His First Male Domination

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To all who have read my previous two submissions and been left disappointed by my not finishing the trilogy, you have my apologies. I thank you all for your feedback. I do intend on writing the final instalment as soon as I can. In the mean time, this particular story I absolutely had to write immediately. It is a true account, and one I will always remember. I hope you enjoy it.


The shrill trilling of my alarm awoke me from a very deep sleep. Turning off the alarm I wondered if perhaps I had dreamt the events of the previous night. I swung my legs out of bed and began to dress. The button fly on my jeans was completely undone and my mind flashed back to the meeting, when he had leant down, his hand reaching between my legs to unbuckle me as I knelt before him. I knew then that last night was no dream. It had happened. More recollections surged to the surface of my consciousness. I continued dressing, feeling myself growing hard as my mind replayed what had happened…

About a month or so ago I had signed up to an online swinging website. In the remote area where I lived, my lusts were going unrequited. On a regular basis I would find myself fantasising about various scenarios. Particularly of being dominant with a woman and being dominated by a woman. Of dominating a man and being dominated by a man. Invariably these fantasies involved great amounts of teasing and edging; a particular kink of mine. I listed myself as bi-curious on my new profile, as I was exactly that. I had very little experience with men, however. A very short time of seeing a trans woman was my only foothold on this particular mountain of sexuality. Even then, that was with limited sexual interaction. She was more than happy to be be my oral slave, and, being acutely aware of how new it all was to me, she never pushed me to do anything. Unfortunately we drifted apart before I could muster the nerve to reciprocate, much to my later chagrin. Such ideas had stayed with me, though. It had become one of my go-to fantasies when I’d lie in bed at night and stroke myself. Without failure it would make me cum faster than other fantasies I had. I wanted a cock to suck.

Back to the swinger’s website. For the last few days I had been in a state of unrelenting horniness. Sex occupied almost my every waking thought. There seemed to be a constant wetness in my boxers where pre-cum had pooled and dribbled down my upper thigh. It came to a head (ho ho) yesterday. Towards late evening I found myself browsing through the list of local users on the website. Usually I searched for women and couples, but this time I selected options to search for men and TS/TV users. Both out of curiosity, and because my cock-sucking fantasy had been rattling around in my head again. I scrolled down the list of search results, which had little exciting to offer. One profile caught my eye, though. His picture showed a slim man of 45 from stomach to mid-thigh wearing a short, tight black dress. The skirt was hiked up to show a pair of silky panties that had been pulled outside to expose his cock. It was a beautiful cock to look at. Not too big, not too small – just right – and hairless. It made my mouth water and I breathed a low, “Fuuuck…” when I saw it. I clicked on his profile and discovered he lived not too far from where I did. There were more pictures of him, too. Him in various sexy outfits and underwear, showing his cock or his bum, often with a buttplug placed deep inside. My cock was twitching, spurred by my imagining my lips wrapped around his shaft. I felt compelled to send him a message. A short one, simply saying that I thought he had a very enticing dick. I didn’t expect a response – the vagaries of initiating contact on a swinger’s website, as I had come to find. I was surprised when, a few minutes later, a notification popped up that I had a new message. It was from him:

“Thank you. Am home alone aswell x.”

For reasons unknown to me the response made my pulse quicken, and once again I felt a stirring in my underwear. However, it also made me a bit apprehensive. I didn’t think I was confident enough to go to someone’s home without having met them somewhere public first – the way I do when meeting anyone from the internet. I typed a message saying as much to him, on impulse adding that I’d be happy to meet him somewhere outside and – with feelings of lust coursing through me with evermore fervency – that I’d like to see him stroke himself in front of me. As I was about to send it, another impulse made me type:

“I might even help you out if you’re a good boy…”

