Going Down

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Could the day have started any worse? The mishaps just seemed to pick up momentum and things continued to decline — a dead car battery, road construction, an indifferent husband (although that had been an ongoing issue for quite some time now). It was one of those days that should have held promise, but the morning started crappy when I overslept. Everything just went south from there, including a parking ticket that I would find later slapped on my windshield — well almost everything went south. Today was supposed to be the day that I would be closing several major sales that would set me on my way monetarily, but by the time I had finished the interview with my real estate accountant, I was almost ready to just jump from the 92nd floor as much as take the elevator — and particularly not the same elevator that had broken down on the way up. About a dozen of us were stranded for more than an hour.

With no phone reception in the dead elevator, there was no contact with the outside world. As things turned out, the accountant had about given up on me for the day and was about to leave when the ‘elevator dozen’ was finally rescued and I made my way to the 92nd floor via some stairs and a service elevator. I had no idea in hell how to find my way back, but I was too consumed with making sure I took care of the contracts.

After being assertive with this pasty, horn-rimmed bean counter, he grudgingly took me back to his office, but the meeting was rocky and nothing went as I had planned. He was a real asshole even though I was making him a lot of money. Fortunately, I was able to control it enough to ensure that the contracts, at least, were mostly to my liking. However, after over an hour with Mr. Numbers and no one apparently left in the building, I wandered about the halls aimlessly looking for the correct elevator to take me to ground floor.

I must have spent 15 minutes walking in circles looking for the elevator bank and was about to swallow my pride and go back to the accountant’s office. God, I didn’t want to do that, so I decided to just go into the lady’s room and freshen up.

As I stepped up to the mirror, I smiled at the reflection. “Been through the wringer today, eh girl?” I asked myself. I just splashed some water on my face, undid the top button to my blouse to show off more of my tan and other attributes, touched up some make-up, and straightened my hair. “Good to go.”

When I exited the restroom, I still had no idea how long I would be roaming these halls. That’s when I noticed a tall, dark man with a Canvas knapsack tucked under his arm. He seemed quite preoccupied and very intense. I pretended not to notice his striking good looks, but I couldn’t help myself. He had silvery-black hair and intense brown eyes. His eyebrows revealed that he was self-assured. I was awestruck and just a little bit frightened (with everything else today, he’s probably a serial killer). I was also very curious and decided to take a risk and go up to him.

“Excuse me, but do you know the way to the lobby elevator?” I wanted to sink into my shoes as he turned to me with his intense expression on his face. It’s odd. As he turned to me, I felt both a little scared and a little aroused. Then his face softened, and he simply he smiled (God, what a wonderful smile he had!).

“Sure do. I am on my way out. You can just follow along with me.” And with that he gestured for me to walk alongside as he tucked his business papers into the canvas.

Oh God! My heart just jumped into my throat and I could feel myself blushing a bit. I could feel the little bit of arousal begin to grow a bit more noticeable, and I stopped and feigned fixing my shoe as I squeeze my thighs together.

He was really friendly, and the conversation was easy. He laughed out loud when I told him about the day’s mishaps. He said really couldn’t believe that all those things had happened, and his hand just naturally rested on my shoulder as he bent and laughed again. It was like an electric wire for me, and I had to really work to hide my reaction. I certainly couldn’t fix my shoe again. Then as quickly it was off. Before I knew it, we were quickly to the elevator bank.

He stopped between two doors and pressed the button. As his hand reached out, I noticed his ataşehir escort bayan ring, and I am sure he saw mine. Still the conversation flowed easily while we waited for the elevator to work its way back up to 92. As we talked, I noticed he would try and sneak a glance every now and then at my tanned cleavage, and I actually found myself trying to rearrange my position so I could give him a better look. God! What was I doing flirting like a schoolgirl, and with a married man?! Our discussion moved easily among topics including work, favorite foods and movies. To that point, we never spoke of the three “S’s” (sports, sex, or spouses), but when the discussion did start to move on to the more intimate “S’s”, sports still ever came up.

Somehow banter about our love lives and crappy home (i.e., sex) lives were eventually broached, and his glance became more intense again. It seemed as if he was now looking right through my clothes, leaving me standing naked. I wasn’t sure if I was more nervous or aroused. I did know that I wanted to fall into his embrace and kiss his wonderful mouth.

We were standing for quite some time, and with all these emotions swirling and the craziness of the day to compound matters, my head was swirling and my knees just buckled. I lurched and put my hands out on his chest to steady myself. His free arm reached out and caught my elbow.

