Fun with Photos Ch. 13

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I recommend reading the previous chapters first.

All characters are fictional .

Hope you enjoy ;->


Todd sprawled in the rocking chair in his bedroom, looking in disbelief at his wife and her best friend Beth.

They had just worked together to get his pants off his ankles after he was seated. Once his pants and socks were cast aside they sat back and smiled happy, naughty smiles at him.

They were kneeling on the floor in front of him, both naked, both beautiful in their own way.

Meagan, his wife, with her long dark hair, big brown eyes and big milf tits.

Beth with her short blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and pouty lips. She still had a glob of his cum on her chin and some had dribbled onto one of the most erotic nipples he had ever seen.

Beth’s tits were barely a handful, but her nipples, they were both engorged and pointed straight out. The areolas were a dark brown and thick, full with her lust and a sharp contrast with her pale skin.

As Todd gazed down her thin body to her flared hips, and between her legs to her bald pussy with the thick labia, he wondered if he was going to get to taste her, and fuck her.

He had heard such good things about Beth from his best friend Willy. Willy had been tapping that pussy since Todd and Meagan had introduced them years earlier.

As he was remembering the enthusiasm his buddy had for that tight, wet snatch, his wife interrupted his thoughts.

“So are you ready for your next surprise baby?” She’d asked. It took Todd a second to register what she said.

“Next surprise? There’s more?” He played stupid, trying to hide his anticipation. His wife had just given his cock to her best friend and let her suck him off!

He didn’t want to seem too eager if he was going to get to fuck her next, but he couldn’t imagine what else there could be.

“Sure!” Todd answered, “I guess.” But he was not anticipating what his sexy wife did next. She handed him her cellphone, still in camera mode, and told him, “Here, you are going to want this. But go into settings and turn the shutter sound back on first.”

Meagan had turned off the sound feature on the camera earlier. She didn’t want Todd to realize someone else was in the room while he was blindfolded and getting his dick sucked, by who he thought was his wife.

Once Todd had the setting changed, Meagan turned to face her friend and Beth turned to meet her. Then they kissed!

It wasn’t a best friend smooch either, it was an open mouth kiss with lots of tongue and passion!

Meagan managed to slurp up the cum from Beth’s lower lip and chin, and he could hear them groan as they went at it, both tasting his seed.

Their hands were busy too, groping and feeling each other up.

Meagan’s big natural tit rubbed against Beth’s perky one, smearing the jizz that was there between them, before they broke their kiss with a gasp.

Beth looked at Todd with a wicked smile, and before either could say anything Meagan dipped her head and licked Todd’s cum from Beth’s tit with a hungry growl.

She paused to look up at her husband then, to judge his reaction. When she saw surprise, and what appeared to be fascination, even lust, instead of horror or anger, she asked “Don’t you want to get photos of this baby?”

She said it as sweetly as possible before she bent her head again to suck her friend’s puffy nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard this time, waiting for the exhilarating sound of the camera.

Beth gasped and bit her lower lip as her eyes closed and she pushed her chest forward, encouraging Meagan to enjoy her tittie. She ran her fingers through Meagan’s hair and held her head tightly to her breast.

Todd stared, wide eyed as he watched his wife and mother of his son sucking hungrily on her best friend’s nipple. A nipple he had always secretly wanted to suck himself.

He felt his cock start to reawaken as Beth ran her fingers through Meagan’s hair and whispered, “That’s right baby, suck hard. You know how I like it.”

Todd was dumbfounded, but years of experience with erotic photography with his wife made it a natural reaction to remember the phone in his hands. He raised it and allowed it to focus on possibly the hottest thing he had ever seen his wife do, and took a picture.

Both women heard that sound, the shutter sound of the camera, and both got a little thrill.

They both knew the video camera was catching everything, it was on the tripod and had been running since before Beth had sucked Todd off, but knowing Todd was getting pictures meant he was into what was happening.

And now he was going to be their private porn photographer.

Meagan sucked hard, even applying her teeth to the enflamed areola in her mouth, and Beth let out a squeak. She opened her eyes and looked at Todd to judge his reaction.

She was happy to see his impressive cock coming back to life. It was no longer a limp slab laying on his leg, but was already starting casino siteleri to stand back up.

