. Paul grinned back and reached down to help her to her feet. She wiped her hands on a rag from her tool kit and scribbled something on a sticky note.

“Here’s my number. Call me.” She grinned again and packed up her tools. Paul hadn’t said a word as he watched her walk out of the office. He’d called her that same night and they had met for a drink. One drink later they were on the way to Paul’s house and bed.

Paul sat up and got to his feet. The concrete had scraped his back a little bit. He left damp footprints across the stone of the patio but his feet were pretty dry as he went into the house. The clock said he still had an hour or so before Ginny got home. He absently toyed with his dick, considering jerking off.

Instead he went to the kitchen and got a beer from the fridge. He draped the chair with his towel and sat at the table. His mind returned to his life with Virginia.

After they had been together a month or so, she moved into Paul’s house and they enjoyed another month of unbridled lust. Each day they both hurried home from work and stripped to the skin. They played in the pool or the hot tub. They fucked in every room of the house. Paul dove between her legs and licked her to ecstasy, always paying attention to her asshole as well as her pussy. They were each other’s favorite hobby.

On the other hand, Virginia liked to bend Paul over and bathe his puckered hole with her tongue as she jacked his stiff cock. The more pleasure she gave him anally, the easier it was for her to talk him into letting her use her dildo on him, bringing him to orgasm by fucking his ass with it while she sucked his cock. There was nothing off limits between them. Paul fucked her ass and she fucked his with her dildo. There wasn’t a spot on either of their bodies that hadn’t felt the tongue and touch of the other.

Paul finished his beer and decided he would go to bed. Virginia would wake him up and they could have sex then. He pissed, brushed his teeth and crawled into the cool bed. He remembered that it was toward the end of that first month that Virginia had broached the subject of group sex.

They were lying in bed one night after a round of spirited fucking. Virginia asked Paul what kinds of things he fantasized about. The question took him back at first. “Well, fantasies are games a person plays in his head. They aren’t always meant to be shared.”

“Yeah, but we don’t have any secrets from each other. What is it? Do you want to have two women at once? Most men want that one.”

“Well, sure, I’ve dreamed about a threesome for a long time but I never really it will come true.” Paul didn’t mind admitting that. “What about your fantasies, Gin? You tell me one now.”

Virginia denied that he had admitted anything. “I was the one who said it, remember? I gave it to you.”

“Still, I copped to it. Tell me one.”

“Hmm…okay, I was gonna anyway,” she grinned at him and rolled on top of him. “To tell you the truth, I kinda like yours, too. I could get off watching that big hard cock of yours sliding into another woman’s twat or mouth. Of course, I’d get to share too.” Paul gave her words a quick examination. As she talked, Ginny’s hand was sliding along his length between their bellies.

“Yes, honey, but which of us do you want to have a share of? The other woman or bursa escort me?” Paul’s nails were drawing lazy but firm circles around her ass cheeks. She loved her ass played with in any way.

She turned her head and bit his neck and said, “Well, probably I could get around to both of you if we took our time.” Then she slid up to kiss him. As they kissed, she sat up and brought her crotch down until it met the standing erection she held in place. She was already carrying a double load of “sex cocktail” of their mixed juices. So it was easy for her to just let her weight down and feel his heat enter her.

She grew so engrossed in her pleasure that she forgot to make Paul take a turn. She fucked herself and started talking again, her eyes closed as she rocked back and forth. “I’d also like to have another man in bed with us, Paul. What would you think about that?” Her eyes opened but only halfway. She was enjoying her ride a lot.

Paul had also thought about this. He had come to the conclusion that it would only be fair if she was adopting his two women fantasy. “I suppose it would be nice to see you getting all the pleasure you could handle. You know I love to watch you cum.” Virginia was still bucking, going fast for a few strokes and then slowing down as they talked. When Paul said that she was pinching her nipples and her speed was increasing. She rode him hard, her face a grimace of determination. She frowned and began to whimper. Paul had all he could do to hold her hips and try to keep her on him.

Then her breath exploded from her open mouth with a loud groan. She shivered through a long climax and Paul marveled at the show. He was still rock hard inside her clenching pussy. They relaxed but she didn’t let him slip out of her. She just lay forward on his chest. She kissed him softly and leaned her forehead against his. Their vision was kind of blurred by the nearness but the closeness felt good. Ginny said, “It’s just that I’ve always wanted to feel two pairs of hands on me at the same time. None of the other guys I’ve been with were as open minded as you are.”

“Two pairs of male hands or one male and one female?” Paul asked.

“I don’t know,” she said shyly. “I really think the second pair could be either male or female. I meant what I said a little bit ago about having another woman with us. I’ve thought about sex with a woman but I’ve never done it. They say nobody makes love to a woman like another woman. Maybe the same could be said about men, too.” It took a beat before Paul realized what she had said. She was suggesting some bisexual stuff on his part.

Obviously they were venturing into totally new territory, for him at least. It wasn’t that he’d never had thoughts about group sex and what could happen — what man hasn’t? It was just that he’d always sort of suppressed his curiosity about same sex stuff between two guys. Growing up, he’d behaved like all his friends whenever the subject of homosexuality came up. Gays were a lower life form, of course, and to be despised and ridiculed. Basically, Paul had ignored the subject when anybody started verbally gay bashing homosexuals in general.

