From Friends to Lovers Ch. 19

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Over the next few days we started to settle into a routine, Sarah leaving the house first, then Beth and I following if one or both of us had something timetabled. I had my first tutorial with Marie, and I caught a distinct glint in her eye as I mentioned what I’d been reading – “I’m really intrigued by those Schoenberg equations.”

Friday night came, and Beth closed her laptop with a decisive snap. “OK – this weekend, we’re all definitely taking a break.”

“The bed for the spare room is coming tomorrow,” I reminded, “and we were going to get the other room properly sorted as our study.”

“You don’t mind sharing?” queried Sarah a little anxiously. “I can still go in the attic if you need both rooms.”

Beth shook her head, grinning. “It’s fine, though I’m having a definite ‘Jane Eyre’ moment.”

“The mad wife in the attic?” Sarah pretended to be shocked. “I don’t think so.”

She picked up a cushion from the sofa and propelled it at Beth, getting one back in return, and I grinned as the two of them tussled playfully. “Stop it, or I’ll have to come and separate you.”

“Dare you,” Beth stuck her tongue out at me, but I shook my head. “I know where that would end up, and I still have to make dinner.”

The next morning I was first up, pulling on t-shirt and jeans as I heard a van pulling up the drive. I watched the delivery driver and his mate carry the bed to what would pass as Sarah’s room, and signed the delivery note, handing it back. “Thanks so much.”

When I got back to the bedroom, Sarah and Beth were still asleep, arms round one another. “Come on, you two,” I chuckled, kissing each in turn. “I made bacon sandwiches and coffee, but you have to come down to the kitchen for it.”

Beth was first to stir. “Was that the delivery?”

I nodded. “So after breakfast you two can help me put the bed together, make it.”

I went downstairs, pouring the coffee, and after a couple of minutes, they appeared, Sarah still yawning. “You two are way too keen,” she teased. “I could have carried on sleeping till lunchtime.”

“Tomorrow,” I promised, grinning.

We made short work of breakfast, taking our mugs back up to the spare room with us. “Where should the bed go?” Beth mused. “There are windows on two walls.”

“I think there?” pointed Sarah.


We soon had the bed assembled and in place, and Beth went to find bedding. “Mm, that’s pretty,” Sarah offered as we put the cover on the double duvet.

“I think I can cope with flowery when it’s my turn to sleep in here,” I grinned.

Beth smoothed the sheet with her hand. “OK, who’s going to try it?”

Sarah got onto the bed, turning from one side to the other. “Mm, feels comfortable. And there’s still room for the three of us, we’d just have to snuggle up.”

She waved a finger at me in mock warning. “No stealing all the covers.”

“Me?” I pretended outrage. “Never.”

“Right,” said Beth. “Time to sort out that study.”

Sarah watched as we argued good-naturedly about whose desk would go where, and how many shelves we’d each need. Finally everything was in place, and I glanced at them. “Anybody ready for lunch yet?”

“Mm,” said Sarah. “Then a walk, maybe?”

Lunch was just soup – “I’ve got us something a bit more substantial for later,” Beth ventured – and afterwards I watched as she and Sarah dressed. Our walk took us through the woods and out to the fields on the other side, and we watched crows walking among the stubble, searching for insects. “Brr,” said Sarah, “it’s definitely turning cooler. Can we try a fire tonight?”

“The book room?” suggested Beth, and I nodded. “Sure.”

When we got back to the house, the girls curled up in the overstuffed chairs next to the fireplace, while I fetched logs from the pile in the yard. “Sorry, going to cheat on this,” I admitted, crumbling firelighters from a cardboard box into the fireplace before piling up wood. A match at the base of the pile, and after a few minutes the logs were well alight, throwing welcome warmth into the room.

The light began to fade, and Beth looked up. “Candles would be nice, wouldn’t they – I think we have some.”

I went through to the kitchen, rummaging in the drawers, and returned with a handful of candles, positioning them around the room and lighting them. I turned off the ceiling light, and Sarah nodded. “Looks good.”

“We can eat in here, can’t we,” suggested Beth. “I’ll bring bowls in.”

She’d made a beef stew, packed with potatoes and vegetables, and finally I put my bowl down with a satisfied sigh. “Mm, thanks, Beth. I’ll do the dishes later.”

