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Hatsune Miku

I arrived home in the early hours, the start of my well earned three week pass from the army. I was a day early and my parents were away for the weekend at our holiday cottage in South Wales. I was knackered and went straight to my room and crashed out.

Next morning I was up and in the shower for 08.00 hours, by 08.20 hours I had a towel round my waist and another round my neck as I made my way down to the kitchen. I was near the bottom of the stairs when I heard what sounded like a women making noises like ooh oooh ahaah ooh hoh hoh.

I stopped by the kitchen door, thinking to myself mum and dad are having a bit over the kitchen sink. Well I’ve been in the forces for four years, and nothing shocks me anymore, and I’ve always been one for a laugh, so I decided to just go in and say good-morning, just to see their faces.

So picture the scene, dad with his trousers around his knees with his prick going ten to the dozen in and out of a semi naked next door neighbour, who is lying on her back, on the table, with her legs over dad’s shoulders. Now this woman is thirty-four, ten years older than I am, she is very attractive having won many a beauty titles, before she married Gary, who works in Saudi for eight months of the year. Dad is going like an express train he’s prick is like a piston casino oyna going all the way in then all the way out and then pounds it back in, to a choirs of ooh hohs and aah’s.

I’m stood there think you lucky old fucker you, as my own prick lifted the front of the towel up as it came to an erection, and stood out like a flag pole. It was Carol that spotted me standing there. Ho, shit she said, staring at me. Dad head spun round, and then his body, as he whipped his prick out of Carol’s wet and open cunt. Dad just stood there not saying a word, why Carol tried and tried to sit up, but her ass was too close to the edge of the table.

Dad’s prick had gone limp very quickly, I weighed the situation up very quickly, here was a very beautiful woman who was in the middle of an early morning hard fuck, who hadn’t been full filled. My dad’s prick was limp, but I on the other hand hadn’t had a fuck in two months.

Hi, dad I said as I moved toward him and shook his hand, need any help, as I pushed him from between Carol’s knees. Dad didn’t say anything he just looked down at my prick which was now free of the towel and I think he new I meant business, I was ready for action. Hi, Carol, nice pair of jugs, I said as I lifted her legs up in the air, and without any guidance at all my slot oyna prick found its target and buried itself deep into Carols velvet fuck hole, to a choirs of ooh’s and ho’s. I was taking in the sights, as I thrust my prick deep inside Carol, it looked as if it had been captured by a dense black forest, and as I withdrew it brought with it a wall of dark pink glistening flesh that parted the thick forest.

I wasn’t going to rush at it like dad, I had know intention of cummin just yet, their were to many new toys to play with. I’m not going to make out that my prick was bigger or thicker than dad’s because I’m a younger version of my him, we are the same size and build in every way, our methods are different. I placed Carols legs over my shoulders leaving my hands free to fondle her lovely pert tits, her nips were like two cork stoppers, I rolled them between my finger and thumbs gently at first then with a little bit of pressure. That was it, she started bucking her ass and arching her back, she was trying to meet my thrust with hers, her right hand had found its way to her clit, she was giving it a good seeing to, her finger was a blur, I pounded my prick into her velvet passage as hard as I could, she was making so much noise, it was putting me of from cummin.

I looked round to my canlı casino siteleri dad for some advice on how to shut her up, he was one step a head of me, he had his prick in his hand and quickly positioned himself by her head, with one movement he had turned her head and rammed his now erect prick, deep into her mouth, Carol gagged at first then she swallowed all dad’s prick and sucked him deep and long. It wasn’t long before that experienced mouth had dad eyes’ rolling, as he shot his load in the back of her throat, she sucked him dry.

Watching Carol expertly sucked dad dry, was enough to take me to the brink. I increase the speed of my thrust, as I pound my way to a very beautiful climax, urged on by the fact that Carol was cummin again she thrust her cunt hard into my prick, meeting my thrust, harder and harder, we both came together as I emptied my love sacks deep inside her velvet love passage.

I let her feet fall towards the floor, but not quite reaching, as I leaned over and kissed those pert tits taking her nips into my mouth one by one. She cradled my head into her breasts.

Where’s mum, dad? I asked! Oh fuck he said, she’ll need picking up from the shops, she cooking you something special for dinner, as he pulled his trouser up. He helped me sit Carol up on the table, then kisses her, and rushed out the door. I’m going to enjoy my leave, I’m going to fuck you every fuckin chance I get, and every position I can think of for the next three weeks, I told her. Her only response was to gently squeeze my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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