Going Home

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It’d been a difficult week. The stock market plunged, again. The sector she’d been covering, Casino and Gaming, got hammered. The financial crisis that started in 2008 was apparently not over. Jenny needed to get away. She’d been meaning to help her father with a genealogy project he’d been working on. It was just the distraction that she needed.

Jenny hadn’t been home since Christmas. It was only a three hour drive north, but it seems that lately she’s only been able to get upstate two or three times a year. Once this mess was behind her, she promised herself she’d visit more regularly.

Heading out of the city was always challenging. But on this weekend there was major construction on the George Washington Bridge; she’d have to pick up the Thruway from Interstate 287. By the time she reached the Tappan Zee Bridge the rain had stopped. As she drove north, Jenny filed away her problems, hit the accelerator on her black BMW M3 convertible, found a classic rock station and cranked up the radio.

There was just one piece of business to which she had to attend. She had called Jonathan earlier in the day to make sure he’d be home this weekend. “I’m coming up and I need a favor,” said Jenny.

“Of course, you know I’ll do anything for you,” replied Jonathan eagerly.


“Just a small-town girl, livin’ in a lonely world, she took the midnight train goin’ anywhere…” Jenny loved Journey. Her mind wandered… She thought back to the summer before her freshman year at Carnegie Mellon. It was intense. She had so many great memories but the one that she often relived was the first time Jonathan took her to his favorite “parking” spot.

It was on a desolate back road, at a bend near a large oak tree. There was only one house on the entire stretch and it was a half a mile away. If a car came their way, they would have plenty of time to react.

It was a warm, moonlit, star-filled summer night. They’d been to the drive-in in Jonathan’s red 1969 Oldsmobile 442 convertible. He loved that car and never stopped talking about it. Among the useless facts Jenny had stored away was that 442 stood for four barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, and dual exhaust. If she were ever a contestant on JEOPARDY and the category was muscle cars, she’d clean up!

Jonathan lowered the sun visor and grabbed a joint he’d stashed there earlier. He lit up, took a long deep drag, and handed it to Jenny. She had smoked a few times but had never really been stoned. But this stuff was potent and after a couple of hits they were both glassy-eyed and giggly, and horny.

Jonathan leaned against the headrest and closed his eyes. Jenny reached across the center console and started rubbing his growing bulge. She unzipped his fly and fished his cock out of his pants. His unfurling length was quite impressive. She stroked up and down and playfully kissed his engorged head.

Jenny expertly ran her tongue along his full length. She’d only been giving head for a few months but she was quite proud of her abilities. She relaxed her mouth and jaw and took in as much of him as she could. “Yeah, baby, OH, oh, that feels good,” murmured Jonathan.

“Lift your ass, I want to slide your pants down,” commanded Jenny. Jonathan gladly complied.

Jenny bent Jonathan’s cock 90° forward, forming a perfect right angle, and let it snap against his belly. The tip of his swollen head reached his belly button. She snapped it several more times; tiny droplets of pre-come seeped out. Jenny smeared it over his head before licking it off completely.

Jonathan ataşehir escort bayan was rock-hard in a way that only 18-year-olds can be. The other thing about 18-year-old guys, Jenny thought to herself was that their stamina wasn’t fully developed. Jenny knew it wouldn’t be long. She wrapped her lips around his cock and felt his warm jism filling her mouth. She put her hand around his cock and pumped up and down. She was determined not to spill a drop.

“Damn, Jenny, what the hell, that was great, Jesus Christ,” said Jonathan.

Jenny was hot and amped. She unbuttoned her tight cutoffs and slipped her fingers between her legs, brushing past her fine hairs and toyed with her tender pussy. She wiggled out of her shorts and rubbed herself purposefully. Jenny was in a trance; she lifted her ass and peeled off her panties. For a moment, she almost forgot that she wasn’t alone in her bedroom.

She knew it would take Jonathan a few more minutes to recover and she desperately wanted to cum. She probed and pulled her pussy lips rubbing her love button clockwise and counterclockwise. She thrust her hips up and down, fucking herself with abandon. “Oh God, oh God, MMM… I’m cuming, ooh… I’m cuming,” screamed Jenny.

