Front Me Some

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I had just graduated from High School at 18 and a half years old, and had just started my summer vacation before deciding what to do with my life. I was still living at home and my mom said I should find a job. She was on the phone and sounding like she was negotiating a deal.

He heard her say quietly, “Can you front me some until Friday? Okay Greg I’ll be over there pretty quick.”

Then she hung up. She got her purse and was heading to the door. I asked, “Where are you going?”

“Jimmy I am just going to stop by a friend’s house, do you want to come along?”

They arrived at the friend’s house. Connie briefly introduced Greg to Jimmy and offered him to sit in the living room and watch Netflix. Jimmy waited in the living room while Connie, his mother went inside the bed room to talk to her friend.

Jimmy heard some muffled talk, and then what sounded like a zipper under stress being unzipped. After a couple minutes he heard a muffled choking sound. Jimmy was naïve for his age. There were other sounds in the room like a Television playing so Jimmy did not make any conclusions about what was going on.

I didn’t think any more about it until later in the week. The next day I had run out of cigarettes and found mother’s spare purse she usually leaves at home. I rummaged in it and found some cigarettes and took a couple. As I put the pack back in her purse I noticed some rolled up cigarettes. I took a couple of those and planned to smoke them to see what they were like. Also I took a 20 dollar bill from a wad I thought was spare money.

That night I smoked the funny cigarettes I had taken and had a real big surprise. I got a really stoned high and started getting very horny. I had to relieve myself and jacked off not just once but several times and still had a hard on. I would have fucked about anything right then, and I am ashamed to admit privately that I envisioned sucking a cock and managed to jack off one more time.

When Friday came around I volunteered to go back to Greg’s with her. She had a worried look on her face. Jimmy heard some muffled talk and Connie say something like she thought she had it all. This was his mom’s business. She was 34 years old. Nevertheless, Jimmy couldn’t help but take a peek through the loose doorjamb. He had mixed feelings about whether to protect his mom or let her work things out.

As Jimmy squinted through the doorjamb he saw Greg remove her top. He could see her naked back from her shoulders down to her jeans. Greg removed her bra. Then he reached around her front and cupped her boobs twisting her nipples which he could see were hard. Greg’s hands drifted down in her front and unfastened her jeans and as they moved around a little bit, he could her zipper go down and saw her pants loosen.

Jimmy could see Greg was feeling of her pussy from the front, and then he palmed her bottom until his hand went the whole length of her crotch. He squeezed and fondled her bottom. Jimmy could see her pants had pushed down some showing the top of her butt crack.

Greg pushed her pants down to her ankles partially pulling her panties down with them. Her entire bottom was about half exposed showing tender and beautiful skin. Involuntarily, Jimmy rubbed his cock. Greg slightly pushed her shoulder and submissively she sat on the edge of the bed and he pulled off her socks and shoes followed by her jeans. As he pulled off her jeans her beautiful legs became exposed in full glory. Sitting still, she let him pull off her pink silk panties, and threw them on his dresser.

Obediently she leaned over the bed and rested on her elbows. Greg slapped her ass and watched it jiggle briefly. He felt of her ass and felt of her ass crack while checking out the firmness of her cheeks. He began spanking her for not having full payment. She cried out, “ouch.”

Jimmy jolted, but stayed where he was. The spanking continued for a few minutes until her beautiful ass was turning pink. Pulling his pants down, Greg knelt down for a minute between her legs and ate her pussy giving particular attention to her clit, then digging with his tongue for cherished juices. Lifting her legs, he inserted his cock as she gasped. After a good ten minutes he climbed over the top of her dragging his balls over her boobs and inserted his glistening wet cock in her mouth.

Connie seemed to get into sucking the juices off his cock. He came in her mouth one or two spurts but suddenly pulled out and flipped her over such that her legs were hanging off the edge of the bed and she was face down-ass up. With only their combined juices on his cock, Greg slipped the head of his cock onto her asshole and pushed. She lifted her ass as if trying to get away then pushed it back as if surrendering. His cock slid in until the shaft was in. Greg only pumped a few times when suddenly he clinched hard and released several more strong spurts.

Connie felt strangely fulfilled.

Jimmy quietly backed away and went out to the car.

Connie left without her panties.

