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Big Dicks

Business in San Francisco was perfect, but I had to get to Philly before the next fire started. Our west coast team was doing a phenomenal job since we moved Eric out there, but the void he left in Philadelphia was coming to a head.

So I told Angela and the kids I’d be out an extra day, rerouting my flight home to Philly instead of Baltimore the night before. I could drive a rental home in the afternoon. Home in time for dinner. Angela was upset because she didn’t think my team appreciated everything I did to make their worlds run smoothly. We fought about it and barely spoke or texted during our trips. She was right, but I had a job to do.

The flight landed in Philly at 10PM, so I didn’t make it downtown until 11. The chilly fall air was enough to wake me from my cross-country slumber, but I really just wanted to head home. Angela had left for a conference in Italy the night before I left for San Francisco. Because the kids were still with her parent’s, I’d thought about heading home for the night for a quick apology fuck, but I had a full morning planned. I needed a rested body and a clear head. Promoting DawnLee over Augustus in Philly was going to divide the studio nobody how we rolled it out, but we had no other choice. Augustus was a popular guy in the office, but he wouldn’t have been effective in a leadership position. He greased the wheels but was not the engine. DawnLee has gotten shit done in every roll she’s had. I’d groomed her in Baltimore to run that office but she followed some idiot boyfriend to Philly. Now she was focused at work and we could take advantage of her newfound dedication.

That would let Augustus continue to keep up that wild bachelor life he was living. He was everybody’s Best Man because he had a black book of talent that was ready to fuck anyone at all times. I don’t know why he didn’t just become a pimp.

As I pulled the vehicle up to the valet, I tried to clear my head of the politics. “Positive thoughts,” I greeted Steven, the late shift valet, as I handed him the keys to rental. I’d made this trip before, but this stay was going to be different.

I was greeted by Antoine when I entered the lobby. “Should not have sent my boy west,” he smiled as he shook his head. Eric had mentored Antoine when he was the misguided teen vandalizing the Philly studio’s brick walls. Now Antoine is the misguided Assistant Manager at the boutique hotel we use for clients. “E’s text said you’d be in and out so I took care of everything. 1803. Enjoy your ‘Thank You’ gift,” he pronounced with pride when he handed me my key card.

“Thanks, Ant,” I replied with what little energy I had left. “Wake up call for 6?” I followed knowing that the time change was about to play havoc on this trip.

“No problem,” was the reply for every request I could remember. “And room service will follow at 6:15,” he rushed as the elevator doors began to close.

I began to mentally unpack the contents of my bag in order to efficiently get through the night. I knew I’d instinctively read a few emails before I fell asleep, but I planned out the rest of my collapse – from taking my shower and brushing my teeth to laying out tomorrow’s clothes and prepping notes for the meeting.

Once I entered the room I was in attack mode. I immediately turned the heat on blast so I’d fall asleep once I got out of the shower. I emptied my bag and repacked it while I watched the news naked. I only needed clothes tomorrow so was sleeping in my birthday suit. I took a $10 bill from my wallet and left it for the maid and readied my clothes, keys and glasses for the next day. As I headed to the bathroom I noticed a brown paper bag on the desk for the first time. There was a note attached with a roughly hand written note.

“Enjoy the Delassandros”

The aroma of my favorite Philly cheesesteak hugged me when I opened the bag. I knew I couldn’t eat the whole sandwich at that hour, but I had to take a bite. Heaven. Then I quickly wrapped it up and tossed it in the fridge hoping I’d remember it in the morning.

I showered as my phone read my last 10 emails aloud. I laughed as the app I used had a default female voice and most of my messages were from guys (mental note: diversify the office!). Of course Eric warned me about the office vibe before telling me to enjoy the gift he’d sent to the hotel to lighten the mood. There was nothing pressing in my Inbox so I brushed, flossed, dried off, hit the lights and hit the pillow. The room was toasty so I was out.

Or so I thought.

