Halloween Cups

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“Oooh, Mmhh” gasped Brittney, as she stretched the tight material of her Halloween costume over her boobs. She had decided to dress as Power Girl and with her ample assets, she filled out the costume nicely. Brittney was the proud owner of two large, soft, perfectly round, G-Cup breasts. It was because of those boobs that she quite literally bumped into her future husband Jeff when they were in high school. Brittney knew that Jeff was obsessed with her tits and would always have them on display in tight shirts and tank tops.

“Britt are you ready yet,” called Jeff from downstairs, “We’re gonna be late.”

“Almost babe,” said Brittney, fastening the gold rope that attached the cape to her costume. She stood in front of the mirror as she cupped and squeezed her jugs, adjusting them so that they would bulge in the hole that was conveniently placed over her ample cleavage.

“Mmmm, perfect,” said Brittney, releasing her massive mounds and letting them bounce and jiggle as they settled. She put on her matching blue gloves, boots, and belt, stuffed her phone into her cleavage, and went downstairs.

“Damn, Britt,” said Jeff as his wife came down the stairs.

Brittney giggled at her husband’s comment as she twirled around to show off her costume, “What do you think?”

“You look sexy as ever,” said Jeff.

“Aww thanks baby,” said Brittney, giving him a quick kiss, “But aren’t you missing something? I thought Nick Fury wore an eye patch.”

“I’ll put it on when we get to the party,” said Jeff, pulling the eye patch out of his coat pocket, “The damn thing irritates me.”

“Why don’t I soften it up for you baby,” said Brittney, taking the eye patch and giggling as she stuffed it between her huge breasts.

Jeff gave her another kiss before saying, “Let’s get going.”

“Ooh, Ah, Uh,” moaned Brittney softly as her breasts bounced and jiggled in her costume while Jeff drove their Black SUV to the party. “Mmmm, are you trying to get us there faster or are you trying to make turn me on,” said Brittney, trying to control her bouncing rack.

“Can’t I do both” said Jeff with a grin. He had taken the SUV onto the back road through the woods because it was a faster way to get across town and because the bumpy road had effects on Brittney’s boobs.

Brittney giggled as she laid across both seats and placed her huge breasts in Jeff’s lap, “Mmmm, there are things that I can do to you too baby,” said Brittney seductively, rubbing her tits against Jeff’s dick, “Especially with these.”

“God,” said Jeff softly as he kept driving while his wife’s large boobs bounced and jiggled in his lap.

“Aww what’s the matter baby,” giggled Brittney, “Are Power Girl’s big boobs too much for the great Nick Fury.”

“Nnno” said Jeff trying to concentrate.

“Are you sure baby,” said Brittney softly, “Or is that your gun and not your cock that’s poking my boobs. My ‘big’ boobs.”

“Oh fuck,” said Jeff breathing heavy.

“Shh,” whispered Brittney, unzipping Jeff’s pants, “Calm down baby. I’ll take care of it.” She gently reached in and pulled out Jeff’s rock hard, throbbing dick, “Oooh baby, you’re so hard.”

“Ugh baby” groaned Jeff.

Brittney giggled as she ran her fingers along his shaft and rubbed her lips against the head.

“Baby, escort bostancı please,” said Jeff, weakly.

Brittney took Jeff’s dick into her mouth and locked her lips tightly as she began to suck him.

“Oh fuck,” gasped Jeff as his cock exploded into Brittney’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” moaned Brittney as Jeff’s cum flooded into her mouth, “Mmmh, mmmm, mmmh.”

“God,” gasped Jeff as Brittney started to take long hard sucks on his throbbing manhood, “Babe, hurry. We’re almost there.” Jeff moaned again as his dick emptied into his wife’s mouth.

Brittney took long hard sucks, running her tongue along his shaft, licking it clean, before popping Jeff’s cock out of her mouth, “Mmmm, feel better baby?”

“Yeah,” said Jeff with a sigh of relief.

“That should hold you over until later,” said Brittney, wiping her lips clean and reapplying her ruby red lipstick.

“We’re here babe,” said Jeff pulling into the parking lot of a dance hall.

Brittney reached into her cleavage and pulled out Jeff’s eye patch, and giggled, “Here you go baby, nice and warm.”

Jeff slipped on the patch and placed it over his left eye, “How do I look babe.”

