Handsome Ch. 18

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Chapter 18

Marion Slade & Friend

Our first game of the season was against Fairmont, a team from down-state. They were supposed to be loaded this year and we were looking forward to seeing just how well we would do against their highly regarded ace pitcher.

We started “Bone” Cleary, a big right-hander, who was as wild as I’d ever seen him. In the first, he walked the bases loaded; then gave up a base clearing double to their clean-up hitter. We went down in order in the bottom of the first, with only one batter, Allen Temple making contact off their starter. Score 3- 0.

Cleary was still wild in the second giving up two more walks before getting a double play that scored another run. Score 4 — 0.

He didn’t last a third of an inning in the third; giving up back-to-back home runs before Coach changed pitchers.

I was the lucky reliever, making my first appearance on the mound. It showed. After allowing two singles, I lost my control and walked the next two batters. Then I grooved a fastball, and the opposing pitcher took me out of the park.

I settled down after that, and got the side out. We went down in order, grounding out to short, first and the pitcher. So far we didn’t have a hit, but we were making contact with the ball.

Score 9 — 0.

In the sixth inning Champ Banion, our big first baseman, tripled, but died on third. It was our only hit of the day, and the final score was Fairmont 9, Webster’s 0.

Coach didn’t say much afterward; but told us everyone has an off day, and to be on time for tomorrow’s practice.

We had another game the night after, at Mountain View, and Dennis Woods, our hard hitting right fielder would take the mound, with Duane Klosterman following him after three or four innings.

Dennis Woods sidled up to me after we’d showered and asked me how I felt out on the mound.

“Not all that comfortable,” I replied.

“Takes a little getting used to,” he said, and with him being a senior, I believed him.

“You’re starting the next game, how do you feel?”

“Nervous as hell,” he said. “But I’ll be alright after that first pitch. I always am.”

I left the locker room feeling a little better. After all things had to get better, hadn’t they?

After the game I had my spikes tied together and slung over my neck. I had showered and was ambling along to my car wearing a pair of flip-flops and very loose sweatpants and football jersey, when a woman’s voice called my name.


I turned toward the voice, and saw Marion Slade walking toward me. My erection started the moment I saw her.

Marion was a lean, solid woman, perhaps thirty-four years of age; about 5′ 8″ with slim muscular hips, and ample breasts. She had thick, dark brown hair that usually hung down to her waist, but this day was tied in some kind of ponytail, and an irresistible, ready smile. And she was one helluva great fuck.

“Hi,” I called out as she approached me. I had my car door open and waited for her to reach me.

“Hi Aubrey, how are you?” she said, walking up to me. There was another woman with her, I guessed she was in her later thirties, but very attractive and certainly a MILF.

“This is Sandy. Sandy, Aubrey, he’s the dreamboat I told you about. What do you think?”

“He’s gorgeous, Marion, absolutely gorgeous.”

Both women were devouring me with their eyes, and I returned the compliment, running my eyes up and down Sandy’s lush body, pausing at her full breasts and then again at her crotch.

“Could you turn a little to the side, Sandy?” I asked politely.

She did, but Marion had to ask why.

“I’d just like to check her ass out, that’s all.”

“Impertinent, isn’t he?” Marion said to Sandy, who laughed and replied, “Tit for tat, right, Aubrey?”

“Exactly, Sandy,” I said. “I think we’ll get along just fine. “Marion, are you taking me to your place, or Sandy’s?”

“It sounds like he’s done this before,” Sandy said, giving Marion a look.

“He has … to a point,” Marion said, and then to me, “We’ll take our car, will you follow?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “And I’ll call home when we get to wherever,” I told them.

The women led the way to what had to be Sandy’s condo. It was a plush landscaped Spanish style building and there were several young women scampering about in various forms of dress, several of whom appeared to be trying to get some rays in from the late afternoon sun, after coming home from work. I thought I could be quite happy living there.

My thoughts in that regard were preempted when Marion goosed me as we entered Sandy’s condo. I yelped and the two women thought it tremendously funny.

Sandy asked if I’d like something to drink, and I asked for a Coke. She went to the refrigerator took a can of Coke out, and dropped it on the floor.

She gave me a look that revealed her embarrassment, put the can back, and took out another, opened it and poured it into a large glass filled with ice.

I accepted the glass and took a long drink, casino oyna and sat down. I had another erection and they both took note of it. Marion actually licked her lips.