In escort ataşehir the next few days Jimmy figured out what was going on. Unless he was wrong it appeared Connie had sucked Greg’s cock so she could wait to pay for those cigarettes on Friday instead of right then. He figured out that the cigarettes were marijuana which he had heard friends talk about, but maybe these were extra strong. He would find out later that they actually were spiked.

**** Later ****

Jimmy remembered where Greg lived.

Connie had to go uptown today, so I went over to Greg’s house, parked, and went up to knock on the door. I could tell Greg looked through the peep hole, then answered the door. An immense odor of pot drifted out in a cloud. He was cordial and said, “come on in.”

Besides the smoke the next thing I noticed was that he was in his “tidy-whitey” briefs with the fly opening.

“Make yourself at home. Do you want a beer?”

Sounding more mature than I am, I said, “Of course.”

Greg had a hardcore movie playing but with the volume down so we could talk. Nonchalantly he pulled out a reefer joint and lit it up. Passing it over, he said, “Here try this. It is my special shit.”

I took a big hit, held it, and passed the joint back. Almost immediately I felt more sociable and less inhibited. Soon he got me another beer and we kept smoking these joints. They had a funny odor.

The fact that Greg was in his bright white underwear with his legs spread as we passed the joints back and forth, caused me to see his male junk outlined in the underwear. Every time I passed a joint I was looking straight down at it. He seemed to notice and developed a grin as we kept smoking.

I was having a better and better time. Each time I looked I noticed how big his balls were, and was just trying to judge if they looked big because of the position. Also every time we passed a joint I noticed the shape of his cock seemed to be getting bigger.

I was grinning with each pass of the joint and still drinking beer.

Greg offered, come over here on the floor and I will give you some power hits. Giddy, I got closer and squatted on the floor cross legged between his knees. He tapped the ashes off and drew in a huge hit, motioning me do come closer and open my mouth, he blew on the hot end of the joint and a thick directed stream of smoke went directly into my mouth as I inhaled in the entire smoke stream as long as his breath lasted. We did this several times in a row and he waited each time as I held it in long and finally exhaled. Soon I was tipsy even as I sat cross legged on the floor.

We were both grinning, and I found myself giggling at every little thing like a girl.

“So what brought you over here anyway?” Greg asked.

“I wanted to see if I could get some of this stuff.” I held up the joint I had. Remembering how Connie had negotiated, “Can you front me some until Friday?”

“Sure, come closer.” He answered.

I scooted a little closer and this time when I looked between his legs, I saw his bare cock laying there. It was huge and looked majestic.

“Go ahead,” he said as he pulled my head closer. I kept staring at the cock as he gently pulled my head closer and closer. “Open your mouth,” he said casually just like he was about to give me another power hit.

Hypnotically I leaned closer and soon my lips were resting on his dick head. He moved the cock back and forth on my lips, and I couldn’t help but taste the pre-cum. It tasted good. It was a little salty and I still remember the taste. As if in a trance I let him pull my head further onto his cock and soon I felt the head of the cock past my lips and the tip of my tongue was greeting it warmly. With warm licks I felt the shaft of his cock slide on my tongue and I could taste the skin, and feel it throb and start to flex.

“Wet your throat and relax.”

As if I had done this all my life I let his cock enter the back of my mouth and felt the head squeeze into the top of my throat. After a minute of encouraging pulling on the back of my head, I felt it slide into my throat. I held back a gag but relaxed. After a short time I felt it sliding in and out. It seemed to grow larger and harder, stretching my throat opening. Suddenly he held my head tighter to his body, humped my face, and started clinching and thrusting.

For my first time I felt jets of thick cum he had saved for a whole week. Most went directly down my throat but he pulled out to the front of my mouth and I felt several jets of cum unload in my mouth that coated my tongue and dripped off the roof of my mouth. It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. I tasted and swallowed and I loved the taste which lasted all afternoon. I could still taste it over dinner.

That night I reflected on every aspect of having that cock in my mouth. I remembered vividly what it looked like as it approached, the first touches to my lips, the first taste of pre-cum, how it felt sliding through my lips the first kadıköy escort time with the flange making its way popping though and sliding on my tongue. I remember how it felt on my lips and how it tasted on my tongue. As my tongue explored it I remember how the cock veins felt, how puffy the cum vein was, how my tongue tasted and felt the head, around the flange and how fascinating it was to feel the cock with my tongue all the way down the shaft to the pubic hairs. I remember the second of fear as the cock plunged into my throat the first time, how my throat adapted around it and how fascinating it felt. I could have taken his heart beat from the throbbing of his cock, and I remember the awesome tastes from the seam of his ball sack all the way to the pee hole at the top. I was grateful to experience the feeling and densities of his cum as if it was a special blend. It took a moment to get used to the cum and then it was addicting. The first swallow of cum was enchanting and I loved the feel of it hitting the inside of my throat, and I could feel it coat my throat and slide all the way down to my stomach. It was fulfilling. I wanted it everywhere in my mouth and throat. I wanted it all over my face and wanted to take it in my ass and keep it.

