Harassment Backlash Ch. 01

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Judy pulled or rather jerked out that stubborn bottom file cabinet drawer. She hated doing that right in front of Wendy desk. There was always some kind of sexist remark. Lifting out the file folder, she stood up checking the contents.

“Nice show, but you forgot to close the drawer honey. Of course we both know why, you’re just looking for an excuse to shimmy and shake those sexy buns for me again.” Judy ignored her remark and got down on one knee this time to close the drawer but that exposed her thigh nearly to the panty line.

“Damn it” she whispered below her breath, she didn’t think the mini dress would creep up that much. Darlena insisted that she wear revealing clothes to work. She wanted people to enjoy and envy her great body; share the wealth visually anyway she always said.

“Oh wow, exposing that luscious black shank now. What’s next honey, a complete strip tease? I’m getting so hot.” Judy got up glancing icily at her tormentor but said nothing and returned to her desk. Wendy was her boss, sort of that is. She’d been with the company six years and at twenty-four was five years older. An out of the closet lesbian, she made sexual remark every day. Judy hadn’t told her that she was BI and enjoying a sexual relationship with a married couple. It was none of her business but maybe if she knew, the harassment would stop. She would talk to Darlena and John again as soon as she got home.

“What’s the matter Ebony dear,” Wendy continued, “are we not talking today?”

“I have work to do and I told you before that I’m tired of your innuendoes. You don’t know if I’m a lesbian and even if I was, why should I be interested in doing it with you?”

“I know you’re ‘a sister’ honey. I’ve never been wrong yet and what’s wrong with me? Look at me,” she stood up and turned three hundred and sixty degrees. “I’m not voluptuous like you are of course but I’ve got a nice firm body. You got perky tits and mine are well … bigger. You’re black, I’m creamy white and blonde; we complement each other. I’ve got a lot of experience, you don’t and I love to teach, hands on. How about it Ebony let’s have a go at it tonight.” She hated it when Wendy called her that. John called her Ebony; from him it was a term of endearment. Because of that, even though she didn’t think it was exactly racist, she took it as an insult. Wendy did not know of course of her love affair with John and Darlena and naturally, she couldn’t tell her.

She got home that evening and met Darlena in the kitchen. They kissed and hugged warmly and Judy prepared to help with the meal. “I hear the shower going Darlena, is John home already?”

“Yes but he’ll be leaving right after supper, he’s flying out on business for at least one day.”

“Oh but he promised … you know, tonight. It’s been three days.”

“I know sweetie, you’ll get a quick one before he leaves though, I’m sure.”

“It’s not the same as in ‘the room’.”

“Ebony, you’re home, let’s have a kiss.” John entered wearing a bathrobe, extending his arms. Judy flew into his embrace and kissed him passionately. “I don’t have much time sweetie, would you take her panties off Darlena?”

“Oh, these rules of engagement, do I really have to when I’m busy? I’m trying to get supper on the table.” She sat a pot down on the stove and lifted Judy’s skirt sliding her panties down. Judy lifted one foot and then the other as Darlena took them off. She lifted the skirt again and gave Judy’s protruding black rear a couple of slaps. “Get on with it you two, supper will be ready in five minutes.

“I’ll draw cream in less than that,” Judy panted as she loosened his robe and slid it off his shoulders. “Look Darlena it’s throbbing already,” she frigged his rod, turning her body so Darlene could see her husbands weapon.

“You’re wasting time doll, stop talking and jump to it,” Darlena laughed shaking her head.

“No she’s not jumping on it. Bend over the island Ebony.” She eagerly presented her rear, squirming impatiently and reached between her thighs for the guidance. He whacked her twice, before closing in and let her position his engorged mushroom in her ever-ready target. She moaned with relief as he gently drove it home. Darlena leaned over the island and kissed her softly.

“You love that feeling don’t you honey.” She was holding two plates of food and left for the dining room.

“Ooooh Darlena ooooh you don’t know how much” He began stroking her slowly, while groping her thighs. Darlena returned picking up another plate.

“Better get on with it honey, you’ve got a plane to catch.” She kissed Judy again and then John, muffling their moans. He ratcheted up the action making her moan louder with each stroke. “Darlene left again and returned for more, “do you want dessert dear?” He shook his head. She opened the fridge looking back at them. “What do you guys want to drink, juice or pop?” There was no answer only passionate moans as he closed in on the main event.” Darlena shook her head and brought juice casino oyna to the dining room. John moaned his ejaculation and slowed to a stop as she returned. She handed Judy a towel, “get John and yourself cleaned up, supper is on the table.”