His face showed amazement and lust as he looked at his wife through the screen of the phone and snapped another pic.

Meagan pulled her mouth off Beth’s nipple with a pop and looked back over at her husband. “When you’re able to stand again baby, you may want to get up and get some other angles.”

She said it so casually, even as she reached a hand down to Beth’s pussy and slipped her fingers into her swollen labia that Todd had admired moments earlier.

Beth let out another groan and moved Meagan’s hair aside to lean in and kiss her friends neck, eliciting a smile and moan from her too.

Todd captured the image and stood up. His prick raising higher by the second.

Meagan pulled her fingers out of her friend and reached out and grasped the cock she was so familiar with and stroked it as she enjoyed the other sensations she was still learning about.

With Beth kissing her neck and her hand groping Meagans big tits, Meagan was so turned on as she jacked her husband’s cock, and felt it start to harden more in her hand.

Todd saw her fingers were wet with Beth’s juice as they wrapped around his dick. The luscious fluid and Meagan’s wedding ring glistened in the light of the flash as Todd took another photo.

“You just keep taking pictures baby, and when this thing is hard enough, we’ll invite you to use it again.” She told him softly with a smile.

Todd didn’t know what to say, he simply focused the camera on his wife and got another shot of her with her hand on his cock and her friend fondling and kissing her. Her face was flushed with excitement.

Meagan let go of her husband’s growing dick and reached back down to finger her friend again.

Todd took another photo. He captured the lust on his wife’s face as she fingered her friend and enjoyed the attention she was getting back.

“Damn woman that is so fucking Hot!” Todd exclaimed. “How, when…?” He couldn’t even form a sentence watching his wife play with her bff.

“Well, the when, is just today!” Meagan explained, “But could have been years ago!” Then she left out a squeal.

Todd saw that Beth had relinquished Meagan’s tits for her pussy, and took another picture as Beth looked up briefly and said “Yeah, we were missing out on so much fun!”

“As for how,” Meagan continued with a smile “Beth found our favorite website on our computer, and I had been looking at an fmf post. Because, like I said earlier, if you’re going to give me two men to enjoy, why shouldn’t I give you two girls?”

“But here’s the kicker,” Beth chimed in, “in the post your naughty little wife had been looking at, the two women weren’t only fucking the guy! They were also playing with each other!”

“Really?” Todd asked, “And what brought that on?”

“Honey, I can explain that later. Right now, we have better things to do!” Meagan declared. She looked at Beth and said, “Get up on that bed girl!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Beth quipped as she got up from the floor. She started to crawl onto the bed, when Meagan stopped her with a hand on her calf.

“No babe, right here on the edge.” She said as she patted the mattress right next to her head.

Todd got his first glimpse of Beth’s perfect ass and made damn sure to get a photo of it.

Meagan turned around to face the bed as Beth sat in front of her and spread her legs, baring her wet slit to Meagan and Todd both. She loved the hunger she saw in both of their faces.

Todd thought her pussy lips were so beautiful, meaty and dark, similar in color to her nipples. He started to snap pics like crazy.

“Doesn’t it look beautiful baby?” Meagan asked her husband, as if reading his mind. She ran her hand over the swollen lips, then reached out and spread Beth’s lips with both hands, revealing the pink wetness inside.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Todd answered. He thought of Willy telling him it was the best tasting pussy he ever had.

As if she was reading his mind again, or maybe she could just see it in his face, Meagan asked him, “You want to taste her pussy baby?” She slid a finger into her friend and worked it around before pulling it back out, wet and slick. Beth had made the cutest little whimper.

Meagan held her finger out to her husband, offering him a taste. Todd didn’t hesitate, and as he took his wife’s finger in his mouth he made eye contact with Beth. They shared a look that promised he would soon taste her pussy from the source.

“Good huh?” Meagan asked him with a knowing smile. She had seen the lusty look Todd and Beth shared, and it excited her. This whole day was just so fucking intense!

She saw that Todd was getting close to fully hard, and knew just what to do to bring him back to a full erection. She turned back to Beth and ran her wet tongue up the inside of her thigh, then between Beth’s swollen labia.

Beth took a sharp intake of breath and Todd heard himself slot oyna moan along with his wife. He barely had the presence of mind to raise the phone and snap a photo.