Sarah güvenilir bahis got up and stretched. “That’s a gorgeous rug you chose for in front of the fire.”

I raised an eyebrow at Beth, getting a grin in return. “You’re very welcome to try it, if you want to be a little warmer.”

Sarah ran her fingers through the luxurious pile. “I bet this’d feel much better against bare skin.”

Slowly, deliberately, she undressed, then lay face down on the rug, legs crossed at the ankles. “Mm, even nicer than I thought.”

“Room for another one?” Beth queried, already slipping out of her clothes.

Sarah shifted a little closer to the fireplace. “Sure.”

Beth joined her, and I watched from my chair as they kissed, flickering firelight playing across their bodies. Beth stroked soft fingers down Sarah’s back, then over her bottom, caressing it, and Sarah gave a murmur of pleasure. She moved her feet apart, one leg sliding across Beth’s, and gasped quietly as Beth’s fingers explored her shadowed cleft. I saw Beth’s fingers press into Sarah, penetrating her for a few moments, then Beth withdrew again, her slippery fingertips brushing the pink star of Sarah’s other opening.

Sarah gave a quiet murmur of pleasure. “I didn’t expect it to feel good, being touched there, but somehow it does.”

“There are ways it can feel even better,” hinted Beth, glancing at me. “Another time, maybe.”

“Want me to help you two with anything?” I queried.

Beth caressed Sarah again. “Oh, I think we’re OK for now. How about you turn this way a little, Sarah?”

Sarah turned on to her side facing Beth, drawing one knee up so that Beth still had access to her. Beth mirrored her posture, leaning over to kiss her, and I just caught her murmured suggestion. “Think we can both touch each other this way.”

Sarah reached out tentative fingers. “Mm, you’re so wet already.”

Beth stretched out her hand to explore between Sarah’s thighs, and I watched fascinated as their shared pleasure resonated between them, Sarah’s quiet gasps accompanied by her bolder touch on Beth’s most intimate place. “Oh – Beth – I’m nearly -” she managed, then shuddered against Beth’s cupped hand. “Ohhh…”

She subsided, her face a little dazed at the intensity of her response, then took a deep breath. “Now you, Beth?”

Beth nodded, and Sarah’s fingers slid deeper into her, the pad of her thumb now brushing Beth’s nub. “Mm, you can go harder,” Beth gasped, and Sarah took her at her word, fingers thrusting, her eyes watching Beth’s face with an expression approaching awe. “I’m – oh, yes, don’t stop,” gasped Beth, then tilted her head back, crying out, her hand moving on top of Sarah’s to press fingers harder against her flexing hips. “Mmm…”

Beth relaxed, and for long moments they were still, the glow from the remains of the logs giving their bodies almost a radiance of their own. There was an occasional crackle as embers settled, and finally Beth stirred, wrapping her arms around Sarah. “Best use I can think of for a real fire.”

She turned toward me. “Don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten you. But you still have too many clothes on.”

I quickly undressed, and Sarah moved over a little to make room for me to join them on the rug, lying back and putting my hands behind my head. “I remember what your favourite is,” chuckled Sarah, bending to place a kiss on one nipple.

I gasped, and Beth raised one eyebrow at Sarah. “If one’s good, then two must be better.”

She bent to my other nipple, and I couldn’t help my quiet moan as at the same time Beth’s fingers moved down to stroke my hardness. “He’s made us messy enough more than once, Sarah,” she teased, her lips still surrounding my nipple. “So now it’s our turn.”

Both of them started to suckle gently, tonguetips brushing over my nipples, causing darts of pleasure to course through my body. Beth nipped gently at my nipple with her teeth, causing me to gasp, and Sarah glanced a query at her. Beth showed her teeth for a moment, and Sarah nodded comprehension. They returned to my nipples, Beth’s fingers now wrapped around my shaft, moving on it, and my face betrayed how close I was getting to my release. Again I felt the sharp pressure of Beth’s teeth, followed a moment later by Sarah’s, and finally I reached the point of no return, stiffening between Beth’s fingers and spurting sticky fluid onto my stomach, my chest. Beth lifted her head to watch, but continued to move her hand until I gasped “Stop, enough, love.”

Sarah swirled a curious finger in the stickiness, then bent her head closer. “Can I?”