As I was broke, I had no idea of how I would get the money to pay him by Friday.

By Friday I had scraped together a few bucks, but not near enough.

Hesitantly I knocked on Greg’s door.

“Come in.”

I walked into the living room. “How are you today?” I squeaked.

“Let’s talk business, but first leave your shoes at the door, okay?”

I took my shoes off, and I noticed he was in his briefs again with a growing hard on.

“Come on in here to my room,” Greg said.

Obediently I followed while noticing how his butt looked in his briefs. I could tell the shape of his cheeks, and his ass crack. I liked how the leg bands of his underwear accentuated the shape of his ass. It looked good, but I would not admit it out loud.

“Before we talk, go ahead and take all your clothes off and put them over there.” He pointed to the wall at the other side of the room by the dresser.

Somewhat embarrassed, Jimmy took all his clothes off, and hesitantly even his underwear and put them where he was told.

“Now we can get to the naked truth,” Greg said.

Greg sat at the end of the bed with his knees spread. “Come over here, I need to get pictures for insurance so to speak, not that I don’t trust you.”

Submissively, Jimmy let Greg take pictures of his naked body, showing his cock and balls, his ass, his mouth, and let him take a video of him walking naked away from, and then back toward him with ass cheeks flexing, and dick bouncing over his balls.

“Now I need one for a keepsake.” He motioned for Jimmy to get in front of him on his knees.

Submissively Jimmy got on his knees and he was looking right at Greg’s crotch.

“You can feel my cock and balls, and caress my crotch, then pull off my underwear.”

Jimmy felt of his cock and balls while trying to imagine what they looked like beneath the underwear. He caressed Greg’s crotch behind the balls all the way to the ass crack and tried to imagine by feel what the naked skin looked like, he committed this to memory. Feeling the ass cheeks, Jimmy started pushing down Greg’s underwear a little at a time so he could have both hands sliding down his ass cheeks, and then pulling the waist band over the cockhead in the front. It was fascinating to him to watch the cockhead bounce out and spring to his attention.

He felt the shaft down to the balls, and gently caressed the luxurious warm feeling of the balls with a carpet of pubic hair. He leaned down and kissed around in the thick hair around the base of the cock and balls.

“Put it in your mouth,” Greg said.

In a seamless movement Jimmy had the cock in his mouth. It felt great to have it there again.

Greg took a number of pictures of Jimmy with his cock in mouth. There were point of view pictures, and side view, and a couple from underneath. All the pictures were good.

Greg grabbed a video camera and recorded Jimmy sucking him off on film. He got a great cum shot in the mouth, followed by a push into his throat for deep throat action while his cock was still firm. The cum lubed his mouth, and the deflating cock had more flex and was easier to take all the way in. Jimmy’s mouth was all the way down to the pubic hair. Greg said, “Lick my balls while my dick is all the way in.”

It was a great video. Greg called it his insurance in case Jimmy couldn’t pay or decided to cause any disruption. Jimmy got between Greg’s knees. Greg said, “Keep it in your mouth while we talk, okay?”

Jimmy nodded with the cock in his mouth.

Greg began, “You didn’t bring the money did you?”

“I didn’t have enough,” Jimmy said with a mouthful.

“Every time you don’t pay or are late the interest will go up. Alright? So today I am going to take it out of your ass. maltepe escort bayan First I want you to do something to help my cock get hard again. See those panties on the wall?”

Jimmy looked and there were some cute pink silk panties, hanging on the wall like a trophy.

“Go over there and get those and put them on.”

Obediently Jimmy took the panties down and put them on. Surprisingly they fit him, and they felt good. They were smooth and felt caressing. They made him feel glamorous, sexy and feminine. He came back over and took Greg’s cock back in his mouth.

Greg took some more pictures of cock in mouth wearing panties.

