Fuck My Wife

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Her nubile body heaved under his weight in a momentous orgasm, her teeth sinking into his flesh as he pressed her harder against the tarmac ground, thrusting a last few times inside her, his face a grimace of ecstasy; and then stillness. Their mutual panting suffused only by the realisation of the cold air around their exposed flesh. Matthew grunted and slid himself out of her, watching as his cock, now flaccid, was dripping with cum and her lips dragging along his shaft, as though clasping it still, yielded to the withdrawal oozing their mixture of juices out of her body. He smiled lopsidedly, only then glancing back up at Ann. Keeping eye contact he quickly shoved two finger back inside her, making her gasp with shock and scooped out some of the sticky fluid, pressing one finger inside his own mouth and one into hers which she had no time to reject.

He stood up, zipped up his trousers and looked down at her, lying on the ground still like a crash victim, her long brunette hair swept to one side, her back dress pushed down below her petite breasts, and up, exposing her delicately shaved pussy. Her eyes searched him in vulnerability, so he said his usual line he found himself often repeating to her

“Well you enjoyed that didn’t you?.”

A smile glanced over her face, one hand squeezing her left breast, the other rested on her mound of hair and a slow moan of affirmation escaped her mouth.

“Good, now get up, you look like a whore spread open like that.” Ann scrambled to her feet, her dress concealing her crotch, he squeezed her breast a final time before repositioning the top half. That’s what you are isn’t it? A dirty little whore,” he grasped her to him with his arm round her buttocks, pressing her legs together,

“Can you feel me Ann? Can you feel me trickling down your legs?” another sweet little blip of affirmation,

” His hand slid around, a finger resting on her anus, “would you like me to? Do you want me canlı bahis to force you up against that wall, part your cheeks and plunge all my seven inches up you tight little ass? Would you scream? Would it hurt you? It would, and you’d like that, you’d squirm away from me begging me to stop as I fuck you, getting harder with each thrust and you’d beg. Would you like to beg Ann as I slip myself up into your tight slender body, penetrating you, violating you, until I cum, spreading my juices over your ass as a reminder, would you like that?”

Her eyes were gleaming now, her nipples hard against her dress, He slipped his fingers higher and could feel the moistness of a new passion, the stale dregs of the last subliming down her legs. He grunted. He knew he could not satisfy her a second time.

They went back to the party, grinning at the irony of the trendy cosmopolitan crowd picking at hors d’œuvres and sipping fine wines, knowing part of him was covering that sluts body as she made small talk with lawyers.

Watching her drift between the cliques, smiling and making inane banter with inane guests he noticed one of the caterers watching her as avidly as he had been. His eyes were hungry, his mind only half on his job. He could understand it. She was a tall woman with soft brown eyes, her body whilst not perfect or proportioned diffused unknown sexuality into the air. Her tallness accentuated this, and to guess, one would think she were the dominant partner, but they were at their best, he’d be retraining her with his superior strength, she would be open bare, and usually naked to his clothed body, her whole self begging to be abused, defiled, her vulnerability was pleading to be abused. She was truly delicious.

He sauntered over to the table and to look one would think he was engaging in banter with the young caterer, that is until the look of shock struck his face. The two separated, Matthew picking a guest to talk to with a good view of bahis siteleri the door, the young man took trays into the kitchen, returning. Matthew heard part of his questions

“Excuse me ma’am is your name Ann Jacobs……. You must have dropped your bag as we have found a bank card that we would just like you to verify. Come with me please.” Matthew grinned at the pun, probably accidental. He made idle conversation for a minute or so and followed them out into their ground floor bedroom. He laughed out loud. He was sat on a chair wide eyed; she was straddling him, her dress covering everything. He knew his wife too well, she took control unless it was forced out of her – it was only then she would enjoy sex. In mock fury he strode up to the fucking couple and yanked her hair pulling her back and off the boy. He started making excuses on deaf ears as Matthew pulled out another chair, threw her onto the back of it and lifted her skirt.

“You want to fuck her?” The boy made affirmative and shocked noises “Well fuck her then!” He roared “Take that twenty-one year old cock and shove it up the tight ass of my wife. She wants you to, don’t you darling”

“YES!” He was shocked by her passion, but then again he had never forced another man to fuck her, and up the ass to, this was a treat, he held back till she was good before giving her that pleasure. He knelt on the seat of the chair, pulling up her face and seeing only glee in it. The youth was still staring at her bare ass but a fiery glare from Matthew made him hesitate no longer. His cock was lubricated with her cum still and while Matthew held her from the other end, he jabbed it into her.

“Oh god..its fat, he’s got a fat one, Matthew, it’s hurting me..”

“Do you want him to stop”

“no oh no don’t let him please I beg you,”

“what do you want honey”

“I want him to impale me up to the hilt, again and again, I want him to cum all over me.”

“Good” Matthew bahis şirketleri gripped hard onto her as the boy pumped and pumped, his eyes were glazed with the intense passion and pressure to perform, his whole body was his dick, it was the only thing that existed for him. Matthew looked down at the intrusion into his wife’s body. It was fat indeed, disappearing and reappearing up inside her body, the boy gripped her cheeks then and he could tell he was close to orgasm, he was pushing them apart in opposite directions, staring down at his own cock fuck another man’s wife. Matthew felt hot and sweaty, he wanted to be the one violating his wife, making her moan the wild way she was doing now, but in another sense he enjoyed watching her receive and give please to another man. He stepped back to watch, their bodies stretching apart from each other and colliding with a slap of flesh, again and again. She started to writhe and he was going through the feeling of orgasm in his own mind, she lay still, as the boy carried on pounding her. He knew she enjoyed this, the knowledge that this pleasure was purely his and the sensitivity of post orgasm hurt her for his pleasure.

He walked closer, his cock now slathered in her cum. He bent down between her legs and smiled to himself. He balled his hand into a fist and shoved it into her. At first it didn’t fit, but then with help of his other had he slid his knuckles and then slowly the whole fist inside her. She let out a sob of pain but told the youth to keep shoving it in as hard as he could. The warm tightness round his fist was amazing, her juices surrounding his whole hand. He could not move it but to have it there was enough, inside her prone, immobilised body. A shout from above indicated the caterer had finished, he had withdrawn, just before, his sloppy mess coating her ass. In one quick jerk he removed his fist and she flopped down, onto the floor, her legs wide, her hair in total disarray. She was smiling. A grim wider than he’d ever seem before coated her face. To finish the game he told the boy to leave and then left her, there, dishevelled to pick herself up, so she could enjoy the feeling of total abuse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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