It had been only after he was about forty years old that he had been allowing his fantasizing lean toward that possibility. They were just fantasies, weren’t they? He had admitted he was curious about the things male homosexuals did together. He had never admitted — even to himself — that he might really want to try some of those things. Now Virginia was opening the door to the option for him. She was unprejudiced about sexuality and was offering him the chance to experience new things at the same time she did.

He managed to distract her (he thought) by rolling them over and beginning a new round of sex. The truth was that Virginia knew she would have to go slow if she had any hope of bringing this off successfully. She fully intended to make their fantasies reality. But it would take Paul a while to come around. She opened her legs wide and lifted her knees so Paul had control of her entire crotch.

Paul was almost asleep when he heard Ginny’s car. He sat up and looked at the clock. She was right on time. He listened to the sound of the door closing quietly. She was being quiet since she expected he was in bed.

When she entered the hall he called out to her. “You don’t have to tiptoe. I’m still awake.” The tentative feeling left her attitude.

“Good, because I was gonna wake you up anyway.” She turned on the light, getting a complaint from Paul. “It’s a beautiful, warm night and I want to go skinny dipping. Want to come along?”

“I was in earlier,” Paul said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He looked up at Ginny standing there naked and eager to get wet. He threw back the blanket and put his arm around her shoulders as they went toward the back doors.

It had been a month or so since either of them had said anything about the group fantasies. Paul thought about them when he masturbated. Virginia also had the same or similar thoughts at the same time. They just weren’t talking bursa escort bayan about it at the time.

They played and splashed and fondled. Ginny swam four lengths without stopping and she came alongside Paul in the water and sort of wrapped her body around his. He ran his hand over Ginny’s wet shoulder (they were both lying naked in the shallow end of the pool) and nuzzled her left breast with his nose. “I’d love to see you with another woman,” he said. “I think I might even like to see you getting fucked by another man while my cock was in your mouth, or vice versa.”

Ginny rolled in the water and straddled him. Her smoothly shaven pussy landed perfectly astride his erection and she moved her hips forward and back as she kissed him. He moved his hands to her hips and ‘hugged’ them. She sat up and raised an eyebrow. She had a mischievous look as she asked, “What about what I might like to see?”

Paul loved the feeling of her pussy greasing up his cock and he put his hands on her hips. “And what would you like to see, my dear?” he asked, knowing already what the answer would be.

Virginia leaned forward and reached between them. She altered the angle of his cock slightly and it went into her steamy sheath. She leaned farther and licked his ear. Then she took his lobe between her teeth and gave it a nice nibble. When she let go she started talking into his ear. She was almost whispering, but only for effect. There was no one to hear them.

“Just imagine, Paul, how hot it would be. We bring another man home with us — or another couple, though I’d prefer just another man the first time.” (!!??!!, thought Paul. The FIRST time?) “We all have a few drinks and get naked for the pool and the hot tub. Then we rest and lie in the sun a while, just getting used to being naked together.

Then we go inside and put on some soft music. We dance. First you and I dance and then I dance with…John, let’s call him. We dance a few more times with the music getting more romantic and with me dancing closer to both of you. By now, both you and John are getting hard because I happen to be a great dancer.” Here, she broke off because Paul had poked her in the ribs and she splashed off his lap (and cock) but she regained her position with little difficulty.

“So we all know why we’re there anyway, and I’m getting really hot with two hard cocks staring me in the face (so to speak). So I take each of you by the hand and lead you down the hall. Of course, since my arms are of equal length, you two are bumping naked hips all the way.” She must have been skipping ahead – in her head – because she had to stop talking so she could pump herself to her first orgasm. Paul was used to getting her off three or more times before he came. He waited. He was eager to hear what she really expected him to do.

When she came down she pushed her torso off Paul, where it had landed during her climax. She kissed him and wiggled her hips from side to side to regroup. “When we get to the bedroom, I’ll give you a choice. How would you like to see things go to start with?”

Paul was surprised. She was supposed to be telling him what she wanted to see. Now she was saying he had input on things. He began to take a partial ownership of the fantasy. What he failed to realize was that it was just what Ginny wanted. Then she could remind him it was partially his idea.

“Well, maybe you should lead us to the bed and kneel in front of us. Then you could spend a while sucking our cocks.”

“Okay. So I have the two of you cheek to cheek on the bed and I’ve sucked you both a while. What then?”

“What do you mean, ‘cheek to cheek’?”

“Well, you don’t expect me to crawl back and forth do you? You’d have to be sitting against each other. Maybe it would be better if the two of you just lie back and roll toward each other so I could lie there with both of them at once.” Paul shrugged, but the suggestion is a hair away from him doing something with or to this ‘John’.

“Okay, well then I think I’d like to lick you to get you all juicy for him to fuck. You could keep sucking him us if you wanted, or he could suck your tits while I ate your twat.”

