Girl Scout?

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“Leading by example, my ass!”

Carly made her way to her office and grabbed her safety gear. She’d just been told by her boss that not enough employees had participated in the job shadowing program and that all staff now had to participate as a way of leading by example. She was told she was to spend the rest of the morning shadowing two electricians. She would have to stay late to complete the work she had planned for the day. And it’s not like her boss was going to do this job shadowing program himself!

She made her way to where the electricians would wait for her. Once she neared the area, she recognized Kyle and Jake and felt relief. They were the nice ones. She’d been really worried that she’d be stuck with grumps Tony and Mike or with the conspiracy theorists Chad and Steve. The day was already looking up. And it didn’t hurt that both were easy on the eyes. Too bad they were in relationships. Oh well.

They greeted her and told her where they were going. Great, they were going to an area of their plant that was up a series of stairs and rather dirty. Not that it really mattered. She didn’t care about getting dirty. They made their way up there and as she got to the top of the stairs, Carly realized that the guys were no longer right behind her. She could hear their voices so figured they were not that far behind. They emerged only a few moments later and took her to the equipment they had to work on. For the first little while, they explained to her what they were doing and got her to help out a bit. It wasn’t that bad to job shadow after all but the push to do it today was still annoying her.

They were almost done the task when Kyle stopped “Carly, can I ask you something?”

“Sure! Shoot.”

“Were you a girl scout as a child?”

Jake laughed and shook his head. “It’s Boy Scouts or Girl Guides, silly!”

Carly laughed at both of them and said “No, I’ve never been a scout or guide, why do you ask?”

Kyle said “Well, you know how their motto is ‘Always prepared’?”

“Yes, I’ve heard that.”

“Well, I’ve noticed that you have come prepared. You should know that although it’s a big order to fill, I can.”

Carly wasn’t following “You can what?”

“I can fill it. So can Jake here.”

“What???? I’m not following you at all.”

“What you have in your back pocket. Both Jake and I can fill it.”

Carly reached for her back pocket and felt it. She started laughing. She looked at the back of his head and then at the back of Jake’s head and shook her own. She pulled out what had been in her back pocket and held it up. “Though Jake here does have longer hair, there is no way he fills this hair elastic and neither can you Kyle.”

It wasn’t the first time someone had mistaken the hair elastic for a large condom but mostly it had been her girlfriends teasing her about how she’d never find a man that big. And here was Kyle claiming both he and Jake could fill it!

“Maybe not with hair…”


“Well, I can! And so can Jake here…”

“Whoa there! You’re married! And you… you’ve got a girlfriend!”

She looked at both of them and thought how it was too bad they were attached because it had really been a long time for her and they were two great guys she really liked. Kyle answered.

“Not anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“Amy and I split up a month and a half ago. And Susan left Jake three weeks ago. So both of us are single again, as are you. So we thought that the three of us could get together and maybe have a little fun, you know, no strings… and as I said, both of us can fill that elastic.”

Carly looked at both of them, her jaw having fallen open in surprise. Jake was nodding to confirm yet still wasn’t saying anything. They were single? They were suggesting…

“You can’t be serious!”

“Why not? You’re single, we’re single, there’s no harm to anyone.”

This was going a little fast. But she was definitely intrigued and interested! But these were co-workers. They’d have to be super discreet!

Jake finally spoke up “And it’s not just about sex, Carly. We figure we can be friends and just hang out too. From the conversations we’ve had with you in the past, you seem like someone we could have fun, candid and honest conversations with. You know? Conversations where we can drop the filters and the politically correct and just be honest without being judged.”

“Oh, there’s judgement! Everyone judges. You’re judging me right now! But hey, we can judge but we must agree not to condemn.”

Both of them nodded. Jake said “Good point and good choice or word! So many people are quick to judge and condemn! They stand up on their pedestals, claiming high moral fortitude yet they themselves doing worse when they believe nobody’s looking.”

“And what do you mean by honest conversations. Does that mean you lie the rest of the time?”

“No, of course not! But a lot of times, we don’t ask direct questions because we’re afraid to offend. Or we don’t want to answer with total honesty because we’re afraid of being judged or condemned. So we play games, we play casino oyna coy, we joke, we use detours. It would be nice to ask direct questions and get a direct honest answer sometimes. And you strike me as a person with whom this is possible.”