The other great thing about being 18 is an insatiable appetite and wanting to fuck all night. Jonathan reclined his bucket seat and removed his jeans. His cock was at full attention. Jenny climbed over the gearshift, steadying herself with her left arm. She lowered herself onto Jonathan using her right hand to guide him into her waiting and parted cunt.

Jonathan lifted Jenny’s tank-top over her head, unsnapped her bra and marveled at her heavy tits and puffy nipples. The contrast of her big boobs and cute small ass was striking. “This will serve Jenny very well in the future,” Jonathan thought to himself.

As Jenny bounced up and down, Jonathan tenderly sucked and pulled her nipples with his lips and teeth. He knew from experience that she was very sensitive when aroused. With the benefit of an orgasm behind them, they were able to enjoy making love. They kissed deeply and passionately, Jenny’s lips were soft and tender. She felt Jonathan’s head expand and knew he was ready to explode. Jenny tightened her grip around his muscular torso. She slid her hand between their sweaty bodies and found her swollen prize. Jenny had timed a perfect simultaneous orgasm.


Jenny exited toward the tollbooth. For some reason, the car ride had been shorter than normal. It was less than 10 miles to her parent’s house, but instead she headed in the opposite direction toward Jonathan’s place. Jenny glanced at herself in the rearview mirror and smiled.

Jonathan lived in a new subdivision a few miles from town. The homes in the neighborhood were big and well maintained. There were semicircular driveways with four-stall garages, beautifully manicured lawns, Jaguars and Mercedes-Benzes everywhere. “Jonathan and Amy must’ve done pretty well for themselves,” thought Jenny.

Jenny pulled up in front of Jonathan’s home and saw him sitting on the front porch. He was wearing cargo shorts, grass-stained Timberlands, and his shirt was unbuttoned to his navel. They hadn’t seen each other since he and Amy’s wedding, but married life seemed to be treating him well.

Jenny parked in the driveway and skipped up the walkway. The smell of freshly cut grass invoked pleasant memories. Jonathan’s shrubs were perfectly manicured, his sidewalks were edged to perfection, and the flower beds were freshly mulched.

“I bet escort kadıköy you’re the only one in the neighborhood who does his own lawn,” teased Jenny.

“Yeah, these pretentious bastards haven’t got a clue,” said Jonathan. He was drinking a Corona, reached into the six-pack and handed her one. “How have you been? You look great.”

“It was a crazy week in Gotham City. I’m glad to be home for the weekend.”

Jenny had a chance to more closely examine her former boyfriend. He kept himself in great shape and it was obvious he still worked out. His easy smile and engaging eyes always got her attention. He wore his hair shorter, was a tad thicker, but the 10 years since high school hadn’t diminished his appeal.

Jenny learned that Jonathan was an electrical engineer at the new Chip Fab plant, that his college career-ending football injury turned out to be a good thing and that he knew he was one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Jenny remembered fondly his naïve optimism. “Or perhaps,” thought Jenny to herself, “he was one of those guys who’d go through life unscathed.”

Jonathan also had a chance to check out his first love. She was dressed in a $2000 Armani suit, drove a fancy sports car, still had piercing large blue eyes, and of course, those breasts. They were tastefully hidden away behind her silk blouse. He smiled to himself as he remembered the summer after high school.

Jonathan said, “I’m glad you called. It’s always great to see you. You said you needed something.”

“Yes, I’ve got a delicate matter I was hoping your brother could help with. Is he still good with computers? He was quite a little hacker when we were in high school.”

“He’s reformed and has promised to never cross the line again. Or did he say he’d never get caught again. I’m not sure. You know him, always a little too clever for his own good.”

“I have a project I’m working on that requires a man with his skills. It’s a bit tricky and I need to be discreet, but nothing nefarious. Do you think he’d be willing to help me?”

“William would do anything for you, you know that. You got him out of that jam. He’s loyal for life. I’ll have him call you at the office on Monday.”

“No, that’s okay. Tell him I’ll reach out to him. Like I said, kinda discreet. But tell him to expect my call. Another thing, don’t mention this to anyone.”

“Sounds serious, mums the word. Come on, let’s go in. The mosquitoes are restless tonight.”

They sat on the couch in the living room and continued catching up. Their romance fizzled out by their sophomore year but they had remained friends. “Amy should be home shortly. She’s been on call this week and had an emergency appendectomy.”

