Hide and Seek

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I would like to thank Angel_love and Rhea for taking the time to edit this story for me.

It had been a hot and sultry summer afternoon while we worked side-by-side weeding the berry patch but as the sun went down, it finally brought some cooler air with it. To take advantage of the cool night breeze, we quickly stripped down allowing the fresh air to caress our scratched and sunburned skin. Quietly we sank to the grass and watched in awe as the sunset colors faded complete from the rapidly darkening sky and the first stars of the night appeared. Holding hands, we pointed out the different constellations to each other. All around us, the crickets, frogs and grasshoppers began their nightly serenade.

We turned towards one another and shared a tender kiss. Our eyes were wide open, staring at each other. Gently your tongue pushed against my lips and I opened them, eager to allow your tongue to explore my mouth again. Our tongues danced together, touching each other’s teeth, caressing each other’s lips and sliding against our tongues. Suddenly you captured my tongue in your mouth and gently began sucking on it. The sensation was driving me crazy as I moaned into your mouth, my tongue wiggling against you. You slowly released my tongue from your mouth, taking a moment to nibble on my bottom lip before backing away so you could look down into my face as the moonlight plays across it. You could read passion, desire and hunger in my eyes as they gazed up at you with longing.

Flashing me an evil grin, you gently slapped my shoulder as you jumped to your feet. “You’re IT! Hide and seek,” you shouted over your shoulder as you dashed off to hide.

Laughing I scrambled to my feet and walked over to the picnic table where I lowered my head to my arms to cover my eyes as I began counting to 100 by 5’s just like when we were kids.

“5, 10, 15, 20,” I called out before a warm tongue was wiggling up my spinal column making me jump in surprise.

It started in the middle of my back and slowly worked its way up my neck before tickling it’s way down my collarbone and then back up to my ear. I moaned softly as your tongue traced the outside of my ear.

“I thought you were supposed to be hiding,” I stammered as my breath caught in my throat when you slid your tongue inside my ear.

“Oh, I will be soon,” you reassured me as you pressed your hips against my bottom. You bit down on my earlobe before once again nibbling on my neck.

My body shuddered in delight, not only at the promise in your words but at the hot hard thickness of you pushed so tightly against me. There was no mistaking the meaning of your words. I arched my hips back at you, wanting you to feel how ready I was for you. You slid your hand between our bodies and caressed the cheeks of my ass before spanking me hard. Before the pain even had time to register, your caressing hand was back, quickly rubbing it away.

As my hips settled into a rhythm to match that of your stroking hand, you delivered another stinging blow to my ass. My body arched off the picnic table as I gasped out loud. But was it in pleasure or pain or possibly a combination of both? Your body lying against me prevented me from standing straight up but my breasts had risen off the table and the nipples were standing proudly away from my body, tightened into small pink pebbles against the marble-like glow of my pale skin in the moonlight.

I glanced down to watch as your hand slid around my stomach and up to caress my nipples with your callused fingertips. It was such a thrill to watch as your rough hands so tenderly touched my sensitive flesh, making my body quiver with desire as I pressed backwards against you. I could feel you grinning against my neck as you watched and felt my body’s reactions to you.

You slid your hand across my body, leaving one breast and heading for the other. Your hand cupped it from underneath, lifting it as your hand climbed to the peak so it appeared pendik escort as if my breast was rising to worship the moon that was high in the sky above us. Your thumb moved to slip over the engorged nipple.

“Lick it for me,” you whispered as you pushed it closer to my mouth.

I lowered my head until my tongue was close enough to sneak out of my mouth and slip across my hard nipple and your caressing thumb. Your hand pushed my breast up even farther until I was able to close my teeth around my nipple and give it a quick sharp tug before releasing it once more.

One of my hands had reached back to wrap itself around your neck, stroking the bare skin there before sliding up to bury the fingers in your hair. Being in that position only left me open even more for your touch as it pushed my tits out further from my body, drawing your attention. The fingers on my other hand had curled around the wrist of your exploring hand, quietly urging you on.

I could feel your other hand as it was still trapped between our bodies. Slowly you slid it down between my ass cheeks. I arched my back and lay my head on your shoulder as your fingertips brushed against my asshole, moaning low in my throat but still your hand moved on. Your fingertips began to slip in my juices, as you got closer to the opening of my wet pussy. You allowed your fingers to enter me, just to the first knuckle past the fingertips. Teasing me, making me beg.