“Sandy’s a fund manager over at Duson and Long’s,” Marion said. I nodded. It meant nothing to me.

Marion babbled on, and Sandy also managed to get out a word or two. I pretended to listen, but concentrated on Sandy’s legs, which were worth looking at, and something about those perfectly manicured fingernails and her self-assured demeanor made her well worth flirting with.

I called home and told my mother I was over at Duane’s playing a new video game with him. Next I called Leah and told her the truth, which was that I was at a friend’s house, a female friend and would be having sex with her.

“Is this the one whose husband likes to watch?”

“No, it’s a different woman, and she has a friend.”

“Two women?”


“You’re not making this up are you?”

“No, I’m not making any of it up. I told you how it was going to be.”

“I know, I know,” Leah said, “it’s just…”

“I’ll make tomorrow special, Leah, you’ll see.”

“How special?”

Both Sandy and Marion were regarding me with even more interest than they had earlier.

“At least six orgasms.”

“Only six?”

I laughed, “Maybe eight, how’s that sound?”


“I promise.”

We spoke a little longer, mainly about our double date with Duane and LO Sailor, and then ended our conversation.

Marion said, “If you don’t mind my saying so, you handled that amazingly well. Before you began I couldn’t imagine any male telling his significant other what you were about to do and yet keeping her from going bananas on you.”

I smiled and said, “And that’s the power of a great orgasm … I guess.”

Both women laughed delightedly.

Sandy said, “On that basis, I’ll leave it to you to get things started. How would you like to proceed?”

“Why don’t you do a strip routine for us? Marion, you can sit next to me. Then you can try to outdo Sandy’s performance. That should get me up for the two of you.”

Sandy was wearing an expensive looking green dress, with a certain amount of cleavage, but certainly not overdoing it. Her light brown hair was pulled back, exposing her neck and her ears.

She had on a light amount of makeup; actually she really didn’t need much. Despite the slight creases around her eyes and the corners of her mouth, she had wonderful clear pale skin that contrasted wonderfully with her light brown hair.

Marion joined me on the couch. She wore a thigh length leather skirt and a white blouse with the top three buttons undone. The top mounds of her breasts were visible as was a good deal of her lacy bra. She wore a lot of bracelets that jingled as she moved her arm reaching out to cup my testicles and squeeze my dick.

“So how shall I start?” Sandy asked.

“How about a bump and grind, like the strippers do?”

“How would you know anything about strippers?” Marion asked, giving my dick a healthy hand hug.

“Pornos,” I replied.

“I should have known,” she said and giggled.

Meanwhile, Sandy was trying to emulate a bump and grind for me. She did alright, but wasn’t really sexy at all.

“Hike the dress up,” I suggested.

She did, and things sort of fell into place after that.

The next bump revealed a portion of her panties, and I clapped my hands.

She came over to Marion and me and asked us to unbutton the back of her green dress.

Marion obliged and then Sandy slowly and tantalizingly peeled the dress off her right shoulder, leaving one cup of her bra in plain view.

A sheen of light sweat appeared on her forehead as she repeated the bump and grind.

“Come closer,” I called, and she did.

“Do that again, but touch me when you do.”

Sandy took a step and was now only inches away from us. Her bump had her making contact with my knee. She paused and the leaned into my leg and placing her pussy against my kneecap, rubbed vigorously against me. Even before she broke contact with me, my hand was around Marion’s neck, pulling her to me and I kissed her passionately.

When I looked back at Sandy she was almost naked, having shorn her dress and bra.

“That’s great, Sandy,” I said. “Now you join me here, Marion it’s your turn to strip. See if you can outperform Sandy.”

And I half-shoved her upright as Sandy took her place beside me. I immediately drew her into my arm and kissed her while caressing her left breast.

Marion, standing directly in front of us, leaned over and took hold of my cock, still under cover of my sweatpants, and made its outline evident to Sandy, whose mouth formed a wide O at the sight of my not quite full sized erection.

“Let go of me, and start dancing,” I said sternly. Marion backed up and tried a bump and grind.

I turned my face to Sandy’s and kissed her again. Her hand meandered into my sweats and firmly gripped my dick, causing me to groan.

When I looked up slot oyna at Marion, her bra was being waved in the air; her blouse was half open and of course her ample breasts were bobbing crazily under the blouse.

“Lose the skirt!” I yelled hoarsely, as Sandy’s hand began jerking me off under my sweats.