“I am. Now if you had permission to ask a direct question right now, what would you ask?”

Jake looked down at her chest and back up to her face and asked “Are they real or did you get implants?”

He was right, most people didn’t dare ask directly and her twins were big. She wasn’t a skinny person yet despite that, the twins still stood out prominently.

“They’re real.”

Kyle asked “And what size bra do you wear?”

“I wear 34 or 36 and cups H, I, or even J depending on the brand and the style.”

“That exists? I didn’t know cups went higher than D!”

“Oh yeah, it exists. Most bra makers in North America fail to recognize that though and figure that if your twins are bigger than a D, you must have a rib cage that is at least 38 or 40! So I have to buy expensive European bras.”

“Can we see?”

Carly unbuttoned her blouse just enough to flash them and then buttoned back up. The guys whistled in appreciation and then Jake asked “What about you? Any questions you’d like to ask?”

“Sure, I’ll ask… Are you two circumcised?”

Kyle asked “Does it make a difference?”

Jake interrupted before Carly could say anything and said “Hey you, no games! Direct question. Direct answer! Yes, I am.”

“Me too.”

Carly said “Yet Kyle was still asking a direct question. Does it make a difference? Yes, it does to me. I’d much rather go down on a clean cut cock than a slimy hooded one.”

“Does that mean you’d go down on ours?”

Kyle had this gleam in his eyes. Part hopeful, part playful.

“Maybe. But to be honest, I know you have started smoking again and I’m really not good with that. In fact, I’m not good with any tobacco product, not cigarettes, cigars, chew or even nicotine patches ’cause the nicotine goes into saliva and when kissing, gets transmitted and then that nicotine keeps me up at night. So I’m not sure I want to hook up with you because of that.”

“Fair enough. I quit.”

Jake looked at him and asked “You’re quitting what exactly? Smoking or your quest with Carly here?”

Kyle reached into his pocket and handed Jake his pack of cigarettes. “I quit smoking. I want Carly more than I want to smoke. And I promise, no alternatives!”

“And what am I supposed to do with this?”

“I don’t care! Throw them out, give them to Steve, whatever!”

Jake threw the pack into his tool bag and shook his head in amusement. Just then, Carly saw movement behind the guys and said “So, now we put this back together?”

Their supervisor had just arrived to check on how the job was progressing. So their conversation was suspended. The guys put things back together and the supervisor stuck around. Then, the job was done. They checked that it worked properly and it did. So they were done. There was no reason not to go back down with the supervisor.

She went back to her office and worked hard to get her own work done and not have to stay too late. To achieve that, she had to put all other thoughts out of her mind. But once she was done, the conversation they’d had that morning came back to her and stayed with her the rest of the day and into the night. And then through the next day and the weekend. She was intrigued by what they had said and was excited about the prospect of having a long-term fantasy of a threesome come to reality. It fuelled some frenzied solo sessions that weekend but didn’t put out the fire these two guys had lit.

It was only the next Monday after work that she ran into both of them again in the parking lot. While others were around, they chatted about the weather but as soon as they found themselves alone, Kyle asked “You been thinking about our conversation?”

Carly blushed.

“I see you have!”

“How could I not?”

“So, you in?”

“I don’t know about this Kyle.”

“Carly, we both promise absolute discretion. And we’ll respect whatever limit you set. Why don’t we start with just talk and food and see where it leads?”

So they went to a local restaurant where the burgers were great and sat down to eat. Kyle told them about his marriage to Amy ending and how he was staying in his camping trailer at one of their production coworker’s home. The friend’s home sat on an oversized lot so he had lots of room to accommodate Kyle’s big camping trailer and truck until Kyle found something more permanent. Amy wanted to keep their house so was working on buying Kyle’s portion out of it. It would take a bit of time but he was confident it would get done.

Jake’s girlfriend had simply moved out and gone back to her home town miles and miles away. Both guys said that their relationships had been getting colder and colder over time and that the breakups were not only inevitable but welcome. Yet neither of them was ready to commit to a new relationship and just wanted to have a little fun with someone like minded and they slot oyna had sensed that in her.

“Won’t this create jealousy?”