“Please,” I whimpered as I pushed back against you.

“Please, what?” you whisper in my ear as you pulled your hands away, keeping only the fingertips inside me.

“Give me more,” I begged you. ” I want to feel you inside me, filling me.”

“Not yet,” you replied as you took your fingers out of me.

I was groaning in protest at the loss of the touch. Your hand continued slipping down my slit until you brushed against my clit. I turned my head as it lay on your shoulder and I began nibbling on your neck as you allowed your hand to swing between my legs as if being pushed by a stronger wind than we had. Just barely brushing against my clit before swinging away again.

Even the inconsistent pressure you were applying was quickly driving me over the edge. I could feel my legs begin to tremble, as I grew hotter, wetter, tighter. My entire body started quaking as I replaced your fingers with my own, rubbing my clit fast and holding tight to your neck as I came. You wrapped your arms around my waist and lay me back onto the picnic table as my legs threatened to give out underneath me. I could feel your hands softly rubbing my back from my shoulders to my waist as you waited for the tremors to subside before continuing our little game.

Placing your hands on my shoulders, you helped me to turn over so that I was looking up at you as you guided my legs to the benches on either side of the table. Bending your head, you used your hot tongue to scoop up the juices running out of me, sucking them into your mouth again and again. My hands slid down to rub the top of your head before one moved down even further to cup your jaw in my hand, feeling the muscles clench as your tongue probed deep inside me. Feeling me burning hotter and tighter again, you licked your way up to my clit before standing in front of me.

As you leaned over to kiss me, allowing me to suck my cum off your tongue, I could feel the hot spongy head of your cock nudging against me. I arched my hips off the table, wanting so badly to feel you sliding inside me. So slowly, you allowed your hard cock to enter me, only an inch at a time as I groaned in delight as you sunk deeper.

Reaching down, you pulled my legs up off the benches so that my feet were resting against your chest. Staring down at my face, you pulled my right foot up to your mouth and began kissing it. Sucking my toes into your mouth as you pressed your hips tight against me. My hands were stretching down to you grabbing your hips, wanting so badly to pull maltepe escort you even tighter into me. I could feel you sliding deeper inside me as I watched your tongue playing over my toes, sliding between them.

My hands curled around the edge of the picnic table so I could use the extra leverage to arch my hips up at you. Meeting your every thrust with one just as powerful, driving you deeper and harder against me. Slowly you lay my right foot back against your chest. The gentle breeze felt so chilly on it now that it was wet from being in your mouth, teased with your tongue.

Lightly you trailed your fingers along the top of my left foot before allowing your fingers to slip down to caress the arch. My foot flexed, the toes spreading apart at how delightful it felt to have you touching me like this. As you lifted my foot to your mouth, you began rocking into me harder and faster only to slow down again as your tongue licked the arch of my foot.

I released the edge of the picnic table and slid my hands underneath me so that my fingertips could caress your balls. I could feel my juices that had run out and made your balls so slippery and wet. As you watched I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean before returning them to touching you again. I lay on the table, pushing my hips back at you in the slow rhythm that you had set, licking the taste of myself off my lips.

Slowly you took my hands and placed them above my head, turning them so I grabbed the edge of the table. You were pushing inside me so deep as you leaned over me. Our eyes were just inches apart as you quickly slammed into me hard and fast a few times. A groan of passion was torn from my throat as my back arched off the table, begging you for more.

My eyes closed as you traced my eyebrow with your tongue. I loved the way your tongue felt as it slid over my eyelid, down the side of my nose and across my cheekbones. I moaned in protest as I felt you slip out of my hot pussy, leaving me so close to cumming.

I was trembling in desire as I felt the hot tip of your hard cock pushing against my tight asshole. You had made me so very wet you were able to slide in with ease and my eyes flew open when I felt the head of your cock enter me. Your face was so close to mine, watching the expressions flit across as you pushed even deeper. Moving so slowly, just an inch at a time. I brought one hand up to caress the side of your face as the other slid around your back, pulling you closer to me.

Finally, you were buried as deep inside me as you could possibly go. You just rested there for a moment, staring into my eyes as if to be sure this was truly what I wanted. I gave a little smile as I flexed the muscles in my ass, forcing myself to squeeze you tight. I loved the way your face looked as you felt me tighten around you and heard the small groan that was ripped from your throat.