“Go ahead,” chuckled Beth, and I felt the türkçe bahis softness of Sarah’s tongue on my skin as she tasted, lapped at the sticky blobs. “Think I got a taste for this last time,” Sarah ventured shyly.

Beth helped her finish the cleanup. “He’s still leaking a little,” she hinted, and I felt Sarah’s lips surround me as she caught the last few drops of stickiness. “Mm…”

We lay by the fire in comfortable disarray, the ashes slowly fading to grey. Finally Sarah shivered a little. “This is lovely, but I think I need that nice warm duvet.”

We made our way upstairs, and I made sure the alarm was off before I joined the girls in the bed. “Mm, you’re nice and warm,” murmured Sarah.

Sunday was a lazy day just as we’d promised ourselves, and the roast wasn’t on the table till nearly three o’clock. “Wow, Sarah,” Beth said, “you’ve gone all out on this – even cranberry sauce, I love it.”

We sat in the conservatory after our late lunch, enjoying the now somewhat wan sunshine. “Look,” pointed Sarah, “a squirrel. I guess they’re hoarding nuts in the garden somewhere.”

Beth nodded. “We’ve got enough logs, haven’t we, Tim?”


“What have you two got on at uni this week?” Sarah queried.

I thought for a moment. “Oh – we have a department social on Thursday, so you’ll get to meet Marie – Professor Murphy.”

“Can’t wait,” grinned Beth.

Thursday rolled round, and I had my usual meeting with Marie. We discussed my work, and I saw renewed interest in her face when I showed her the equations I’d tried to derive from the already-published papers.

We finished our discussion, and Marie smiled. “I’m looking forward to tonight. I’ll finally meet your fiancée – Beth, isn’t it?”

I nodded. “And we’ll be bringing Sarah, the girl we share the house with.”

Marie looked at me thoughtfully. “I’ll see you all there, then.”

Sarah had arranged to finish work a little early, and we had something to eat, then she grinned at Beth. “Come on – we said we’d go all out for this evening, didn’t we.”

Beth’s response was a knowing smile. “Oh, you can count on that. Tim – you can help.”

I wondered exactly what kind of help they had in mind, but the penny dropped after the girls had showered, Sarah handing me a small bottle of nail polish and sitting down on the edge of the bed next to Beth. “You have to get the edges straight,” she cautioned, her eyes dancing.

I knelt, kissing each foot in turn before concentrating on careful strokes of the brush. Finally I stepped back. “Want to put a bet on whether anyone will notice that you match?”

“Oh, I think someone will,” Sarah nodded.

“OK – if no-one mentions it the whole evening, there’s a forfeit for you two.”

“Sounds intriguing,” grinned Beth, and I rolled my eyes. “As if I could come up with something that you wouldn’t actually enjoy anyway.”

“True enough. Anyway, your turn in the shower – so you won’t get to see all of our secrets.”

“Well, not till later anyway,” Sarah’s voice held promise.

Finally we were all ready, and I waited at the bottom of the stairs while the girls put the finishing touches to their makeup. “You two will absolutely knock them dead.”

They slid into the back seat of the car together, and I turned to mock-caution them. “Now, you have to behave yourselves back there.”

Beth stuck her tongue out at me. “As long as we don’t smudge our faces we can enjoy the drive, right, Sarah?”

I studiously didn’t glance in the mirror as I drove us to college, nodding at the porter as I parked in one of the spaces set aside for the evening’s guests. We made our way to the Senior Common Room, and I got us drinks. “Oh,” said Sarah, “I think I know that girl – OK if I go over for a quick chat?”


Beth and I walked over to the buffet table, and I spotted another familiar face, the college bursar. “Hi, Doctor Baldwin. Can I introduce you to my fiancée Beth?”

She nodded. “And what do you do, Beth?”

“Oh, I’m at the other university, a psychology course.”

To my surprise and shock, Doctor Baldwin gave a curt nod and moved off to another group of guests without speaking. “God, Beth, I’m sorry – I didn’t know she was such a snob.”

“It’s OK,” Beth seemed unfazed. “I guess that’s just how some people are.”

Sarah returned, smiling. “I’m glad I spotted Alice – sounds like she’s having a good time here, anyway.”

I glanced up as more people started to arrive, and blinked, my eyes widening. “What’s up with you?” teased Beth.

My answer was to step forward as one of the new arrivals approached. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Marie, it’s good to see you.”

