Her Fantasy Ch. 2

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This is a follow-up to nebula 33’s story “My Fantasy Cum True”. You should read her’s first, before reading mine. While this story can stand alone, it’s better to know the full tale.

Characters used with permission of Nebula 33.

* * * * *

Nearly everyone had left, leaving Leeanne alone to clean up. The place was a mess. Chairs knocked over, bottles of beer and other alcohol all over the room, not to mention Leeanne, covered in the cum of nearly 20 men. I stayed behind to help her with the job. It took a while, but soon we had everything straightened up – including my cock, which was pointing straight to the ceiling after watching this cum soaked beauty moving and bending all over the room. While I had gotten dressed again, Leeanne didn’t. After all, what was the point? It was her house, and after fucking and sucking so many men at once, what did she have to be modest about?

When we finished, I turned to leave. She grabbed me by the hand and said, “Where are you going?” I told her it was late, and I was going home, but she said, “You did me a favor by staying to clean up, when everyone else just fucked me and left. Now it’s my turn to help you.” I was hoping something like this would happen, but I figured she’d be too tired to fuck me again. She looked at my pants, the outline of my hard cock straining against the material. “I can’t let you leave like this,” she said, as she rubbed my shaft.

I kissed her hard. It was the first time all night that anyone had kissed her. She pressed her cum-coated body against me, staining my clothes, but I didn’t care. I grabbed her ass as we kissed, and pulled her even closer. She broke our embrace and looked up at me. “I really need a shower,” she said. “Join me – you can help pendik escort me clean up.”

She led me to the bathroom, taking her hand in mine. As we reached the bathroom she kissed me again, with more passion than before. I started to undress, pulling off my shoes and socks. As I got to my shirt, she stopped me. I stood there as Leeanne slowly unbuttoned my shirt. As she pulled it undid each button, she trailed a string of kisses down my stomach. She reached my pants, and unbuttoned and unzipped them. With one quick motion, she pulled down my pants and boxer shorts, leaving me naked with her face right in front of my manhood. I kicked off my clothes as Leeanne started stroking my cock. She licked up the underside, almost causing my knees to buckle.

Luckily I had the wall to hold me up. As she sucked the whole length of my cock inside her mouth, a loud groan emanated from my lips. She looked up at me and smiled, and she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She fucked her mouth with my cock until I could barely take it anymore. She took my balls in her hand and was slowly rubbing them as she sucked me like a vacuum. I called out to her…”Oh shit…I’m gonna cummmmmm!!!!” She pulled away and started jerking me off furiously. I exploded all over her – adding more cum to her already sticky body as I shot all over her face and tits. She took her index finger and scooped some of my cum off her cheek and into her mouth as I stared at her. A small moan escaped her lips as she tasted my jism.

She bent over, flashing me her bare pussy, casually turned on the water to the shower and stepped inside. Needing no further coaxing (and wanting another shot at her pussy) I nearly tripped myself jumping into the shower maltepe escort with her. She had started rinsing herself off, when she handed me the soap. Wordlessly I started soaping her up, washing away the remnants of the evening’s activities. I washed her breasts slowly, massaging them with my hands. She closed her eyes and arched her back towards me. Even after they were clean I kept washing them – she has such magnificent tits. When her nipples were nice and hard, she turned away from me, so I could wash her back. As I scrubbed off all the dried-on cum, I saw her hands move down to her pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d never seen a woman finger herself in front of me, and here I was, in the shower with Leeanne as she played with herself. I forgot to wash her, as I watched her fingers move in and out.

As her breathing got heavier, I moved my hands around her waist to her pussy. She covered my hand with hers, and using my fingers, fucked herself furiously. As she masturbated herself on my hand, my cock started pressing against her from behind. Her orgasm ripped through her, coating both of our hands with her sweet juices. She turned her face to kiss me, reaching between us to grab my hard cock. “FUCK ME” she demanded. “Take this hard cock and fuck me NOW!”

Never one to need to be told twice, I bent her in half and shoved my hard cock deep inside of her with one thrust. Leeanne moaned loudly as I filled her hard from behind. “Fuck me baby…..Oh yessssss fuck meeeeeee!!!!!” I grabbed her tits for support and rammed my cock inside of her. Over and over, my deep powerful thrusts inside my little cum-slut’s pussy caused her to cry out in pleasure. “FUCCCKKKKKKKK ME!!!!! CUMMMMMMM FOR MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” We kartal escort had just finished cleaning all the cum off of her, and Leeanne still wanted more.

The water poured over our naked bodies as we fucked. I couldn’t tell if Leeanne was more slippery from the soap and water or all the cum inside her, and I didn’t care. As I felt myself starting to build towards another orgasm, I moved my hands back to her slit. Trying to remember exactly how she fingered herself, and trying to concentrate on fucking her at the same time, I rubbed her clit in fast, little circles. I must have hit the right spot, because she started thrusting her ass back at me, matching my thrusts. Her breathing became faster and heavier and she kept crying out “FUCCKKKK MEEEEE!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUMMMMMM!!!!!” Just as her powerful orgasm ripped through her body, I lost it and shot my last load of the night deep inside her well-used pussy. We both stood there, exhausted, as the water pounded against us. We suddenly were shocked back to our senses as we ran out of hot water, and icy cold pellets hit us in the face. She took the soap from me and quickly cleaned my cock – which was coated with her juices and the cum of who knows how many men – as the cold water stung us.

We got out of the shower and toweled each other off, and Leeanne helped me get dressed. She put on a robe and led me to the door. “I’d ask you to stay,” she said, “but I’m a little sore right now. I think I’m going to go to bed and sleep until Monday.” She kissed me – a tender, loving kiss – so unlike the raw, passionate ones of earlier and whispered, “Thanks for staying and helping me clean up. We really should do this again some time.” With that, I walked out the door towards my car. As I heard the front door close, I realized I didn’t know if she meant that WE should get together again, or that she wanted to have another cum-fest. And honestly, I didn’t care. I’d share her with 100 guys if it meant getting a chance to fuck Leeanne again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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