Gloria’s Adventures Ch. 02

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the adventure continues…..will we begin to see retribution

An hour later we had gone over all the fine points and had agreed on this business venture between us. We sealed the deal by fucking again, on the bar. I was growing rather fond of that bar.

“So how long will it take to get everything set up?”

“With the full team, a couple hours tops.”

“Well lets do it. I want to make sure everything is set up before he gets back.” I opened the front door to my home. The one I had shared with my husband, Gary, for the last three years. The one he had brought other women too to fuck them in our marriage bed. Well that was ok, ‘Hell hath no fury’ alright. Gary didn’t know what he was in for.

Later back at Xavier’s he took me to the control room.

“So this is where all the magic happens?” I asked looking at all the control boards and monitors lining the walls. Each monitor was for each camera that was currently located in his home.

“Very nice set up you got here. So how long have you been doing this for now?”

“Me? Well I’ve been doing this for about four to five years now. The previous owner did it for about ten years before he decided to retire.”

“So all this has been going on for that long of a time, I’m impressed,” and I was, there were shelves lining another of the walls, all of them with names and dates. “So how will we be able to link up to the ones that are in my house?”

“Satellite. And the touch of a button,” Xavier drew out the last few words as he pushed a button on the control panel. Then up on the monitors, instead of seeing his home we now could see all the rooms in my home. The kitchen, the livingroom, the hot tub in the back yard and the bath and bedroom. The bedroom was in six different angles.

“Do we get audio?”

“Yep,” Xavier smiled as he pressed another button and music flooded thru the speakers surrounding us.

“Where is the music coming from?”

“Oh, something else I rigged up,” he pushed another button and the music stopped and you could only hear the quietness of an empty home.

“That’s fabulous, I can hardly wait till he gets home.”

A few days later I finally got my wish. There was an alert that Xavier had linked up to the front door that as soon as it opened it sent a little alarm and we knew it was show time.

In the control room we watched Gary walk thru the house calling out my name, then he came across the letter on the dining room table. He read it and I could see the smile spread across his face. Then he went and picked up the phone.

“Here we go,” I said as he dialed the numbers.

“Hey, Julie, baby, yeah I’m back in town, and the old bitch is out of town again. Why don’t you come on over and we’ll have a nice weekend together.” There was a brief pause. “Yeah sure I understand you can’t leave your friend alone,” but seeing his face I could tell he was not happy.

Well, neither for that fact was I, if no one came over we didn’t have a thing on him. Then Gary said something that made my heart lift again.

“Hey, why don’t you bring her with you and we’ll invite a buddy of mine over and see if we can cheer her up. ……….. ok great that sounds like fun. I’ll see you then, babe.”

“So do you think he’ll really call one of his buddies?”

“Oh yeah, he’ll probably call James. They went to college together. Gary was always hinting around the James thought I was hot and would love a chance to screw me. I think he was egging on for a threesome or something.”

“What didn’t feel like taking the bait?” Xavier asked as he playfully smoothed his hand over my ass.

“With James, no thanks.”

“Is he ugly?”

“No, just hung like a horse and I wasn’t in the mood to be stretched like that.”

Xavier raised his eyebrows at me.

“He used to stay over at our house when we were first married and I came across him buck naked passed out on our living room couch.”

“And you managed not to scream your head off,” Xavier chuckled as he continued to fondle my ass. “Well at least he’ll make good print. Women really love to watch a well hung man in action. I should know,” he said as he pressed his hard on against my back.

“Mmm, keep that up and I’ll have to let you fuck me again,” I laughed as a leaned back against him.

Xavier reached around in front of me and slid his hand up my skirt until he reached my wet slit.

“You’re always so ready for me, baby,” then he slid my skirt up around my hips and leaned me over the chair and slid his big cock out of his pants and rubbed it against my ass before he plunged it into my hot, wet hole. With one hand he held me in place as he plunged in and out of me, with the other he stroked my breasts thru the thin cotton blouse I wore. Before I knew it an orgasm ripped thru me just as Xavier was shouting out with his.

“Damn, woman, you keep this up, you’re going to kill me,” Xavier said laying a kiss against the back of my neck.

