Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 07

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Before he was “Hollywood Jim” in Los Angeles, he was a geeky kid with a funny nickname in the Connecticut suburbs . And before he had numerous starlets as friends, he had various girlfriends. Here then are the “Adventures of Hollywood Jim-The Early Years”.


The work at the Baldwin’s continued and even though Marina was gone, I had no real regrets. She was a nice girl but I doubt I’d be running off to Moscow on the weekends. So something to take my mind off her was best. We finished work early one day and as I was walking home a cool looking vintage black Chevy pickup was coming toward me, complete with a dangerous sounding engine. I caught the drivers’ eye as he passed by. Just as I realized who it might be, I heard it slow down and slowly come back in reverse.

“I know that guy!” the driver said pointing a finger at me

I peered inside and recognized him.


“Jimmy my boy! Been a long time!” he said with a big smile.

It was Joey Reed. Joey had been an occasional pal when I was a kid but we’d lost track of one another as we got older and my visits to Canaan became less frequent.

“Man, how long has it been?” I asked.

“Too long, man, too long. Are you up here with your parents?”

“Yeah, I’m here for the rest of the summer. Doing some work at the Baldwin’s place.”

“Good gig, pal!”

“What about you?”

“Still at the same house, working for my Dad, that’s how I got the wheels here.” He said with a slap on the door frame.

“How’s he doing?”

“Great, he’s on a project down in Boston and I got the house to myself.” He said with a comical flutter of his eyebrows, meaning something was up.

Joey and his Dad, a successful electrical contractor, shared a restored lakefront house that had a wide expanse of land in addition to the lake frontage and a fancy speedboat.

“You heading home?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“Come on, let’s ride around I gotta do a beer run for tonight.”

I climbed in and we took off down the road. It was rare when I could enjoy a beer or two and with the drinking age still being 18, there’d be some fun. After we stocked up with 2 cases of Budweiser we headed for Joey’s house.

“You came along at just the right time.” He said as we drove back

“How so?”

“Gonna have a bash at my place tonight, gets kinda dull seeing the same crowd you know.”

“Jeez, I’m only here once or twice a year I’m not gonna know anybody there.”

“Well, you never know.” He said with a grin and a shrug.

Joey’s house was down a short dirt and gravel road. The lake house was just as I remembered, with maybe a new coat of paint. As we pulled up to his house, I could hear music playing inside, a couple of people playing volleyball and some down by the lake. Joey and I lugged the beer and other things inside. As I suspected there was nobody there I knew even though Joey introduced me as we went along saying I was “an old friend from way back”. But I liked wandering around his house, as small as it was there was funky charm to it. I remembered his dad having a huge record collection so I was on the floor pouring over it as evening fell and I was feeling loose after a few beers. More people had arrived and I heard Joey talking excitedly to someone.

“Hey Jim!” he called “Someone here you should meet.”

I pulled myself up off the floor and saw he was with a cute pair of ladies.

“I think you know this one” he said.

I looked at her for the longest time, it was a face from long ago.

“Hi, Jim, been a long time hasn’t it?”

“Uh, maybe but I’m not sure I remember…”

“Bonnie.” She said with a big smile.

“You remember Bonnie bursa escort Matthews don’t you?” Joey said.

Wow! Bonnie Matthews. I think I had the biggest crush on her when I was little. She was the cutest girl on the street when we were kids, but I’d completely lost track of her. The last thing I remembered was her moving away to Ohio with her dad and sister when her Mom died suddenly. Now she had athletically short blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a body worthy of a Playboy centerfold. She had on denim cutoffs and a red Nike t-shirt. The other girl I didn’t recognize.

“Bonnie! Wow! How long has it been?”

“Way too long, you look great!” she said as we hugged. “You know who this is?” she said turning to the other girl. She was slightly shorter with longer sandy brown hair, khaki shorts and an Ohio State football shirt.

“I’m afraid not.” I said hesitantly, hoping I wouldn’t regret my lack of recognition.

“This is my little sister Tracy.” Bonnie said.

“Hi, Jim I didn’t think you’d remember me anyway.” Tracy said as we hugged.

“Man, you two look great!”

“Don’t wanna burst your bubble, pal” Joey said “but this one’s mine.” He said as he held Tracy around her waist. We all laughed as they went off to get a beer.

Bonnie and I found a spot on a couch.

