Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 02

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Alex caught her breath as she walked out of the bar. He had never made eye contact with her before let alone speak to her. She felt a familiar pulse growing between her legs. She truly did wish he had jumped over the bar and fucked her. However, it was too late now. She had to make it home for a new pair of panty hose. Alex had promised her boss that she would make it to the business dinner before 9 p.m.

As Alex got into her car, she looked back to the door on the building. A part of her wished Jake would come out of it and ask her to stay.

Ask me to fuck is more like it.

She smiled. She knew she would be back the following Friday for her weekly orgasm. And she couldn’t wait.

The business dinner seemed to drag by. Alex listened to the other brokers speak of the market trends. She smiled and nodded at the right times within the conversation. Alex was everything her boss wanted her to be, polite, courteous, and eye candy for the clients. It really didn’t matter much that she was the

broker at the firm. The more the clients wanted to fuck her, the more they would invest. Her body promised beauty, sex, and money. That’s what really mattered. At the end of the evening, she excused herself from the table and made her way to the coat-check room. She knew that at least two gentlemen from the table watched her stand. They wanted a peek at the cleavage that would expose itself when she bent over to shake their hands. She also knew they would make it a point to watch her ass as it moved while she walked.

I’ll have a phone call from both of them Monday morning. I’ll get their money and they’ll get the fantasy of possibly fucking me.

It was then as she waited for her coat that she heard piano music. Automatically, her nipples hardened. She turned her head to see the corner of the lobby. A man had begun to play a soft tune on the piano. It was not anything that she knew, but it began to have the same effect on her as Jake’s playing. Alex smiled when she knew the bostancı escort song was too slow for her to get off on. However, it was enough to remind her of her earlier orgasms and how good it was to know that is was Jake’s playing that brought her three times. She could feel her labia start to swell. The pulse had returned.

“Ma’am, here’s your coat.”

Alex looked back to the coat-check girl and smiled. Handing the teenage girl a five-dollar bill for tip, Alex made her way back out to her car. Each step increased the pulse between her legs. It was so maddening that Alex had to stop for a moment to catch her breath. Her nipples were so hard; she thought they were going to cut through her shirt.

A girl who cums from walking, great!

Once a bit calmer, Alex continued walking to her car. By the time she reached it, she was on the brink of crying out. She was so close. Her hands were shaking as she put the keys into the door and opened it. She slid into the seat and rested her head against the seat rest. Her hand snaked its way under her skirt. The first touch of her clit made her moan loudly.

She quickly looked around to see if anyone was near her car. It was clear. Alex smiled as she kicked off the heel from her left foot. She propped her foot on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel. This caused her skirt to rise well above her thighs. In fact it completely revealed her black lace panties. Her hand began its assault on her clit again.

Fire exploded through her body. The orgasm was so close; she herself could almost taste the cum that would flow from her. Her index and middle fingers rubbed at a maddening pace. Sweat was beginning to build on her forehead. Alex bit her lip and allowed her other hand to slide between her legs as well.

As her right hand mastered her clit, she allowed the index finger on her left hand to ease past the panties to her slit. Hard and fast, she slammed her finger into her pussy. büyükçekmece escort She gasped and moaned at the wonderful, wet feeling.

I need more!

She allowed another finger of her left hand to slide inside of her. As her hips began to buck, Alex’s thoughts turned back to Jake. She could picture him at the piano, and she could even hear the music. Suddenly, her mental picture changed.

Alex imagined herself sitting in front of Jake. Since her skirt was above her waist, she could feel the cold piano against her ass. Her hands were in the same position. One for the clit and the other pushing in and out of her pussy. He smiles up at her. One of his hands rests over her left hand. She can feel his hand pushing against hers, actually pushing her fingers further into her.

He whispers, “That’s a good girl.”

Alex moans knowing his hand is now as wet as hers. She watches intently as he removes that wet hand from hers and begins to rub the keys of his piano.

“I want to be able to smell you whenever I play,” he says. Alex rocks forward on her hand, seeing that keys now have a glistening sheen of her cum on them.

“Now, I’m going to begin playing for you. What will you do for me?” Jake asks as he continues to watch Alex’s hands. They are so close to his face; she can feel wisps of his breath on them. She knows he can smell her. It would only mean him leaning forward a couple inches if he wanted to actually taste her.

Alex whimpers as she feels the beginnings of her orgasm. She tries to concentrate on the feeling by increasing the speed she is using to rub her clit. Her fingers slide easily past the lips of her pussy. She forces them roughly back inside of her.

Please, just play!

Suddenly, a loud crashing vibration catches Alex off guard. Jake has pounded on the keyboard, sending an incredible vibration through her body. It was enough to shock her back to reality, and it was enough to push her closer çapa escort to the orgasm that she wanted.

“Answer me!” Jake growled.

“I will cum for you,” gasped Alex. Her fingers cannot stop. She wants nothing more than to cum.

“You will do what?” Jake asked as he began to play a fast-paced song. The vibrations of the piano seemed to shoot straight into Alex’s pussy. It was almost like having a cock enter her. Alex couldn’t hold on any longer. She pushed a third finger into her pussy. The orgasm peaked within her. She tilted her head back and began screaming. Jake matched the screams with hard, crashing notes within the song. Alex’s hips rocked back and forth on the top of the piano. Her cum was now running down her hands and thighs. She moaned louder, knowing her cum was coating the piano.

“You will do what?”

Alex shouted, “I am cumming!” The orgasm wouldn’t stop. It was only then that Alex realized that she was cumming in her car and was announcing it rather loudly to the world. Deftly, she pulled her hands away from between her legs and looked around to survey her surroundings.

Immediately, she noticed a man standing about 20 feet from her car under a street lamp. His hand was dragging slowly across the crotch of his pants. She could even make out the large bulge from her car. Alex quickly grabbed her keys and started the car. Flustered, she almost backed into another car as she was backing out of the parking spot.

It was only after she got out of the parking lot that she allowed herself to think about what just happened.

Someone man watched me finger myself. Oh my god!

For a few moments she felt ashamed and scared. Then, the feelings of apprehension had changed. Something wonderful had happened tonight. First of all, she realized that was the first time she had been able to orgasm by herself in years. At least it was the first time she had cum without being in Jake’s bar. She smiled because she knew she could cum just thinking about him now.

Was it because he had spoken to her this evening? Was it because she finally allowed herself to think about fucking another man since her ex-husband? Alex didn’t know. What she did know was her seat and skirt was wet, and she was tired.

An orgasm like that one can take a lot out of a girl.

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