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The windshield wipers beat a steady staccato as they labored to clear the glass in the driving rain. It was dusk and she gripped the wheel tight as she drove along the slick empty highway, the dim light of dusk, and the long day of driving having taken their toll on her senses.

As she rounded a curve she saw the solitary figure in the distance, standing alone, back pack propped against the steel no post that guarded the narrow shoulder of the road. His arm rose as he saw her approach, thumb out, soliciting a ride and some shelter from the cold and wet.

Her first thought was to speed up, pass him by and get on with her journey. Instead her foot lifted from the accelerator and the car slowed, allowing her to get a good look at him as she passed.

She noted the khaki jacket, blue jeans, the lean body and long hair, but most of all she was drawn to the dark piercing eyes that locked on hers as she passed.

Her heart skipped and her body tensed as she felt the nearness of danger, yet she continued to slow and her grey blue eyes moved to the rear view mirror.

She saw him turn his head, his eyes following her. Her foot moved across, hovering uncertain for a moment, before pressing down on the brake pedal. She saw the red glow of the brake lights illuminate his form, she saw him turn and snatch up the pack sack from the roadside and begin jogging toward her car. The car was still moving, she still had time to change her mind, but her actions seemed to be out of her control.

“What am I doing?” she thought, her mind racing, aware of the dangers of stopping for this young stranger. The car was stopped now and her heart was pounding, her mind racing. “This is crazy,” she thought, “I’m in my forties, probably old enough to be his mother, yet I’m excited about having him with me!”

She knew she should press the automatic locks and put the car in gear and flee, but instead she turned to smile at him as he opened the door. His heavy pack seemed light in his hands as he tossed it over the seat into the back of the car and then slid his tall frame into the plush leather of the front seat beside her.

For a moment she averted her eyes, her body shuddering as she felt the blast of cold damp air enter the car.

“Thank you” she heard him say in a deep yet almost gentle voice, “I’ve been out there for quite awhile.”

She turned then to look at him, and her eyes widened as she saw his smile and the sparkle in his dark eyes. His long wet hair clung this neck, and trickles of water dripped down onto the tattered khaki jacket. She smiled back as she put the car in gear and started down the road again. He couldn’t be more than nineteen or twenty she thought, her initial fear subsiding.

“How far are you going” he asked.

“To the coast” she replied again turning to smile at him.

As she did, she caught his eyes traveling over her body and immediately felt the redness come to her skin. She was an attractive woman, everyone told her that, yet she was always self conscious about her body. She was still dressed as she had been when she left the meeting at her office just before noon, white blouse, and a dark skirt that clung casino siteleri tightly to the curve of her hips. She knew her skirt had hiked up from being too long in the driver’s seat, exposing the dark upper hem of her stockings. She felt a warmth in her body as he continued to look her up and down, seemingly unafraid of being scolded for being so bold.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” she heard him say in that soft sexy voice.

She stammered something, but was unsure what, as she tried to concentrate on the driving and the road ahead. The gloomy light of dusk had turned to darkness as they sped along, remaining silent for several miles.

She was conscious of his eyes on her, flattered by the obvious attention of this young man, yet apprehensive about him being in the car and perhaps afraid of her own dark thoughts. She was startled when she heard the sound of his seat belt being undone and turned to see him pulling off his wet coat, tossing it into the back with his pack. Even in the dim light, she could see his muscular upper body encased in one very tight t shirt.

My god, he’s gorgeous, she thought, hoping that he wouldn’t catch her checking him out as she drove.

He settled back into the seat, stretching his lean body, then turning slightly so that his knee touched hers. It was as if an electric shock had jolted through her and she gripped the wheel tightly trying not to glance in his direction.

“I usually don’t pick up strangers” she blurted, not knowing why she had said it.

“We don’t have to remain strangers” he replied as he boldly reached out and trailed his fingertips along her leg from the hem of her skirt down to her knee.

She shivered at the touch, knowing she should put an end to this right that instant. She should have lifted his hand away; this was the time to stop him. Instead, all she could think about was his beautiful features and that lean muscular body as she stammered, “What’s your name?”

“David” was the soft reply as his fingertips now caressed her inner leg, just above the knee.

“I’m, I’m Kathy” she said, feeling flushed and wondering where this was going.

Her eyes scanned the road ahead; they had not passed any cars for miles on this dark mountain road. She saw a turnoff on the right and not knowing why just slowed and maneuvered the car off the highway into the tree lined narrow road. She drove for about a mile, until she found a pull off under by a creek, coming to a stop and turning off the engine and lights.

The stillness was deafening, she could almost hear the blood pumping through the veins in her temple. She felt his hand slide higher, caressing the bare flesh of her inner thigh above her stocking top. She heard the sounds of the seat belts being unclasped and felt the pressure of the shoulder strap lift from between her full breasts. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure this wasn’t just a dream, another of her fantasies, yet it was real, and she wanted him so badly.

Then she felt his body against hers, leaning across the seat, his soft lips brushing hers, his fingertips touching the crotch of her silky panties. She felt the heat rise on her face again, knowing slot oyna that his fingertips would have found wetness there, leaving him little doubt of her need.