“Hell, Xavier, I’m just getting warmed up,” I said laughing ataşehir escort as I turned and pulled down my skirt.

“Thank god for women like you, Gloria. Thank god.”

We both laughed as we took separate seats and watched Gary prepare for his little party.

Few hours later…. in the house with Gary….

The door bell rang and Gary checked himself in the hallway mirror before answering it.

“Hey, buddy, what’s up?” James asked shaking Gary’s outstretched hand.

“Just a little party I thought you might like to partake in,” Gary said handing James a bottle of beer.

“What did you finally talk Gloria into letting me get a little action?” James looked around hopefully.

“Screw that bitch. Trust me, she’s not worth your time, like fucking a wet log if you ask me.”

“Damn man that is harsh, why’d you marry her then?”

“Her money, you idiot. Her parents are loaded and who do you think will get all that once they croak. Her! She’s an only child.”

“Ahh, I understand now. But that doesn’t explain why you called me over?”

“Well see due to Gloria’s little shortcomings in the bedroom I’ve been keeping a little piece on the side for a couple years now. And with Gloria out of town for the next few weeks, well I can get some ass saved up for when I have to take Gloria on vacation. God knows she’s not worth a fuck in the bed, but I guess I’ll have to fortitude myself and fuck the bitch for looks. But until then I’ve got my little side piece coming over tonight and she has a friend with her that was just dumped and needs some cheering up.”

“Ohh, sweet man, you are the best friend a guy could have.” They continued to laugh over their beers as the went to the living room.

“Gloria? Gloria, are you ok?” Xavier asked stroking my arm up and down.

“Yeah, I’m fine. The fucking bastard, he’ll get what he deserves.” Then looking at the monitors again I saw Gary heading towards the front door again. “Show time.”

“Julie, baby, I’m glad you could make it. And this must be Angel, how are you doing? Better I hope.”

Angel nodded her head as Gary lead her into the livingroom where James was sitting at the bar already making a few drinks.

“Julie, Angel, this is my buddy, James. He’s been having a little problem with his girlfriend lately and just came by a few minutes ago. I hope you don’t mind if he hangs out with us for awhile.” Gary led Angel up to the bar and pulled the stool out for her.

“Hello,” James said setting a drink in front of her. “I hope you like margaritas they’re my specialty. Angel smiled weakly up at him as she took her first sip of the drink.

“Wow, that is really good, thanks,” Angel’s eyes light up as she drank some more, this time with a little more gusto. James smiled back at her and set down two more glasses on the bar. Gary taking his cue picked them up an handed one to Julie and started sipping the other himself.

This went on for some time, the drinking and talking. I noticed that James and Gary were amazing still drinking their first drinks while Angel and Julie were well on their way to their fifth or sixth and really starting to look plowed. That was about the time they decided to move things out to the hot tub. Xavier, very efficient with the controls switched them and they were now watching the hot tub feeds. Two different cameras were locked onto the hot tub.

After a little more drink and getting loose in the hot water from the jacuzzi the action started. James started kissing on Angel as she giggled and drank down some more of her drink, her eighth. Gary started kissing on Julie’s shoulders and neck, groping her breasts. Pretty soon bikini tops and trunks were being thrown from the jacuzzi as the woman straddled the men and began moving up and down, throwing their heads back as they rode the men till they were both groaning loudly in their orgasms. Angel moved off of James and began sucking down some more drink as if she’d been in the desert for a few weeks.

“Damn, that is some good liquor, James. I feel great, lets go inside and get some more.”

Angel stood, in all her naked glory, and pranced to the sliding door that lead to the livingroom. James cocked his shoulder at Gary and moved gracefully out of the water and walked to the livingroom behind Angel. His huge cock still protruding as he got inside.

Xavier the whiz that he was had a camera on the bar where James now stood mixing more drinks while on another screen Gary had put Julie up on the lip of the jacuzzi and was licking her pussy while she sipped her drink with one hand and fondled her breast with the other.

After James had finished the drink and Angel was drinking hers he came up behind her and was smoothing his hands over her nicely formed and tanned ass. Leaning her against the bar he entered her from behind as she continued to slip from her drink.

“God, James your so big,” Angel sighed as James continued to pump in and out of her stretched hole.

