Friendship Ch. 01: The Encounter

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*Of course, this story has consensual sex between persons of over 18 years of age *

Racing to the toilets, I flung myself into the cubicle and closed the door behind me. Pulling my phone out from the waistband of my skirt, I turned on the camera and shimmied out of my lace underwear. Reaching under my skirt, I pointed and shot, hoping the flash would be enough to illuminate my wetness for my Master.?

I cringed at the sound of the camera storing my picture, scared that someone would hear. Sending it to my Master, I waited with baited breath for his response.?

After what seemed like hours, my phone vibrated in my hand.?

-Not good enough. I said fingers IN pussy -?

I sobbed, worried I had disappointed him completely. Running my fingers over the necklace he had bought me, the one with a cat charm to remind me I was his pussy, I turned my phone onto camera again.?

Putting a finger into my wet pussy, I snapped a few more, and then worked in a second finger. I breathed past the sensation, trying not to enjoy it too much. I reminded myself that I had to go to class in 20 minutes, and having a wet stain on the back of my skirt where I had been leaning against the wall, and wrinkled fingers, would not go down well.?

Taking two more pictures, I pulled my fingers out. Sending the best pictures to Master and using toilet paper, I pulled up my panties to the sound of my voice being called out.

Anna, my closest friend at school, walked into the toilets, knocking on each door.?

“Lauren? Loz? Where are you? Pete said you came in here,” She called, knocking on every door. I cringed down onto the seat, lifting my feet off the floor in an attempt to hide from her.?

My phone chimed traitorously in my hand, and Lauren picked up on it.?

“Lauren? What’s up?”?

I looked down on my screen, seeing the worst words possible.?

-Punishment. Cum for me. –

I whimpered silently, and obeyed, a convulsion settling over me. I slid my hand into my panties and stroked my pussy, rimming my pussy hole with my juices that were flowing freely.?

Lauren knocked on my door and it flew open with a bang, startling me. I blushed with embarrassment and looked away, hand frozen in my panties. ?

Lauren just stood there, framed perfectly within the doorway and the mirror behind her showing her tight ass though her skirt.?

I moaned and felt another drop run down past my anus, my pussy giving the appreciation I couldn’t voice. Lauren looked at me hard and started to laugh.?

I glared at her, hand still inside my panties.?

“What’s this?” She leaned forward and plucked my phone out of my unresponsive hand. Reading the text message aloud, she stepped back again and took in the whole sight before her.?

I bakırköy escort just stared at her, unable to do or think of anything. Finally, she took pity on me, and took my hand out of my pants. Helping me to stand up, she wrapped me in a tight hug.?

“It’s ok, Loz. Believe me. It’s fine.”?

I fought the compulsion to touch myself, to obey my Master, and failed. My hand returning to my panties, I rested my head in her neck and whined, “I can’t stop!”

Jerking away in surprise, Anna stared at me as she felt my hand move against her. I could see her mind working furiously behind her silver-grey eyes, and shuddered, even as my finger slipped back into my pussy.?

“I- I thought-” She broke off, shocked at the sight of me. I could see myself in the reflection behind her, my eyes glazed over, staring sightlessly with my lips slightly parted.?

“No! Master said!” I panted, desperate to end this now, the quickest I knew how.??Anna suddenly smirked at me, and stepped forward. She grabbed my nipples and twisted them roughly, sending shockwaves racing to my pussy. I gasped and stumbled back, Anna’s hand moving to guide me back until I rested against the wall of the cubicle.?

“What are you-” ?

She squeezed again, the rough lace of my bra chafing against my sensitive nipples.?

“I’ll tell you what to ask for, bitch.”?

I shuddered again, the rough play, name calling and the fact that it was my best friend doing this to me made it all the more erotic for me.?

“Take it off.” She yanked at my collar, popping a button and revealing the edge of my white lace bra. I hurriedly unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, and Anna pushed it from my shoulders down my arms. I took it all the way off and tried to fold it neatly, but ended up throwing it onto the closed toilet lid as Anna attacked my nipples violently.?

Pinching, biting and pulling my nipples, Anna tormented me. She reached down and joined her hand inside my panties, bucking my hand into me faster and more savagely. She pushed my hand aside and began to tease my clit, rubbing and flicking it, dipping down to gather more of my juices from my leaking pussy, before stimulating my clit more.?

I groaned against her, only her hands and my feet braced against the toilet and floor part of the cubicle able to hold me up.?

Leaving my nipples and my clit, Anna pulled my bra down over my breasts, revealing them to her. I blushed, always feeling self-conscious about the size of my breasts. She noticed, and yanked my chin up to look at her.?

“What, slut?” She snarled.?

“I’m just… always had…” I mumbled quietly, making her lean in and listen hard.?