“Now walk around a little bit and pose for me. Show me some sexy poses, act like a girl.”

Jimmy felt humiliated, but at the same time felt feminine, submissive and sexy.

“That’s very good,” Greg said. “Now come over here and lay on your stomach over this chase lounge.” By now Greg was getting hard again and even harder when he looked at Jimmy’s ass bent over the lounge in panties. The meat of his legs over the sides of the lounge looked good showing his legs and butt in a sexy way. He took a couple pictures, pulled the panties down to reveal Jimmy’s smallish ass crack and buns.

Greg fondled the buns for a few minutes and could hold each one in a hand. With one hand partially in the crack he grabbed the bottom of the cheeks pulled and squeezed. Jimmy’s asshole winked at him. Greg took the panties off of Jimmy, and threw them in the floor.

Leaning over Jimmy, Greg, (now naked,) slid his cock up and down Jimmy’s ass crack feeling the warmth and smooth inner crack skin on his cock. He spanked Jimmy’s ass with his cock a few times smacking it. That felt so good he wanted to continue. He ran his hand back and forth on Jimmy’s crotch, up through his ass crack, then up the spine of his back to his neck along his jaw and inserted his fingers into Jimmy’s mouth.

Without being told, Jimmy licked and sucked the fingers.

About this time Jimmy felt a gel applied to his ass crack down to and in his asshole. Greg lubed Jimmy’s asshole good all around the rim until it was slippery and his finger slipped in easily. He added another finger.

Jimmy was getting some thrilling sensations. He felt the head of Greg’s cock playing around on his asshole. He felt as if the wrinkles of his asshole were smoothing out. Then he could feel the head of Greg’s cock pushing through the first ring.

“Clinch on my cockhead, relax, open and push back.”

Jimmy felt the second ring give, and pushed back. He grunted as he felt the cock start to widen his asshole and slide in. Greg was pushing in more. Soon Jimmy felt the warmth of the cock all the way through his asshole. It was a good feeling. He felt full and warm back there. He twirled his asshole to move the cock inside him in circles. It was a great feeling.

Greg slapped his ass hard, “Fuck back.” He began spanking Jimmy’s ass all over and watched it wiggle. Jimmy had a nice ass and Greg fondled the cheeks, ass crack, and up his spine to his chest where he reached under and cupped his boobs, pulled on his nipples and stuck his fingers in his mouth. Then he pulled Jimmy’s hair as he held Jimmy’s neck by the throat. This caused his back to arc and his ass cheeks to clinch. Greg was fucking Jimmy’s ass with a smacking sound, as his stomach spanked Jimmy’s ass. He was humping Jimmy so hard it was lifting him off the lounge. Greg watched Jimmy’s ass crack clinch and relax as he fucked.

“Hold my cock tight with your asshole.” Greg spanked the ass again for emphasis.

Reaching under Jimmy’s belly he grabbed Jimmy’s hardening cock. He could feel pre-cum at the top, got a finger full of it and fed it to Jimmy’s mouth. “You better cum in the palm of my hand when I cum in your ass.” Squeeze my cock with your asshole. That’s right, suck my cock with your asshole.”

In just a few more strokes Greg clinched up and shot rockets of cum in Jimmy’s ass. Jimmy could feel the warmth of the cum hitting his insides and felt the throbbing cock jerk in him giving a wonderful feeling in the ring of his asshole. Just then he was so turned on he came in Greg’s hand. As soon as he finished pumping, Greg brought the hand to his mouth and Jimmy sucked it up eagerly. It left a smear of taste all around his lips. As soon as he swallowed he licked his lips while Greg watched.

They stayed in position for a minute.

Greg said, “You did a good job.”

**** A few days later ****

A few days later Jimmy went back over to Greg’s to suck cock and get a few joints. He came up from the tree covered alley to be discreet, and to look around. He noticed a car parked in the alley that he didn’t recognize. As he walked up to it to see if anything was amiss, he suddenly saw a pretty lady walking from Greg’s house. She was totally nude, had an embarrassed look, and was carrying her clothes. Her face was flushed, like as if she were stoned high. Then it dawned on him he was looking at Billy’s mom. He was a friend.

“What is your name,” Jimmy asked because he couldn’t think of anything better to say. He looked at her pussy and her pubic hairs were matted and raveled looking with her clit standing out. Her boobs were firm looking and her nipples were hard.

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