Heather’s Wild Night

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I’ve recently discovered this site and thought it would be fun to give writing my own story a try. The following is a true story about an experience I had. My name Is Heather and I am currently 25 years old. What I’m about to write about happened about 3 years ago when I was 22 years old.

I had been dating Steve, my boyfriend at the time, for about 6 months. We had a pretty good relationship, no complaints in the sex department. For a 22 year old woman I had probably an average number of partners and really hadn’t done anything too crazy, except for maybe the guy that liked to tie me up a little bit, but that is a story for another time.

Anyway Steve and I were out on this particular weekday night having a good time. I do not recall the exact occasion, perhaps a Monday night football game. We were out pretty late and had been doing a considerable amount of drinking. I know I was very tipsy and I was pretty sure Steve was as well. We finally managed to make it out of the bar and into Steve’s car. On the way to Steve’s apartment my head started to spin a little so I laid my head down in Steve’s lap as he drove. Steve reached down and started to run his hand through my red hair, instantly I felt the bulge in his crotch stiffen beneath me. I smiled to myself, knowing I was going to get lucky when we got back to his place (I get so horny when I drink!).

We arrived at Steve’s apartment complex and made our way inside. I walked up the stairs to Steve’s apartment with Steve right behind me. Suddenly I felt a hard pinch as Steve reached under my short skirt and gave me a hard pinch on my ass.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, turning around with a smile on my face.

“Shh! You’ll wake up Brian,” said Steve.

Brian was Steve’s roommate and he had a pretty good point since it was probably about 2:30 in the morning on a weeknight. I thought it was a bit strange though that Steve said this about as loud as I yelled. We were both pretty drunk though so I didn’t give it another thought.

I went to the couch and took a seat, turning on the television. Steve went to the refrigerator and returned with 2 beers, which neither of us needed, but we quickly drank them down anyway. As Steve finished his beer, he again reminded me in a illegal bahis rather loud voice to ‘keep it down’ due to the late hour.

Steve and I got comfy on the couch and we immediately started into some heavy petting. Steve reached over and started to run his fingers through my hair bending forward to brush his lips up against mine. I responded, being the lady that I am, by plunging my tongue deep into his mouth, kissing Steve passionately. Steve’s right hand came down from my hair, across my back and under my skirt onto my ass. He squeezed my tight ass firmly, pulling me closer towards him. I responded by climbing onto Steve’s lap and straddling him. I began to grind into Steve, our bodies only separated by the thin layer of my cotton panties and the fabric of Steve’s pants.

“Oh God Heather! You feel so fucking good!” said Steve as he slid his hands under my short skirt and grabbed my ass tightly. Meanwhile I closed my eyes and enjoyed myself, dry humping Steve. Steve reached up and undid the top few buttons of my blouse, reaching to grab my breast through my bra.

We continued like this for several minutes when I started to have a strange feeling. It was then that I realized that the hand on my breast was not Steve’s; he still had two hands on my ass. I stopped grinding and opened my eyes, slowly turning my head to see Steve’s roommate Brian standing next to me, his hand on my chest.

Now Brian is a nice guy and not unattractive, but very quiet. Actually he doesn’t seem to be around that much. Anyway, my head was suddenly spinning at this point. I had fantasized about something like this from time to time but never really thought it would happen in real life. I quickly looked back at Steve, having no idea at what his reaction might be. In fact he had almost no reaction, just looked deeply into my eyes. By this point, between the alcohol, the foreplay, and this sudden turn of events, I was as horny as I had ever been in my life. I decided to let myself go.

I felt Steve’s hands on my waist as he forced me up to my feet and turned me around facing Brian. I heard Steve behind me removing his clothes, then felt his hands on my skirt, sliding it down my hips and legs and doing the same with my blue cotton panties. At illegal bahis siteleri the same time, Brian quickly undid my blouse and unstrapped my bra, releasing my 34C breasts. Steve’s hands ran up my bare ass to my hips, pulling me down on him. I sat back on Steve, still on the couch, his hard cock nestling between my ass cheeks into the small of my back.

