Geek Sex Ch. 12

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I had a big chemistry test on Friday morning, I stressed about it for days. After that I finished a paper for my Brit Lit class and met with my biochem study group. It didn’t even occur to me until I was walking back to the dorm that evening, “I’m actually caught up on everything, I can take the whole damn weekend off.” When I got up to the room Amy was laying on the bed in a t-shirt and panties. “How’d the chem test go?” she asked.

“Oh, I aced it, y’know why?”


“Cause I’m a freakin’ genius, that’s why,” I did my best Joey imitation, “How you doin’?”

“I’m finally caught up from when I was away, I think I can relax a little this weekend.”


“I’m going out for beers later with some people from my acting class.”

“I don’t think I can let that happen,” I said as I jumped on top of her, straddling her ass. I put my arms on top of hers and my tongue in her ear.

“Oh, damn,” Amy said as she pressed her sweet ass back into me. I unbuttoned my jeans with one hand and started pushing them down over my hips. I moved down Amy’s body until my face was over her ass. I caressed her buttocks and played with her panties. I pulled at the top of them and gathered the material into her crack, giving her a wedgy. Just then Amy’s phone rang. I kept playing with her butt to see if I could distract her. “Hello…hey…really? That’s interesting…Now?…We’ll be there in thirty-seven minutes exactly…love ya babe…bye,” she hung up.

“Renee?” I asked.

“Mmm Hmm, she said she has something interesting for us to see at Nick’s house.”

“Really? Sounds mysterious,” I started pulling her panties down over her ass, I had to see it.

“I told her we’d be right over there after we showered.”

“Can I at least get a kiss first?” I had her underwear down to her thighs.

“Well…gee… Alright,” Amy said, I think she seriously expected me to kiss her mouth. I spread her cheeks and Frenched her anus. She giggled and kicked her feet. I wanted to keep going but I was curious about what Renee had for us.

“Let’s shower, I’ll finish that later.”

We got in the shower together and lathered up. We kept starting to kiss and play with each other but we knew we had to hold off until we got to Nick’s. We both knew that Renee probably had some sort of anal activity in mind, so we cleaned ourselves out.

Nick had a big, old house just outside of town. He had bought it when he started grad school, did a lot of repairs, and paid the mortgage by renting out most of the house to other grad students. Of course, with his new job he didn’t need to rent it out anymore, he had the whole place to himself. When we rang the bell and we could hear Renee running to the door. She opened it wearing a silk robe, her hair was in two thick pig-tails and was a little mussed. She was obviously very excited.

“Get in here, quick, lock the door, you have to see this,” we followed her as she ran upstairs to Nick’s bedroom.

The only thing I could say was, “Oh my fucking God.” Nick had a king size bed with a heavy, old, four-post frame, each post was over five feet tall. He was bound in the middle of the bed, face up, spread-eagle, with a ball gag in his mouth. His wrists were chained to the bedposts at the head of the bed. His legs were in the air, each foot chained to both bed posts on the respective side, secured at the top of the posts. There was a spreader between his knees. I walked around the bed a little taking this in. I realized that his crotch was freshly shaved, all around the base of his dick, his balls, the inside of his thighs, and around his asshole. If there was any doubt he wasn’t enjoying this, his erection said otherwise. “Renee?” I said, “Jesus fucking Christ.”

“What did he ever do to deserve this?” Amy asked.

“This fucking pervert wanted me to give him a rim job, I told him that I wouldn’t do it unless I shaved his ass first. I was trying to do it but he wouldn’t hold still, so I restrained him. You know how stubborn this fuckhead can be, so I had to chain him down. He really gave me no choice.”

“So you’ve finished shaving him?” I asked.

“Yep, he’s clean as a whistle, inside and out, Aren’t you asshole?” Renee gave him a hard open handed slap on the back of his thigh. Nick nodded his head and tried to say something but the gag prevented him. “Giving him an enema was a real challenge.”

“Well, what do you want to do with him now?” Amy asked.

“I thought someone should give him this,” she reached into her book bag and brought out her strap-on, the phallus was smooth, black and slightly curved, similar in shape and proportion to Nick’s own cock. There was another in the bag. “So Jan? Do you really want to be one of us?”


