Honeymoon@No Tell Motel

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HONEY MOON – No Tell Motel

“Stop hun. We’re almost there.” Jack told his new wife as he gently pulled her up from where she was laying across the seat with her head in his lap.

Carol was laying naked on the seat as she slowly sucked on his stiff cock. “The motel is just around the next bend.” He told her. “Time to get dressed.”

They had been married just this morning and were finally getting started on their honeymoon. The motel had been recommended by a girl friend of Carols who had been there with her husband. She told her that it was a very unique place and bet that they would really enjoy staying there. She winked at her and said they should be open for some new experiences.

Carol had just turned Twenty two. She was short, 5′ 4′, medium length brunette hair, large tits for her size 34-D, cute firm ass. Kept her pussy shaved. Jack, was 24, six ft., dark crue cut, well built but not muscular. Soft his cock was only three inches but quickly doubled to six when aroused. Stuffing his half hard cock back in his shorts, Jack went in for their key. The desk girl directed him to their unit. Driving around back he went through a gate in a high fence surrounding four double buildings. Two on each side of a medium size swimming pool. Parking in the drive of 2-A, they entered. Just inside was a small kitchenette and living area. Through an archway he saw two king size beds. Grasping hands they raced to the nearest, shedding their few garments on the way and both totally naked flung themselves on it.

“Now your going to be fucked!” Jack lustfully growled to his new bride. “Are you ready for some cock?” As he knelt between her widely spread legs with a stiff prick in hand.

“Ooh yes, yes, yes. Please fuck me.” She cried. “Don’t wait, I need your hard cock. Fuck me, my husband. Fuck me!”

No foreplay needed or wanted by either, his randy cock plunged into Carols eagerly awaiting, wet pussy.

“Yesss, yeass.” She moaned as her body gratefully accepted it’s first fuck.

They had been going together for over a year. Decided to save her virginity until marriage, so had confined their love making to strictly oral sex. Both had become very proficient at eating pussy and sucking cock. They spent many long hours going down on each other.

Carol’s wet pussy clasped Jack’s driving, hard cock tight as she wrapped her legs around his waist eagerly thrusting her ass up to greedy accept his fucking shaft.

“That’s it, give me your cock.” She lustfully cried out. “Fuck meee! Fuck meee!” As she started a series of welcome climaxes.

Jack was so worked up from the wonderful sensation of finally getting his cock in to Carol’s lovely virginal hot pussy that he was having a rough time holding back his climax. With each thrust it seamed as if he was going deeper into her wonderful cunt. Faster and faster he pounded her till with a final hard thrust he shot his load of spunk.

“Ooh, yesss. Great, give me your hot cum baby. Give me it!” Carol called loudly, as she felt him explode into her.

“OK! Hun. Now what I promised.” Jack said as he pulled his dripping prick from her and moved down her quivering body. He gazed at her wide open cunt, watched his white cum as it seeped from her and moved his mouth to lick her freshly fucked pussy. Jack had tasted his own cum many times when they kissed after she sucked him but he had promised he would lick her cum filled cunt after their first fuck. The taste was better with the mix of their fluids, much better. Jack hungrily ate her sloppy pussy, cleaning it of his fresh cum.

After a short nap He slipped on his shorts and went for their bags. As he carried things in another car parked in the next drive. A young couple got out and rushed to open their door. The guy fumbled with the key and dropped it. When he bent for it Jack saw the girl was trying to cover her bare tits with her arms. Too much tit, not enough arms. As he opened the door the girl smiled, lowered her arms exposing her ample titties. Then followed him in.

“We have neighbors.” Jack exclaimed. “They look nice. Maybe we can meet them later.”

“Fuck them!” Carol exclaimed as she spread her legs. “Fuck me.”

Jack again dropped his shorts and joined her on the bed.

“My turn.” She murmured as she lowered her lips to surround the head of his thickening cock

“I can taste myself on you.” She said smiling. “I taste good.” Then continued to suck his rising cock.

Both Carol and Jack were very vocal when making love and this was to be no exception.

“That’s it. Suck my cock you big titted cunt. Suck it as you do so well.” Jack told her.

Carol raised her mouth and asked. “You want to me to share your cum with you? Want me to kiss you with a mouth full?”

“Hell yeass.” He exclaimed. “You know I love the taste. Share with me. Please!”

Carol went back to sucking on her husbands nice hard cock.

“No.” Jack cried, pushing her from his throbbing cock. “I want to fuck you, cum in your cunt and lick you again.” casino siteleri Turning her over and mounting her, he again joined their lustful bodies, cock to cunt.

