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Winter, so many levels of the cold that swirl through the season. Some days a warm buried sense vibrates through the city, the snow built high around the houses creating an insulation against the elements of time and nature. The skies edged in a pink horizon that brings on big fluffy snowflakes pounding to the ground. This is the time that you have to go outside, and feel the comfort of winter.

Hibernation, a time to dream and run with the imagination. Safe, exploring new realms that can delight your essence. It was one such day as this that made me smile. I had the day to myself, waking to a delicious breakfast of you. I saw you scurry out the door late and smiled, reflecting on your tongue, your mouth and how it found the forgotten, needful spots on my body that morning.

Lying now safe amongst the raw sexual aromas locked into our sheets, I close my eyes to the winter elements and bask in the memory of that morning. Slowly the warmth of your mouth, moving from the inside of my knee, nibbling, feeding on the lust that built within my soul. Small places that pendik escort get ignored regularly, being feed and feeding you. Hands grasping me, kneading me, defenseless, tied to the bed, so you may do with me what you will. My hips being clung to as your mouth traveled across the map of my body, feasting on all the lonely places that call to you. Finally, when I think I can’t take anymore, you find the place that will make me drop off the edge of the ledge.

Lying on my stomach, I feel your teeth against my ass, your hands gracefully moving from my hips, to inside of my thighs opening me wide. Your mouth on the edge of my spine, lips seeking, warm, firm as I feel your cock hard, crying for release brush along my inner leg. One hand leaves me and I know you are stroking yourself, your tongue moves down to the bud of my ass and a finger slowly enters me. Not being able to see you, only knowing that you are so hard, craving, and stroking yourself is driving me insane. Your mouth wet, warm on my ass, your tongue hard, probing as the finger explores my depths, stroking maltepe escort me, stroking you, our passions dancing, I can’t fight what I feel, this is not a fantasy, it is real, you with me, denial of my touch.

I would give up forever to touch you now, to let you feel all that I am. Let you in to my lost self, where no one else goes. A place the world has not seen, only you and me. Your touch drives me over the edge, it is here that I know I am alive, feeling all that lives inside of me. Drowning in my desires, I just want you to know who I am, as I let go, in the moment lost in all that I feel. You drive me to the uncontrollable woman that only you can reach. As I feel my body start to take over, my mind lost in the sensations of your fingers inside my tight ass, the vibrations of you stroking yourself, I know your hard cock is so close. Letting go I start to cum setting free the vulnerable woman. She screams as you slam your cock into me. Finally allowing the other to touch the deepest hollow within, complete, driven, muscles clenching down on your kartal escort head, you let lose a groan that comes from the deepest part of your soul, that only I can find, knowing you, knowing me. Our true selves lost within each other, the orgasms, cumming, so hard, lost, screaming through us, as my spirit flies and I am free. Your hot cum coursing into me, your head throbbing and my muscles clenched down on you. We know what forever is, this moment, when we allow who we are to come forth, all of us willing, needing, to be known.

Slowly we come down, your cock still inside of me, your breathing hard, labored, lowering yourself on me. I feel your breathe pulsing against my neck, my heart beating in rhythm to the aftershocks of my orgasm. Spirits settling again, back into ourselves. Always to remember that moment, when two were one, and we gave up forever to be fully exposed to the other, known like no one else can. You untie my hands, I slap your ass, smile and kiss you like it is the last time I will ever taste the desire that lives within Mario. Your breath pulls back into your soul, as I push you towards the shower. Later, you smile that knowing smile to me, running out the door, late to join your friends. Me left behind, warm, buried in the pink of a warm winter storm and memories of forever living in a moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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