Starting to feel a little kadıköy escort hot and bothered myself I stood out of my chair and turned Xavier’s chair around. Then leaned down and undid his jeans and released him from his pants. Apparently he wasn’t unfazed by what was going on either. Down on my knees I brought his great length into my mouth. Xavier turned us a little so that he would still have the control panel within easy reach. I continued to lick and suck on his great cock while in the background I could hear Angel and James fucking. As the sounds coming thru the monitor became more furious I began to suck harder and faster to bring Xavier to orgasm. He erupted just as James on the monitor let loose one final plunge into Angel. Meanwhile she continued to sip her drink.

I stood and wiped off my chin, Xavier pushed himself back into his jeans and continued to monitor the different cameras.

While James and Angel had been at it Gary and Julie had moved inside and were sitting on the couch fondling each other while they watched James fuck Angel.

“Gary, baby, would you mind terribly if I fucked James once.” Julie asked as she was stroking his hard dick.

“Sure, baby, you go ahead, send Angel over here, ok?” Julie smiled at him as she moved away from him and towards the bar. After a few seconds discussion Angel moved away from the bar and towards the couch were Gary sat and continued to stroke himself. Angel set her drink down on the coffee table and moved between his legs where she sat on the floor and then pulled his hard on into her mouth. Gary threw his head back as Angel sucked him off.

Meanwhile Julie was laying out on floor for James, James moved between her legs and began licking her pussy as she groaned and thrashed her head from side to side. Just as she was getting to the point I was sure she was going to explode he pulled his head up and then moved his huge cock between her legs and rammed into her. She instantly came and James continued to plunge into her now stretched pussy. Gary got off the same time Julie had screamed in her orgasm and now Angel was wiping her mouth and climbing into his lap to take him into her gaping, wet hole.

“Yeah, this is going to make a great debut feature for us,” Xavier said and he continued to push buttons on the panel. He was able to zoom in on some things and zero in on the nitty gritty stuff.

“This is the beginning of a beautiful business, Xavier.” I stood and kissed him full on the mouth.

“A beautiful business,” he said pulling me into his lap where he had released his hard on and was now finding my wet hole to slide it into.

… payback is a bitch …………..

Much later after all the participants of the little party had fallen asleep, Xavier left everything on automatic, just incase someone decided to wake up for a quickie. Xavier and I moved to the bedroom and took a shower together. One day we’ll actually get clean while we are in the shower. But until then I’ll enjoy it. We didn’t stop there, Xavier carried me while we were still joined, and laid me across the bed. Standing just off the bed, with my ass pressing against the edge of the bed Xavier pounded into me over and over again until we both came and then lay there exhausted.

A few days later after Xavier had fine tuned the disc that we agreed upon I went to my lawyer and requested to have divorce papers drawn up and delivered to Gary. After that I went to a delivery shop and wrote a note and kissed it sealed with lipstick, then put it and a copy of the disc in the big manilla envelope and gave instructions for it to be delivered at a certain time. About an hour after Gary should be getting the divorce papers. Then I went home to Xavier to wait for the fireworks.

Gary reacted just like I knew he would when he got the papers. He was furious.

“That fucking bitch, who the hell does she think she is, divorce me, I don’t think so.” He ranted and raved for about another thirty minutes then he poured himself a drink and called James. James arrived about five minutes before the disc did.

“What’s up man? You sound seriously stressed.” James asked as he moved to the bar and began making a couple drinks.

“That bitch wife of mine filed for divorce.”

“Well, I thought you didn’t want to be married to her anyways.” James said sipping his drink

“Fuck that, she will not divorce me, not with all that money at stake. If she’d just give up her job and live off her parents money we would be living large. But no, she says she has to make her own way. Making me work. Well and that’s another damn reason I have Julie on the side, to snub my nose at her for making me work. I know the bitch doesn’t think I married her because I loved her or some bullshit like that.”

In the middle of his tyrant the doorbell rang, “What the hell is it now?” Gary growled walking to the door and jerking it open.

“Delivery for Gary Jackson.” the perky delivery girl said holding out the package.

Gary immediately pulled his bostancı escort temper in and flirted with the young girl, again just like I knew he would.