Using my arm around your back I pulled my upper body up the couple of inches needed so that I could gently kiss your lips. My tongue slipped out to trace an outline against them and my tongue teased the corner of your mouth, just gentle little licks before my tongue pushed between your lips to caress the inside of your mouth. I loved the way it felt when my tongue glided over your teeth hungrily searching out your tongue. As our tongues slid together you began moving your cock in and out of my ass so slowly.

Breaking our kiss I whispered, “I love you, Dan,” before gently lowering myself to the table once more.

I pulled my knees back towards my chest slightly so that my ankles were resting on your shoulders and I could use my feet to caress the sides of your head just above your ears and the back of your head. I twisted my upper body to the left so that the hand on your back could slip lower to pull your ass tighter to me as you pushed in.

“I love you too, Baby,” you responded as you picked up the pace a little, pushing just a little kartal escort faster as you felt my hips arching up to meet your thrusts.

My fingers slipped between your cheeks and gently begin teasing your asshole, never entering it but sliding back and forth over it. Every time I touched you there, your body shivered. Slowly, my hand slid lower so that my fingertips tickled your balls.

My body began trembling as you slid one of your hands between our gently rocking bodies to touch my clit. A low moan escaped my mouth as my back arched off the table once more and my eyes drifted shut. I wanted only to feel the incredible sensations you were causing in my body but as soon as my eyes closed you stop all your movements.

Bending once more to kiss me you whispered, “I want to watch your eyes, Baby. Open your pretty eyes so we can watch each other, please?”

Unable to resist giving you anything you desired, my eyes fluttered back open and you began slipping in and out of me again. Instead of returning your hand to my clit, you held the side of my head and caressed my face with your thumb.

“You feel so good inside me, Sweetie,” I whispered up at you.

I was unable to stop moaning as you began pushing even harder inside me. I turned my head and captured your thumb in my mouth, sucking on it. I loved the look on your face as you slowly offered each of your fingers to my mouth, allowing me to lick and suck them clean of my juices for you.

“Fuck me faster,” I begged you, as my body began quivering.

Standing up to your full height, you pounded in and out of my ass. My head was thrashing gently back and forth on the table as I pushed back at you. The smooth finish of the wood became hot and slick with the sweat rolling off my body, pooling under my back.

“It felt so good when you were playing with my ass, Baby,” you told me.

My hand slipped away from your balls, up the crack of your ass and slid around your hip. I was watching your face as my hand slid between us to gather some of my cum from my dripping wet pussy. The look on your face as my hand slipped back around your hip was so beautiful.

As my wet fingers glided over your asshole, your head arched back and you moaned up at the sky. Again and again my finger teased your ass and your muscles tightened, pushing your hard hot cock even deeper inside me. You pulled my legs from your shoulders and once again rested them on your chest as you rammed your cock in and out of me, my hot cum dripping out of my pussy and onto your cock, making the passage so wet and slippery.

No longer able to reach your ass, both of my hands began pulling on my nipples, pinching and twisting them as you watched. “Fuck me, fuck me harder,” I was chanting as my hips rocked off the table to meet you.

My body was shivering as if I was going to shatter into a million pieces which was exactly what it felt like I was going to do but I craved that release so badly.

Your hand slid back between our bodies and your fingertips brushed over my hard and swollen clit causing me to gasp. You stared down into my eyes as your hips stopped moving and you slid three fingers into my pussy to press down against your cock on the thin wall dividing me. Holding your fingers deep inside me, you once again began ramming in and out of my ass.

Feeling your fingers in my pussy and your hard cock in my ass was just too much for me. With my entire body shivering and my knuckles turning white as they gripped my nipples harder, I came again.

My head thrown back as I screamed, “Don’t stop fucking me. Please, don’t ever stop, Dan.”

At the highest peak of my orgasm, your cock erupted deep inside me, pushing me to new heights. You pulled my right foot to your mouth and bit down on the arch as you kept pumping into me, your hot cum splashing deep in my ass. I could feel my pussy squeezing on your fingers and my ass tightening on your beautiful cock in the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. Slowly, you allowed my feet to fall back onto the benches of the picnic table as you collapsed on top of me. My arms wrapped around you to caress your back as we drifted off to sleep together in the soft breeze under the stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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