“You are so fucking sexy Heather” Steve whispered in my ear as his arm wrapped around my waist.

Brian leaned forward; reaching for a breast with his right hand while his mouth went to my other. He alternated licking my nipple and engulfing my breast in his mouth while caressing my other breast with his free hand. Steve has moved his hand down to my clit, rubbing it slowly as he leaned forwards and tongued my ear.

“Oh my God!” I whimpered.

Steve took this as his cue as he lifted me slightly, then pulled me down violently and impaled me on his hard dick.

“Oh Shit Yes!” I screamed.

Steve kept hi s cock deep inside me for a moment, and then started to thrust into me ever so slowly and gently. I regained my self slightly as saw Brian’s waist inches from my face. I reached up and helped him slide his pants down as his 7-inch cock sprung out at attention. I grabbed it and started stroking it, then popped his cock into my mouth. Steve now began lifting me harder and pumping his cock into me like a piston. He reached around and began fingering my clit, bringing me to the brink. As my orgasm approached, I greedily sucked down Brian’s cock. Brian’s breath started to quicken and as he pumped his cock into my mouth, he pushed himself back from me and groaned loudly, cum shooting from his rod up into the air, landing on his belly. This sight drove me over the edge and as Steve continued to slam his hips into me, I arched my back and began to scream and orgasm.

“God yes Steve! Give it to me you fucking son of a bitch!” or something to that effect. I was pretty crazed at that point.

I slumped forward and tried to regain my breath. Meanwhile Steve scooped me up and helped me to the center of the living room floor. Steve had as yet to come (he becomes quite the stud when he is drinking) and he knelt down beside me as I was on all fours.

“You canlı bahis siteleri gonna lick my cock like a good girl Heather?” Steve said as he rubbed his still rock hard shaft against my cheek.

I merely grunted and grabbed it in my hand as Steve lay down on his back in front of me. I began running my tongue over his cock head, then up and down the sides of his cock, tasting myself on him. I worked my way down to the base of his cock, then ran my tongue across his balls as I continued to pump his slick shaft in my hand.

“Yes Heather, you know how I like it. Suck my balls baby!”

Meanwhile Brian was still behind me. I wondered if he was planning to fuck me. I wasn’t sure how Steve would feel about that and plus he had just cum so maybe he wouldn’t be able to. My question was soon answered as I felt Brian moving my legs apart, then sliding his head between my knees. I continued to suck on Steve’s balls, my hand gliding up and down on his still hard cock. Brian meanwhile was sloppily licking my pussy, plunging his tongue into my slit. Again I approached orgasm and as Brian started to lick my clit I ground my hips into his mouth, giving him some positive feedback.

“Yes that’s it baby! Right there! Don’t Stop!”

Brian grabbed my ass tightly, attacking my clit with his tongue. I began cumming hard. Pushing my face down into the ground, moaning, crying.

Steve’s voice was now behind me, “Come on baby, we are almost there. Just a little more Heather.”

I straightened up on my hands and knees as I felt Steve rubbing his penis up and down my dripping pussy. He pushed his dick in me, slowly, all the way. Then slowly he came all the way back out. He did this again, and again, and again. Finally taking me harder, reaching down and grabbing my tits. Brian was now in front of me, his dick hard again. I quickly took him in my mouth, sucking hard. He groaned almost instantly and tried to push my head away. As he did I kept stroking him with my hand and cum started to run from his cock as he yelled out.

Steve was now crashing into me. Breathing harder.

“Come on God Dammit give it to me! Cum for me you mother fucker!” I screeched.

Steve started to moan “Oh Shit, Oh Fuck, Oh Yes. Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh God Yeah Heather!”

I felt him shoot deep inside me, cum spilling out my pussy. I practically collapsed there on the floor, absolutely exhausted.

Brian was gone at this point. Steve and I slept there on the floor that night, naked and spent.

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