Henry, Rob , Heather

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Henry was running down the passageway just behind Rob, who’s longer legs carried him faster. They had literally been waiting for this moment for as long as they could remember. They paused briefly to consult their map before turning left and taking off again at full speed.

“We have to get there before she does.” Rob puffed, to no one in particular. Henry knew as well as Rob; they had gone over the plan so many times during the past weeks. Finally they came to a narrow opening in the wall of the passageway. Rob smiled at Henry, “This must be it,” and slid inside; Henry was right behind him. The space beyond the opening was slightly wider, but still not big enough to be considered a room. Light was filtering through louvered vents on the wall. Henry and Rob both put their eyes to the vents and saw exactly what they had hoped for…the women’s shower room. In the dim light, they silently gave each other five.

It had been just after the start of the term that Rob’s brothers, Frank and Geoff, had passed on the map to Henry and Rob. It explained a lot about how Frank and Geoff had gotten away with so much mischief and had rarely been caught. It was a map of all of the secret passageways throughout the entire school. Frank and Geoff had since graduated, so the map was of no use to them, but Henry and Rob both wished they had been privy to it prior to their own seventh and final year.

At first, they had just studied it, surprised by how many secret passages existed. Eventually, they began to explore the safer ones – ones they could slip into and out of without being spotted. It was Rob who discovered the secret chamber for looking into the women’s showers. Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible to get to without getting caught unless the school was nearly empty…but then there’d be no one to spy on. Henry was still poring over this dilemma when Rob and Heather both told him they planned to spend the holidays with him on campus this year. Henry always spent the holidays at school as he had no real family to spend them with and, though they both had families, Rob and Heather sometimes stayed, too, so Henry wouldn’t feel lonely. Henry was both very pleased and very touched, as he was whenever they stayed behind on his account.

The three of them had known each other for the past 7 years, meeting during their first year at school when they were all only 11. They became fast friends and basically grew up together, except for the summers. Heather had grown from a skinny, prissy, know-it-all to a smart, sexy and busty woman before Rob and Henry’s very eyes. Henry and Rob felt as though they’d merely grown into two bubbling kettles of hormones. They would never risk their friendship by letting it known outside the two of them, but they both ached to see Heather naked, touch her big breasts, feel her hands on their own bodies and so many other things.

A light bulb went on over Henry’s head one day during class and he could barely contain himself until he could talk to Rob alone. He had been thinking about the feasibility of sneaking into the women’s dormitory at some point during the holiday break to get a glimpse of Heather changing her clothes or something when a recollection of the shower passageway made him smack his forehead. He had to pretend that the subject the professor had been lecturing on had suddenly sunk in. When he finally had a chance to explain his revelation to Rob, he had about the same reaction. From that point on, they worked on their plan, rehearsing every move in their heads.

While the weeks leading up to the holiday break had been agonizingly long, the first day they were all alone was an eternity – for Rob and Henry, at least. Having known Heather for so long, they knew that she always bathed before turning in for the night. While most of the students left for home early in the day, the three friends spent the whole day goofing around and having fun. Once dinnertime had finally come and gone, Henry and Rob began to feign being worn out from their long day and, when they felt it wouldn’t be too suspicious, decided to turn in. As soon as Heather had left the common room for her dormitory, Henry and Rob bolted for the entrance to the passageway.

They had only been at the vents for a minute or so when they heard the door to the shower room swing open. Heather walked in, her long hair up, wearing her robe and carrying her toiletries. Rob and Henry were practically holding their breath, not believing what they were about to see. They were also both almost completely hard. Across from them on the left, just inside the door, was a row of hooks along the wall and several benches. Across from them on the right and directly below them were the shower heads casino siteleri – they would be able to see Heather no matter which one she chose. Luckily for them, she set her toiletries down near the shower directly opposite them and turned it on to let the water warm up.

She went back to the row of hooks and, with her back to them, untied her robe. They were both rock hard as the robe slid down off her milky shoulders, exposing her unblemished back and, ultimately, her beautiful ass. She hung her robe on a hook and neither Henry nor Rob breathed as she turned completely toward them. They took in every detail as she walked to her waiting shower: the smooth skin of her chest and breasts, her large breasts standing out from her chest topped with hard nipples surrounded by big pink aureole, her flat stomach and long legs, and her well-groomed, light-brown bush. She turned her back to them as she stepped under the flowing water, allowing it to run over her front before turning toward them again to wet down her back.

Henry and Rob were both fighting a strong urge to whip out their cocks and masturbate at this sight, neither sure how the other would react. All pretenses came crashing down, though, when Heather stepped over to her toiletries and bent over to get her soap. Her beautiful ass aimed directly at them and her pink pussy lips below it opening, beckoning them, was all too much for them to take. By the time she was back under the shower soaping up her breasts, they were both slowly pumping their cocks.

As Heather rubbed the bar of soap over her hard nipples, an all too familiar feeling ran through her body. She’d been a horny girl for as long as she could remember and the discovery of masturbation had been a Godsend. She’d never had the shower room all to herself before and decided to take advantage of the freedom she felt. She tore her hands away from her breasts and soaped her stomach, legs and ass before concentrating on the area between her legs. She rubbed the hard bar of soap up and down over her straining clit feeling her hips moving against her hands.

