Hiker’s Delight

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The uphill was endless, and annoyingly steep. For the thousandth time, I questioned my propensity to sign myself up for extra tough hikes. Especially when going solo. It sounds so glorious when I am at home planning it! “If it’s not hardcore, it’s not worth doing!” Yeah, right. Here I am, legs on fire, lungs on fire…

Finally, I reached the ridge. Catching my breath, I gobbled some water from my hydration pack and enjoyed the amazing view. There’s nothing in the world like the mountains. From here on, I could see a well-defined trail that was all downhill; good news indeed. Not wasting much time, I continued my hike.

I quickly dropped down below the tree line, and the shade was welcome. A warm sunny day is perfect for a casual stroll, but if you’re pushing yourself, you start overheating. I continued through the woods for a while. Since morning, I haven’t met anyone at all, and that was quite OK. On some hikes in this park, I could do a whole day without human interaction.

Following the trail, I eventually arrived to a small clearing. Going fast as I was, I almost blew right past it, but then, to my surprise, I noticed an old, beat-up wooden picnic table with a bench. What was even more surprising was that it was occupied: a young lady was sitting on the table, feet on the bench, enjoying her packed lunch. In itself that wouldn’t be that rare of a sight, if not for two details: she was rather gorgeous, and – it took me a moment to process – she was naked from the waist down.

I stopped, puzzled, and automatically walked over to greet a fellow hiker. She was looking at me, studying but not staring. My presence didn’t perturb her at all, and she continued to gnaw on her rather massive sandwich. bursa escort The girl didn’t seem in any way embarrassed by her partial nakedness. I told myself that it’s only fair to stare given the circumstances; truth to be told, I couldn’t _not_ stare. My eyes were gliding around the gentle curves of her slim, miniature frame. Her dark hair accented her tan face. The eyes – huge, black eyes, studying me, smiling without smiling – were interfering with my ability to think clearly.

It wasn’t quite clear what made her undress – or was she even dressed in the first place, or arrived like this. I couldn’t see any garment, although it could’ve been in her backpack.

– Er… hi there. – I was as eloquent as ever. She nodded – not rudely, just matter-of-factly. – I was, er, just following the trail from behind the ridge. Looking for a lunch spot.

– Have a seat, – she nodded, her words muffled by the sandwich. The bench was rather short, so the only way I could sit down was quite close to her muscular legs. Naked legs. I took off my backpack and lowered myself, being very careful about not touching her as if she was electrified. Forcing myself not to stare awkwardly, I reached into my pack and fished out my lunch. I put it on my lap but my mind was racing aimlessly, and I was struggling to focus on unpacking it. I need to say something, this is awkward. Gotta say something.

– It’s, uh, very nice hiking in this park.

– Um-hmm.

– Not many people out here at all.

– Um-hmm. – I could tell that she wasn’t teasing or dismissing me. She did agree, although she was definitely more focused on the sandwich.

– I gotta say, that’s probably the best thing about this park – apart from bursa escort bayan the mountains, that is.

– Um-hmm. – This one may’ve been a bit more enthusiastic – hard to tell.

The conversation, if you could call it that, stalled. My brain wasn’t functioning.

While I was struggling with a new lead, the girl slowly, gracefully lifted her leg, carried it over my head and softly placed her foot on the table behind my back. She was now wide open, and I was sitting between her legs. I saw – since I was obviously looking – her smooth, shaved, wet pussy. Very wet, in fact. Glistening. Quite possibly, she masturbated for a while, then decided to take a snack break.

At this point, I was a mess. I didn’t know what to say, or what to do, or what not to do. Somehow I felt obligated to break the silence.

– You’re… um. – I vaguely pointed in the general direction of her thighs.

– Um-hmm. – Well, that didn’t go anywhere. Although I didn’t even know what I was hoping for.

Suddenly I noticed that she is looking at me rather intently, hiding behind her never-ending sandwich. Her eyes were teasing me, testing me, smiling to me. Flirting with me. Or maybe I was making it all up?..

I took a deep, deep breath, and suddenly jumped off the deep end.

– May I?..

I cautiously leaned closer to the magnetic spot. In the next half-second of silence, I freaked out, acknowledged defeat, prepared to run away and never again interact with the opposite sex.

– Sure, be my guest. – I looked up in disbelief, only to catch a short inviting motion, pointing downwards, and those incredible laughing eyes. There was no mistake and I wasn’t crazy.

I’d like to say that I slowly escort bursa approached her and admired her beauty, or teased her, or something. But I didn’t. By that moment, I was so intoxicated by her look and smell, that I dove all the way in and planted a big, open, wet kiss on her pussy. I lapped her juices, which were of course delicious. I wrapped my lips around her amazing clit. I stuck my tongue deep in and circled around.

After a little while of this, she put the sandwich down. (I congratulated myself on that small victory.) A bit more, and her thighs relocated to my shoulders. I carried on – not just because I wanted her to come, but just because licking her was pure pleasure. I dared not touch her with my hands – it was just my face against all of her.

I was in heaven, barely managing not to faint. I went all out on her, and eventually I felt her strong hiker thighs squeeze my head. When her hands dug into my hair, I knew she was close. She got all tense and started gently grinding on my face. After a few seconds it was over. I heard a deep sigh and toned down my licking, giving her a bit of post-orgasmic pleasure.

I felt her leg slowly swing over my head – back to where it was. This told me that the _surreal_ part of this encounter was over. I was still too shocked to just go back to my lunch, so I couldn’t think of anything better than retreat. I grabbed my backpack.

– I, uh, will be on my way.

I expected a familiar “um-hmm”, but heard nothing. Looking at her, I realized that she was daydreaming – eyes half-closed, smiling faintly. I quietly stepped away from the table and toward the trail.

– Do you have anything sweet?

– What? I, um, yes, I have this hiking candy, very good, quick carbs… – I started digging in my pockets.

She gave me that special look, reserved for a nice guy that is not very bright. She smiled gently.

– Let me try this again. Can I suck your cock?…

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