“You casino siteleri can do the honors,” she handed me the strap-on, “I guess you’ve never fucked a guy before, have you?”

“No, I’ve never fucked a girl either, for that matter.”

Amy put her arm around my waist, “Oh, you’re in for a treat.” Amy and I started to kiss. Renee dropped her robe, she was already naked underneath. “Let’s torture him some more,” Amy said as she kicked off her shoes and climbed up on the bed. I did the same and Renee joined us. We stood over Nick’s face and made out. Amy and I took our shirts off, we kissed and nibbled each other breasts while Renee pulled off our jeans. Nick was squirming underneath us as he watched all this, unable even to reach his dick and jerk off.

“Let’s get you a hard on,” Renee said. She got the strap-on and had me step into it. It fit like a snug leather jock strap. I was amazed by the feeling of having a cock. I spit on my hand and stroked it. I stood between Nick’s manacled legs and looked down at his body.

“Did you ever give him that rim job?” I asked Renee.

“No, go ahead,” she replied.

I knelt between Nick’s thighs and kissed the head of his cock tenderly. I left a trail of saliva down his shaft on the way to his balls. I put my mouth around each one, sucking on it gently. This seemed to drive Nick crazy. His eyes got big and his legs kicked at the chains. The skin of his scrotum was contracted, almost leathery, and his balls were close to his body. Amy and Renee were just watching me do this. I put my tongue at the back of his balls and traced it down, then flicked at his tight, freshly shaved anus. For some reason I expected it to taste different than a women’s, but it was almost the same, yet somehow it felt dirtier, more perverted, giving a guy a rim job. I made sure to get it good and wet, then stabbed my tongue into the center. Nick’s thighs were vibrating from the pleasure I was giving him. I felt someone pulling at my dick and I realized that Renee was lubing my strap-on. I put my tongue in as far as I could and rotated it, feeling his tightness begin to relax and accept it. Finally, I stopped and gave his dick another kiss. Amy and Renee both kissed me deeply, tasting Nick’s musk. “Where’s the lube?” I asked.

“I’ll do it,” Amy said, coating her fingers in KY. She straddled his chest and caressed his dick with one hand as she explored his asshole. She frigged him with long deliberate strokes, pulling her finger all the way out before putting it back in. “I don’t think I’ve ever had my finger in his ass before,” she said, and kissed me.

“Is he ready?” I asked.

“I think so,”

“Let me check.” I circled his lubed sphincter with my fingertip, then inserted it. Nick groaned into his gag as I put two fingers deep within him. “Take off his gag, I want to hear him when I fuck him.”

Renee unbuckled it and yanked it from his mouth. Nick moved his jaw around to loosen it, then said, “Damn that’s good, fuck me.”

I lay on top of him, my fake dick next to his erection. I kissed him and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass as good as you fucked mine.” Renee and Amy each grabbed a leg and pulled back to completely expose his anus. I held my penis under his balls and moved it slowly around, then rubbed it up and down his crack. I held it against his ass and pressed slowly. I really didn’t know what I was doing, I hoped I was doing it right. I watched as his asshole expanded, accepting the tip, then contracting a little. Each time it opened I pressed in a little further, until the head was in. Nick was moaning and pulling at his chains. I pressed in slowly from there, moving an inch then holding. I put the last few inches in all at once, slapping my hips against his ass, he gasped and threw his head back. I pumped it into him, feeling the power of my new dick. His cock seemed to throb each time I thrust. “Renee, suck his cock,” I commanded. She straddled his head and took his dick in her mouth.

Amy had been watching from the side lines all this time. Now she knelt beside me and fingered my cunt from behind. “Fuck him, fuck him good,” she whispered and bit my earlobe.

“Don’t let him cum yet,” I told Renee, “Do you want to fuck him for awhile Amy?” she nodded yes. “Get the other strap-on.” A minute later Amy was on the other side of me, with her lubed cock in her hand. It was similar to mine in size and texture, but it was flesh colored and straight instead of curved. I withdrew slowly and watched as his asshole winked shut. He let out a relieved sigh. I moved out of the way and Amy took my place. Renee stopped sucking on his cock and held his cheeks open as Amy put her dick into him. His whole body flexed and thrashed again slot oyna as Amy began to pound him. The chains that bound his legs clanked with each thrust. Renee resumed sucking him and pressed her cunt into his face. I stood back and watched the scene. “How much fun is this?” I thought, “And it wasn’t long ago that I wouldn’t have even associated with people who would do this sort of thing.”