“Mmm…I like that one. But who gets to fuck me first?”

“Well our guest, of course. Unless this ‘John’ is so much bigger than I am it would stretch you out.” She gave him a jab in the ribs.

“Oh, let’s just make him the same size as you for now. We’ll find out how big he is when he shows up.”

“Okay, so after I have you all juicy, you turn over and John gets between your legs. I’ll move up and suck and bite your nipples and let you suck on my cock. But John slides into you and starts pumping. He jostles your entire body and it is transferred to your tits and your head so I can really feel him fucking you.”

“Oh, yeah, and I can hear his hips slapping against mine, and his balls against my ass! This is getting better all the time. Go on.” Ginny had begun to ride him again. Her second orgasm would arrive soon.

“Okay, so he is getting ready to cum. Do you want escort bursa it inside you?”

“Right now, tonight I definitely do!” She was almost shouting as her muscles began to close around him. It was so close!

“Okay he keeps pounding you and pounding you, and I’m starting to get close to climax, too. I tell you and you just suck harder, pushing another fraction of an inch between your lips, telling me you wanted me to cum in your mouth.” Here, Paul had to take a break because he was filling his wife’s pussy with a huge amount of semen. Her climax had arrived and had taken him with it.

Agreeing they were too drained to stay in the pool, Paul and Virginia climbed out and grabbed their towels. They dried as they walked back into the house but their communal story was also taking a break. In the kitchen they got meat from the freezer for dinner the following night and rinsed out their glasses.

Teeth and hair brushed, they resumed the fantasy once they got under the thin cotton sheet. Of course, the story hadn’t stopped running in either of their heads. They were embossing their own deepest desires on the general scenario.

“So John just came in my pussy and you came in my mouth. Do I save your load or swallow it?” Paul felt a jolt at that. He hadn’t thought about it. He always tasted himself when he kissed her after a blow job. So it wasn’t an aversion that gave him pause. This was new.

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Well, I could hold it — or some of it — in my mouth and share it with you. I could share it with John, too, if he would.” Again, Paul’s imagination went into fast forward. The picture of ‘John’ kissing Virginia after Paul had filled her mouth with his scum…it was a hot one!

“Okay, hold some of it and share it with us both. Kiss me first and then him.”

“I like that. It brings us all so much closer together.”

“Well, we’re obviously pretty close already if we’re all naked and making love to you,” Paul stated what was obvious to him.

“Yes, but it isn’t until I share your cream with him that there’s any connection between the two of you. Then it isn’t you two making love to me. It will be the three of us all making love to each other.” Her words struck a silent chord deep inside Paul’s mind. The idea hooked onto the edge of his imagination without him even being aware of it.

“There doesn’t necessarily have to be a connection between us,” Paul said offhandedly. He wanted to get on with the fantasy and he was afraid of examining things too closely where they were obviously leaning.

“Oh, but I think there does, my dear,” she said. She had been snuggling against his hip until then. Now she rose up and straddled him again. She leaned down on her elbows, bringing her face within inches of his. “I think there does have to be a connection, because that’s what I want to see. I want to see my sexy, masculine husband make love to another sexy, masculine man. I don’t like the sissy kind of homosexual any more than you do. But the idea of two straight guys taking a small walk on the wild side makes me so hot I could burst.” She kissed him hard then and he felt his lips forced apart to be invaded by her tongue. She scrubbed his mouth roughly before she pulled away. She had waited long enough. Her voice was quiet in the dim light. Paul listened.

“I know you have thought about it, Paul. You had to because we talked about it. I know you, too. Once you get onto a subject you examine it and dissect it. Tell me what you imagine when you think about having another man in our bed. Tell me, Paul.” Her voice had taken on a hypnotic force. Paul didn’t think twice about admitting his curiosity to her. He did trust her after all.

“Of course I’ve thought about it. And you’ve got my personality down too. I did have to think about it after you mentioned it. You consider my fantasies so I consider yours. If I…”

“Tell me, Paul!” She interrupted him fiercely. She was heating up and she was sliding up and down his freshly erect cock. She wanted to hear him say the words that would drive her over the edge.

“All right. I know I want you to have the pleasure of two cocks at once. If his cock is bigger than mine, I don’t care. If that cock makes you cum harder than I do, I don’t care. As long as that cock gives you pleasure and I’m there to love you at the same time, anything is possible.”

“No, no, no, honey. You’re still hedging. Come on, Paul, tell me what you really want.” She was holding his face in her hands and she was almost glaring into his eyes. He took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh. Ginny felt his capitulation.

“Okay, I have thought about doing things with this ‘John’.” Paul flexed and rolled them over. He centered his cock in her slit before he went on. He knew he was going to give her what she wanted to hear. In his own mind he had finally come to grips with the ideas. If it gave Ginny pleasure, it was all right.

“So I just filled your mouth and he has just filled your pussy. You kiss us both and then I push you to your back. I’ve sucked my own cum from you but I would like to suck another man’s sperm from you.” Ginny groaned and writhed under him, her eyes clamped tightly closed so she could run her own movies. He started to sink his cock into her as he talked.

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