I clicked the send button before I could give myself a chance to reconsider. His reply was swift, albeit disappointing. He had no means of transport, but said there was a place near his we could bursa escort meet. Unfortunately the location wasn’t to my liking. I politely declined, but my libido was kicking in. In my reply I mentioned that I loved how hairless he was in his photos and asked if he was like that right then. His reply was that he could be if I wanted him to be, and that he lived alone. The hour was growing later and I was unsure. I asked him what time he would be awake until, and his response really set my imagination going:

“Am awake till you want me. Will be dressed like this x”

With the message was an address and several photos of him in a woman’s dress and underwear, a mask covering his head, his lips sucking suggestively on a clear dildo. I stared at the photos for a little while, realising with a start that I was stroking myself through my jeans – and that I hadn’t replied. I hastily typed a message asking if he’d wear the mask and lipstick for me, my mind racing around the possible outcomes of the evening. My libido, now in full swing, climbed further when he responded that he would. I then asked if the address was his – it was. I needed to have a think, so I rolled myself a cigarette and went outside to smoke it.

As I sat down in the garden chair, my hand immediately strayed to my cock. I squeezed myself through my jeans, feeling how hard I was, the sensation sending ripples of pleasure through me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the pictures he had sent. How much I wanted to get on my knees and have his cock part my lips. Feel him push his way to the back of my throat, my tongue dancing over the underside of his head. I imagined the slurping sounds I would make. The popping sounds as his cock left my mouth. I wriggled in my seat and my resolution firmed. I decided then how I wanted to do this. It would be on my terms or not at all. I wanted to be in control. Of the situation. Of him. Of his cock. After all, he had seemed to like my calling him a good boy. I finished my cigarette and went back inside.

I sent him a message saying that if we were to meet tonight, there would be no talking on his part except for the responses of, “yes”, “no”, or “maybe” to anything I might ask. That I wanted no greetings or goodbyes. That I wanted him to be wearing a dress with a short hemline. That I wanted him hairless. That I wanted him wearing the mask I had seen in a picture, and to be wearing lipstick. I told him I wouldn’t be having anal sex with him. That I was going to tease him. With my hands, and – again – if he was a good boy, with my mouth. That he should be ready for all of this. I asked him if he agreed. He replied swiftly, almost eagerly, I felt, that he did, and that he would leave the back door of his house ajar. To let myself in and find him in the kitchen. Again my pulse quickened, my cock hardening, and I began imagining exactly what I was going to do to him. I get these moments of sexual clarity. I can be dominant, and I love teasing, and when the clarity arrives, I envisage exactly what I want to do with someone to maximise how turned-on we’ll both be and how much pleasure we’d get out of it. And how much I can leave them wanting more… A plan formed in my mind.

He told what time he’d be ready – shortly, he said – and I gathered up my things for the drive there and the drive back. Chewing gum – a smoker’s pre-coital ally. Tobacco – a smoker’s post-coital pleasure. With that I got into my car, turned the key in the ignition, and slowly drove out of the village I lived in. My heart was beating fast. My mind was running through everything that might happen, everything that I wanted to do. The bulge in my jeans and tingling in my loins spurred me on my lustful journey.

Twenty minutes later I was driving up to his house, following the route I had memorised from Google maps. I recognised the house from the Street View function, even in the dark. I parked my car a little way down the road. Nerves began to creep their way in to my body. I took solace in the fact that they were only happening at this juncture. It would be madness to retreat now that I had come all this way, both mentally and physically. I exited my car and locked the doors. I spat out my chewing gum. I checked the car doors had locked. Then, with a deep breath, I began to walk towards his house. My mind swam with visions of what I wanted to do inside. I knew how I wanted to start, knew how I wanted to end, and whilst I could plan for the middle I couldn’t be certain of how things would unfold. A wave of excitement and lust shot through me and I felt myself growing hard yet again. His garden gate came into view and I quietly let myself through. Lights were shining upstairs in the house, but none downstairs. In the kitchen windows blinds had been drawn down most of the bursa escort bayan way, restricting any view inside. From the gate I saw the back door was slightly open. Once again, a shiver of anticipation ran down my spine and through to my loins. It was now or never.