For the second time that day Jack was balls deep in his wife’s hot snatch. “How’s this cock feel in you? You like it? You want to fuck some more?”

Carol began to climax again. “Yes, ooh yesss. Fuck me more.” She cried. “I love cock. I love fucking. Fuck me!”

“Ready for my load? Want my cum in you? Here’s it cumming.” As once more he filled her pussy with his cum.

“OK, hun. Now you’ve fucked it, time to eat it. Eat my sloppy cunt.”

Jack was happily licking at his brides wet pussy when she asked. “Hun? You love eating your cum from me so much. You ever think of sucking another guys cum from me?”

Jack stopped sucking her. Looking up he asked. “What made you think if that? You want to fuck someone else?”

“No, not really, but the thought just came to me. I’ve never sucked another cock and wondered if they tasted different. I would like to sometime.” She blurted out.

“That’s something to think about That would be kinky but I have a fantasy about you sucking another cock” Jack confessed .

“You do? You never said anything about that. Would you let me?”

“Maybe, someday. If we ever found somebody.”

Their discussion was disturbed with some banging on the wall behind the bed. Some voices were coming through the thin partition.

“FUCK me! Give me your big cock.” A girls cry was heard. “That’s it, shove it to me. I want fucked.”

A male voice replied. “You want cock, here it is. Your big cunt is getting it.”

The sounds of sex came clearly from next door through the thin wall.

The erotic noises of their fuck session continued for almost fifteen minuets. Carol and Jack could hear as the woman yelled out in several orgasms, then a loud groan as the man climaxed.

“Do you think they could hear us?” The female voice asked loudly.

“We did.” Carol yelled. “You sounded good

The voice called back. “We got excited listening to you and thought to return the favor.” “That was great, we both enjoyed it. Why don’t you come over for a beer and meet us?” Jack called back.

“OK. See you in a few.” Was replied by the girl.

Jack quickly donned shorts while Carol slipped on a T-shirt. Opening the door, Jack admitted the young couple from the next unit. They were Marge and Ralph. Over a few beers they chatted. Marge was a big girl, 5′ 8″, short blond hair, large boobs showed under her thin T-shirt, not fat but large nice body, made for fuckin. Ralph stood at least 6′ 3″, shaved bald, very muscular chest and arms, wearing tight swim trunks that outlined his large cock.

They all laughed about the noises both couples had made through the walls and how erotic it was listening to the others having sex.

“Maybe we could cut a hole in the wall and watch the next time.” Jack suggested.

“That would be more fun.” Marge agreed.

“Why bother with that?” Carol asked. “We have two beds, each can couple use one and we can all see much better.”

“I’ll vote for that!” Exclaimed Ralph

“You would, you horny goat.” Marge kidded him. “Your half hard already.” She said as she reached for his stiffening prick

“Ralph’s getting a hard on?” Carol asked. “Can I see it? Show me.”

“Hun, your embarrassing our guests.” Jack told her.

“You can see his if I can see Jack’s.” Marge said to her.

“Go ahead, show her your prick and let me see his. Please?”

“Only if you girls show your tits, that’s only fair.” Ralph said.

Both girls whipped off their shirts. Both were totally bare, exposing four lovely titties and two totally bare, wet, leaking pussies

“Do we have any choice?” Jack asked Ralph. “I will if you will.”

The two men stood in front of the others girls and dropped their garments.

Jack had always been proud of his manhood but was dumfounded at the size of Ralph’s hard protruding cock. He was ten inches long and as big around as a beer can. Noone has a cock that big he thought and no woman could fit it in her cunt.

Carol gasped in astonishment as she slowly reached her hand out to grasp his huge member. Her small hand couldn’t wrap around its girth. She could feel this big cock throbbing with desire. Carol looked at her husband with longing in her eyes. She wanted sex with this monster. “Can I hun? You said maybe I could suck another cock sometime. May I?

“Marge? Can I borrow him? I promise not to hurt him.”

“Hurt him? Shit honey that cock would split you wide open. Bet you’ll never get your mouth around him.” Jack laughed at his wife. “Your welcome to try if you want. OK with you Marge?”

“Only if I can fuck with Jack.” Marge told Carol.

Without another word Carol sunk to her knees and starting licking the huge shaft that she held in both hands. Wondering if she had bitten off more than she could chew. (Pun intended).