“Not if we set some ground rules.”

And so they discussed their rules openly and basically, they all came down to respect. Respecting the people and respecting the limits.

As they were leaving, Kyle asked “So, you got any plans for this coming weekend? We’re planning on taking my trailer to the National Park and just chilling. I’ve already got the camping spot reserved and the trailer all cleaned up and ready to go.”

“But that’s only half an hour from here.”

“I know and most people think like you, they’d rather drive further to really be away from this place so that means none of them will be at this campground and we’ll have privacy.”

“Never thought of that. Good thinking.”

As they were leaving the restaurant, he gave her details about where and when and then said “Think about it! If you show up on Friday evening, we can have a great time! If you don’t, no harm no foul. And by the way, I haven’t smoked or used any tobacco product since I quit and don’t intend to start again.”

And they walked away. Carly walked to her car, deep in thought. Could she really do it? Would she?

* * * * * * * * * *

On Friday evening, Carly drove towards the campground. She had gone home, taken a nice hot shower, washed and straightened her long hair, and packed a bag of clothes. Then, she’d also packed some food and put everything in the car. Though totally not camping attire, when she stepped out of her car after parking next to Kyle’s truck wearing a skirt and heels, the message was clear. The guys helped her with her bags and led her inside the camper, checking that nobody had been around to notice.

Without hesitation, Kyle put his arm around her and kissed her. He was a great kisser and that was a big turn on for her. Then, he turned her around and pushed her towards Jake. Jake gently grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. Wow. He was even better!

Meanwhile, Kyle had snaked his hands between them and was undoing the buttons of her blouse. When it was totally undone, he pulled it off her. Jake then turned her around so she could kiss Kyle again. As she was doing so, Jake unhooked her bra and gently took it off her. He then reached around and teased her nipples, causing her to moan. Encouraged, he continued teasing her nipples and caressing her breasts. Kyle pushed her away slightly and had her lean on Jake so he could kiss his way down to her breast. Jake held them up for him and Kyle took turns nibbling on the two nipples. His hand reached down and lifted up her skirt. To his surprise, she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“You really came prepared, didn’t you?”

Jake asked “What makes you say that?”

Kyle smiled and said “No undies!”

Jake groaned behind her and his right hand went to check. She had Kyle in front, rubbing her clit and Jake behind, rubbing her ass. Then, she was spun around so Jake could rub her clit and Kyle could feel her up from behind. He wet his fingers and reached down to push one between her lips and into her pussy. She was totally wet.

Kyle groaned and said “You really are ready for this aren’t you?”

All she could do was arch her back and push back against his hand as he fingered her wet pussy. Jake let go of her clit and quickly got undressed. In front of her face was a gorgeous thick cock and she reached for it and started licking it. Jake wrapped his hands in her hair and kept it out of her face while he watched her lick and suck on his cock.

Behind her, Kyle was still fingering her but was also managing to get out of his clothes, only interrupting his exploration for seconds at a time. Then, he put a condom on his cock and pushed it into her. That caused her to stop sucking on Jake’s cock just long enough to gasp and let out a loud moan.

Step by little step, they moved towards the bed and while Jake laid on it, Carly got on hands and knees so she could continue going down on Jake while Kyle pounded her pussy. There were moans and groans as all three of them enjoyed what they had all been fantasizing about all week and maybe more.

Kyle reached his point of no return and came. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and Carly moved up to straddle Jake. Jake put a condom on his own cock as she moved and was ready for her to impale herself on him. She rode him for a few minutes and then straightened her legs as she laid herself atop of him. She pushed herself up on her arms to give him access to her twins, which he did. He licked and nibbled and teased her nipples.

“Don’t move down there, just let me do. Aaahhh, yes, that’s it, keep teasing my nipples. Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Her pleas were not ignored. He gently pinched and twisted and nibbled and licked the hard nipples offered to him and let her ground her pelvis against him. Soon, she was moaning almost non stop and then, she groaned deeply as a powerful orgasm washed over her. As soon as the big one had subsided, she collapsed on top of him and he could feel all the aftershocks canlı casino siteleri as she kept quietly moaning and contracting around him.

When she was done, she pulled her knees up to lift up her bottom and pushed up on her arms and said “Your turn. Fuck me until you come.”