Behind the vent, Henry and Rob knew that Heather was up to the same thing that they were and it aroused them even more. What they didn’t know was that as they were masturbating to the vision of Heather, she was also masturbating to their images as they appeared in her head. She let the soap drop and rubbed her clit with her fingers while slipping one of her digits in and out of her steamy hole. Behind closed eyelids, she saw Henry and Rob undressing for her and bringing their hard cocks to each side of her. She saw herself taking one in each hand and stroking them both simultaneously before leaning over to alternately take each one in her mouth. She hadn’t even gotten to the part where she fucked them when her orgasm began to tear through her. At about the same time, Rob and Henry were both stifling groans as they unloaded creamy goo on the wall in front of them. Their hands froze on their organs in mid stroke as Heather, in the throes of her orgasm, called out “Oh Henry, Oh Rob, I need your cocks.”

Heather licked her juices from her fingers before rinsing the remaining soapy lather from her fair skin. She turned off the shower and dried herself off. Henry and Rob still stood transfixed at the vent, limp dicks in hand, unbelieving of what they’d heard, watching Heather rubbing her towel over her sumptuous breasts and between her legs. Too soon, she had her robe on again and, after gathering her things, headed out the door.

Henry and Rob tucked themselves away and squeezed out through the opening in the wall. They were walking slowly along the passageway without speaking, each lost in his own thoughts, until Rob summed it all up with, “Ho – Leee – Shit!” That opened the floodgates and the rest of the walk back to their dormitory and for a long time after they’d climbed into bed they talked about how they couldn’t believe what they’d seen (it was way better than even their fantasies) and even more couldn’t believe what they’d heard. She wanted them, both of them, at least as much as they both wanted her. It looked like it was going to be a fun holiday break. Before they fell asleep, they devised how to bring it all to fruition without letting on what they’d seen and heard.

The next day, after they’d eaten breakfast, Henry made an excuse to go back up to the men’s dormitory but made sure that Rob and Heather accompanied him on his task. While they were sitting around waiting on Henry and wondering what to do with their day, Rob asked Heather, “How come you’ve been up to our room, but we’ve never been invited up to yours?”

Heather shrugged her shoulders. “We’ve always been discouraged from bringing slot oyna any boys up there so none of the more modest girls would feel uncomfortable.”

“Well if no one is there now,” piped in Henry from the other side of the room, “can we see it?” He was glad he was on the other side of the room because his double entendre nearly caused him burst out laughing.

“I don’t see why not.” Heather replied, even though having them in her room, or maybe even on her bed, would cause her pussy to ache with desire. Henry managed to finish his supposed chore without ever drawing attention to the fact that he wasn’t actually doing anything. The three friends headed back down to the common room then up the staircase on the other side to the women’s dormitory. The layout was much the same, with the same big beds the men enjoyed, but there was a definite feminine touch in the coloring and decorations. They flopped onto Heather’s four poster without saying much, each thinking their own thoughts. As prearranged, Rob spoke up.

“So, have any of the girls ever hit on you?”

“Me? No,” answered Heather, “anybody who wants to experiment with that kind of thing knows to go see Parvati.”

“Really?” asked Henry, trying to sound casual. Parvati was a very exotic, sexy Indian girl. He tried not to picture her naked, but failed miserably as he ended up visualizing her and Heather making out, feeling each other up and engaged in a 69. He felt a rise in his pants.

“Yeah,” she replied, “somehow Parvati let everyone know she was gay without making anyone feel uncomfortable about it. I can’t even remember how she did it exactly.”

“Have you ever…” Rob trailed off.

“No, not me, but I have heard things going on plenty of times. You’ll be lying in bed with the curtains drawn and maybe hear someone get up and go to her bed or you just hear the murmuring from that direction. Then, after a little while of listening to them rustling around, the moaning will start. I think Parvati must be quite good because it is not always the same voice I hear moaning.” She left out that she usually ended up masturbating as she listened.

“Oh, man!” Rob suddenly said, sounding disappointed.

“What?” Heather almost panicked, thinking she’d said too much and maybe he had become disgusted by it. She, herself, was actually totally turned on just thinking about the idea of Parvati naked and eating someone’s pussy – maybe hers.

“It’s nothing,” Rob replied, “its just that…well…look…” He gestured toward his lap. Heather saw that he had an immense hard-on straining to be free. She looked quickly over at Henry and found him in the same state.

“If it helps any,” she said, “you can’t see it, but I’m in pretty much the same state.”

“No,” answered Henry, “I don’t think knowing that we’re all in the same agonized state is actually helping any of us.”

“Well, maybe this will.” Heather said as she dropped a hand onto each of their bulges and began to rub. Henry and Rob turned toward her and she alternated french kissing each of them as they each began to fondle a breast. When Henry leaned over and began nibbling on her nipple as it strained against the material of her top, Heather suggested that they all undress. She moved to stand on the foot of the bed where they would both have a good view of her and she of them. They quickly whipped off their clothes and sat against her headboard with their hard cocks standing straight up.