I vaguely remember hearing a door key bostancı escort bayan swipe, but assumed it was to the room across the hall. I didn’t have the energy to check so I nodded back off.

Or so I thought.

Strangely I got whiff of my wife’s favorite perfume and thought I was dreaming. I must have really wanted to go home and make up. The scent was faint but I remember wanting to open my eyes. I was so tired. I was obviously dreaming. I just dozed off.

Then I remembered feeling kisses on my neck and I smiled. This dream was becoming lifelike but I was too tired to really enjoy it. So I mumbled something about needing to wake up early. I assumed I was dreaming about my wife until I felt a hand travel down my chest and a bosom dance just above my mouth.

My first reaction was to reach for a breast even though my eyes were still closed. I was either having a dream about Angela or Angela had made the trip up to Philly to see her man. Either way I was about to enjoy her. But as I began to reach for her body I felt a tug on my wrist.

My wrist was wrapped loosely by some sort of scarf and I couldn’t bring my hand towards the breast above me. But before I could panic and wake, I heard a ‘shhhhh’ as I tugged harder. The scarf that was wrapped around my arm fell loose, but a hand pushed me back just as I started to pull on my other arm. It had been loosely tied as well, but it quickly occurred to me that I wasn’t really tied up tightly. I could break free if I wanted. This was just a game. Foreplay. So I figured I’d play along. I laid still while soft kisses were being painted from my neck to my ankles. Then I felt Angela use two more scarves to tie my legs to the foot of the bed. I briefly opened my eyes to try and catch a glimpse of my Angela’s gorgeous ass but the room was pitch black. I closed my eyes as a new coat of kisses were applied from my ankles to my neck.

Unfortunately the entire experience was too calming. By now my arm was retied – still loosely – and the aroma of Angela’s perfume was relaxing. I was supposed to be excited to have her make the trip to see me but I knew I couldn’t stay awake. “Maybe in the morning?” I offered. “I missed you, too.”

I could feel myself fading and I knew my dick wasn’t hard. Her plan was backfiring and I couldn’t help her. She’d never tied me up before, but I was simply too tired to enjoy it. The only reason I hadn’t completely dozed off was the suspense of her not touching me. I knew that once her warm skin hit mine I’d be horny as hell or out like a light. But I could only feel her crawling around the bed as she continued painting my freshly showered body. I succumbed to sleep just as her warm breath covered my forearm.

I was out.

I’m not sure how long I was out, but I remember dreaming about being in the office and then in a mall and then at the beach when it swallowed me like a warm bath. My dick was in Angela’s mouth and she was sucking it so slow I was about to cum. I had no idea how long it had been in her mouth but I was damn certain that I was about fill her mouth. But I was still in the fog of slumber so I never warned her that I was about to erupt.

Of course she already knew, but I’d always thought myself a gentleman in these situations, especially when I had a couple of days worth of cum stored up. And as I feared, the load she received was quite ample.

Angela wasn’t typically a swallower, but she had her moments. This was one of those moments. Her lips never released from my dick and I could feel her throat swallow as the second and third shots fired.

Immediately the stress of my world left my body and I mouthed the words ‘thank you’ as I dozed off for good. I felt terrible about it, but I knew that Angela understood.


With superheroic reaction I snatched the hotel phone from beside the bed and heard the pleasant receptionist offer me a pleasant ‘good morning, Mr. Black’ before I immediately hung up the phone.

I jumped to my feet, threw on my boxers, jeans and Uniqlo T before racing to the bathroom to piss and brush my teeth. I was so charged up that I almost knocked over the glass on the counter as I hit the bathroom light switch. In the split second I flipped the switch and caught the glass I noticed a reflection in the mirror of an envelope that had been slipped under the door. I never saw a paper bill from the hotel before so I was intrigued. But it was going to have to wait because I needed to check my emails, grab my luggage and throw on my shoes.