She leaned back as she felt his tongue gently probing her already yielding mouth. Her fingers slid down the side of the seat, to the electronic seat controls, and she felt its movement as it slid back allowing them more room behind the steering wheel.

There was no fear in her now, only sexual desire flowed through her body as she responded to the touches and caresses of this beautiful young man.

Her lips responded to his, and she sensually drew his tongue into her mouth. Her own hands now caressed him, her fingertips running over the muscles of his shoulders and arms. She moved to his touches, lifting and adjusting her body as he began to remove her clothing. A strong hand cupped one full breast, squeezing it and making her moan with desire.

Her blouse was completely open now, and his lips slid down to caress the top of her breasts above the sheer bra. She felt his fingers unclasp it, then his hand lifting her as he slid the blouse and bra from her body. His lips were on her again, devouring her full bosom, caressing the thick taut nipples. Her fingers found his hair, fingertips stroking it, guiding him from one sensitive nipple to the other. She moaned in pleasure as his teeth lightly nipped the hard tip and then drew it into his mouth.

Her body was on fire now, an inferno of smoldering need. She slipped her hand down over his hip, felt him lift slightly as she moved it between them, finding the hardness of him, squeezing it, gasping slightly as she felt its length and girth. Not only was this man child beautiful, but he was equipped like no one she had been with in her life.

As he continued to suckle her she moaned, “I want your cock!”

He lifted up then, his eyes locking on hers as he deftly undid her skirt and slipped it and her panties down her legs, leaving her naked save for her dark frilly topped stockings. He said nothing, just smiled and let his eyes move up and down her flesh in the dim light, the sound of the rain beating against the car the only noise to invade the beautiful stillness of this moment of anticipation.

He rolled back then, quickly stripping off his t shirt, baring that magnificent muscular upper body. She saw his hands move, heard the sound of his zipper and saw him raise his hips to slide off his jeans. He did not move back to her, but leaned back invitingly and she did not hesitate.

She slid towards him, her fingers finding his swollen manhood, her lips finding his chest and showering it with soft kisses. She caressed each nipple with her lips, feeling him quiver as she did so. She was taking control now, she thought, yet was she really or was he controlling her by his subtle and sensual movements. She did not care, she knew what she wanted.

She kissed slowly downward as her fingers circled the thick shaft, kissing his belly, tracing her tongue into the soft silky pubic hair above his cock. And then she found him with her lips, her mouth opening wide to cover the fat spongy head. She teased it with the tip of her tongue, finding canlı casino siteleri an ooze of stick precum and savoring the sweet taste of it. His cock was so big and so beautiful.

She feathered her lips slowly up and down the hard shaft, wanting to explore every bit of the succulent flesh. Her fingers found his heavy sac, gently rolling the glands as her mouth engulfed him and she slid her lips as far down the shaft as she could. She felt his fingertips stroking her hair as she sucked him, never before having felt the need to please as she did that instant. Her mouth drooled and soft sucking sounds filled the air as she teased this young hard cock with her lips.

She felt his strong hands move down her body, circling her waist and lifting her up. They adjusted their positions as he moved her and then lowered her down, her sopping wet cunt replacing her lips over his shaft. His hips lifted as she sank down on him, the full length of his enormous shaft filling her, making her groan with as twinge of pain that mixed with the extreme pleasure of the moment.

She began to move, riding him, feeling his cock press against her cervix with each beautiful thrust. Her big breasts bounced and jiggled as she fucked him, his strong hands moving to them, capturing them so he could feast upon them with his lips. Never before had she felt so aroused, every nerve ending in her body tingling with each movement. She rode him hard and fast, clenching her muscles around him, then slowing, moving slowly up and down and savoring every inch of his beautiful cock as she did.

They fucked and fucked, her body quivering as waves of pleasure broke over her and she cried out with exclamations of delight.

She felt his urgency then, his face nuzzling her bosom, his strong hands at her waist controlling the rhythm, until she felt him tense and felt his ejaculation flood her as loud grunt of pleasure came from deep in his throat. He moved her slowly, letting her clench him with her cunt, and milk the spurts of thick creamy cum from his loins.

Finally, both of them spent, she collapsed on him, her head on his broad shoulder, holding him and enjoying the sensations, until his cock softened and slipped from her. They lay there for awhile, and he lightly stroked her with his gently touch.

Then, without any words being spoken, she moved from him, finding her clothes and dressing as he did the same. She started the car and maneuvered around, returning to the highway and continuing her journey.

They drove in silence for almost two hours, for nothing needed to be said. They drove until the lights of the small coastal town came into view. It was almost midnight and the rain had stopped when she heard his voice.

“You can drop me here” he said in almost a whisper.

She pulled the car to the curb, turning to look at him, but not knowing what to say. He leaned across and brushed her lips with his and then he was out of the car, opening the back door, extracting his jacket and back pack and then disappearing into the quiet of the night.

She put the car in gear, slowly driving away, a smile on her lips and a single tear of joy rolling down her cheek. Her thoughts turned to her destination and the man who awaited her. Her body was alive as it hadn’t been in years, and the beautiful stranger had awakened her sexual being with this unexpected encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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