Meagan smiled up at Beth, who was sitting upright, leaning back on her hands. Beth bit her lower lip and gave her a nod of encouragement.

Meagan knew it was time to show off for her husband. She wanted to show him what she’d learned that day. That she loved eating pussy as much as he did, and she was apparently pretty good at it.

She stuck her tongue out and lapped her friend’s meaty lips, one at a time. Then ran her tongue over Beth’s clit, which was peaking out of it’s hood with her arousal, and back down into her wet pussy.

She swirled around her hole and licked it up and down between her labia. She was encouraged by her friend’s moaning and the thrilling sound of the camera going off repeatedly as her husband took photos.

She ran her tongue as far into Beth’s sweet snatch as she could, burying her mouth into the meaty lips. She swiped her tongue in and around, and sucked her deliciously wet hole.

She moved her head to the side and stuck her tongue out as far as she could, so Todd could get some shots of her licking pussy.

She knew from experience with her husband that it was a lot harder taking pictures of pussy eating than it was a blowjob.

She savored the taste of her friend, and wondered what it would taste like with Todd’s cum mixed in. The thought of that caused her to groan aloud right into Beth’s pussy.

Beth responded with a groan of her own and she reached a hand down to her friend’s head and pulled her face gently but firmly in further.

She rocked her hips to try to get contact with Meagan’s mouth on her clit. She rubbed it against Meagan’s upper lip as Meagan refused to relinquish her tongue from the sweet nectar of her friend’s inner pussy.

Meagan knew what Beth wanted, she moved her head up ever so slightly to get her top lip more firmly against the needy bud, but continued to lick up inside her.

Beth was getting into her friend’s rhythm and rocking her hips against her mouth. She was so excited to have Meagan hungrily eating her out while Todd was getting pictures of it.

She looked at him and saw that he was now fully hard. When he wasn’t using both hands to focus the camera, he was subconsciously stroking himself.

Beth bit her pouty lower lip, and let her eyes travel up Todd’s body, so strong and masculine, she knew that it would only be a matter of time before she was fucking this stud.

She looked up at his face and saw that he was looking at her body through the cellphone camera. Focusing on her swollen nipples he snapped another pic. Beth automatically pulled her shoulders back and pointed her tits out at him.

Todd chuckled at her and took another picture of her tits before looking over the top of the phone to make eye contact with her again. They smiled at each other and both sensed that they would be enjoying each other’s bodies soon.

Meagan had been watching Beth’s face, enjoying the pleasure she saw there. Knowing that she was causing that pleasure.

She saw her friend’s eyes travel to her husband saw the hunger there. She watched Beth’s expression as she looked up his body and then made eye contact with him. She gave him such a sexy and inviting look.

Meagan could see Todd’s hard prick in the corner of her eye. She saw his hands grasping it between camera clicks. And she noticed it twitch when Beth smiled at him.

She knew that Beth wanted him, and could imagine Todd looking at her with desire too. She wanted to give these two people, that she loved so much, the opportunity to enjoy each other.

But first she wanted Todd to see her getting her friend off.

She wanted to show off her new found skills for him. She brought her hands up and using her fingers she opened her friend’s plump lips wide.

She looked up at Beth, who had just realized Meagan was about to progress to something else, and looked down at her to see what she was going to do.

When they made eye contact, Meagan winked at her and ran her flattened tongue up between her lips and swiped it over the now exposed clitoris.

Encouraged by the whimper Beth let out, Meagan did it again, and again. She worked slowly at first, hearing her friend cry out and the shutter sound of the camera with each stroke of her tongue.

Then Meagan switched to pointing her tongue and performing the same long swipe up Beth’s slit. From the bottom to the top, over and over. She added a swipe over the engorged bud at the top, then circled it with her tongue, before going through her the motions again from the bottom.

Gradually she started to spend more time licking the protruding nub of Beth’s clit, and less time in the sopping hole below.

Soon, with a gasp and a curse, Beth laid back on the bed and now brought both of her hands down to Meagan’s head, holding her lovingly to her crotch.

When canlı casino siteleri Beth raised her legs and rested her feet on Meagan’s back, Meagan slipped two fingers into her friend and gently put all her oral focus on the sensitive nub above. She kissed it, and licked it, and began to gently suckle it, all while sawing her fingers in and out of her friend’s tight snatch. And soon Beth was almost crying with pleasure. Her head rolled side to side as she enjoyed her friend’s new talents.