“So, how’ve you been, it’s really been too long.” Bonnie said. “I tried writing for awhile, you know.”

“Yes, I remember, I might still have those letters somewhere.”

We were really looking at one another.

“I can’t get over how good you look.” She said.

“Same here.” I replied. “Same here.”

We talked about school, families, all the memories just seemed to gush out of us.

“So, am I gonna meet an angry girlfriend?” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, isn’t there a lucky lady with you?”

“No, not at this time. I’m only up here for the rest of the summer.”

“And there’s no one back home either?” she inquired


“Interesting.” She said with a sneaky smile.

“What about Tracy?”

“She’s been going with Joey for awhile. He’s a good guy.”

“What about you? Am I gonna get my face pounded in by some football jock?”

“No, I’m, uh, all alone.” She said with another sneaky smile.

“Uh-huh.” I now wondered what my next move should be. I mean, I knew what it should be, but should it be my next move?

“Have you seen the lake?” Bonnie said, breaking the uneasy tension.

“No, let’s go outside, it’s getting pretty crowded here.”

Bonnie smiled and took my hand as we went outside into the night air.

It was a perfect night, the stars were all around and the further we walked from the house, the more the country atmosphere overtook the party we’d just stepped away from.

“Remember how we used to swim down at the beach?” Bonnie said as she held my hand.

“Yeah, it was our version of Malibu Beach.” I said with a laugh.

“Oh, remember that summer program they used to have there?”

“Oh, man that was so goofy!”

I should point out that Joey’s house sat in between a field with tall grass and property owned by another landowner. We could see a couple down by the lakeside. I slowly guided Bonnie towards the field of tall grass, she eagerly followed.

“The stars are so beautiful.” Bonnie said looking up.

“Yes, they are.” I said hesitantly.

I suddenly realized how quiet it was the only sound being crickets.

Bonnie was close to me now and we kissed. All the years apart had built up a passion between us that was suddenly being released. We both smiled at one another.

“Oh Jim…” Bonnie said softly.

“My, that felt…great.” I replied.

“Let’s bursa escort bayan make it last.” She said as we kissed again and I felt her tongue touching mine.

As our lips parted, I looked at her face in the moonlight.

“Wow, that felt really nice.”

“You know it.” She replied

We kissed again and I felt her hands on my waist, I did the same and loved the feel of her weathered jeans and how they hugged her ass.

“Oh, Jim…I really want you…” Bonnie said softly in my ear.

“Well, we’re, um, all alone here it seems.”

“Yes, we are.” She said looking around the dark and quiet field. “Let’s go over there a little further.”

Bonnie led me out further into the tall grass and lay down, I joined her. We now passionately began kissing, my hands now freely roamed around her body, and hers roamed mine. Her tits felt so nice and she didn’t resist, I now felt her nipples hardening under her shirt.

“Oh Jim…that feels sooo nice.” She said softly.

I boldly slid my hand under her shirt and she shivered slightly as my hand worked its way up her side before grasping her satin bra-covered breast. She looked at me as I began to caress her. She smiled and nodded, meaning she was okay with what I was doing, which made me feel good. She was breathing rapidly and little sounds of pleasure could be heard from her now. I had her shirt halfway off and she slowly sat up.

“Let me do this.” She said and took her shirt completely off. Her bra was a satiny material and she unhooked it from the back like a pro. And her breasts were truly gorgeous round orbs with small nipples. I could barely speak and she could tell how turned on I was.

“Yeah, guess I’ve been blessed, huh?” she said with a shy smile and looked down.

“They’re beautiful.” I said in a voice just above a whisper.

“Please touch them.” She said as she caressed my hand and softly placed it on her left breast.

It felt wonderfully soft and firm and her nipple began to harden as it slipped through my fingers

“Oh Jim…oh please keep doing that.” She said in a soft voice. I was now breathing heavy as I caressed her beautiful tits. “..please…keep doing that.”

Her hands were now on either side of my shirt and she quickly had it off me. Then we passionately held each other close.

“Jim…will you make love to me?” she whispered.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” I asked looking at her now.

“Oh yes…I’m fine…please…let’s do it.”

“Uh, I have to ask, um, are you…”

“Oh yes…I’m on the pill…don’t worry.” She said as she kissed me “You worry too much, honey.”

Bonnie now placed her hand on my crotch and could immediately feel a rock-hard presence within.

