Hole in One Pt. 03

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The man was on top of her, his fat cock was sliding in and out of her wet pussy. She couldn’t move a muscle as she had one penis shoved into her mouth and the man’s weight on her waist pressed her down. She tried to raise her arms, but they seemed to be pinned under the fucking man’s knees. At first, all she could see was the tangle of pubic hair and the slick spit covered penis as he pulled back. She tried to remember how she got here, where she was. Did she go to the bar perhaps meeting some men, maybe in the elevator? Whoever was pounding his cock into her pussy wasn’t being gentle, in fact, he seemed angry as he slammed against her with every thrust. She finally was able to look up at the leering face of Earl who pulled way back, leaving just the bulbous head captured by her lips.

“That’s it, bitch. You like that, don’t you. Oh yes, God! You really know how to use that mouth for better things than talking.” The older man sneered. He climbed off her chest and knelt next to her.

Just before Shannon’s head was roughly turned so Earl could continue to fuck her mouth, she saw Mike grinning at her. She flinched when her roughly slapped her tits. She opened her mouth and felt the fat fleshy rod slide in. “Why did I let these assholes in my room? Did they break in? Did I want this?” She wondered.

“Dad, Look! I’m getting a hole-in-one.” He pulled completely out and with his cock half a foot away, drove forward, burying himself fully into that slick cunt. “Why did she say it was so hard to get a hole-in-one? I wonder how far out I can be and still sink it?” He pulled farther back and stabbed his cock into her.

She cried out, her voice muffled by the man’s dick while she heard Earl respond, “That’s great, son, but that’s not the

handicap hole. Quit trying to play from the pink tees and try it in the back tee.” Shannon shuddered, realizing what the men were saying. She couldn’t stop wondering how they got in and why they were doing this to her. She tried to cry out for help, but the hot hunk of meat kept shoving farther and farther down her throat. She suddenly realized she wasn’t choking even with that penis all the way down her throat and she could still breathe.

“Go on, son, go for it.” She heard Earl order. “I’m close to finishing here and if you can ace the backside, I’ll let her clean you off. She’s a fucking incredible cocksucker.” She felt her legs being shoved up to her chest as fingers scooped her leaking cum from her twat and drove the fluids deep into her ass. She tried to struggle, but it was if she were tied down. She tasted the bitter, salty cum leaking from Earl’s cock and knew she’d soon have to swallow or choke. She screamed when she felt the boy’s cock spilt her ass open, laughter filling the room.

She woke drenched in sweat, still hearing the boy’s laughter at getting another hole-in-one. She yanked her hand away from her twat and turned on the light. She pulled down the covers and saw no creamy fluids leaking out of her and flopped back. ‘Holy Mother of God! That was the most realistic nightmare I’ve ever had.’ She looked at the clock, 2:22, and groaned. Her head was killing her so she rolled out of bed and grabbed aspirin and B-complex. As she sat on the bed, she realized she’d had on her long tee-shirt and panties when she went to bed. She looked around and saw them at the foot of the bed, the tee-shirt torn open…her panties on the floor.

Shannon picked up the phone. She waited as it rang and was about to hang up when she heard Dan answer, “Hi sweetie. I’m sorry to wake you. I just had a nightmare and needed to talk to someone, bad dream…Yeah, maybe not. I really miss you…I know.” She told him about the last couple of nights, letting George see her, then the hot tub with seven naked men. Then she told him about the match the other day with Earl and Mike and then the nightmare. “I know, thanks sweetie. I feel better now, but that was so real…perhaps, yes, ok, I’m sure that’s why…Yes, all seven, but I couldn’t see anything because of the jets…Yes, I thought of that, I did. God, I really was thinking about it, so I got out…yes, totally naked…yes, anyhow, I got out and headed up to my room… yes, alone. Really? You would have been fine with that? Ok, I get it…yeah, I know.” She shook her head, “You’d have a heart attack trying to satisfy all seven naked women…That’s true, is that what you’d want on your grave stone?” She laughed, “God, I love you…No, I’m fine. I just need to get back to sleep.” She looked at the clock, “Yeah two hours. Oh, I meant to ask. How was the wedding?”

Shannon lay back listening to her husband tell her about the highlights and soon found herself totally relaxed, “Ok, sweetie, I love you too. Bye.” She dropped the phone and fell right to sleep.


“Feeling better?” George asked, “I think, perhaps we should start drinking less.” He rubbed his temples, “I’m sure feeling the effects of the wine.”