I wiped the used lube off my dick with a towel, then looked at Renee’s darling little ass. I bit her neck lightly as she continued to blow him, then whispered in her ear, “You have such a cute ass, have I told you that lately? I think it needs some love.”

She stopped sucking on him and kissed me, “My ass is yours,” she said. I got behind her and gazed at her buttocks, it was firm and cute, and her pussy and asshole were shaved smooth. Nick was licking her the best that he could, but he was having trouble concentrating. I kissed his forehead and cheeks, then his mouth, I felt him grunt with each thrust from Amy. Then I licked Renee’s pussy. She was wet and juicy. I flicked at her clit as I nuzzled into her lips, but it was her ass that I really wanted. I kissed her adorable little asshole. Of the three of them Renee’s anus seemed the smallest, yet I was almost sure it was the most experienced. She ground her ass back into my face, wanting more of my tongue. I teased her, only licking the outer muscle, feeling it quake at my touch. I blew on it and watched it react. Then I put my tongue full to it. Jabbing the tip into her hole. It grasped at my tongue and I forced it in further. I got the lube and coated my fingers. I traced some lube around her anus feeling her creased, sensitive muscle, she arched her back more in anticipation of my finger. I held it at her entrance and she forced it into her, pressing back with her hips in one slow, steady motion. Inside it felt like hot, wet velvet. I frigged her with my finger, added more lube, and frigged her again.

When she was ready, I mounted her. Only then did she stop sucking him, she turned and looked at me. We locked eyes as I penetrated her. She was eager for this and her ass did not resist as I pressed in. I put my hands on her hips and fucked her like a guy. Only when I was all the way in did she put her mouth around Nick’s cock again. I watched Amy fucking him and matched her rhythm. The bed and restraints shook with our motion and seemed to reverberate. Of course Nick could see what I was doing to Renee, it was all too much for him. I could tell he was on the edge. “Fuck him Amy, fuck him harder, make him cum Renee,” I told them. I reached around Renee and fingered her clit as she sucked at his head and jerked his shaft. His cum spurt hard onto her lips and dripped out, onto his stomach. I watched as goose bumps covered Renee’s ass and she screamed out in pleasure, slapping her hips into my harness.

We were all gasping and sweaty. Amy and I kissed Renee. She held on to us like she was going to faint.

It was minutes before anyone spoke. Renee laughed, “God, that may be the most perverted thing I’ve ever done…Let’s preserve the moment in pictures.” She went and got her digital camera from her bag. She snapped away as Amy and I posed: us kissing, spread eagled, butt shots, etc. Amy took some pics of Renee, then Renee set the timer for a group shot: The three of us, Amy and I still wearing strap-ons, Renee in the middle, all standing over Nick, still chained down, his dick now flaccid and his asshole greasy.

All three of us kissed Nick. “I think our boy has had enough,” Renee said. “If we unchain you, do you promise to be a good boy?” she said as if she were talking to a six year old.

“I promise, I’ll be very good,” Nick replied. We unbuckled the restraints from his wrists and ankles, they looked red and a little chaffed. He rubbed them to get the blood flowing again. “So Renee,” he said, “These little school girls were very good to us, maybe we should return the favor.”

“Hmmm, not such a bad idea,” she replied, “Give me my dick back, slut,” she said, laughing and grabbing my cock. Amy and I both took off the strap-ons. I handed mine to Renee. She cleaned her ass juice off of it and put it on.

Amy and I got in the middle of the bed. We were on our knees, embracing. Nick and Renee were standing there watching us like two frat boys. “Woo hoo,” Renee yelled, “Let’s see some girl on girl action.” I kissed Amy tenderly, deeply. I looked into her eyes and kissed her again, lewdly this time. I sucked on her tongue like it was a dick. I brought a finger to her lips and put it in. She swirled her tongue around it getting it thoroughly wetted, then put her finger in my mouth and I sucked on it.