Marion, unzipping the skirt called out, “Don’t you dare let him cum, Sandy!”

Ignoring her, Sandy whispered, “Lift up.”

I did and she pulled the sweatpants off me, letting them pool around my ankles.

Marion laughed lewdly and tossed her skirt over Sandy’s head.

“Marion! You’re so outrageous,” Sandy said laughing almost a lewdly as Marion, who joined us on the couch, with me in the middle.

I put an arm around each of them, and alternately kissed one then the other. Four hands traced across my head and body, four lovely, experienced feminine hands. Then, while Sandy removed my jersey, Marion knelt on the floor and removed my flip-flops.

I was stark naked in seconds, my rock hard dick was being passed from hand to hand, my whole body being caressed by two MILF’s.

They teased me for a time, not permitting me to remove their skimpy thongs. So I kissed them in turn, and teased their respective nipples until we were all moaning and groaning with lust.

Marion stood after a while, and pulled me gently into a standing position by my cock. Sandy ran her hand along my ass and teased my asshole. It was wonderful, erotically stimulating and somewhat humiliating when her finger eased into my ass. In her high heels, Marion was at least my height, and hissed when my hand slipped into her thong and cupped her recently shaven mound.

A moment later, grinning ear to ear, Marion led me in a little circle around the room, pulling me by the tip of my rock hard dick, while Sandy, obviously excited, sat back down on the couch, her hand busily moving under her panties as she watched Marion and me.

“Oh, Sandy!” Marion crowed, “Isn’t he good? Didn’t I tell you?”

“Yes you did, and you were quite right.” Sandy answered; her pubis now visible to my eye as her hand movements increased dramatically.

“Aubrey,” Marion said kindly, “I want you to bend over this table.”

And she gently pushed me forward over the kitchen table, so that I was lying with my chest on its surface, but still standing with my naked ass in the air.

It would’ve been easy for me to take charge; to just flex my muscles, exert my masculinity, and tell them both to get their skinny asses into the bedroom. I’m sure they would have done it, and it would’ve been fun like that as well.

But Marion’s hands over my ass felt wonderful, and were soon joined by Sandy’s. I let myself relax, yielding to the sensation, spread my legs, so they could take turns reaching under and between to stroke my cock and balls. It was fun not knowing who was doing what, or when.

Fingers traced lightly across my back, down my spine. Hands gripped my dick; explored my thighs and calves. I surrendered myself to them, allowed them to use me, trusting the two of them. It was very special, so wonderfully weird and different. I felt a fingernail scratch across my anus; it had to be Sandy. When the finger started pushing its way inside, I was sure it was. Marion had never explored that area of my body; at least not to that extent.

It was almost too much for me; I nearly objected. But then I thought; they have a lot more experience than me, let’s go further and see what they’re capable of.

“Check this out, Marion,” Sandy said, “Do you want to try?”

“You’re so wicked, Sandy!” Marion replied. “What are we doing to this poor boy?”

“He doesn’t feel very poor to me, Sandy said; and her free hand squeezed my dick.”Go on, stick your finger in. It’s funky.”

I said nothing, waiting to see how far Marion would follow Sandy’s lead.

The finger popped out of my ass, and was replaced by another. It pushed in and out slowly, in a fucking motion, while someone’s hand was on my balls, and someone else was stroking my cock.

“This is a blast, Sandy. But I think we’d better get this hunk into bed.”

Sandy tugged me around by my dick, so I had to stand upright, and led me towards her bedroom tossing her head once or twice along the way to smile back at me. Marion stepped up behind me and, giggling, fondled my naked ass as we walked lock-step, like convicts on a chain-gang.

I lay down on my back on the bed; Sandy lay down next to me, placed her head in the crook of my left arm, and while we kissed she played with my hard on and Marion peeled off her panties.

Marion climbed on top of me, easing herself down, smiling at me broadly, and, with Sandy holding my dick, settled down, impaling herself on me. We both moaned with pleasure at the intensity generated by the heat of each other’s flesh.

She started rocking back and forth, and hopping up and down on it. True to form, she was having a great time. Her long dark hair had become disheveled, and she shook her head from side to side, throwing it against Sandy and me.

In canlı casino siteleri contrast to Marion’s frantic humping, Sandy and I just kept kissing each other in an almost serene manner. There was something genuine and honest about Sandy that really appealed to me. Marion was slightly better looking; despite her having a couple years on Sandy. And good God, when it comes to fucking, she’s a world champion, almost in a class of her own.

