Giant Man

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It was so damn hot in the club with all the people pressed together, moving in time to the fast beat of the band. The volume was cranked up high so that the pounding bass pounded the sidewalks two blocks away. Breathing was a chore, but most of the people there were too drunk to notice. Everyone else was having too much fun dancing and flirting, drinking and partying.

Isabel was having an awesome time.

She was dressed in a skin hugging, barely legal, very mini, black leather skirt. Her top, a delicate lacy thing, barely managed to hold in her large perky breasts, all while showing off an impressive amount of cleavage. She had on her favorite pair of ass kicking boots that stopped just below her knees. Milky white skin continued onward from there, enticing the eye to travel the long, toned expanse of her thighs with an eager eye. Men ogled her as she and her wild mane of black curls, which cascaded midway down her back, bounced along with the band.

Isabel had come for only one thing: a man. She didn’t need luck to find one; they always gravitated towards her perfect hourglass form, her perfect porcelain doll face. Add that she was fiercely horny to those usual temptations and no man could resist. Unfortunately for them, Isabel was picky. Not just any man would do.

So she danced the hours away, changing partners faster than they could blink. One minute they were the luckiest men in the world, the next they were dancing like idiots, completely alone. She’d let them feel her body if they wanted. They groped her breasts, her hips, and an industrious few managed to slip a finger or two into the tiny thicket of hair between her thighs. She didn’t care; Isabel loved the feeling of a man’s hands on her. Preferably more than one man’s hands.

At this moment, she was dancing with a mediocre looking man who greatly amused her with his attempts in seducing her. His eyes rarely left her bouncing breasts (not that she could blame him), and he pressed his profusely sweating body far too close for her taste. A hand was inching its way up the back of her thigh when Isabel noticed something out the corner of her eye.

Not something, but someone.

What a man like that was doing in a place like this, she couldn’t explain. It didn’t matter, though. She had already left Mediocre Man behind, and was making her way slowly towards where she had last caught sight of him. At a loss, Isabel spun around in a circle, searching for the giant of a man who had disappeared before she could reach him.

Before she could think, a different man had pushed himself into her line of vision. He wasn’t Giant Man, but he wasn’t Mediocre Man either. He had bright shining blond hair that fell charmingly into his glacier blue eyes. His face was handsome; his body muscled like a sleek carnivorous cat. She smiled at him, encouraging his rather aggressive tactics of getting her attention.

He pulled her body close to his, and when she breathed in his musky perfumed scent, relaxed in his capable arms as they glided together to a sexy slow song. A hand, cupping the round globes of her ass, pressed her against a thigh that had slipped in between hers. Leisurely, they did a sensual bump and grind, and Isabel could feel the insistence of his desire pressing into her belly.

A low groan made her pulse spike. She could imagine him groaning just that way as she impaled herself onto his obviously large cock. Isabel could hardly wait.

Golden Man nibbled lightly on her ear, sending hot little shivers racing down her spine. His hands roamed more freely along her body that any other man had dared, and her blood tingled in anticipation of having those hands roaming across her naked body.

Suddenly, she was jerked away from her sexy Golden Man. For a moment, she could see the jealous anger contorting his face, but then her vision was filled with the incredible sight of her disappearing Giant Man. His large hands were closed tightly around her arms, and she vaguely wondered if there would be a bruise darkening her delicate skin tomorrow morning.

“Where did you go running off to?” Her voice was breathless; its usual sexy smoky sound deepened by surprised delight. His eyebrow rose as if asking a question, but he didn’t utter a word.

His eyes were gray, she noticed, and his hair a blacker shade than hers. His body, packed with muscle, ankara escort stood almost a foot above her own, and Isabel felt more feminine than she had ever before while standing in the shade of her Giant.

The music had changed from slow to fast, yet they swayed together as if in a world of their own. They never broke eye contact, and his hands never moved from the swell of her hips. He didn’t speak at all to her, but their bodies were communicating perfectly. This was the man she was waiting for.

At some silent agreement, Giant Man tucked her hand into the crook of his arm, and they both turned to leave. Before they could go far, however, Golden Man had recovered and had grabbed a hold of her other arm to try, unsuccessfully, to pull her from the Giant’s grasp.

“Excuse me,” his voice was high, annoyed that she could so completely forget him in lieu of this barbarian of a man, “we were dancing.”

Giant Man took one look at this pipsqueak of a man (when compared to himself), and rumbled like snow during an avalanche, “Not anymore.”

He shoved the man away, and Golden Man went sprawling onto the dance floor like a rag doll. Isabel giggled, only slightly saddened that she was going to miss out on a man who almost looked like a golden god. But then she looked at Giant Man and decided that a cowboy much better suited her mood.

“See ya later handsome,” she managed as Giant Man pulled her away. They left the dance floor, Isabel still being towed behind this tower of a man. They weren’t heading for the door, so she asked, “Where are we going, Cowboy?”