As I regained my balance and glanced up to him, there was that gaze piercing through my eyes. My palms were still steadying me against his chest. Although I had never done anything like this before in my sheltered life, I just let both hands slide up his chest and around his neck. I lifted myself up on my toes and let my chest rest against his. Our mouths moved closer, and we were just about to fall into our kiss when………….

“Ding!” Fuck! The elevator!

What was it with today? Wouldn’t anything go right? Thank God no one got off, because I would not to be deterred now. I simply unwrapped my arms from around his neck, and placed my palms against his chest again. Then I just shoved him to the backside of the elevator cabin.

For the first time, his eyes showed surprise, but they quickly softened when he saw me enter immediately behind him. Walking directly toward him, he opened his arms to me, and I wrapped myself back into his embrace. This time I would not be denied, and I snuggled into his embrace and rested my head against his chest. The elevators doors closed behind me, giving us our privacy, just as I looked up and pressed my lips to his waiting kiss.

At first we simply explored the outline of each other’s lips with little feathery kisses and nibbles, and as their texture became more familiar, we pressed our mouths together in a more searching kiss. Oh God! I can’t believe that I am actually kissing a strange man in an elevator! But that tingling feeling inside and my desire for a long absent passion had taken hold of me like never before.

He was much taller than I, and I found myself stepping on my tiptoes to gain as much access to his searching mouth as I possibly could. I could feel the slight scratchiness of his “5 O’clock shadow” on my cheek. When our mouths opened for our tongues to be introduced the first time, it was like an electric shock, and I swooned dizzily deeper into his embrace. His tongue was magical as it dueled and mated with my own, and I could feel my wet excitement telling me I had to have more of this strange man.

Our mouths remained locked together in that first kiss. Neither of us wanted for it to end. We were both frightened that to break off the kiss would be to awaken from a beautiful dream. When we finally did separate, he placed feathery little kisses all around my mouth. Then he began kissing and nibbling at the nape of my neck. Oh my! How did he know how much I loved that feeling? I could feel my knees buckle, and his breath on my neck made me shiver. Then we fell back into another deep kiss.

He became bolder as we locked in this second kiss. I felt his hands begin explore. His hands were large with long fingers, and I could feel my own wetness spread as I anticipated how they would feel when they slipped inside me. However, for now I was content to feel the soft pads follow the outline of escort kadıköy my face and the strong fingers kneed my breasts through the cloth. I just hung to his neck and pulled myself even tighter to him.

I could feel his hardness growing against my waistline, and I stretched even higher to position my sex nearer to the length of his erection. We started to grind. I either began to growl or purr with delight. God, how did this happen so suddenly? I was in utter ecstasy! His movements seem to synchronize perfectly with mine.

Although he had become a bit bolder with his explorations, he was still being somewhat tentative about proceeding further. He seemed to be waiting for a signal. It was as if he was trying to be sensitive to just how far I was willing to let him take me. Right now I couldn’t think beyond this kiss, but I knew that I wasn’t ready for any of this passion to ebb.

As my sign to him, I let my palm slide down his chest and settle on the length of his cock. Then I squeezed my fingers around it through his slacks. He groaned with pleasure, and I released him long enough to let my fingers slide open his zipper. Slipping my hand through the opening and under the elastic waistline of his shorts I took his full erection into my hand and let my fingers slide up and down its length. Oh, it felt so nice in my hand. It throbbed once when I squeeze it, and I heard him groan again.

I broke off our kiss and moved my lips to his ear. I nibbled at the lobe and darted my tongue inside his ear. I could hear his groan turn to more of a growl. Then I whispered that I wanted him to feel how excited I was and squeezed my grip again, making his cock twitch in my hand yet again.

I had almost begun to think that it was me who had taken charge, until I felt him slip a hand under my skirt and rest his smooth palm on my naked thigh. It was like a jolt from an exposed electric wire — it was the first time in so long that I could feel a man sensuously touching me there. I desperately wanted to feel fingertips inside me, and felt my thighs spread open to his touch. They seemed to have a mind of their own, but he just let his palm set there with his fingers kneading the underside of my thigh. No! I didn’t need teasing. I needed to feel his touches slip inside me. I wanted to orgasm with him! I released his cock and put my hand over his urging it northward.

He immediately understood and glided his hand until he resettled his palm on top my sex. I could feel its pressure and ground down on his palm. I could also feel the length of one of his fingers spooning over my panties with the crack of my butt. Then I felt the fingertip lift and put pressure on my little rosebud back there like it wanted to enter me. Now it was my turn to growl! I was so aroused! I was getting to feel the pleasure I desired so much. I had always wanted my husband to touch me like this, but he didn’t have a clue. Now this complete stranger was taking me places I’d never experienced.