Judy dropped to her knees and suckled her hors d’oeuvre noisily.

“Table manners please Judy,” Darlena quipped. “No slurping!”

Judy dried him off and then stood up, drying her vagina while pouting.

“Sorry to rush Ebony, Darlena will get you off later.” Judy helped him on with his robe and they sat down for supper.

Darlene sat next to Judy and put an arm around her. “Cheer up sweetheart we’ll have fun tonight, just the two of us.” Judy attempted to smile and nodded. “Is there something else wrong Judy you don’t seem your lusty self today.”

“Oh it’s that Wendy-bother again, she won’t stop.”

“She is still harassing you Ebony,” John said. Judy nodded. “Why don’t you invite her over sometime and we’ll indoctrinate her into the mysteries of the room for a night. That should fix her.”

“No John please, I love you two; I don’t want to share with her.” Darlena hugged her again and kissed her on the cheek.

“We don’t want you to do anything unless you enjoy it Darling but we share you with other women and couples. You like that don’t you?”

“Yes but Wendy’s not bisexual, she doesn’t like men at all.” Darlena glanced at John and they both smiled mischievously.

“That could be interesting John, she’s crazy about Judy. I’ve seen her; she’s a good-looking long legged hard body with an outsized soft-top. Maybe she would go to any length to earn Judy’s body, including submitting totally to a man in return. This could be great fun, how about it Judy? Would you do it for John and me?”

“I will do anything for the two people I love most in the world but I would have to submit to her.”

“Not very often maybe only once, as a matter of fact not for a week or maybe two after her first appointment in the room. It’s your decision Judy,” she kissed her on the cheek.

“Actually it would be fun to watch her encounter the room. What do you want me to do?”

“Invite her for dinner next week some time, just don’t tell her about us. We’ll spring our relationship on her after dinner.”


Judy wore a clinging knitted mini dress to work Monday morning that she knew would bring an immediate response from Wendy. She smiled and shook her head with each remark during the first half of the day. After lunch, she brought a report to Wendy’s desk pretending she wanted advice. Usually she would stand in front of her desk but this time she stood next to her and bent over to leaf through the pages. She explained her feigned problem and it only took a few seconds before a hand began to slide up her inside thigh. She pushed Wendy’s hand away and stood up.

“Come on Wendy, get serious I need this information.”

“Sorry Judy, I have deviant hands. Show me that page again.” Judy returned to her side and bent over the desk again. This time Wendy actually answered her questions and even added some advice about a related subject. Judy thanked her, picked up her folder and turned to go to her desk. Before she could take one step however, Wendy jammed a hand up under her skirt and clutched her mound. She was wearing very flimsy undies just for that purpose and Wendy managed to run one finger in between her labia and nearly penetrated her vagina.

“Wendy are you crazy?” She jerked away and ran to her desk where she sat down and closed her eyes while pretending to gasp for air. “We got to talk Wendy, this has gone on far enough!”

“I’m always willing to negotiate your surrender Ebony; what will it be, your castle or mine?” Judy ignored her, concentrating on her work. Someone came in and Wendy was kept busy until coffee break. Wendy asked her again during break, where they should talk.

“We can talk right here, I can’t go on like this we have to get this problem resolved.” She glanced at Wendy her lips parted while breathing deeply.

“I’m getting to you, right Ebony? I’ll let down my drawbridge tonight and we can negotiate the terms of an armistice. Smoke a piece pipe, if you like.”

“No it has it has to be at my place, Wednesday night at seven for dinner. There is one condition though; you won’t harass me any more in this office. If you do, our dinner date will be off. Oh, and one more thing, don’t ever call me Ebony again.”

“All right, Judy it is,” Wendy said, her face beaming with the smile of a triumphant warrior.


“Come on in Wendy, supper is almost ready.”

“Wow Judy, that’s quite a spread you parents have here, I like it.” Judy just smiled and brought her to the dining room.

“John this is Wendy my coworker.” John got up and took her hand.

“Please to meet you Wendy, I’ve heard a lot about you. Please sit down,” he gallantly held her chair. Darlene came in with a plate and set it down.