He suddenly stopped, turned, and yanked her against him. Isabel saw a glint of raw violence in his eye just before he blinded her with a panty-soaking kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, hot and wild, and it stole her breath away. Then he broke away, and said, “What the fuck do you care?”

So, she just followed behind him. Still dazed from the kiss, Isabel was surprised when they came to a stop at the end of a filthy, semi-private hallway. Before she could think, Giant Man slammed up against a wall, knocking a little laugh from her. Their mouths mated, and their tongues touched. It was a desperate kiss, full of all the anger and need both were feeling. She felt his hands reach around to grip her ass, then slide down so that he could hoist her up. Isabel wrapped her legs around his hips and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer into the deepening kiss.

In the cradle of her thighs, his thick cock was nestled. Isabel would have been delighted with Golden Man’s big dick. Nevertheless, when she felt this man pressed up against the apex of her body, she shuddered at the unbelievable dimensions his well-worn jeans concealed.

Much too impatient to deal with the tiny little buttons, Giant Man broke away from the kiss, and tore open her blouse. Like a connoisseur, he eyed the rise and fall of her breasts that were encased in her black bra. His head dipped down to run his tongue along the scalloped edge that barely covered her nipple.

Suddenly aware of her surroundings, Isabel cracked open an eye to look down the short corridor as he was busy suckling her through the lace. It wasn’t secluded at all. In fact, people were staring at them as they went into the bathrooms that were at the start of the hall. She really didn’t care if people watched them. In fact, she was thrilled at the idea of the indecency. But Isabel knew that she wasn’t a quiet lover, and that thought made her pause. She didn’t want to draw that much attention to herself.

With a strategic shove of her hips and shoulders, she had pushed herself off the wall. Unbalanced, Giant Man let her go in favor of them both falling to the dirty, concrete floor. He glared at her, and she nearly lost her nerve until he spoke to her for the first time: “So, what now Princess?”

“How about a little privacy, Cowboy?” She backed up to the first door available, which happened to be the Men’s room. Her shirt hung open, beckoning him to bury his face in the soft curves of her breasts.

He had planned on having a quick little fuck with her right here up against the wall to take the edge off before they headed to his house. He couldn’t imagine how she thought she was going to get any privacy in the bathroom, but he was more than willing to oblige her.

Just so escort ankara long as they got to the sex soon. If not, he might just pin the bitch down in the middle of the dance floor and fuck that sexy little smug grin right off her face until she was screaming.

Then again, he might just do that anyway.

Instead he shrugged, and enjoyed each sway of her hips as he followed behind her.

Since she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, Isabel was a little surprised at the sight of the urinals lining the walls. More surprised than she was, a delighted man eyed her cleavage eagerly until he saw Giant Man behind her.

“Get out.” The man quickly obeyed, and they were alone. Amused, Isabel watched him go. Then she turned to look at the pathetic excuse for a bathroom. At least a woman’s bathroom had a little couch against the wall. There was nothing here but dirty porcelain.

While she was looking around, he snuck up behind her. How that large body moved so silently, she didn’t know. What she did know was that suddenly she was bent over a rust covered sink and he was hiking up the back of her skirt. She heard the sound of a zipper, and before she could move, felt the thick head of his dick press up against her soft folds.

He rubbed it back and forth, driving her wild with the friction. She was so wet and ready for him; he couldn’t resist plowing into the depths of her well. She screamed from the sudden pain of his too large cock jammed deep in her, but she soon adjusted to its size and was screaming instead from the unbelievable sensations that came with each violent thrust.

Bent over in this position, her breasts bobbed wildly in her face, the tatters of her ruined shirt swayed, but she didn’t notice. All her attention was on the man behind her. She could feel the sharp sting of his zipper biting into her skin with each thrust, the soft texture of the jeans against the back of her naked legs. His hands were gripping tightly on her thighs, using the hold as an anchor as he pounded into her body.

Her body convulsed around Giant Man’s cock as her world shattered into a jumble of color and light. She heard a low moan before he grinded his hips against the swell of her ass, pushing himself so deep that he caressed the walls of her womb before he exploded.

He rested against her as they heaved for air together, then pulled himself out and took a step back. She mewled pitifully as he extracted, and then turned to face him. They stared at each other, she with her ruined top and skirt askew, he with his dick thrusting proudly out of his pants, still gleaming from their combined cum.

“Jesus,” Isabel panted, “that was unbelievable.”

“Glad you approve.” Giant man’s voice was slow and southern. The rich tenor sent jolts of pure lust racing through her body. A cocky little grin spit the harsh lines of his face when he saw the flush of her desire rekindled. “Are you ready to go to my place, or do you want more of this?”

Isabel looked around the room, then focused back on him. “Well_” she began as she walked up to him. Assuming she was ready to go, he reached down to put himself away. He stopped, stunned, when she dropped down onto the floor before him.