Then his hand slid up the front of my panties and his fingertips slipped under the elastic. Oh yes! I could hardly wait to feel him work them inside me. His fingers slid down along my trimmed pubic area, and I arched to meet them as they approached my slick opening. Then as first one and then a second penetrated me, the sensation took my breath away. I collapsed in a sigh of pleasure on the ground. I could feel myself spreading my legs wider to him and my hips begin to writhe under his touch.

God, his fingers were magical inside me. He knew just how to maneuver them to bring me the greatest pleasure. His rested his palm over my opening with a pressure that rubbed against my clitoris while he finger fucked me. His fingers and thumb were well lubricated with my juices, and he worked the two digits together as if they were a single cock while his thumb took over for his palm. I was so hot now that I had even entertained the idea of letting him fuck me, but without any protection, (even as good as I know he would feel inside me) I couldn’t risk that with this stranger.

I knew he would still pleasure me with those long fingers, and I wanted to pleasure him as well. While he continued to bring me to my edge (I was so close!), I twisted around and undid his belt and opened bostancı escort his slacks. Sensing my objective, he lifted his hips and allowed me to pull his trousers and shorts over his hips. Now his beautiful hard cock was directly in front of me.

I took it in my hand and wrapped my fingers about its length. Then I bent over it and kissed its purple head, fluttering my tongue right along the top. I could feel him begin to squirm, but he never let in affect how he was pleasuring me. I licked along its length, but I couldn’t wait much longer. I wanted to take his cock in my mouth and finish him. I wanted us both to cum together, and I couldn’t hold back much longer.

I let my lips slide over the head of his cock and my tongue swirled under its base. That momentarily stopped him, and I smiled at the pleasure I had just brought him. Then I began to fuck him in earnest with my mouth, wrapping my lips about him as if they were a tight pussy while letting my tongue enhance the experience.

We were both caught up in the moment and approaching our orgasms when we felt a clank and the ground shake. Shit! Was this an earthquake? Where were we? Oh fuck — the elevator! We’d completely forgotten where we were and someone below had pushed the button. We were starting to descend. He began to remove his hand, but I wouldn’t have any of that now! I needed to him to finish me! I wanted to finish him!

I put my hand over his and was about to go back and finish him off with my mouth. Then he completely surprised me. He wrestled his hand away and swung his body around in one swift and fluid movement. Before I realized what was happening, he had pulled my panties aside at the leg and was kissing me down there.

Oh my God! My head was spinning. No one had ever done that to me. My husband thought it was disgusting, and here this stranger was taking me to sensual places I’d never known. As I was lost in my reverie, he looked up to me and told me to hurry before dropping back between my legs and letting that wonderful tongue go back to work at pleasuring me down there.

I quickly wrapped my lips around the length of his cock again and let my head hungrily slide up and down its entire length. His own tongue seemed to instinctually know just what spots to hit. We both began groaning in unison. I could feel myself mounting! I could feel his balls tighten! I could feel my clit throbbing! I could feel his cock swelling! I could feel…… I could feel……

Oh God! We were both cumming! Our legs shot out straight. My cries were muffled by the volleys of cum that were exploding inside my mouth. His cries were muffled by my own juices.

I continued to stay down on him and mouth-fuck him until he had subsided, until I had swallowed the last of his passion (something so new and wonderful). He kept lapping at me until my hips began to relax. Then we both shot up to our feet, straightening and fastening buttons, zippers, and clasps. Still, he had one more surprise for me on our glorious elevator ride.

He dropped to a knee, reached under my skirt and slid my panties off. Taking them under his nose and inhaling their fragrance, he told me he wanted them to remember me. Then he kissed me lightly on my lips just as the doors opened at the ground floor.

We looked a bit disheveled, but nothing too much out of the ordinary as we exited and a janitor entered with the tools of his trade, grumbling about how long it took for the elevator to arrive. We giggled and walked out together careful to look professional, in case familiar eyes saw us together.

When we arrived at my car, I saw the ticket waiting for me and groaned at the reality of it. He simply took it from the windshield and told me not to worry about it. Then as I got behind the wheel and lowered the window he leaned in and gave me another slow and searching tongue kiss. When we broke it off, he slipped me his business card and told me he wanted to see me again, and again, and again.

His words made me so happy. When we first got off the elevator, I had feared that this might be a one-time wonderful experience between two strangers. As I pulled his mouth to mine again, I was content with the knowledge that this stranger would be there to teach me so much more — so much more than I had ever learned before our little ride together.

Earlier in the day I had anticipated writing to Otis Elevator to complain about the operating functions of their lifts. I still plan to write them. However, I will be much more complimentary with my words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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