I walked to the door, resisting the urge to try and peek through the small gap at the bottom of the kitchen blinds. I drew myself up, straightening my posture and opened the door to reveal a darkened hallway, the kitchen doorway to the left. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. Three steps took me to the threshold of the kitchen door. The darkness made things difficult to make out completely, but there was enough ambient light for me to see him standing there, waiting. He was wearing exactly what I had told him to. My breath caught in my throat – this was actually happening!

He seemed almost surprised to see me, although looking back on it now it was probably nerves mixed with excitement. I walked over to him without saying a word. He backed away slightly, leaning against the kitchen counter. I couldn’t make out his face very well in the gloom, but I could hear his heavy breathing and knew he was turned on. This fuelled my courage. Silently, I reached out my hands and laid them on his hips, standing close in front of him. Running my hands up his sides, I ran my fingers over his nipples, enjoying the quiet inhalation of breath from him as I did so. I looked down and I could see the short skirt of his dress barely covered his underwear. I leaned in and kissed his neck, smiling to myself as he breathed a curse word, my hands still caressing his nipples. I slid one hand down his chest and stomach, and down his thigh. Stroking my hand to his inner thigh I gently raked my fingernails up over his skin. As my fingers went higher I felt the bulge of his scrotum press against my hand, protected by the thin fabric of his panties. The first scrotum I had ever touched that belonged to someone else. That simple sensation swamped me. Leaning back, I looked down and grabbed the hemline of his dress, tugging it upwards. His hips shimmied to help and the skirt raised to reveal a small, sheer pair of panties. The head of that beautiful cock I had seen in the photos was peeking out to the side, exposed.

You know that sensation of your stomach dropping with a sudden fall, or surprise? That happened. It happened at the same time as my cock sprang fully to life. I was so incredibly turned on. My hand instinctively moved to his crotch and I placed it over his panties. I could feel the heat emanating from him as I squeezed and stroked, marvelling at the sensation. His own hands began moving to the waistline of his panties, seeking to pull them down. I grabbed his hands with my own and pushed them away, eliciting a little gasp of lust from him. His cock was mine, and I would decide when it should be free. I went back to stroking him through his panties, revelling in the touch, listening closely to his reactions. Twice more his hands sought to release his cock from the confines of his underwear, and twice more I roughly pushed his hands aside, the second time accompanied with a firm vocal admonishment of his actions. He acquiesced as he leaned back on the counter, his breaths deepening.

I looked down again at the head of his cock, now peeking further out from his panties as he grew harder. Lust overtook me. Stepping back a little bit, I leaned down to bring my mouth close to him. It looked so beautiful in the gloom. With the briefest of hesitations, I kissed it. I heard him moan above me. Emboldened, I kissed it again, then flickered my tongue along the exposed length. Another moan. My lust soared and in the heat of the moment I abandoned any plan of drawing out the teasing. I dropped quickly to my knees in front of him, face to face with his bulging panties. Gripping the waistband I pulled them down roughly, and his cock sprang clear, dancing in front of my face. For a moment I stared at it in wonder, at what I was doing, at how inviting it was. Kissing the head again, I looked up at him from my place kneeling on the floor and said, “Yours will be the first cock I’ve ever sucked, you know…” Without waiting for an answer, I leaned in and parted my lips, sliding them over his cock and feeling the length of him fill up my mouth.