“Mmmm, you look hot baby,” said Brittney giving him a quick kiss before they got out of the car.

“Latoya,” said Brittney cheerfully as she saw her best friend from high school. The buxom blonde was dressed as Ms Marvel and her boyfriend, Jeff’s best friend Chris was dressed as Iron Man.

“Of course you had to one up me didn’t ya,” said Jeff slapping Chris on the back.

“Hey, hey, hey, watch the suit,” said Chris.

“Latoya you sure filled out for your costume,” said Jeff.

Latoya just laughed as she proudly stuck out her 36 DD chest, “What can I say, Ms Marvel is known for her big boobs.”

“So is Power Girl,” giggled Brittney pushing her huge tits against Latoya’s. Both girls laughed as Jeff and Chris just stood there open mouthed.

“Well come on you two,” said Brittney as she and Latoya grabbed their guys by the arm, “Are we gonna party or not?”

The eyes of nearly every guy at the party were focused on Brittney’s jugs as they bounced and jiggled while she and Jeff danced.

“Britt, your costume is a hit,” said Latoya as she danced with Chris next to them.

Brittney giggled as she rubbed her huge rack against Jeff, “You’re getting some looks too.”

Latoya blushed under her mask as she saw guys focusing their gaze to her double D’s, “What can I say, guys love boobs.”

“Yes they do,” said Brittney pushing her massive mounds against Jeff causing him to give an audible moan. Brittney gave him a seductive smile as she buttoned his coat shut.

“Ya see man, I picked the more logical costume,” said Chris, “If I have that problem, it’s hidden by the suit.”

“Who says you won’t have the same problem” said Latoya, pressing Chris’s hand against her right boob.

Chris said nothing but his open mouth was enough proof of the effect on him.

“So, much for being Iron Man,” said Jeff, causing Brittney and Latoya to both giggle.

“C’mon baby,” said Brittney as Jeff and Chris played beer pong against a guy dressed as Superman and a guy dressed as Batman.

Jeff lined up his shot and lobbed the ping pong in the other ümraniye escort team’s last cup. Brittney and Latoya cheered as Jeff and Chris won.

“Three out of five,” said the Superman, clearly drunk.

“No way,” said Chris, “We beat you guys twice already.”

“Alright, alright new game,” said the Batman, also drunk, looking over at Brittney and Latoya, “Your girls have some nice tits, especially Power Girl there.”

“Yeah, and your point,” said Jeff.

“Two pitchers of beer here,” shouted the Batman. A waitress brought two pitchers of beer and placed them on the table. “If you can land a ball in between your girl’s big tits, we’ll drink both pitchers and leave,” said the Batman, “but if you don’t, we play three out of five.”

Jeff looked at Brittney, “What do you think babe.”

“I’m in,” said Brittney, walking over to the other end of the table and pushing her boobs forward, “C’mon baby, land one right here.”

The crowd that gathered around cheered in approval. Jeff picked up a ping pong ball, locked his eyes on his wife’s cleavage, and lobbed the ball right in between her tits.

Brittney and the crowd cheered as Jeff landed the shot while the Superman and Batman drained both pitchers off beer and staggered off.

“Nice shot baby,” said Brittney, snuggling into Jeff, the ball still in between her breasts.

“How could he miss, it’s damn near impossible to miss Britt’s boobs,” said Chris.

Brittney giggled, picking the ping pong ball from her cleavage and tossing it at Chris, “Yeah, well that ball is as close as you’ll ever get to my boobs Chris. Why don’t you practice with Latoya later.”

The excitement began to die down later in the night. Brittney leaned her head against Jeff and snuggled her large boobs into his chest as they danced to a slow song.

“Mmmm, Colonel Fury, you’re so big and strong,” said Brittney in a seductive tone, “Are you sure you can handle a woman like me?”

“What do you mean Power Girl,” said Jeff, causing Brittney to giggle.

She gave a sexy grin as she took Jeff’s hands and cupped her big tits, “I mean can you handle my big babies.”

“I’m sure I can,” said Jeff, giving Brittney’s humongous melons a quick squeeze.

Brittney gasped, got on her tip toes, and whispered in his ear, “Take me home then and you can have them.”

After saying goodbye to Chris and Latoya, Jeff and Brittney got into their SUV and headed home.

Jeff took the back road again, causing Brittney’s big jugs to bounce and jiggle again.