Todd, in his role of photographer, decided he needed a better angle of the action. He couldn’t believe this was happening, and wanted to capture everything.

First he adjusted the camera on the tripod. It had been focused on the blowjob that Beth had given him to start these festivities.

With Beth sitting on the edge of the bed being pleasured by Meagan, they were at the outside edge of the screen. When Beth laid back, she was out of frame, and Todd knew they would want to see her getting off.

Once the tripod was raised and the angle adjusted to capture her reactions, Todd went around Meagan and crawled up onto the bed to see his beautiful wife’s face peeking up over Beth’s shaved mound.

Beth felt the movement of the bed and opened her eyes to see Todd’s hard cock right next to her. She instinctively reached out and grasped it, and started to stroke it.

Todd took photos of Beth’s hand working his dick, her pretty face full of lust and pleasure and his wife eating her out like a seasoned pro.

Soon Meagan’s loving attention to Beth was bringing her to her climax. Meagan knew the signs and turned her hand to reach up inside Beth to start stroking her Gspot.

Beth could not even focus on jacking off Todd’s dick anymore, she just held it tightly, like it was a tether, keeping her from flying off the bed as she cried aloud and went over the edge.

“EH, EH, EH, EH, EHH, EHH, EHH, EH, EH ,EHHH, EEHHHHHFUUUCK! Oh, Fuck, Yeah, Baby! Just like that!”

Todd couldn’t resist helping her by grabbing her tits and twisting one of her amazing nipples. He knew from Willy how much she liked that, and he had wanted to feel them himself for so long.

He got photos of Beth’s face in the throes of her climax, and his fingers twisting her nipple.

Meagan saw him doing this to one of Beth’s tits and knew his other hand was busy taking pictures of it all. She reached her free hand up to twist the other one.

Todd took pictures of Beth’s tits as he and his wife both squeezed and twisted a nipple.

He got shots of her legs, long and lean and muscles contracting as she came. She was in ecstasy from his wife’s talents and looked so fucking sexy. He was glad the video was rolling, catching her erotic cries too.

Meagan could feel Beth’s kegal muscles contracting with her orgasm. She remembered the first time she felt that, earlier that day, and remembered that she’d wanted Todd to feel it with his cock.

Suddenly Meagan pulled her mouth off Beth’s swollen pussy and as she reached out to grab the phone from Todd’s hand she told him excitedly, “Come here baby and fuck her! Stick it in while she’s still cumming!”

Todd didn’t hesitate, he knew how intense that was for Meagan when he did it to her. She loved a hard fuck when she was still cumming from oral. He hopped off the bed and got between Beth’s splayed legs and slid his fat prick right into her with a loud moan.

Beth’s climax hit yet another level and she screamed as she grabbed both of her tits roughly. “OH YEAH! FUCK ME TODD! FUCK ME WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL DICK!”

Meagan looked at her friend through the camera phone and snapped photos of her friend cumming on her husband’s cock.

Todd was groaning with pleasure as he fucked Beth hard and fast. He had heard from Willy how tight and wet Beth was, but to feel her pussy contracting when she was still cumming was indescribable.

“Fuck baby your pussy feels soo fucking good!” He told her.

He could feel her pussy flex and squeeze him as he thrust repeatedly into her.

Meagan knew that usually Todd could last awhile, especially since he just got off from Beth’s blowjob.

But she was also well aware of how exciting a new partner could be. And she knew that Beth had a very tight pussy, which she had vowed to let her husband experience.

Meagan was getting very turned on watching her husband and her best friend fuck. She realized she wanted some of his cock too. And she could think of so many different things she wanted to do with these two.

She thought about stopping them, making him pull out and give her some cock too. She could have thrown her leg over Beth’s body and backed up until her pussy was directly over Beth’s and let Todd take her from behind. What guy wouldn’t love that? The chance to switch from one woman to another?

She could push him back when he was on the out stroke and when he popped free from Beth’s wet snatch she could just take him with her mouth. She could suck all Beth’s tasty cum right off his prick, like in her fantasy.

But they were both very into the hot fuck they were sharing. They were both in the zone, and Beth was riding waves of pleasure, cumming on the cock she had wanted for so long.

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