Shannon nodded, “Yeah. It was a bursa escort rough night, but I feel so much better. Let’s get some coffee and see how these guys are.” She stopped, “By the way, are is Mike Earl’s son?”

George thought about it and shook his head, “You know, I haven’t a clue. They sure never called each other dad or son and they don’t look alike. Why do you ask…hang on.” He grabbed the folder for the tourney and flipped through the pages, “Yeah, you might be right. Earl Müller and Michael Müller.” He looked at Shannon, “How did you guess that?”

Shannon rubbed her head, “I don’t know, maybe their familiarity with each other, anyhow…today. Let’s just focus on today. Crap, my head hurts.”

As they drove to the 3rd tee, Shannon looked at George, “I feel like such a slut. Taking my suit off last night.” She looked at him “Please stop me if I try to do that again. That and perhaps limit me to 12 glasses of wine?”

He laughed, “Sorry, not a chance. I loved it.” He looked at the girl, “When someone with a body like your wants to show it off, very few men would deny you, and you sure loosened up after that last bottle.” He looked around, “In fact, I’ll bet you got as excited as we all were.”

Shannon nodded, “Ok, I might have had to reduce stress when I got in bed…” She blushed furiously, “Christ, I’ve never said anything like that to anyone before.”

“I’m shocked. Yeah, or not. You and all other women I know have to rub one out periodically. Otherwise you’ll explode.” He looked ahead, “Ok, so we’re playing those guys.” He pointed ahead.

“You know them?” Shannon asked.

“Yeah. Played them last year. Great guys, but they sure loved flirting with the beer girl.” He waved, “Though, she had this crop top and kept bending over…never mind.”

Shannon was greeted warmly by both men, Don and Fitz, short for Fitzsimmons apparently. Both eyed her appreciatively looking like they’d prefer to hug rather than shake hands.

After 6 holes, George pulled Shannon aside, “Christ, we suck. We’re down three and we’re making no shots.” He hesitated, “I hate to ask this, but could you maybe distract them the rest of the way?”

“Like what? I’m not flashing them.” Shannon said quietly. Seeing George shake his head and look down at her skirt she shook her head, “No way…I can’t do that.”

“There’s a bathroom by the next tee, suppose you had to pee and…”

“Guys, hang on. I need to get rid of the coffee I had earlier,” Shannon said as she climbed up to the bathrooms. As she approached the doors, she turned, “If you want to hit, go on, I’ll just be a minute.

They heard the toilet flush and then a minute or so later, they all watched the beautiful girl walk down clutching something in her fist.

As she got to the cart, she placed her panties in George’s hand, “Ok, this is going really low. I hope you’re happy, and this better work.” She climbed into the cart aware her skirt was way too short for modesty.

She bent over and stuck her tee in the ground and heard a soft gasp behind her. She stood over the ball, fully aware of the soft ocean wind tickling her pussy and had to try really hard to focus. She ended up hitting a decent shot down the fairway, just inside George’s tee.

Lining up putts was tough. First of all, she didn’t want to flash the opponents, but she was also aware of other teams on the adjacent tees glancing over. To compound the issue, she felt the breeze tickling her pubes plus periodically wafting her skirt up, but also the excitement was causing her to get a bit wet. She knew she’d have trouble concentrating feeling the cooling effect of her moist pussy as she addressed the ball, lined up puts, in general, just moved around. So, the wetter she got, the constant sensations got her wetter and a bit more excited. However, she now was playing without over-thinking it and making shot after shot. She just wished her skirt were not so unbelievably short.

The rest of the round, she saw that the two men were always opposite the hole from where her ball was. She knew squatting down she was totally exposed and had to keep her knees together. Then, when she bent over her ball, they positioned themselves behind her. As they approached their final hole, the 2nd, Don walked up beside her.

“I know what you did.” Seeing the girl look innocently at him, “Come on, you can admit it, it worked. You’re now up by 3 when, before this happened,” He glanced at his scorecard, “we were up by 3.”

Shannon blushed, “Oh shit. I was hoping you didn’t notice. When I went to pee, my panties got wet from the violent flush and I somehow didn’t think that would be very sanitary, you know pulling them on.” She put her hands over her face, “Tell me you didn’t see anything.”