So with ümraniye escort one last survey of the room, I grabbed the envelope from the floor and headed out the door. As I read the ‘Thanks’ printed on the envelope I made certain that the door didn’t slam as it closed. That’s when I noticed the black scarf tied to the outside handle.

Holy Shit!!!

Last night.

I’d completely forgotten. It wasn’t a dream. Honestly I wasn’t 100% sure that anything had really happened. In my rush to get out of the door I forgot about being bound and there was no sticky DNA to remind me.

Holy Shit!!! My wife was like a fucking spy!

I thought about grabbing the scarf but I thought it would be funny to leave it for Antoine to find.

I grudgingly opened the envelope as I headed toward the elevator. I should have been using that time to read my email. I immediately noticed it was a Starbucks card with ‘BLACK’ sharpied on the front. As I began to shove it in my front pocket I watched the glass elevator doors close. And on the other side of the those doors I saw two hotel room doors with black scarves tied to their handles.

Mind. Blown.

As I headed past the front desk I scanned for Antoine but I knew he had left right after I arrived. My car was already waiting with engine running when I walked outside.

As I tossed my luggage in the trunk I realized I’d forgotten my cheesesteak in the refrigerator. ‘Too late’ I thought to myself, but I probably would have eaten it for breakfast. Not good.

I handed another $10 bill to the morning valet and jumped into the drivers seat to notice yet another surprise in the passengers seat: a blueberry muffin with a gold foil note that read ‘Good Luck!’ My birthday wasn’t for 4 months, so I was officially freaked the fuck out.

Luckily the bluetooth sync on my phone immediately began to read my new email over the car speakers as I drove away. My only distractions for the next 25 minutes was driving, the Singapore and Paris office updates and the most amazing blueberry muffin I could imagine.

Pulling up to our office I remembered the Starbucks in the lobby and pulled out my new gift card. In line and way before it was my turn to order, an astute barista recognized the card in my hand and asked me “Are you Mr. Black?”

Puzzled, I answered, “Yeah…”

“The card, sir,” he replied, letting me know how he knew who I was. Though there were 10 people ahead of me, he rushed me my peppermint tea and sent me on my way. Service with a smile.

In the elevator I finished the last bite of my blueberry muffin while my tea cooled. I prepared myself for the awkward arrival and office tension.

Greeting me at the elevator was DawnLee with an energetic smile. “Great to see you, Black!” she sang as I swallowed the last bite of my muffin.

But before I could form a response, she had already turned toward the hallway and headed toward the large conference room where I would greet the 30 folks wondering about the new office dynamic. DawnLee was crisp, sharp, blunt and to-the-point. We entered the room and headed for the front window area.

“Hope everything was perfect,” she offered before turning me loose on the crowd. But before I could open my mouth her eyes widened and she pulled a handkerchief from her pocket to wipe my face. “Muffin?” she asked.

I gave her a thank you smile as I watched her put the handkerchief back in her pocket. It wasn’t a handkerchief. It was a scarf. A black scarf.

My eyes widened with confusion as I recalled the intensity of last evening. DawnLee’s lips were now front and center. Did she swallow me last night?

What the FUCK!?

“Uh, Mr. Black will now share with us what’s going on with the new global restructure,” DawnLee explained as I gathered myself. She then headed to the back of the room where Augustus had just arrived. They greeted each other with a warm smile and a laugh. I quickly read the room and realized that there was no angst over the new changes. Everyone seemed particularly at ease, so I simply kept the overview of our upcoming projects positive. The questions that popped up were inquisitive, but there was no sign of any internal bullshit.

So I was left with ‘who the fuck sucked my dick last night!’

After a few closing questions everyone went back to work and I stayed in the conference room to make a few phone calls before I made the drive home. I wanted to grab DawnLee but she had snatched the team headed to Paris to brief them before their trip. As I danced through kartal escort each call I kept replaying the memory of last night, trying to fill in the blanks with DawnLee instead of Angela. How could I not know who was in my room? How was I going to explain this to my wife? WAS I even going to explain this to my wife? We’d known DawnLee since she finished grad school. What the fuck?!