She was completely transformed, the curves only hinted at under her conservative day clothes now subtly emphasised by her elegant dress, her auburn hair released to flow down one shoulder. “And you too, Tim.”

“My fiancée, Beth, and our friend Sarah,” I introduced.

“Very pleased to meet you,” Marie smiled. “I love your outfits, and the way you’ve coordinated colours.”

She looked down towards the floor for a moment, and Beth exchanged a triumphant grin with Sarah. “Tim was sure nobody would pick up on it.”

Marie glanced at me. “Being observant is one of the skills the university values,” she dropped into the tone she used for lectures, her eyes twinkling in gentle self-mockery.

I groaned. “There was a forfeit – I suppose I’ll have to do a month’s laundry now.”

“I can’t imagine that’s too much of a chore, taking care of intimate things for these two,” Marie’s response came without hesitation, and I held up my hands to the girls. “I think I’m outmatched here.”

Beth rescued me. “Is that an Irish accent you have, Marie?”

“Mm-hm. From the South, Tipperary, but I’ve been over here a few years now, since the university offered me the chair.”

She glanced at me again. “I’m hopeful that your fiancé is going to help us push into new areas.”

“Of research, you mean,” Sarah prompted.

“Sure,” Marie nodded, her eyes dancing again. “Anyway, I’m afraid I have to circulate – do enjoy the evening.”

Beth smiled. “Thank you. We’d love you to visit us soon – we’re planning a sherry evening nearer Christmas.”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

She moved off, and Beth grinned at me. “Are you sure you can cope? With her mind, she can run rings around you.”

She smirked. “Though I don’t suppose it’s her mind you were mainly noticing.”

“She is gorgeous,” Sarah sounded almost wistful.

I glanced round, then leaned across to kiss her. “You have nothing to worry about,” I promised.

Beth reached to remove a trace of lipstick from my mouth with her finger. “Come on – let’s see what the buffet has to offer.”

We filled plates, and found a table, the girls nibbling at celery sticks while I bit thoughtfully into a Scotch egg. “What did Marie mean about new areas?” Sarah queried.

“I’m looking at some equations,” I explained. “The university has a lab where they’re testing some new areas of physics, but it’s the maths that really explains what’s going on.”

Beth pantomimed something going over her head. “But maybe you’ll come up with a force field or something – ‘set phasers to stun, Captain’.”

I pretended to look affronted, and she put her hand on mine. “I’m only teasing – I know you’re smart.”

We finished our food, and I glanced at the girls. “Want anything else to eat?”

“I think we’re OK,” Beth shook her head. “Anyway, we shouldn’t be too late as it’s a school day tomorrow.”

Sarah chuckled. “I like the way you put that. Guess you don’t have to wear uniform any more for this school, though.”

For a moment my mind flicked back to school days with Beth, her crisp blouse and black pencil skirt, the tie in the school colours that even the girls had to wear. “Kind of a pity.”

Beth arched one eyebrow. “We can always dress up for you, right, Sarah?”

Sarah looked intrigued. “Let’s talk about that later, Beth.”

“Anyway,” Beth continued, “what it’s really all about is those graduation gowns.”

“That’s a couple of years away yet,” I reminded her. “But yes, I can’t wait to be in that line, getting the handshake and the rolled-up certificate.”

“You’re persuading me I really need to think again about studying,” ventured Sarah.

“Well, salt away those sales bonuses, and maybe between us we can come up with something.”

She blinked. “Really?”

“Of course – family, right?”

Heedless of anyone watching, Sarah wrapped her arms around us both. “Love you.”

We made our way back to the car, and when we reached the house Sarah grinned at me. “We still need to decide on that forfeit.”

I looked puzzled. “Thought it was a month’s washing?”

“That was your idea,” Beth pointed out. “We don’t mind if you want to go through our delicates -” She smirked, obviously recalling Marie’s lightning riposte. “But we were hoping for something a little more immediate, weren’t we, Sarah.”

“Massage your feet again?” I offered hopefully.

“I think you ought to undress us, slowly, then – what was that phrase I used to use? Turn us both into a soaking mess.”

Sarah shivered with anticipation. “Mm, Beth, the way you say that makes me want Tim’s mouth buried in me, right now.”

I blinked as Beth gave her a playful smack on the bottom. “Get on upstairs, then, you can have first turn…”

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