He’s Behind You

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It’s been a long day, but as soon as I see you I can think of nothing else.

I approach you from behind as you stare out of the window at the flowers and fields beyond, distracted from the snack you’ve been preparing. You drop the fork you’re holding as my hands touch your shoulders, and I start to kiss the bottom of your neck. You brace yourself against the work surface, your knees already starting to go weak, as a shiver starts down your spine. Your arms lift your weight slightly off your legs, ensuring that you stay upright for my attention.

My left hand drifts down your shoulder, easing the tension in your muscles. As the tips of my fingers follows the contour of your collar bone, a finger slips inside the neck line of your top, under the strap of your bra, and follows it up and over towards your back.

My right hand works with my mouth alternating between kisses and light nails on the base of your neck. Your head moves in circles, exposing your sensitive skin to me and encouraging my exploration. My hand travels up the back of your head, fingers entwined with your hair, four fingers and their nails moving up and across your scalp.

You whole body hums with anticipation, with desire. You feel a warmth as moisture begins to gather between your legs. Your bend at the hips, your ass instinctively seeking me out, to press against the swelling in my groin.

I place my hands flat on your back, my palms against your shoulder blades, and stroke down your back to your waist, my thumbs following the course of your spine. At the base of your back, my right hand presses you gently, holding you in place, and my left moves back up, encouraging your hips to bend until your arms give way, and your chest is lands with a thud as it is pressed against the marble counter.

I lean forward and press my weight into you slightly, pinning you to the hard edge. I lift your hair to kiss from your neck round to your ear.

“Mine” I growl, sending shivers down your spine.

With my free left hand, I pin your arms behind your back. With the other, I let go of your hair and stroke down your back, a hint of nails, down your spine. As I reach the waist of your skirt I hook my fingers underneath, gathering in your panties too, and pull them down over your ass, down your legs, until they are around your knees.

I push your legs as wide as they are able, restrained as they are by the elastic of your skirt and underwear, and drag my nails up the inside of your thigh, finding a familiar warmth and moisture between your legs.

I lean down, pressing my weight into your pinned arms, and my fingers slide along escort eryaman one side of your pussy, to your bald mound. As they return back down your slit, over your clit, I spread your lips wide until my fingers pass your hole and slip between your butt cheeks. They graze casually up towards your back, pausing at your rose bud and pressing gently.

“Where do you want it?” I tease you as I lean close to your ear. You reply only by squeezing your butt cheeks together.

My fingers, joined now my palm, carry on up to stroke the lower part of your back, and then lift off before my full hand connects sharply with your firm ass, squeezing your left cheek between my strong fingers. I push you further onto the counter, your face and breasts sliding over the cold marble, your feet no longer touching the floor. I hold you there by your wrists, releasing your ass, and using the hand it to undo my shorts and drop them with my boxers which gather on the floor beneath me. My cock, already hard, springs out between your legs, and I tease it along your wet slit, running it between your lips and over your clit.

My hand once again takes a firm grip of your ass, squeezing tight, as the shaft of my cock slides back and forth. Each time it approaches your entrance, I add a little pressure until it is so close to entering you, before it allowing it to slip away back towards you clit, or up into the crack of your ass.

I leaning forward so all my weight is pinning you down, and I use just my hips to move against you. I remove my hand from your wrists, now trapped between our bodies, and I grip the hair on the back of your head, forcing your head around to look at me as it is pressed into the hard surface.

I look into your eyes as I press my cock harder to the entrance of your pussy, enough for the head to sip between you lips, but not enough to slide inside you. I gradually increasing the pressure, your pussy hungry to accept me, and I feel your goosebumps rise as you ache for it.

I start to moving my hips back and forth just a few mm so my tip can start to open you up, as I use my hands on your ass and in your hair to move your body in time with mine. Your face and breasts slide back and forth on the marble, my cock always just slightly out of reach. Each time I push forward, I open you up just a little more, until most of the head can enter you, and I feel your pussy grip me, trying to prevent me from leaving.

After what feels like hours of teasing you feel me grip your hair and wrists harder. My body tenses and I pull you back towards me as I slide firmly into you, stretching you wide around my fat elvankent escort cock, completely filling you up as my balls collide with your clit.