“Sweetness, I’ve already come! When you came, you squeezed me so hard that I came. And those aftershocks, wow!”

She pulled off his softening cock and laid beside him and said “Nice!”

“You need a little nap, don’t you?”

She barely nodded and went “Mmmm.” And she fell asleep. Kyle laid on the bed next to her and kept her warm, sandwiched between him and Jake.

It was about 15 minutes later that she woke up, sat up and kissed both Jake and Kyle. They all washed up and dressed in jeans and went out to make a campfire. They sat around the campfire and talked quietly.

Kyle had one long chair that he insisted Carly take and he put a blanket on her as the air was getting chillier. The guys were sitting in reclining chairs that Carly figured she’d also want to try at some point. Later, Kyle and Carly noticed that Jake wasn’t participating in the conversation as much and realized that he had fallen asleep in his chair. It was dark by then and there was just a glow from the small fire. Their secluded spot as well as the late hour gave them much privacy.

Kyle got up and stroked the fire a bit and then came over to her chair and got her to scoot forward. He took place behind her and cuddled with her on the chair. He pulled the blanket up to cover them and soon, his hands were wandering as he nuzzled her neck. She had to help him gain access to her twins and let out a soft moan when he started playing with her nipples.

Carly laid her head on his shoulder and let him play to his heart’s content. She was getting turned on again from all the attention he was giving her.

“You like this?”

Even his voice was mesmerizing. “Yeah.”

After a while, he reached down and started undoing the top of her jeans. “Wonder how ready my fingers are going to find you…”

Sure enough, when his hand made its way into her undies, he found her not only moist but totally wet. He moaned quietly against her ear and, as he started rubbing on her clit, so did she.

“Think I can create some of that delicious pressure you seem to like?”

“You can try.”

“Oh, I intend to do more than try.”

And he pressed down on her, causing amazing feelings to radiate from that one little button to her whole body. Soon, she had her eyes closed and her head leaning back on his shoulder. As he rubbed and pressed, she moaned gently at first but then, as the pressure mounted, her moans became a little louder and more urgent. He continued his pressure on her clit and, with his other hand, teasing her nipples in turn. He felt her tensing up, felt the pressure rise in her and slowly but surely pushed her to the edge.

When her orgasm subsided, he whispered “Just stay still with your eyes closed for a bit.”

He put two fingers inside her to feel her pussy muscles contract against them as the aftershocks kept washing over her. When they too subsided, he pulled out and licked his fingers and then re-fastened her jeans while whispering in her ear.

“That feel good?”

“Mmmmm, yeah.”

“You ready to return the favour?”

Thinking he meant for her to give him a hand job, she started turning around so she could access him but he stopped her. “No, not like that. I want a bit more than that baby.”

“What would you like?”

“I’d like for you to go over to Jake and suck his cock.”

She turned her head around to finally see that Jake had been awake and watching them and that he had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it. But Kyle was still holding her and talking to her.

“While you suck on his cock right where he is, I’ll put out the fire and make sure it’s safe and then we’ll go inside. You’ll get Jake all good and ready to fuck you ’cause he didn’t really get to do that earlier and while he fucks you, you’ll lick and suck me ’cause I didn’t get to feel that earlier. Sound like a good plan to start?”

Carly nodded and he let her go. She got up and went straight for Jake who straightened the chair and gave her access to his cock. She crouched and took him in her mouth, caressing him with her tongue and with both her hands. Up and down his thick cock she licked and with her hands, she caressed his shaft and his testes gently. He moaned when she cupped the testicles and just fondled them. She held them while she caressed the underside of his cock with her tongue, making him moan again.

When Kyle was done with the fire, he led them inside with the flash light. He put the chairs away quickly and then joined them inside. Carly and Jake had both shed their clothes so he did the same. He got one of the condoms and handed it to Jake. Jake interrupted Carly’s attention on his cock to put the condom on. She laid back on the bed with her bum at the edge so he could take her. She motioned for Kyle to come to the bed. Once he got close, she pulled him astride her chest and wrapped her boobs around his cock. She grabbed a pillow and put it under her head so she could take Kyle’s hard cock into her mouth and alternate him fucking her boobs and fucking her mouth gently.

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