“No, we didn’t see much. Though we were wondering if you were a natural blonde and we were able to answer that.” He looked at the girl, “Don’t worry about it. We were 0-4 coming in and we just wanted to make a match out of it. It didn’t hurt our play any. bursa escort bayan It was that hole-in-one that did us in. Actually, this was worth it…totally worth it. It’s a round I’ll never forget.” He walked away shaking his head, “First hole-in-one I’ve ever seen.” He laughed at the double entendre.

Stewart tapped the mic, “Ok, It was a great day today. We have C&H still undefeated and two teams with just one loss,” he looked over at George, then Brad and to a table in the corner. “Also,” he said looking at two scorecards, “a first for us. We’ve had two hole-in-ones in the same day…or is it holes-in-one…anyhow, we had two of those today. James’ team aced 12 and George aced 15.” He looked over at the two tables, “Great job guys. You’re buying the drinks.” He grinned looking at all the tables. “Enjoy, well see you all in the morning.

George went over to Stewart, “Hey Stu, Shannon got the hole-in-one on 15, just to give credit where credit is due.”

Stewart tapped on the mic again, “Sorry,” he said waving the scorecard, “George informed me that his teammate, Shannon Williams got the ace.” He put down the card and clapped followed by most of the room. “Ok, so if you could both give Sylvia your credit card number…”

Shannon blushed hearing the laughter and turned to George, “Look, the bet was stupid. Since you made the longest putt, let’s let those cancel each other out.” She whispered.

“No fucking way. We have four more days and I’ll hold you to the same bet when I make one.” He looked at the girl, “Trust me,” he winked, “you’ll really enjoy what I have lined up.” He patted her leg.

Shannon heard the knock at the door and her stomach tightened. She’d been on pins and needles wondering what George was going to make her do. She pulled open the door, wearing the robe from her shower, “Ok, what horrible thing am I going to have to endure?”

“Hello to you too.” George grinned as he stepped past her, “I’ve been doing some research on Teslas. I decided I’d get one for myself, apparently the 100D has the best range.” He looked at the girl thinking perhaps seeing her naked again might not be better, but he instead handed her the bag he’d carried in. “Something for you to wear to dinner tonight.” He walked back to the door, “Strange, isn’t it? I got you something to wear rather than trying to get you naked.”

Shannon watched the door close and tentatively opened the bag. She pulled out the box and groaned, ‘Remote Control Vibrating Panties with Bullet Vibe.’ She found the box had already been opened and as she expected the remote was missing. She held up the four inch black plastic egg and squealed, dropping it as she felt it vibrate. She giggled, knowing George knew exactly what she was doing. She picked up her phone, “Hey George. Are you serious? I can’t wear this…I know, sure, but…but…shit! Ok, but you have to wait until you get me for dinner. That scared the piss out of me. No…no thanks, I’m sure I can insert it without your help.” She hung up, laughing at what she’d gotten herself into.

She put down the phone and pulled off her robe. She read the instructions and pealed open the lube, smeared it all over the black cylinder and opened her legs and slid the shiny plastic object into her vagina. As she pulled on the panties, she was impressed how nice they looked, even with the evil lurking inside. She looked in the mirror and felt her nipples get aching hard thinking what she was in for. She felt the hard plastic right against her clit and shuddered. ‘Oh crap, I’ve never liked direct stimulation right there.’

George headed down to the hotel restaurant and met with the waiter. After handing him the pager and making sure he fully understood, the headed back to the elevator. He knocked on Shannon’s door and grinned seeing how beautiful she looked, “Christ, you look sexier every day.”

Shannon felt the object buried inside her and waited for the man to press the remote, “Well, I guess that’s because Dan pretty much picked out my dresses and I’ve been trying to find the least revealing ones each evening.” She blushed, “I’m afraid by the time Friday comes around, we might get arrested.”

Ed and Richard whistled as the met by the elevator, “Christ, Shannon, can you possible look more beautiful?” Ed asked seeing the flushed girl.

As she opened her mouth to answer, George pressed the button.

“Thanks…kss, Ed, Christ!” She suddenly hunched over before straightening up. She stammered an apology to Ed, “Sorry, sudden cramp.” She glared at George, “I guess I shouldn’t have had the shrimp at lunch.”

George frowned, “Shannon, honey. I hope you’re ok for dinner.” He took her arm and looked at her.

“I’m fine. Fine. It just surprised me.” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Holy Shit! Don’t do that until I sit down.”

“Ok, that’s great. Come on guys, I reserved their best table.”

As they were led to the back, Shannon didn’t notice the knowing look between the waiter and George. She gratefully escort bursa slid into the far side of the booth and when they were seated, she felt her pussy still vibrating from before. Her stomach was in knots awaiting George’s next stimulating shot to her twat.