“Mmmmmmm, fuck that’s good” we say, almost in unison, as I rest my full weight against you, expelling the air from your lungs, breathing and groaning in your ear.

My hips move just a little bit so I barely move inside you, your body under my weight moving with mine, pulling out just a centimetre or so and then back in again, ensuring you stay completely full.

With my weight pinning you, my hand moves from your ass up and over your hips, down the outside of your thigh, and then inside finding their way between your legs. I lift your right leg so that your knee now rests on the worktop, and my fingers gain access your clit. My fingers move gently around and over the little button, coaxing it to give you more pleasure and bringing it out from its hiding place, so that your pussy spasms and clenches around my cock.

My thrusting moves to longer strokes, but my size means that still only half length slides out of you. I lift myself so my cock massages the front wall of your pussy, seeking out your g-spot, trying to make your pussy explode.

At the same time my finger remains on your clit looking for the perfect pleasure spot, wanting to feel your pussy gripping me as I fuck you. My other hand is in your hair still, pulling your head back so I can kiss and nibble your neck. Inevitably I bite you a little because you feel incredible. I love the feeling of your hips trying to meet my thrusts as you get carried away, knowing that my using you like this is getting you close.

More of my length now slides in and out of you and you feel me become more urgent, my hips now pulling my cock almost completely out of you so only the tip remains. My body starts to tense and my thrusting becomes more erratic as I start to lose control, the action of my hips now slamming your body into the kitchen unit, pressing into your stomach.

My mouth on your neck and shoulders starts to groan, and as I take you more roughly my fingers start to rub your clit more frantically, desperate to feel you cum with me. My cock now moves fully out to the tip with each thrust before plunging back again, filling you to the point that I almost collide with your cervix each time.

In these final moments, I lift my weight off you slightly to get the best angle for me. I start to fuck you as hard as I can as my orgasm approaches, using my hand on your hair to pull your body onto me as I press forward, your whole body sliding over the hard marble in time with mine, etimesgut escort your toes occasionally hitting the floor.

You feel me tense up behind you as my orgasm becomes inevitable. A few last erratic thrusts as deep as I can and with one last brutal lunge I bury it fully into you, my weight thrown forward on top of you. You feel my cock pulsing as my seed flows into you in a torrent, your pussy gripping wildly around me as my orgasm pushes you over the edge as well. You’re completely pinned and unable to move as your orgasm flows over you, your whole body starting to shake, sending shock waves up and down your spine and legs.

Finally, you feel my cock start to soften inside you and I lift off, using your body to lift me up. As you feel my cum start to leak out of you, I kiss and nibble down your back and over your ass, my hands going to each ass cheek as I crouch behind you, my elbows forcing your legs apart. I lick down the crack of your ass,over your butt hole, and further down to taste our cocktail pooling around your entrance, and then further still to your clit.

I flick my tongue over your clit, determined to make you cum again, squeezing your ass with my hands and pushing you up further onto the counter to get better access. You spread your legs in response, knowing another orgasm is not far away. My tongue slides up and down your slit, loving your taste, our taste, before I move back to focus on your clit – around it, over it, listening to your body and your moaning to find the perfect spot.

One hand moves down from your ass, over your smooth skin, to your pussy, and two fingers slide easily inside you, your pussy hungry to replace the cock that is now missing. Your pussy clamps down on it as my fingers curl into the front wall, finding your g-spot.

You gasp helplessly as your legs flail wildly, my tongue now focused only on your clit, massaging it firmly, as I feel your pussy contract around my fingers, trying to bring you to climax again. I press my lips around your clit, sucking on it slightly to increase the pressure of my tongue.

I move my body forward to force your legs apart as they move, and your whole body starts to shake uncontrollably. My fingers pressing forward inside you and my tongue on your clit sends you cascading over the edge, a cycle of repeated orgasms that I would have last a lifetime as your body concedes to me, your vagina seeming to explode over and over, sending thrills from your head to your toes.

As the shaking finally subsides, your body goes limp. You can’t hold on to the worktop and, as you tremble, your legs unable to support your body, you slide off the counter, onto the floor next to me.

I hold you close in my arms, wrap my legs around your shaking body, and kiss you gently, protecting your helpless body from the world.

“Nice to see you, how was your day?” I say with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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