After signing for it and getting the girl’s number he shut the door and returned to the livingroom with James.

“So what’s that then?”

“How the hell should I know, I’m not psychic. But the delivery girl was hot,” Gary laughed as he opened the package.

Out fell the letter I had wrote and the disc.

“What the hell is this,” Gary picked up the disc and turned it over, “Play Me” it said on one side. Then he picked up the letter and began to read,

‘Hello Gary, I’m sure you’ve already received the divorce papers by now. I do hope you won’t try to cause a scandal by contesting it…. “My ass…” he mumbled. ‘You see if you were to do something crazy like that well I’d just have to make sure that this particular disc makes it way into the public. I don’t think that would be good for your image.’ “What the hell…” Gary got up and put the disc into the player and started it. The screen started out black and then with my voice over a black screen with the title it said ‘Cheaters caught in the act’

Then it began to fade to picture, it was outside at the jacuzzi with all four people as they started making out. From there it faded to Gary with Julie on the jacuzzi as James was with Angel inside. Then to Julie being pumped by James as Angel was blowing Gary. And so on and so on it went.

Meanwhile Gary’s face became more livid and red. James was just sitting at the bar sipping his drink taking it all in.

After the scenes faded back to black I came up on the screen in the control room.

“So Gary as you can see you don’t look half bad on disc. I bet people would pay good money to have you splashed all over their screen in all your glory,” I smiled a little smirk then. ” So here’s the deal I’m willing to cut you, you divorce me, no questions asked. Then after that is final you and your friend James, hi James, I’m sure you’re there by now. Anyways you and James work for me. You can even quit your job and keep the house. See because I want to make films, don’t worry you’ll face will be protected. Once you agree to all this I’ll be sending over some costumes for you to make sure your face is protected. And hey if you want to bring any of your other friends over and let them enjoy the fun all the better for me. But I’m only willing to pay you and James for your time, hey I think that’s more then fair seeing as all you’ve done to me. But I won’t be a bitch about it, you’ll be well compensated for your time. Just let me know by signing the papers and returning them to the lawyer, I think it would be best if we only work thru my lawyer from now on, don’t you. We don’t need any sticky situations with the police or anything do we. By the way don’t bother trying to replay this particular disc as it is currently being erased even as it plays. By the way that little remark about fucking me being like fucking a wet log, well that just hurt a little, Gary. But that’s ok, because I know the chances of me being like a ‘wet log’ are like you having a big dick. See for yourself.” Then the screen faded to black again and then back to a picture of me and Xavier screwing all over the place. It was like a little montage, slipping from one scene to another always with me reaching orgasm just before it split to another screen.

“Well,” James said, lighting a cigarette.

Gary said nothing, just sat there dumbly.

“I told you, you should’ve let me fuck her, Gary,” James said inhaling slowly on the cigarette.

“Shut the hell up, James. You do realize what this means, don’t you?”

“That you can quit your job and have as much sex as you can handle and I get to play too.” James said smiling as he continued to smoke lazily.

“Yeah that. But that right now we are being watched and filmed.”

“Cool, really, shit, you shouldn’t have underestimated your wife man. Now she’s got you by the balls. Literally,” James laughed.

I had to laugh along with James. What ever else he was, he was certainly amusing. Yes this was going to be a grand adventure and a wonderful business.

A few days later I received a phone call from my lawyer stating that Gary had signed and delivered the papers himself. Then had promptly requested a meeting with me. My lawyer, being the wonderful man he was, advised Gary that he would pass on the message to me.

As promised within a few days of the papers being delivered and the divorce complete Gary received another package. Again from the same perky delivery girl. This time he signed it without flirting with her, to which she pouted a little.

“Damn, your are one smart woman, Gloria,” Xavier said pulling me into his lap.

I wiggled just a little to make him groan.

“How did you know he would do just exactly like he did?”

“I know men. Think about it, Xavier. If you were in the same position what would you do?”

“Well if it were any other woman, I’d say to hell with it and go along with her. But if it was you, I’d have to fight a little to prove that I was worthy of you and beg for your forgiveness,” he said as he lifted one of my breasts in his hand and licked thru the fabric to harden my nipple.

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