They both heard a car door slam. “There she is now.”

Amy was still wearing her hospital scrubs. She and Jenny had known each other over the years. Jenny was in their wedding, a bunch of them summered together at the shore a few years ago, and they were Facebook friends.

“I’m going to take a shower,” said Amy. “Are you guys in the mood for pizza? I’m starving.”

“I’ll order one,” said Jonathan. “Do mushrooms and black olives sound good?”


Amy returned freshly showered with her short blonde hair still damp. Her Nordic features and cobalt blue eyes reminded Jenny of Charlize Theron. She was wearing black yoga pants and a pink tightfitting low scoop top. Her boobs had a nice jiggle and bounce. Jenny noticed the faint outline of her girly thing.

Amy returned from the kitchen with a bottle of Pinot Noir and three wineglasses. bostancı escort They spent the next two hours rekindling their friendship. The conversation was lively. They managed to polish off a second bottle of the Pino.

“It’s getting late. I better go,” said Jenny.

“Nonsense, we’ve all had too much to drink. The guestroom is made up,” said Amy. “It’s just down the hall, follow me, I’ll show you.”

“Thanks, you’re right, if I went home I’d probably wake up my parents. They’re in bed by 10.”

As they walked down the hall, Jenny said, “Your house is beautiful. I really like it. My place in the city is nice, but it’s nothing like this.”

“The guest bath is just down the hall, and here we are, your room. I’ll be right back, I’ll lend you a nightgown,” said Amy.

Jenny was sitting on the bed already unbuttoning her blouse. “Don’t worry about it, I usually sleep au naturel.”

Amy blushed, turned toward the door and said over her shoulder, “Okay then. Call if you need anything.”


Jonathan was lying on the bed with his head propped up by a pile of pillows. “Jenny hasn’t changed a bit,” said Amy. “She’s as engaging as ever and still very sexy. No wonder you always talk about that summer.”

Amy emerged from the bathroom wearing a skimpy nightgown. Her nipples were poking through the thin fabric. She cuddled up next to Jonathan placing her head on his bare chest. The sound of his heartbeat was comforting.

Amy moved her hand to Jonathan’s lap and started rubbing. “But you’re mine now.” She slipped her hand under his boxer’s waistband. Jonathan responded immediately. She stroked up and down his full-length. “All mine…”

Amy slid off his underwear and started sucking his cock, licking his shaft, tonguing the outline of his head while holding its base with a firm grasp. She playfully ran her teeth along his full-length. She somehow managed to remove her nightgown allowing her full access to her needy tits. She massaged herself, tugged her nipples, and seductively smiled at Jonathan. She bent his erection forward and let it snap against his belly. “Thwack!” She remembered.

Amy rolled off and spread her legs wide. Jonathan placed his swollen head on her waiting pussy and entered easily. His pace wasn’t rushed. The look on Amy face confirmed that she loved being fucked. She moaned as he pulled her nipples with his teeth. They kissed like lovers. “Oh my God, MMM MMM, yeah yeah,” purred Jenny.

Jonathan skillfully flipped her over and drilled his cock into her pussy from behind. Amy looked over her shoulder, “MMM, OH, oh.”

Since she was now facing the partially open bedroom door, she was able to see Jenny standing in the shadows, playing with herself, her big tits swaying. “Fuck me Jonathan, fuck me,” pleaded Amy.

Jonathan grabbed his cock and teasingly removed and reinserted it several times. He placed his cock on her puckered rim and slapped it up-and-down, exerting just enough pressure against Amy’s hole to make her wonder if he’d be going there. He decided against it, acrobatically rolled her over on her back, allowing her head to hang slightly over the foot of the bed. When she bent her neck backward, Amy had an entirely new view of Jenny’s diddling.

He pumped wildly, his balls slapping against her ass. “FUCK MY CUNT,” screamed Amy. Jonathan’s cock swelled filling her completely. His final thrust was powerful and he unleashed his load. Amy’s pussy walls contracted to the rhythm of her pulsing heart.

Jonathan collapsed onto Amy. They were breathing heavy and glistening with sweat. From the corner of her eye, Amy caught a glimpse of Jenny turning and heading back to the guestroom, she supposed, to finish what she started. Jonathan tightened his strong arms around his wife and kissed the top of her head. They were asleep within minutes.

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