Hands Free

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I heard the door open to the bathroom and turned to see him walk inside wearing only his underwear, the screen was misted from the shower but I could just about make him out watching me and then he stripped of naked and was stepping inside with me. I looked and down and saw how hard he was, back up at his face and caught how he was smiling at me his eyes scanning me and no doubt noting how hard I was as well. He leaned in and started to kiss me, only the second time he’s ever done so and I let him pull me against him and felt his warm body and hard cock pressing on me, his tongue pushing inside my mouth with delicious eagerness. I ran my hands down his body and reached for his cock when he stopped me.

“No touching down there.” he smiled and returned his tongue to my mouth and I realized that we were enacting the fantasy that he’d told me all about the last time we’d masturbated together on the phone.

I knew what was expected of me now and was more than happy to oblige him as we kissed each other and let our hands explore one another completely with the exception of touching our cocks. We caressed and fondled chests, backs and bums, kissed and licked necks and nipples but the only contact our cocks were afforded was when they rubbed together between us, causing us on more than one occasion to hold firm on the others hips and buttocks and grind ourselves together as the water beat down on us.

It was the first time we’d actually met, we’d been chatting online and on the phone casino şirketleri for weeks now, masturbating together and telling each other our deepest desires and fantasies that we’d never tried. He had an abundance of ideas and wants that he’d yet to realize and he loved telling me all about them claiming that having a married man in his bed would turn him on so very much. I wanted to please him, wanted to indulge him so badly that I’d eventually surrendered and agreed to meet him, a nervous delight as anticipation I’d not know since I was a teenager on a first date buzzed through me for the entire week leading up to our encounter. So badly had I been sweating on arrival I had no choice to but ask whether he minded me using his shower.

The water stopped and we dried off watching one another and smiling but saying nothing at all, we’d spoken open briefly before he showed me to the bathroom, enough time to say hello in the flesh, to stand and assess each other for a long awkward moment before spontaneously kissing. He opened the door and led me into the bedroom, stood me next to the bed and started to kiss me again before sitting on the edge of the bed in front of me, in front of my cock and with his hands on my hips he stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of my incredibly hard cock, and then again before opening his mouth and closing it around me.

I moaned with pure undiluted pleasure as he worked on me, taking me deep in his mouth his hands reaching around and playing casino firmaları with my bum as he enjoyed me. I wanted nothing more than to let him continue, let his mouth, his tongue linger on my cock but I couldn’t, he was doing an amazing job and together with the situation I was already close to climax

“I’m close to cumming” I told him my hand on his head, not really wanting him to stop, but I knew the fantasy. He pulled away from me and I dropped to my knees in front of him and found myself face to face with his cock.

I’d dreamed about this, wanted this so much and the moment was finally here, I so badly wanted to touch it, caress it and stroke it with my hands but that wasn’t the game here, I couldn’t lay a hand on it so grabbing onto his hips I leaned in and stuck out my tongue licking it from base to tip in one long stroke. A thrill of pleasure ran down my spine as I returned to the base of his cock and repeated the action before opening my mouth and taking him inside my mouth. I tasted pre cum on him and relished the taste as used my mouth on him running my tongue all around the end of him and doing my best to get as much of him inside as I could without gagging. As he began to moan I felt suddenly proud of the job I was doing and started to nuzzle on his shaft when he gasped

“Stop I’m going to cum”

I pulled off him straight away and he sat back on the bed urgently and panted at me

“Hurry up, climb on” his face now flushed and I practically jumped güvenilir casino on top of him and allowed myself a quick passionate kiss feeling the intensity of the moment in the movement of his tongue in my mouth. I turned 180% on top of him and placed my groin above his face before sinking my head down onto his cock in a sixty nine position and felt his hands on my bum as his mouth searched for my cock, the moment he took me inside him I felt myself begin to twitch and knew I couldn’t last long so started working my tongue on him. I let him inside my mouth again and let out a loud moan of pleasure as I felt myself start to cum my hips bucking as his fingers dug into my bum and I came surly harder than ever before in my life. Before the last spurts had left my cock I felt his twitch and then my mouth being filled with cum, spurting out with such force it caused me to gag and I had to concentrate not to pull away from him before more cum shot itself into my mouth.

We stayed there for a moment, motionless with me on top of him, our mouths still fixed round the others cock then I pulled my head off him slowly, my mouth full of his cum knowing the taste from his pre cum but curious about the texture of his sperm. He let my cock out of his mouth and I turned to face him and found him smiling at me, but a strange smile as his mouth stayed shut tight to keep all my spunk inside. I slid onto him and we lay there face to face, our cocks resting against each other and I felt his hands slid onto my bum again as we moved out mouths together and started to kiss, our tongues coated with our cum as we let our spunk mix and pass from his mouth to mine and back again before we took a mouthful each and swallowed, just like he’s wanted us to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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