Looking at their cocks, she felt a gnawing in her loins that she knew she’d have satisfied today. She pulled her top over her head and reached behind her to unhook her bra, which she shook down her arms causing her breasts to jiggle enticingly. She then pushed her bottoms and panties down together and kicked them off, but couldn’t resist quickly rubbing her hot pussy. She dropped to her knees between Henry and Rob and took a cock in each hand, something she had fantasized about for a long time. Feeling their hardness and throbbing heat, she was in heaven. She began to pump them, eliciting groans of approval from both of her friends, then leaned down and took Rob’s in her mouth.

“Oh my God!” he groaned, having never experienced anything like a blowjob before. She couldn’t leave poor Henry out, so after a few trips up and down Rob’s cock, she switched over to Henry’s. He uttered a similar sentiment at the unbelievable feeling. Heather felt happy that she was making her friends feel so good, but she realized that her own needs were being neglected. She released their tools and crawled up the bed to lay between them.

“Rob, why don’t you eat my pussy and Henry, you straddle my face,” she directed her friends. Rob crawled down the bed and pushed her legs canlı casino siteleri apart, positioning himself between them. He had never seen a real pussy before and took his time examining and exploring it. Her pubic hair was light brown, trimmed short and well groomed. He ran his fingers over it before tentatively touching his tongue to her pussy lips. The contact sent a shiver through her and encouraged him to venture further. He spread her pussy open and stuck his tongue inside, then licked up and down her lips, but when his tongue contacted the little bump near the top, she nearly jumped out of her skin. He decided to focus his attention there and slipped one of his fingers into her as well.

Meanwhile, Henry had knelt over Heather, holding onto the headboard. She took his cock in her hand and licked around the head before plunging it into her hot, wet mouth. Her hands went around to grip his ass and pull him deeper into her mouth. Sliding Henry’s hard cock in and out of her mouth while Rob tongued her clitoris was turning Heather on like never before. She could feel the heat and intense pleasure spreading from between her legs and outward from her nipples. Even Henry’s cock couldn’t muffle the little noises that kept escaping from her.

The pleasure she was feeling went way beyond anything she had ever achieved through masturbation. It wasn’t long before an intense orgasm washed over her and flooded Rob’s face with her pungent juices. He kept licking and she kept sucking until she couldn’t take it anymore and stopped them both.

She rearranged their positions so that Rob was sitting up against the headboard, she was on all fours in front of him and Henry was kneeling behind her. As she grasped Rob’s cock and wrapped her lips around it, Henry fumbled around behind her until he slipped into her steaming hot depths. She groaned around Rob’s cock but went right back to sucking while Henry held her hips and pumped in and out of her. Henry had thought that having Heather suck his cock was the most pleasurable experience of his life…until he started fucking her.

Her pussy was incredibly slippery and incredibly tight at the same time. He wondered if there was any blood left above his neck as a feeling like he had never experienced took over his entire body. He continued slipping in and out of her watching his cock sliding in and out just below the crack of her ass. He looked up, glassy-eyed, to see Heather’s head bobbing up and down in Rob’s lap and Rob with his eyes closed and his head back against the headboard.

Suddenly, the intense pleasure he was feeling started to focus in his groin. His eyes got wide and he increased the pace at which he was slamming his cock into Heather’s cunt. She, in return, was making more noise and pushing back against his incoming thrusts. Just when he thought he couldn’t feel any more pleasure and was certain that his head was going to explode, a blast of cum shot from his cock deep into Heather. He continued to hump her as this was followed by load after load until he had gone totally limp. He then collapsed onto the bed.

Heather had almost, but not quite, had her second orgasm courtesy of Henry. Since neither she nor Rob was finished, she decided to have him help her get the rest of the way there. She rose to her knees and grabbed Rob’s legs behind his, pulling him toward her along the bed until he was flat on his back. She then straddled him and lowered herself onto his stiff prick. They groaned simultaneously and she leaned forward as she started riding him.

Rob found himself with Heather’s big breasts hanging in his face so he reached up to hold them still so he could lick and suck her nipples. His assessment of his situation was the same as Henry’s had been – Heather’s blowjob was incredible, but her pussy was heaven. Her movements were getting faster and her noises more frequent as he began to feel as if every nerve ending in his body had relocated to his penis. When Heather’s movements suddenly slowed down and she let out a long, low groan, Rob felt her pussy squeezing and pumping on his prick. This was all he could take and he shot his load deep into her convulsing pussy. After a few more seconds, they both stopped moving and she collapsed on top of him.

This tale did not end there by any stretch of the imagination. With nearly two weeks of holiday break ahead of them and most of the school to themselves, they explored and violated each other’s bodies in every way they could think of and there weren’t many areas of the school that didn’t witness some sort of carnal activity. When the rest of the student body returned after the break, the three of them naturally had to taper off their activities. Lack of a private location wasn’t the problem, thanks to the map of the secret passageways, but unfortunately their studies tended to interfere with their desires. But they found ways to compensate, like Heather’s first nocturnal visit with Parvati…

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