Hogmanay Teasing Pt. 02

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Amy Anderssen

As Connor thrust his young tongue ever deeper and harder into my mouth, Niall’s hand was slowly working its way up my nylon clad left leg.

He very tenderly, was stroking my inner thigh and then found the gap of my crotchless suspender tights that allowed him to feel bare naked flesh.

“Oh what’s this then?” he quipped as his hand now met my skin. I trembled slightly with anticipation and also with sheer wanton lust.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moaned. “Go on, go on, get my cunt felt up.”

“Oh you say the dirtiest things!” young Connor offered as he disengaged his tongue from my mouth.

Saliva was dripping from my lips as I almost fucking begged these young lads to feel me up.

As Niall slowly worked his way up to my hot steaming snatch, Connor took the opportunity of lifting my dress up even higher, to expose more of me to my lusty young stallions.

“Just fucking pull it right up!” I screamed.

With my black dress now crumpled around my waist I was bare, save for my slutty suspender tights, and completely on display from my waist down to my sons two best friends.

I parted my legs even wider, spiking my heels into the hall carpet to steady myself for the oncoming onslaught on my frothing married cunny.

“Oh your legs look fucking great in those,” Niall said as he leered at my splayed legs and slutty heels.

Connor had now joined in with some lovely fondling of the white, smooth bare flesh that was readily and cheaply on offer to them.

“Fucking hell Anna, your fanny is dripping!” They both exclaimed together almost telepathically, as a few drops of my pussy juice dribbled and landed in delicious splodges onto their encroaching hands.

“I’m fucking so close to cumming already!” I panted.

Niall was the first to make contact with my gash.

He ignored my clit and went straight in, and straight for my gaping fuck tube.

Two fingers roughly and instantly slopped their way up inside me.

I sighed, moaned and had to bite my lip as he was immediately joined by two of Connors fingers.

“Oh fuck me,” I gasped again.” Go on finger me…please..oh that’s it. Yes, yes fuck it, fuck it!”

I was imploring them by this stage, my wet hole an oozing cavern by this point. I was spread, splayed and now rammed with four fingers.

Four fingers belonging to my own sons best friends.

I had seen these lads grow up from the ages of 8, had attended birthday parties, Christmas events, even visited Connor when he was in hospital once.

I had shared drinks with their parents and grandparents.

Now I was standing, leaning against a wall like a cheap hooker, legs spread wide akimbo for them to fondle and pleasure me like a common street whore and tart.

“Please, please faster, faster,” I urged.” Can one of you just play with my clit, just a little,” I panted and spluttered in between my ecstatic moans and groans.

“Of course,” Niall replied and he began to lovingly use his thumb on me, still sloshing and ramming his young fingers up my creaming slut tube as he did so.

Connor then took his chance to plant another wet kiss on me, I eagerly responded,saliva and spit

mashing bursa escort our lips and tongues together. Niall then replaced his friends mouth and I opened my married wife’s mouth to wantonly accept my sons friends wriggling tongue in yet again.

His thumb was now kneading and pushing hard against my rock solid clitoris.

“I’m fucking gonna cum. Oh fuck yes!” I blurted as best I could in between deep French kisses with them both.

“Oh fucking hell, you bastards… yes!” I finally exclaimed as my first spasm engulfed me, my flood barriers opened and the first jets of my cunt juiced squirted out.

“Oh holy shit you’re a squirter too!” Niall complimented me.

“Fuck yes! I’ve only seen this on the net,” Connor replied to his best fiend.

Their fingers kept up their steady rhythm of sloppy cunt fucking as I bucked violently against their young hands.

Grinding myself harder onto them as my fanny batter leaked and sprayed forth.

My legs began trembling as my orgasms violently crashed through me.

I was now biting my lip hard in the final throws of my climax and the two boys were clearly enjoying the view and their efforts.

“Go on cum, cum all over us Anna,” Niall urged me on.

I looked at them both, we all exchanged smiles as my climax subsided, sweat running down all three of our faces and the hall carpet now bearing the stains and small puddles from my torrent of pussy froth.

The two lads slowly eased their sticky fingers from my cunt, with a slosh and a plop.

“Oh that was amazing,” I said breaking the immediate silence.

“Too fucking right it was,” Connor said, then he burst out with a nervous laugh.

“Come here you hunk” I said to Niall and we enjoyed a deep, passionate kiss again.

“My hands are all sticky!” I could hear Connor saying. Talking as though he was relating it to someone else who hadn’t seen the events of the last few minutes.

I looked at him and slowly took his wrist then guided his hand up to my mouth.

I poked out my tongue and ran it over the length of his fingers, slurping and licking the sweet, musky fanny juice as I did so.

Niall quickly offered me his and I repeated the sordid same.

I love the taste of my cunt juice. Normally slobbering on a wet prick that has been balls deep up me and coated with my slime is one of my favourite acts of sex.

Once I had completely cleaned their fingers and hands of my sticky goo, I got to work on having a good old feel of their throbbing cocks through their trousers.

It was at this point that Niall’s phone rang.

“Oh shit it’s Ryan,” he said with a deep intake of breath.

“You’d better answer it,” I said as I continued still rubbing his hard, pulsating cock through his tight suit trousers.

Whilst he continued pressing the button to answer the call from my own son I was sliding the zipper on his trousers down and unbuckling his belt.

He gave me a wry smile, somewhat startled and surprised at the events unfolding.

“Hiya mate,” he quickly said to my son on the end of the line.