“Um…can I…can I see it?” she said hesitantly as she looked up at me.

“Okay…” I said in the same tone as I unbuckled my cargo shorts and let them drop to the ground. My dick could be seen now and it slowly rose to “full-staff” as if on its own.

Bonnie gasped. “Oh my god…it’s beautiful. Can I…can I touch it?”

I nodded.

Bonnie gently grasped it and her hand slowly slid along its length before she got to the head.

“It’s beautiful.” She said again softly

I couldn’t respond to anything at this moment, we were holding one another and the feel of our bodies against each other was incredible as we kissed again. Bonnie now took the initiative and unsnapped her jean shorts, then slid her panties down. I felt a soft patch of hair as my dick touched her pussy. Bonnie breathed in suddenly as it touched her, then giggled at the feel of it.

“Oh my…that felt good.” she said with a smile.

She reached down and held my dick in her hands escort bursa as it continued growing and we continued kissing.

When our lips finally separated, Bonnie was practically gasping.

“Oh my god Jim…oh my god I want you…”

We lay down in the soft grass and I could see her legs spread wide. Her pussy was a beautiful shade of brown as I got on top of her and my dick slid into her, she felt very tight.

“Oh…oh oh god Jim…” she said as I entered her.

I began to fuck Bonnie now, she was so soft and lovely. And her pussy had wrapped itself around me and was guiding me along. Bonnie and I were kissing as we fucked and her little moans only made this even hotter. I could feel her arms gripping me tight against her.

“Oh yessss…Jim…so good…yes…so good” she said breathlessly

I couldn’t say anything in response but breathe in faster tones. I looked down at her face and even in the moonlight could see the smile I remembered from childhood, we weren’t kids anymore, that’s for sure!

I slowed down my pace, hoping I wouldn’t explode too quickly.

“Let me be on top, Jim.” She said.

I slowly withdrew from her and could see my dick shine with her juices.

“Oh my god, I came on you.” She said with a giggle as she kissed me again and I lay back on the grass. “Feel my pussy.”

I gingerly reached out and my finger felt her soft womanhood, soft and wet. My finger slipped easily inside her and it felt so good.

“Nice.” I said with a smile.

Bonnie crouched down and slid my dick inside her again.

“Ohhhhh my god!” she said with an eroticism I never dreamed of.

Bonnie was eagerly bouncing up and down on my dick.

“Oh yeah! Jim! So good!” she cried out in the night air.

I was getting off and watching her gorgeous tits bounce at the same time.

“Bonnie…gonna cum…Bonnie…” I quickly said as I felt myself explode inside her.

Bonnie collapsed onto my chest and we were both breathing heavily now.

“I felt you.” She whispered with a childlike innocence before softly kissing me.

“I did too… this was beautiful.” I replied.

Bonnie slowly rolled off me and we stared up at the endless blanket of stars

“Can you believe what we just did?” she said.

“It was wild.”

“Wild? That’s all you can say?” she said as she propped herself up on her elbow.

We now stared at one another in the moonlight.

“You know I’ve had the biggest crush on you, ever since we were kids.” She continued.

I smiled.

“You were my first girlfriend, so I guess we lived out a dream, huh?” I finally said.

“You bet!” she said as she kissed me again “We should do this again. Hey! Maybe we should try it in a bed next time!”

We laughed at how naughty we’d just been.

“Let’s go back to the party.” Bonnie said.

We dressed and quietly walked back to Joey’s house, holding hands. Most of the partygoers had left. A few were sitting on the back porch finishing off whatever beer was left, smoking what seemed like a joint and listening to Beatles records.

“I wonder where Joey went?” I asked one of them.

“I think he’s down by the lake, he had some girl with him.”

Bonnie and I looked one another, she covered her mouth, knowing what her sister might be up to.

“Thanks, pal.” I said.

“Let me give you a ride home.” Bonnie quickly said with a snicker as she guided me to her VW Beetle and drove me home.

Once we arrived at my place, she turned to give me a good night kiss.

“It was so good to see you again, Jim.”

“You too.”

“I’ll be here for another week, let’s meet again, at my place this time.”

“Yes, I’ll be there.”

Bonnie gave me her address and then drove off. The quiet night air felt just as good as her touch. And the stars above looked just as beautiful as she did.

I smiled to myself and went inside.

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