She looked up at him innocently and gave him a wicked little smile before focusing her attention on his cock. It was enormous. Coarse black hair trailed down from his flat abdomen to circle down below the heavy weight of his balls. One long thick vein went from base all the way up to his thick, swollen head.

His skin was stretched tight to contain his needs, and she rubbed a cheek along its length to test its texture. It was soft, yet hard. She flicked a tongue across the tip and marveled at the salty taste of him, she breathed in the musky male scent that Isabel would forevermore associate with Giant Man. Everything about him made her head spin. She was hot and wet for him; wild to have him nestled between her legs, behind her, above her, below her, in her mouth, pounding into her throbbing cunt_ she didn’t care where he was, so long as he was deep inside her.

Without warning, she took as much of him in her mouth as possible, which was still scarcely half way. To compensate, she reached up with one hand and cupped his balls, massaging them as she licked and nibbled at his steel shaft. Through lowered eyelashes, she watched ankara escort bayan him watch her as she ran her tongue from the bottom all the way to the slit at the top of his cock. She slipped her tongue into the small groove, back and forth, and then drew the tip in her mouth to suck on like a lollypop.

Giant Man’s hands fisted in Isabel’s hair, and with each flick of the tongue or nip of her teeth his grip tightened. When she attempted to swallow as much of him as she could, he moaned and without thinking, thrust his hips upward. She thought she would gag on him, but he slipped down her throat until her lips brushed the soft crinkle of hair that framed his magnificent sex. Ecstatic about this discovery, she sucked harder and harder, faster and faster, pulling him deep with each stroke. Her free hand helped to fondle his heavy sack, but then went on to caress the stretch of skin underneath.

He might have been deaf, blind and dumb to everything but her mouth on his sex, but Isabel was fully aware when the door of the bathroom opened and someone stepped inside. She smiled inwardly at the sound of the intruder gasping in shock and then groan with lust. The sight of any woman giving a man a blow job on a dirty ass floor would have been enough to make any man get hard. But Isabel knew she wasn’t just any woman.

Her skirt was still jerked up over her hips, affording the man a pleasant view of her ass. Knowing it would drive him nuts, she spread her knees further apart. She freed a hand from Giant Man, and slipped a few fingers over her enlarged clit before sinking them into her body. She rocked her hips back in forth, thrusting her fingers in and out as she continued to suck on Giant Man.

Giant Man watched Isabel perform for the stranger. It was more arousing than her mouth, and she had a fucking amazing mouth. It was hot, and she was quite the expert at using it. This was, above and beyond, the best blow job he had ever experienced. He had been right that the little slut sitting at his feet would be exactly what he needed to relax.

He looked down at Isabel, admiring the view of her black curls bouncing as she continued to suck him. The tip of her nose was barely visible to him each time her lips rose up to the tip of his cock, then disappeared when she downed his entire length. A hand continued to stroke his balls, the other, he knew was busy pleasing its owner. It was unbelievably erotic the way her tongue swirled around him, the way her hand was gentle yet firmly cupping him. It was too much.

With a great shudder and a deep growl, Giant Man came, his cum jetting into Isabel’s mouth in hot streams. She swallowed every drop, and then proceeded to lick his dick clean. He leaned back onto the cool bathroom wall, closing his eyes as he savored the little aftershocks that racked his body. Then he flicked an eye open and caught the stranger’s eye.

The man was smart enough to look guilty for watching them, but he evidently couldn’t help palming himself through his pants. Not that Giant Man could blame him. He had just had the orgasm of a lifetime, and he knew that the stranger was jealously wanting one of his own.

Isabel, finally conscious of the tension in the room, looked back and forth between the intruder and Giant Man. When Giant Man looked down at her, Isabel pleaded him with her eyes before letting out a breathless, “Please?”

The Stranger looked watched in fascination as the man shrugged his shoulders indifferently before pinning him with a glare; “You want her cunt or a blow job?”

“I_ what?”

“The slut’s great either way,” Giant Man said, slipping his semi-hard cock back into his pants and zipping up, “I’m done with her now, so enjoy.”

Isabel watched in horror as her Giant Man, without so much as a glance in her direction, walked out of the bathroom. She couldn’t believe he had just left her like that; had spoken about her like she was a prostitute. It was unconceivable. Absolutely outrageous.

After a second of watching the door swing behind him, she turned her incredulous gaze to the Stranger. He had already pulled out his dick – pitiful in comparison to Giant Man – and was heading in her direction.

“Bend over, bitch. You can finish me off like you did him after I’ve had a piece of your sweet little ass.”

Isabel, still dazed from the way the evening had turned out, didn’t even fight the Stranger as he roughly pushed her face far too close to the crud encrusted floor. Her last thought before he plunged himself into her anus was that this man was going to pay out his ass for a piece of hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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