Ed looked around, “Where’s our waiter? I could use a drink and perhaps some menus.”

George leaned over and handed a black remote to Ed, “Sorry, they gave me this because we are so far in the back, we can just buzz him.”

“Oh, thanks.” Ed said. He pressed down on the remote and as he saw the waiter look his way, he heard Shannon gasp again.

“Ok, ok, I think he sees us.” Shannon moaned as she quickly grabbed Ed’s hand. Feeling incredible relief when he stopped, she apologized, “Sorry, I just don’t think it’s a good idea the hold it down. If sure he got the message. You know the old saying ‘Never piss off those that handle your food.'”

George pulled his hand out of his jacket pocket releasing his remote and greeted the waiter as he came over to the table. “Ah Ramon, we’d like some wine and menus.”

“Ah yes, I would have thought we would have brought those back already. And I’ll get the sommelier.” He turned and snapped his fingers, “Can I get you rolls? Water?” After he came back with the menus, the wine had been ordered, he asked if there was anything else.

“Thanks, Ramon, we’re good. We’ll buzz you when we’re ready to order.” George looked around, “Six and 0. Hopefully we can keep it up.” He looked at the table, “Oh damn, we need bread, Ed, Richard, can you buzz the waiter?”

At least this time Shannon was ready for it and gritter her teeth feeling the intense stimulation of her clit, ‘Holy shit! They could not have designed this any worse.’ She thought as her pussy flooded from the stimulation.

Richard kept pressing the button, “It doesn’t seem to work. Is he out of range?” He wasn’t aware of Shannon’s subtle gasps.

George finally reached in his pocket and pressed his remote and they saw the waiter hurry over.

“Yes, what can I get you?” He asked, looking around.

“Bread, do you have some freshly baked bread?” George asked? He turned to Richard, “Hang on Ramon, let me see that.” He took the remote and pressed the button, “Anything?”

“No, sir, let me see it.” Ramon took the remote and held it down while checking his pager.

Shannon was turning red and leaning forward onto the table and tried not to gasp. She felt a thousand tongues attacking her clit and felt the onset of a huge orgasm. As Ed patted her on the back, she sputtered, I’m fiiiiiine, fine. I swallowed, fuck! I swallowed some water wrong.” She coughed exaggeratedly.

Ramon shook his head. “Hang on sir, I’m sure we have more batteries.” He walked off pressing the button absent-mindedly.

Shannon pressed her face into her arms as she spasmed through wave after wave of pleasure shooting through her. She found herself flicking her thumbs across her aching nipples as the vibrations shot through her vagina and up into her ultra-sensitive nub. Finally, the pulses stopped and she lay there, sweating, panting, feeling spent. She jolted back up when Ramon came back and handed the remote to George.

“I found some fresh batteries and I think it will work now.” He looked around the table, “Are we ready to order?”

Shannon went last having not been able to focus on the menu. “I’ll have the sea bass, thanks.” She handed the menu to the waiter looking for any sign he knew what was going on, but he just took the menu and thanked them and left.

She looked over at George and said, “We seem to be dominating our waiter, perhaps when the food arrives, we can let the him attend to his other tables?”

George, Ed and Richard found many things the waiter had forgotten and were constantly picking it up and buzzing him. Shannon found she had to take her napkin and soak up the fluids seeping out of her slit constantly. Knowing she needed a fresh one, she accidentally spilled her water all over the table and immediately grabbed her napkin the mop it up. She bit her lower lip as Richard immediately grabbed the remote and pressed it. She found herself sitting back, her legs partly open and felt the stimulation flow through her midsection.

George’s thumb was getting sore having to press the real buzzer for the waiter and when they finally paid the check and headed out, she saw George slip what looked like a hundred to Ramon. She was amazed no one caught on as all she could feel were the pleasurable waves still vibrating through her, and everything seemed to be colored red.

Ed and Richard headed the opposite direction as they got off on their floor. When they disappeared into their rooms, Shannon punched George, “Give me that! You fucker, I must have cum four or five times.”

He grabbed her wrist, “It was torture, but fun, right?”

She looked down, “Yes, yes it was fun, but I don’t need any more.”

George pressed the button and Shannon threw her arms around him to hold herself up and pressed against him. He held it down as he wrapped his arms around the squirming blonde. His hands slid down and grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against him…feeling the vibrations against his cock.

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