My calls were finished and I needed to get on the road soon if I wanted to beat the evening rush hour. Frustrated, I packed my backpack and shot toward the elevator. I’d see DawnLee next week at our quarterly review so I decided I’d try to forget about it until then. As I waited on the elevator Augustus walked up with a sly smile and a hug.

“I just wanted to tell you that everything is good here in the office,” Augustus explained with a sense of pride. “I know I was pissed at first – sorry for the emails – but I realized I didn’t want to deal with the bullshit DawnLee has on her plate now and I’m good with it.”

“Glad to hear,” I replied knowing he was sincere. “Just make sure you keep the clients happy.”

“That’s my specialty, right?” Augustus agreed as the elevator doors opened.

“Headed down,” I asked as I let the young lady step out as I stepped on.

“No, thanks,” Augustus answered as he engulfed the young lady with a mighty bear hug and a peck on the cheek. “My delivery just arrived.”

No surprise, the young lady was tall, curvy and a bit inappropriate for the office, but that was Augustus. I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of her well defined assets in her fitted black dress and heels when another of my five senses kicked in. The elevator had the slight aroma of my wife’s perfume. I might not have noticed it if not for last night’s escapade, but it was as clear as Augustus’s palm on that young lady’s ass. So my mind naturally skipped to the scandalous alternative of my blow job mystery. My eyes lit up as I saw Augustus grinning from ear to ear.

“Hope you liked my gift,” he rushed as the door began to seal me and the perfume for our awkward ride downward.

What the fuck, again?! Did Augustus send some girl into my hotel room to tie me up and blow me? Was she a hooker? Was that just one of his girls? How did he know Angela’s favorite perfume? Do I need to go straight to the doctor to get checked out? What the fuck?!

The elevator stopped and I started my walk of shame and confusion to the parking lot. Before I knew it I was stuck in I-95 traffic trying to figure out what I was going to tell Angela. I wasn’t even certain if it was DawnLee or Augustus who executed the plan. I was a mess. The company was firing on all cylinders and I was in the twilight zone.

But I had to tell Angela. That’s how we roll. Period. No matter what.

When I got home I found Angela in the kitchen. Her suitcase from her trip to Italy was by the stairs and she was making lasagna. “I was inspired by my trip!” she announced as I looked over her preparations. “And I trust you were as well,” she added as she placed the pan in the oven and set the timer.

“Ang,” I started with a heavy knot in my throat, “we gotta talk. I think…”

“I think you need to save your tongue,” Angela harshly interrupted me, “for the pussy you’re about feast upon because that’s what’s about to happen right now.” Then she grabbed my hand and walked me to the couch where she shed her jeans and underwear before shoving me down. I was full of apology but my dick was still getting hard. Before I knew it, the curly hair above her clit was tickling my nose as she ground herself into my face. “You’ve had long, hard trip, love,” she grunted as her hips ferociously whipped back and forth.

Her pussy was fucking my face from my chin to my forehead. I tried to maneuver my tongue but she was about to erase all of my facial features and she was enjoying the fuck out of herself.

“DawnLee and Augustus,” she spoke between thrusts of her ass onto my confused face. “And Eric and Antoine,” she continued as her pace quickened. “I’m sure they appreciate all of the shit you do to keep the ball rolling,” she said as she tried to keep her rhythm steady. By now I had my hands up her shirt and could feel her firm nipples sweating.

“But no one,” she demanded as she was full-on fucking my face, “knows how… to say… thank… you like… me.” And just like that she collapsed into a heap of brown legs and a slightly torn t-shirt. Her sweat and cum covered my face.

While she recovered I realized that I was never going to find out who sucked my dick last night and if Angela had anything to do with it all. I was convinced that she knew what had happened, but maybe she had buyer’s remorse. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe it was her all along.

But we never spoke about it afterwards.

And the lasagna was amazing.

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