Marge took hold of Jack’s slot oyna stiff dick and led him to a bed. Laying back she spread her legs inviting him in to her open pussy. Jack expected her to be loose but was pleasingly surprised to find her cunt as tight as Carols. Slowly his hard cock slid in her hot, wet cavern. Marge pumped her ass up to greet his eager cock as he fucked her.

Carol. Wanting cock moved to the other bed, had Ralph on his back and mounted over him. His cock was slippery with her spit. Astride him she aimed his huge prick to the entrance of her hungry cunt. As the bulbous head spread the lips of her pussy and forced its way in she could feel her self stretch. One inch, two, three. Ooh, nooo more. Had to stop. No, want more!. She strained to take more of him. Another inch, then another. She had to stop. More cock that she had thought possible was inside her. She wanted it all. Had to try for more.

Ralph could feel the strangle hold that her tight cunt had on his monster cock. She squeezed on his hard shaft causing him to cum. As his juices flowed to her he softened a bit and with the extra lubrication allowed her to take more of his prick. Carol now had eight inches of cock in her. A short rest and she began rising up, then down, up and down. She was finally fucking with the biggest cock she had ever thought possible. “Whee, wheee. She shouted with joy. I got it. I fucked it.”

Marge in the meanwhile had turned over, presented her ass to Jack and asked him to fuck her in the ass. “Ralph’s too big for my ass and I always wanted to try it. Fuck my ass.”

Jack licked her ass hole, wetting it with spit and aimed his cock to her. Pressing in it resisted a bit then opened and he slowly sunk into her bowels. Marge flinched then gleefully accepted him in. He had never ass fucked before. She was tight around him but it felt great. Grasping her hips he pulled her to his body as his cock slid deep into her. Reaching under her he fingered her clit as he fucked her ass hole. Marge climaxed several times before Jack sprayed her rectum with his spunk.

Resting for a while after their new adventurous party they decided to explore the grounds and maybe check out the pool. Dressing in as little as passably presentable. The guys in swim trunks and the girls wore thongs under their thin T-shirts. They went out.

The pool was only twenty feet from the rear of the units. About 45 ft long an 25 wide. Four ft deep with lounge chairs and picnic tables scattered around. There were four people, two women and two men near the edge close to them and a couple in each of the far corners. One of the women noticed them and called. “Come on in, water’s great.”

“Can’t, no suits.” Carol called back.”

“Who cares.” The woman yelled back. “We’re naked, get in.”

Marge shrugged, pulled off her shirt and thong and jumped in. The others quickly followed.

Moving close the introductions were made. Sally, her husband James. Ruth, her husband Joe. Sally and Ruth were sisters. James and Joe, brothers.

Kisses and hugs were exchanged as they mingled. Hands were also reaching for cocks and titties and fingers were probing into welcoming pussies. Everyone was getting eagerly acquainted.

Carol found herself being lifted as her legs wrapped around James body and a stiff cock probed at her wide open pussy. She lowered herself allowing him to enter her willing cunt. Marge was similarly being attached to Joe.

Jack joined his hard again cock with Sally’s happy pussy. While Ruth, as she reached her hand to Ralph, discovered his huge pleasure organ.

At the other end of the pool Mary whispered to her husband. “Tom, I think something is going on over there? I’m not sure but I think those people are all naked.”

“So? What’s the big deal? Your tits are showing.” He laughed as he fondled her nice titties with their hard nipples. “You want to get naked too?”

“Just you and I, OK. But their all together. It even looks like their fucking?”

“You want to fuck too? We can go join them if you want.”

“I don’t want to join but would like to watch.”

Mary and Tom slowly moved close to the group that was lustfully enjoying themselves.

From ten feet away it was very obvious that they were all involved in sexual fun. Clustered together the men were fucking one woman while they fondled the tits of another. Carol was happily riding on James, loving the feel of his hard cock imbedded in her pussy. Right by their side Joe was giving Marge the same action.

Suddenly James pulled his cock out and pushed Carol away. A hand grabbed her arm, pulling her as she felt a body move past her. James and Joe had switched them. Carol quickly settled her now empty cunt over Joe’s prick while Marge continued her fuck with James. Damn this was fun.

“I was right.” Mary chuckled. “It’s an orgy.”

Tom pulled his wife’s suit bottom off and pressed his now stiff cock to her bare pussy, impaling her from behind.

“Yesss, do me. That feels so good.” canlı casino siteleri She moaned as her husbands dick entered her from the rear and his hands grasped her sensitive tits.