“This is Wendy, Darlene.” slot oyna Darlene smiled and said hi, excusing herself. Wendy was speechless at this revelation. John and Darlene were lily white and only in their late twenties.

“But Judy I thought you lived with your parents?” Judy just smiled and shook her head. Darlena came back and sat down across from Wendy.

After dinner, Judy helped Darlena clear off the table. Wendy offered to help but Darlena told her to go in the living room with John and wait there for coffee and sweets. After about five minutes of small talk, Darlena brought in the tray. “Judy is just freshening up,” she said smiling sweetly at Wendy; “she won’t be a minute.”

Judy entered a minute later, stark naked and sat on the couch between John and Darlena. She kissed John and then Darlena and smiled innocently at Wendy while spreading and then crossing her thighs invitingly. Wendy mouth fell open; here was the body she had lusted after in the scanty sexy dresses Judy had been wearing. She was even more beautiful than she could have imagined; a sex goddess revealed in all her luscious glory. The couple on the couch faded away in a mist, only Judy, a shapely vision of alluring sexuality registered in her mind. Judy’s voice finally dissipated the mist and the couple reappeared like two sentries prepared to lay down their lives. Guarding Judy like she was the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London

“I guess you can consider me the common law spouse of John and Darlena, Wendy. We have agreed to offer you my body under certain conditions.”

“Well I’ll be,” Wendy replied as she slowly regaining her composure. “Sweet straight laced Judy, a bisexual living in sin.” She looked at John “and I suppose that I would have to submit my body to an … ugh … man for the first time as some sort of payment in kind?”

“That could be Wendy,” Darlena broke in “but we’re not going to tell you what the conditions are. We – the three of us – promise you Judy for one night, maybe more after two weeks. In return you will submit to a trial of sexual submission, without question tonight and then as often in the next two weeks that we see fit.”

Judy got up and poured Wendy’s coffee, mixing in a spoon of sugar and just the right amount of cream.

“You know what I like, don’t you Judy and I’m not talking about coffee.” Judy knelt in front of her, stirring the coffee, smiling innocently. Darlena handed Judy a plate of sweets, which she then offered to Wendy. She held the plate just below her breasts taking a small piece herself. Wendy reached for one but Judy offered hers, letting her take a bite. She then ate the remainder herself while not taking her eyes off Wendy.

“So,” Wendy spoke up, reluctantly taking her eyes off Judy, glancing at John and Darlena and then back at Judy. “I get this beautiful creature for one night maybe more. In the mean time, I submit my body to an unknown fate. In other words, I become a sex slave volunteering my body to an unknown number and variety of sex acts with two or maybe more persons of either gender. I could be gang banged by the entire city.” John and Darlena just smiled at her and shrugged. “You really love this couple Judy and you are quiet willing to hand over the goods to please them.”

“Yes, I love them,” Judy cooed, “and no,” her voice became businesslike; “I won’t hand over the goods to please them. I would make love to you when the time came to please myself. You must remember that I’m not a sex slave but a common law spouse. If one of us wishes to have an extramarital affair, we do it only with the approval of our marital partners. That doesn’t necessarily mean we would all have sex with that person but, that person must willingly submit to any or all of us if asked.”

Wendy said nothing for a minute weighing her options, looking back and forth at Judy and her ‘common law partners’ on the couch. “All right; yes Judy, I’ll do whatever is necessary.” She shuddered looking at John, “I’ll even submit to a man.” Judy smiled and got up off her knees. She then turned around swaying her shapely rear end while taking the few steps to the couch and sat down with John who put his arm around her kissing her. Darlena got up and approached Wendy who sat with a fixed stare, looking at what was to her the most beddable dreamboat on the planet, kissing what was to her the wrong gender.

“Don’t forget now you will be on trail for a two week period.” John spoke matter-of-factly. “That means you totally satisfy whoever we decide to have you serve or you don’t get this little doll.” He squeezed Judy and kissed her passionately.

Wendy nodded still mesmerized by Judy’s enticing nubile flesh. “I understand,” she heard herself say; imagining Judy in her arms, not his.

“Alright now Wendy get up,” Darlena said sharply. Wendy didn’t move just stared at the two on the couch. “Wendy! Hello! Snap out of it!” She rose like a robot, its artificial eyes fixed on Judy, and waited for the next command. Darlena canlı casino siteleri didn’t waste any time and unbuttoned Wendy’s blouse. She pulled it down of her arms and reached around her, undoing her bra. “Let’s have a look at your chest then,” she said and pulled off her bra, letting it drop to the floor. “Nice full hangers,” she groped one and stood to one side so John and Judy could see. She undid her belt and pulled down the zipper dropping her skirt to the floor. Wendy was wearing a garter belt and skimpy panties.