That is not to negate Sandy in any way, shape or form. A few short minutes later, the women switched places, and I discovered Sandy brought a different level of intensity to our coupling. I realized I would rather fuck her than Marion. Of course, I kept that to myself.

“There’s something I have to do.” I whispered to Sandy.

“All right, Aubrey, you go right ahead, I’ll be waiting,” Sandy replied, with a smile.

I grabbed Marion by the shoulders and pulled her down against my chest, and squeezing her breasts against me, I rolled her over so that I was on top. I gave her good fucking, and she came once or twice, it was hard to tell. I shot my load into her at last. That made the score Marion 1, Sandy 0.

I took a deep breath, pulled my cock out of Marion and reached out for Sandy. I wondered briefly if it was uncouth to pull my still firm dick out of Marion, and put it straight into Sandy. I’m sure somewhere there’s a book of etiquette that can answer this question, but I’ve never found it. Unless one finds it best to clean oneself off thoroughly before putting it in another. But I was young, and they appeared to be unconcerned with my actions.

I found it incredibly kinky; Sandy spread her thin white legs wide, and I pushed my young hard dick into her center. A gasp escaped her, and she threw her head back, and held my shoulders in her delicate, well manicured hands.

Meanwhile, Marion’s hands roamed over my ass and pulled on my balls every now and then as I gave Sandy what she was in need of.

She was a bit uptight about it, I could tell. I kissed her and fucked her and stroked her face with my fingertips. I told her she was lovely, which was true, and that it was my pleasure and privilege to be fucking her.

When she finally came, I felt a huge release of tension from her, as if a long awaited barrier had been surmounted.

While I knew Marion wanted me back, I ignored her for the moment, and kept fucking Sandy until she stiffened in her next orgasm. Even then, I would have liked to try for a third with her, but I knew that the insatiable Lady Marion was waiting patiently for me to finish with Sandy.

Well, maybe not so patiently … for I was physically removed from Sandy’s sensuous cunt, and rolled over and mounted by the horny Marion. All three of us were laughing as Marion started counting the thrusts of my dick as she rode me hard.

“…. two, three, four … mmmm, good!”

I fucked Marion for about 10 or 15 minutes, and we changed positions many times. She got on her hands and knees, and I was fucking her from behind, stopping every now and then to kiss Sandy while she stroked my balls. I’ve never been with any woman who seemed to enjoy sex quite as much as Marion, well perhaps Gerry, but I digress.

“Lie on your side, Aubrey,” she said by way of instruction. “Lift one leg. No, the other one! That’s it! Now, suck his dick, Sandy. I’m going to suck his balls. You’d better be ready Sandy, because I think he’s is going to come pretty hard.”

I felt Marion’s finger work its way into my ass again, as my balls got sucked into her warm mouth. She finger fucked me while Sandy worked her own oral magic.

It felt like everything below my belly button was submerged in feminine attentions. My whole body felt like warm soup. I couldn’t take anymore, this was the end; no man could withstand this. I felt the contractions starting in my balls, and I came harder than I ever had in my entire life.

I didn’t think I could have that much in me, since I had ejaculated not long before. Spasms ran through me, running from my belly down to my knees, shooting fluid from the tip of my dick and into Sandy’s waiting mouth. Even when there was no more fluid to pump, the spasms continued, vainly trying to pump something that was no longer there.

When at last it subsided, and rational thought started to become a possibility once more, my two lovers released their grip on my erogenous zones, and we relaxed for a time; a head on each of my shoulders, a sensuous, curvaceous female body under each of my hands.

Several times during the late afternoon I’d had doubts; I had wondered why I was here with these older women. But after that single incredible orgasm, I no longer could see them as anything but wonderful.

I came out of my daydream hearing Sandy moan, “Mmmm … that feels nice…”

Turning I saw Marion moving Sandy’s hair aside, and then planting soft, warm kisses along her neck and shoulder.

Whoa … an entirely different series of possibilities opened up to me as Marion’s hands went around Sandy’s waist and then up to her breasts to tease her already hardened nipples.

I gnawed gently at Marion’s neck as she pulled and twisted Sandy’s aroused buds. When Marion kept at Sandy’s nipples, I moved to hers and imitated what she was doing to Sandy.

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