I looked at our two voyeurs standing there jerking off, canlı casino siteleri “Is this what you want to see,” I said as I parted Amy’s cheeks. They watched as I put my wetted finger into Amy’s tight back hole. I felt a slippery digit in my crack and a minute later we were finger fucking each other in the ass. I started kissing down her body and soon I was down to her hips. She sensed what I wanted and lay on her side so we could 69. We lapped at each other cunts, each mimicking the other. She bit my inner thigh and flicked at my clit with her finger. I hummed into her and that did it, she flooded my face with her juiced as she grabbed the back of my head and held me there. It wasn’t long before I was in the same state. I clamped my thighs shut around her head when I came. Her tongue was electric, its current jolted through my body with every lick.

I wasn’t done yet though, I adjusted my position and put my elbows behind her knees. She knew what I had in mind and did the same. My face was in her beautiful ass. We had contact at the same instant. A perfect circle of pleasure as we pleased the other’s anus. We were both familiar with the other’s needs and didn’t hesitate, fucking the other deeply with our tongues.

Our rapture was broken by the sound of lubricant being squeezed from a bottle, and the unique sound of a phallus being greased. We both knew what was in store and broke our loving hold. Renee and Nick were standing there, both jerking off. Nick had recovered quickly and was fully hard again. “Which one you want?” Renee asked him, like they were sailors choosing whores.

“I don’t know, you have a preference?”

“When was the last time you fucked Amy’s ass?”

“Oh, it’s been a while,” Nick replied.

“Good, I’ve never fucked the new chick,” they laughed and climbed onto the bed.

Amy and I got in position, doggy style, face to face. We watched each other the whole time as Renee lubed my ass and Nick lubed hers. It was such a strange thing, to watch another person’s expression as they did such a lurid thing, while the same thing was done to you. I felt Renee stand behind me and saw Nick behind her. We kissed as we were penetrated. Gasping into each others mouths. I was expecting Renee to be rougher, less attentive. But she was an expert. Her dick glided in slowly. Always giving me a little more than I thought I could take, but never more than I could accept. I realized that Renee had turned the curved penis upside down, so that it pointed toward my g-spot. Renee and Nick synchronized their tempo, fucking us in unison. I opened my eyes and saw my lover’s face in front of me, enraptured as Nick sodomized her. There was drool at the corner of her mouth and I kissed it away. We held hands. Orgasm crashed through us like a tsunami. I came first, shivering and screaming as Renee fucked me, my asshole contracting and releasing around the shaft, sending waves of pleasure through me. Amy came just after, a thousand expressions of pleasure, pain, thrill and ecstasy crossed her face. She shivered, grunted, and kissed me. Then Nick thrust full force into her, holding inside her as he gripped her shoulders, babbling and cursing.

We fell together in a heap, the four of us breathing hard together. I felt like I was a kitten in a litter, utterly safe, warm, and satiated. I think I dozed for a minute and when I came to Nick was out of the bed. “Who wants to see the new shower I just put in?” he asked. We all stumbled into the master bath. I was like a huge sunken bath with a sliding door and four shower heads. All for of us fit in snuggly and washed the cum, lube, spit and sweat from our bodies. We took a bunch more photos that night: some lewd, some funny, some tender.

We all lay in the bed afterwards. Renee spoke first, “So I guess we’ve all fucked the new chick, what’s the vote?” They all said “Aye” in unison. “Any Nays?” There were no “Nays.” “The ‘Ayes’ have it. Jan you are now officially a pervert.”

“Thank you,” I said “I will always strive to disgrace the honor you’ve just given me.”

“You know,” Nick said, “This is an awful big house, and I’m all alone here now, if three people wanted to move in here there’d be plenty of room.”


Now, as I write this, it’s late January. I have the pictures we took that night in front of me, and the picture Renee gave me of her ass all those months ago. I’m amazed when I look at the pictures of us. I might think that it’s all been a dream if I didn’t actually see them.

Amy and I finished out the semester in the dorm then we all moved to Nick’s house. My friends and family just think that I’m renting a cheap room. It’s not like we all fuck together every night, usually just in twos or threes a few times a week. It’s never boring though.

And so I began a wonderful, passionate, fulfilling relationship, but not with one guy the way I always thought, always assumed I would, but with three lovers, two women and one man, and I’ve never been happier.

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