“Always had what, bitch? Always had amazing tits? Bigger is beşiktaş escort better, or did you never hear that saying?” She spat on my chest, rubbing it in to my skin and leaving red marks.?

I gasped and pushed back against her, thrusting my chest into hers. She grabbed one breast and used it to pull me in front of her, until we were staring at each other in the mirror. Her other hand snaked around to wrap her hand partway around my other breast, and she squeezed them both.?

Standing like that, her holding my breasts, I believed for the first time that they were beautiful. She rubbed her thumbs gently over my erect nipples, teasing them. Bending her head, she sucked on my neck then bit down sharply, not quite breaking the skin.?

Leaving one hand on my breast, she slipped the other down and pulled off my skirt. Her fingers crept under my panties, fucking me.?

“Look, slut. I’m doing this for your good.”?

I couldn’t help glancing at the door, praying no one would come into the toilets, although I had chosen to use the least popular ones.?

She noticed, and pulled me back into the cubicle. Banging the door closed behind her, she made me sit on the toilet with my legs spread far apart. Anna took in the sight before her, before reaching into her bra and pulling out my phone from when she had taken it off me.?

Pressing the screen a few times, she then put it up on the toilet paper dispenser, pointing at us. I could hear ringing through the phone, but was too concerned with my utter need to care. Someone picked up, but she spoke before anyone else could.?


She kneeled on the dirty toilet floor before me and licked her way up between my knees, biting and sucking my inner thighs. Her fingers continued their passionate dance as she bit me. My hands clenched into fists as I tried to stay silent, but she hit that secret part of me with her tip of her tongue and I couldn’t help myself.

Fisting my hands in her hair, I forced her face into the junction between my legs. A moan slipped out between my lips, and I ground myself against her face.

I could feel her hands changing from holding my legs open to pushing them off her face, but I couldn’t care. I stopped caring as the rushing wave of my orgasm raced towards me.

Anna’s tongue lapped harder at me, drinking my juices and trying to keep pace with me. Moving her hand deeper into my pussy, her fourth finger brushed against my anus and I couldn’t hold back.

Crying out with pleasure, I writhed against Anna and nearly lost consciousness as the weight of my orgasm fell upon me.

As the orgasm subsided, I sat back on the toilet seat panting, looking at Anna with wide eyes. She looked up at me from her knees and grinned, beylikdüzü escort her face covered in my juices.

Standing, she turned off the phone, and then helped me to stand. I wanted to die in a hole, I was so embarrassed. Internally, I cursed Master, cursed Pete, cursed Anna, cursed myself — I couldn’t believe I’d let myself get into that situation.

A mental voice berated me, “but it was fun, right?” Sure, it was fun — but now what? Was Anna going to never talk to me again? Tell everyone? Hold it over me?

My stomach clenched with the thoughts.

Silently I dressed, watching as Anna opened the cubicle door and used her water bottle from her schoolbag to wash her face. I pulled out baby wipes from my bag and offered one to her without words.

I buttoned my shirt up to where Anna had ripped off the button, knowing it would show my lace bra, but not caring. Brushing past Anna, I fixed my hair in the mirror and started to walk out of the toilets. I hid my face from Anna and turned so she couldn’t see me, blushing red in embarrassment and anger that she hadn’t said anything.

Anna grabbed my hand and pulled me back around to face her. My eyes widened in shock as she pushed me against the wall and stepped close to me. My thoughts raced and I held my breath, unsure of what she was doing.

She stepped up until she brushed against me, one of her hands sliding to my waist and the other lightly running up my arm.

“I’ve wanted to do this so long… it’s only now that I have the opportunity,” She whispered to me. I could feel the breaths of air as her voice moved over my lips, and I raised my head slightly from its shamed bow. We stood at the same height, and I could feel her breasts brushing against mine as she leaned in.

Leaning around me, she kissed me gently, she licked at my bottom lip before biting it softly, playfully tugging at me.

I opened my lips as she probed slightly harder with her tongue, and met her tongue with mine. Suddenly the teasingly playful kiss turned more forceful, and our hands mimicked each other, raising to pull each other’s head closer, to deepen the kiss.

With a gasp I pulled away, leaning my head against the wall.

I could see my reflection in her dilated eyes, our swollen lips and flushed faces. She kissed me again sweetly, whispering, “I’ve always… wanted to do this. Always”.

She walked out into the bright sunshine, leaving me to stare at the closing door. Hurriedly, I grabbed my bag and ran after her.

Walking across the grass to our next class as the bell rang, I caught up to her.

We entered the class and sat in our usual seats, next to each other. Her hand bumped mine under the table, and my fingers stroked against the skin on the back of her hand. We smiled at each other shyly, before turning our heads to our work.

My phone vibrated, and I pulled it out from where I kept it between my waistband of my skirt and my skin. Anna leaned over and stared into my lap, smirking at me as she read the message.

– Good job slut –

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