Mary was just beginning to climax when suddenly she was yanked away from her husbands familiar cock and a different, strange cock took it’s place. She looked at a smiling face as this new cock filled her pussy.

“Hi. I’m Joe. Welcome to our party.” The face said as he fucked her.

Tom was now balls deep into Carol’s snatch. Not sure how this happened but loved the feel of a different cunt wrapped around his stiff cock. Glancing at his wife he realized she was smiling as she accepted what had occurred. “Let her enjoy a new cock while I fuck a new cunt.” He thought as he fucked Carol.

While the bunch was starting their fun in the pool. Ruth, after discovering the large size of Ralph urged him to leave the water and join her on the grass. Laying her back Ralph lowered his face to her spreading love tunnel. Her protruding lips inviting his tongue to pleasure them. Ralph eagerly licked her sweet pussy. Mouth, tongue and teeth worked on her gash and clit, bringing forth several wonderful climaxes.

With her cunt sloppy enough Ralph moved up and aiming his monster to her gapping hole, pushed in. Ruth eagerly took his length, her pussy stretched to accept him. Eight inches easily entered. Hitting bottom Ralph began to fuck her, amazed that she could fit him so fully.

Ruth wrapped her legs around his and bucked up urging to be fucked. “Harder, harder. Fuck me hard. I want your wonderful cock to fuck me.” She cried as she climaxed. “More! Harder!”

Ralph accommodated her by fucking her harder and faster. Punishing her cunt with his devil cock as she begged for more.

The party in the pool was still going strong. Jack was now fuckin Mary, her third cock of the afternoon. And Sally was riding her brother- in -law, Joe. Carol was again fucking with James, while happily, Marge was getting pussy plowed by a very jubilant Tom.

Moans and groans of sexual activity finally stopped as the group finished and left the water to rest for a much needed recovery.

Marge saw her husband Ralph, was just pulling a partly deflated cock from Ruth’s well fucked cunt. She noticed globs of his fresh cum seeping from her sloppy pussy, not willing to waste it she lowered her mouth to Ruth’s wet pussy and licked at the mixed fluids of their recent fuck. Licking and sucking she swallowed their juices. Eating her first pussy.

Carol and Marge told their guys that they were hungry. “Let’s go get some lunch. There’s a dinner in town, We’re starved.”

Regretfully they dressed and found the diner. Sitting at a booth they were waited on by an attractive girl. “I’m Sue. How may I help you?”

“We’re starved.” Carol told her. “We had a very active morning.” Continuing she asked for the special that was on the menu for all.

When Sue returned with their drinks she asked. “Your new here? You staying at the No Tell Motel?”

“The what?” Marge asked.

“We call it the No Tell. No telling what goes on there. I hear it’s fun to stay there.”

“Yea, what kind of fun.” Asked Jack.

“Well, you know. Sex parties. Couples go there to swap. You four swappers?”

“Weren’t yesterday. Are today.” Marge told her. “You been there?”

“No, would like to. My girl friend and her hubby go once in a while. She says it’s a lot of fun.”

“You could visit with us if you like to try some things.” Carol told her.

“Let me think about it.” Sue said as she went for their food.

Finishing lunch, they left her a large tip. Before going out Carol whispered to her. “Cum on out later. We’re in unit 2-A and B. Promise you’ll enjoy.”

Back at the motel they found the others sitting around a table playing cards. A new couple was sitting with them also naked. They were Sharon and Rich, looked to be in their late fifties. Sharon was gray haired, slim, medium boobs with little droop, large areolas and long pointed nipples. He was partly bald, grey, small mustache.

They were traveling on vacation and had stopped here for a short rest. Had been pleasantly surprised when they noticed our group was naked and lustfully watched the orgy. They had been nudists and swingers for many years. Had come over and asked if we minded their participation in our parties. They had already both fucked with Sally and Joe and were ready for more. “Hello.” Was said as they stripped and joined the group.

“Our group keeps getting bigger.” Carol said. “There is now six couples and we invited a girl from town to come out.”

“Just wait till later. Some other friends will be here.” Sally told them.

“Wow.” Exclaimed Carol. “This morning I was a virgin. Now I’ve been royally fucked by five different lovely cocks. What a wonderful honeymoon this is.”

As they were chatting two new cars came in and parked across from them. Two couples went into one unit and another entered the next. The two together were more noticeable. They were black. The other nobody knew.

“Good. That’s Jean and Joan and their husbands Ray and Robert. Now we can really have some fuckin fun. Those two men are hung and love to fuck.”

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