“Mmmh, Uh God,” moaned Brittney as her huge rack bounced uncontrollably, “Uh baby my boobs.”

She then laid across both seats and moaned, “Uh,” as her breasts landed in Jeff’s lap, “I can’t wait until we get home.”

“God,” moaned Jeff as his wife shoved her boobs against his cock.

Brittney giggled as she snuggled her tits into Jeff’s lap, “Mmmm, Colonel Fury is that your gun or are you happy to see me.”

“Uh fuck” gasped Jeff as he started to breathe heavy.

“Shh,” whispered Brittney, unzipping Jeff’s pants, “Let me take care of it baby.” She gently reached in and pulled out Jeff’s rock hard, throbbing dick, “Mmm nice and hard.”

“Ugh baby” groaned Jeff. Brittney giggled as she started stroking his shaft and kartal escort bayan mouthing the head.

“Baby, please,” said Jeff, weakly.

Brittney took Jeff’s dick into her mouth again and locked her lips tightly as she began to suck him.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” moaned Brittney as she moved her husbands big dick in between her lips, licking and sucking it.

“Ugh god,” moaned Jeff as his wife moved her head up and down his erect manhood.

Brittney giggled at Jeff’s moans and began to suck harder, ” Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmh.”

“Uh fuck,” said Jeff as his cock exploded into Brittney’s mouth.

“Mmmmmh,” moaned Brittney as her mouth was flooded with Jeff’s cum as she started taking longer sucks.

Jeff gave another moan as he emptied his dick into Brittney’s mouth.

Brittney took long hard sucks, running her tongue along his shaft, licking it clean once again, before popping Jeff’s cock out of her mouth. “Feel better baby,” said Brittney, wiping her lips.

“Yeah,” said Jeff, sighing with relief.

She then pressed his hard manhood against her bulging cleavage until he moaned again, “Mmmh, that should keep you nice and hard until we get home.”

Brittney then sat up and cupped her humongous melons, “After all, I need you to be so you can fuck these big babies.”

“Ugh God,” moaned Jeff.

“Shhh,” whispered Brittney, putting a hand on Jeff’s dick, “Not yet baby. Save that cum for my tits.”

Jeff quickly pulled into their driveway, got out of the car, and went inside.

He rushed upstairs into the bathroom and started to quickly change out of his costume. When he went into the bedroom he saw Brittney sitting on the bed in her tank top and tight shorts.

“Come here baby,” said Brittney, pulling Jeff’s cock out of his boxers, and lightly sucking on it.

“Ugh fuck,” moaned Jeff causing Brittney to giggle.

She then popped Jeff’s dick out of her mouth and pulled off her tank top, “They’re all yours baby.”

Brittney laid back as Jeff shoved his hard manhood in between her breasts. “Uh,” gasped Brittney as her husband shoved his cock into her cleavage, “Mmmm, fuck em’ baby.”

Jeff gave a loud grunt as he started thrusting in between Brittney’s tits.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh God, Oh Baby, Uh Yes,” moaned Brittney with each thrust into her big jugs, “Mmm, Mmmh, Ohhh, Uhhh, Mmmh, Ahhh, Ugh God, Oh Jeff, Oh Baby, Yyyess.”

Jeff gave a loud moan as he started giving harder thrusts while his dick erupted once again, spurting cum into his wife’s cleavage.

“UH, UH, UH, AHH, AHH, OH BABY, UGH YES,” moaned Brittney loudly as her husband pounded away at her massive mounds with his cock, “UH JEFF, MMM BABY, YYESSS.”

Jeff continued to thrust as he started to breathe heavy.

“Mmm, that’s it baby,” whispered Brittney seductively, “Gimme more. Put your cum all over my tits. My ‘big’ tits.”

Jeff gave another loud moan as his dick erupted one last time.

“Mmmm,” giggled Brittney as her husband emptied his load into her cleavage, “You really do love my big boobs don’t you baby.”

Exhausted from his orgasm, Jeff collapsed onto the bed.

Brittney giggled as she sat up and wiped her breasts clean with a towel, “Looks like Power Girl’s boobs are too much for Nick Fury.”

She then giggled softly as she crawled on top of Jeff, pressed her boobs against him, and laid her head on his chest, “Mmm, this has been one good Halloween baby.”

“It sure has,” said Jeff.

Soon they were both fast asleep.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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