Darlena stood back and studied her body. “Undo the garters and remove your stockings.” She spoke quietly but firmly. Wendy removed the items automatically and waited. “Now the garter belt, ” Darlena approached her while she took it off, feeling her breasts again. “Now pull your panties down to mid thigh.” She did and Darlena fluffed her pubic hairs with her fingertips. “Nice full red triangle don’t you think so,” she looked back at Judy and John. Taking a hold of Wendy’s shoulders, she turned her letting them a look at her from all angles.

“Looks good,” John said.” You must work out regularly?” Wendy, still in a daze didn’t answer. “You want to take her to ‘the room’ Ebony or should Darlena.”

“Would you take her please Darlena?” Judy answered, “I’m only going to watch tonight anyway.”

“As you wish, Doll,” Darlena said. “Take your panties right off Wendy and come with me.” Wendy stepped out of them and followed Darlena, looking back longingly at Judy. “You’ll take care of her clothing Judy, won’t you,” Darlena said. Judy nodded while kissing John.

* **

Wendy followed Darlena down a set of stairs. They entered a room dimly lit from a red lamp on one wall. Darlena backed her into a strange contraption; pushing her back up against something that felt like a leather cushion. A belt was fitted around her waist strapping her to it. He wrists were clamped into something on both sides of her at shoulder level. Then Darlena took a hold of each of her feet placing them on footrest, strapping her ankles to them.

“Don’t be afraid honey you’re not going to be harmed. I’m just going to reposition your body.” She began to notice her dim surrounding when a motor started humming and her body was slowly tilted into a near horizontal position. She was now lying on the leather pad which supported her body from the small of her back and up. Her head was resting in something with ear lugs that felt like when you were in a dentist chair. Darlena adjusted it and asked if she was comfortable. She just stared and then a strap was fitted around her forehead, leaving her unable to move her head. Her knees were lashed to something leaving her spread-eagled and completely immobile. Darlena made some adjustments moving whatever her ankles were tied too until her knees were bent slightly.

She heard the motor again and felt her body being elevated. She could make out a fuzzy image of her own body in a ceiling mirror. Suddenly she felt a wet cloth in her crotch. I’m sure you’re clean honey but I just want to make sure.” Her crotch and vagina got a good wash. Darlena spread her labia with two fingers of one hand and using the cloth with one finger, cleansing the valley of sexual exploration. Wendy jerked in her restraint as her clit was touched. Finally, she felt Darlene’s tongue licking every part of her crotch including her clit. She moaned in disappointment as Darlena stopped and walked away. “Just testing honey; house rules.”

She saw a red glow moving towards her and tried to raise her head. “Just a heat lamp honey I want to make sure your pussy is hot.” She set up the lamp close to her crotch and placed a cord in her hand. “That’s a switch, if it gets too hot you can turn if off. She heard the motor again and she felt herself being lowered. The lamp being somehow attached to the machine followed and with the extra light she could now see her shadowy self in the mirror. The movement stopped and Darlena kissed her. “Are you comfy dear?” She blinked being unable to nod; “good. I’ll be leaving now if you have a problem just call.”

“How long before you come back?” It was Wendy’s first words after coming out of her trance.

“Just be patient dear, mystery is all part of your trial.” She turned off the red lamp and left, closing the door behind her.

She stared of her ghoulish image in the ceiling. It appeared, as if she was being held by four legs of a giant spider, with a huge red monstrous eye staring at her vagina. It sent shivers through her body and she turned off the lamp. The glow of the lamp faded slowly and left her in total darkness, which unnerved her. She turned the lamp on again and closed her eyes, the warmth in her crotch turned almost erotic. She squinted trying not to look in the mirror when something began to flicker next it, revealing itself as a blank television screen.

There was more flickering and then a close up of Judy’s face appeared. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. The camera zoomed back, revealing her stretched out on a bed, squirming, twisting and caressing her body. She opened her eyes and blew a seductive kiss to the camera. “There is a microphone near you Wendy,” She whispered in a vampish voice. “Can you hear me?”

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