“Oh aye we are just waiting for the taxi mate, we had to clean up a bit first, your bursa escort bayan mum didnae’ want the place a cowp for when you all got back later. Nah she’s in the kitchen, wanna speak to her?” He was obviously being quizzed on my whereabouts as well.

It’s a good job it wasn’t a face-time call, as at that point I had his best friends trousers around his ankles and was lowering his boxers down to unleash a throbbing hard and purple headed coloured cock.

Connor had taken matters into his own hands and had somewhat confidently undone his own suit trousers, and was joining his friend in being relieved of his boxers.

“I can get her if you want mate?”

I flashed a naughty smile at Niall.

“Okay wait a mo’ mate. Anna, Anna Ryan wants a quick word,” he was mock shouting at me in the kitchen.

In fact by that point I had my right hand wrapped around his cock shaft and was getting my first feel of his long and throbbing, young man gristle.

Connor had by this point unleashed his prick too and was slowly and gently tugging it inches from my nylon clad thigh.

Niall put the phone to my ear, which meant I still had both hands free. A deliberate ploy on his behalf!

“Hiya son, what’s up?” I asked as my left hand now found its way to Connors rigid cock as well.

“Aye we should only be another ten or fifteen minutes. The taxi firm said they had a bit of a rush. No I don’t think I will have time to stop off at the shops for you! I have some here I can bring if you want??”

He was asking for some diet cola to be taken as he had forgotten to take it.

At the same time as I idly chatted with my loving son,I had his two best friends cocks in my hands, slowly wanking them off.

Niall’s was the longest and I was slowly masturbating him as I tried to get into a steady rhythm with Connor as well.

“Yes I won’t forget. You wanna speak to Niall again?” I hurriedly asked, as I could feel both the young lads pricks growing and Connor was definitely tensing up a little bit as well.

As soon as Niall began speaking I dropped to my knees quickly and began to lick both cock lengths alternately.

Connor was muffling sighs and moans as I then took his cock into my mouth for the first time, continuing to wank away on Niall vigorously as I did so.

I smiled up at Connor with his hard young cock nudged into the side if my mouth, pouched like a hamster eating it’s lunch.

This sent him over the edge I think, because as I resumed a gentle suck and stroke motion on his rampant tool. The first jets of his young, salty spunk shot into my mouth. I wanted desperately to fuck them, but knew there wasn’t time and that would have to be a treat that we saved for another time.

Connor then shot a couple of more thick jets of his jizz into the back of my throat, his face a contorted delight as he did so. He was biting hard on his fingers to stop himself making any sound as he drained his young balls down his best friends mums throat, whilst Niall continued chatting on the phone!

“Aye we will all be coming soon.” Niall said rather cheekily, as Connors last splashes of spunk filled my mouth.

I looked up at escort bursa him as he continued chatting and Connor was finishing off his cum spurting session.

I swallowed every drop of his young jism before moving on to Niall’s erect monster of a cock.

I gently began to lick the full length of his young prick back and forth. It twitched deliciously as I ran my tongue up and down his engorged shaft.

“Okay gotta go mate. See you in a few minutes.” Niall hung up on his friend.

“Oh fuck that’s good!” he said looking down at me.

“Glad you like it!” I replied plopping his cock out of my mouth.

“Connor seemed to eh?” I said.

“He filled my mouth right up, can you do the same?” I teasingly asked.

“Oh I aim to fill more than your mouth,” he confidently said.

“Oh do you now. Well that may have to wait!” I responded, then I really got to work on his fucking delicious manhood.

I slobbered all over his cock length, my salty, spunky breath evident in the air.

Once I had it lovely and wet I began wanking him hard into my mouth.

“Go on give me it!” I literally begged. “Give me your fucking cum. Go on add some more to my mouth. You know you want too. Fucking cum for me Niall!”

The language and the hard wanking soon had the desired effect. His cock shot out a mighty blast of spunk, the first jet slightly hitting my red lips.

I then took him fully into my mouth to finish milking my sons friend’s cock dry.

I bobbed my head back and forth as spurt and jet after jet flooded my married slut mouth.

“Oh Jesus,” he gasped as I sucked hard on his spurting rod.

His jets eased off and with a lick of my lips I had swallowed his entire load.

“Mmmmm that was delicious,” I said further licking my lips to enjoy the remnants of his seed.

Both Connor and Niall now looked dazed and shocked.

“Don’t worry!” I said. “This is our secret. I hope we can repeat it again? “I asked inquisitively.

“Oh I hope so” Niall quickly replied looking to his friend for encouragement.

I stood up, straightened my dress up and went to the bathroom to re-apply make up and generally freshen myself up.

Meantime both the lads replaced their flaccid cocks, buckled and zipped up their trousers.

Once we were all decent we rang for the taxi, which we knew would only be a few minutes in turning up.

We used this time to chat about what had happened, had a couple of more gentle snogs,(me having brushed my teeth first,) and we agreed that we would be meeting as soon as we could to take things further.

I obviously kept up the pretence that Mike would know nothing about this, which certainly put their minds at rest and added a bit of spice to the events for the two of them.

Once we had arrived at the party it was as if nothing had happened or changed.

They were both careful to play it coolly, not avoiding me, but not drawing attention to the fact that something had changed in the way they viewed me.

For my part I teasingly told Mike, Bill and Frank that I had a surprise for them, but that they would have to wait till after the party to find out what.

They all smirked, knowing that I would be telling them some naughty events as a nice New Years Day treat!

Since then I have arranged to meet the two of them at a hotel in the University town they are in.

Can’t wait!!

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