The sensation of his cock sliding towards my throat made me incredibly hard. I took him as deep as I could, then moved my mouth back, sucking at his cock and licking my tongue around the underside of his head. A breathy moan with the word, “Fuck,” was torn from him as I took him back down in my mouth. I could feel him getting harder and harder in my mouth, especially when I concentrated on sucking the head, moving my mouth back and forth over him escort bursa in small movements. I sucked hard and swirled my tongue around him, savouring the taste and feel of him. When I felt he was enjoying it a bit too much, I leant back, his cock dropping from my mouth with a satisfying ‘pop’. Despite the darkness I grinned up at him and gave a soft chuckle – one of nerves being released, and one entirely of lust. Taking him in my hands I began stroking him, wondering at how he felt against my skin, feeling him thrust into my hand as he gripped the kitchen counter to steady himself. As I stroked him I lifted his cock upwards against his stomach and leaned in to suck lightly on his balls, moving my hand slowly and firmly up and down his shaft. I could feel him stiffening again, and I began kissing and licking my way up the underside of his cock. When I reached the tip, I eagerly sucked it into my mouth. I placed my hands on his hips and began trying to pull him further and further towards me as I bobbed my head back and forth, sucking and licking as much as I could of him. My eyes kept closing involuntarily, and I had to force them open so that I could look at what I was doing and remember as much detail as possible. I wanted to remember every moment of this so that I could both learn from it and make myself cum incredibly hard at the memory.

His foot moved between my legs, pushing gently against my crotch. I moaned onto his cock and ground my hips against him. He leant down and grappled with my belt buckle and button fly, tearing them open and pushing his hand into my boxers to grip my cock. After a couple of strokes he lifted my cock free. Sliding his own deep into my mouth once more, he pulled back and then got to his knees in front of me. He bent forward and took me in his mouth, sucking the head of my cock with long sweeps of his tongue. I couldn’t help but make little thrusting movements with my hips into his mouth, my breathing deepening, my hand wrapped around his dick and stroking his hardness. I let him continue for a few minutes, revelling in the debauched sensations, and then pushed him up to his feet. Reluctantly he obeyed. Standing up myself, I turned him around to face a high chair that was placed against a wall of his kitchen. Whispering into his ear, I bade him to sit in it. As he moved to the chair I followed behind, leaning around him and stroking him. Turning him around I pushed his hips down to make him sit in the chair. His cock stood proud, glistening with my saliva and his pre-cum in what little light there was. Once again I felt such an overwhelming urge to take him in my mouth. I dropped to my knees…

Suddenly I felt his hands on my head, fingers winding into my hair. With a firm grip he lifted himself from the chair and, standing straight, began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. Slurping sounds filled the air as my tongue danced over him, losing myself in the feeling of being used by another, my mouth being fucked by a gorgeous cock. I wanted it to go on forever. I wasn’t sure how I would react to him cumming in my mouth, but I wanted to find out. I wanted to suck him dry. I wanted him to own my lips and my tongue and my throat. My hands resting on his hips, he carried on face-fucking me while I eagerly lapped at his shaft and sucked him as hard as I could. His breathing quickened and his cock hardened in my mouth. Stroking a hand down to his balls and fondling them, I could feel them getting tight as he thrust between my lips. The sensations of it all were alien, but I was so incredibly turned on by it. His thrusts became more urgent, his cock reaching the back of my throat and almost making me gag. I could feel he was getting close to orgasm. I mentally grinned to myself. Allowing him a few more thrusts, I pushed him back into the chair. With a particularly hard suck, I stood up, his cock ‘pop’ping from my mouth again and making my already hard penis twitch. His hand reached out to stroke me. I looked at his cock in the gloom, at his dressed up body, and then at his face. Reaching out my own hand to stroke his cock, I spoke softly,

“Do you remember I said I was going to tease you?”

He responded with a breathless, “Yes.”

I grinned to myself, then leant down to take him as deep into my mouth as I could, bobbing my head up and down a few times and lapping my tongue hungrily against the head of his cock. As he moaned and arched his back to push further into my mouth I moved away, his cock falling from my mouth. I looked at him again:

“I wasn’t lying.”

Leaning down I gave his cock a swift suck and then, straightening up and buckling my jeans back up, I turned away. I walked out of the kitchen and out of the house without a backward glance. I could only imagine just how turned on and disappointed and hard he was. I was grinning as I got into my car and drove away. The whole encounter had taken no more than 30 minutes. I had sucked my first cock. Dominated my first man. And I had loved it, and I wanted more…

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