Friends and Lovers

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It was a Saturday evening, and after a frustrating day moving through the hoardes of tourists in the city, she was looking forward to spending a quiet evening in at home… but one person was on her mind.

She texted him.

“Whatchu gonna do tonight?”

“Nothing wassup, need company?”

“idk, just chilling at home. Not being particularly exciting today”

“Is that yes or a no, I can bring drinks”

He had never been this forward before. After years of knowing each other as brief acquaintances, this past summer he had shown up more frequently, getting to work with each other, dance with each other, but had always kept a respectful distance. He’d become one of her most trusted friends in recent months…someone she felt like she could rely on in this city of flakes and hot air. He’d never commented on how attractive she was, but rather expressed how he admired her work ethic and ability to do a lot of things. He showed her respect as a professional, something that was often missing in this world focused on a woman’s looks and sex appeal.

She replied, “There’s a deli across the road, or liquor store down the block…Will you drink too? Or you just want me drunk?”

“I went off the rails already so fuck it, I’m in on the drinks.”

She smiled. He’d recently been on a health streak, cutting back on his food and alcohol intake. He was already in shape, toned legs and arms from all the boy training that he did, but she was glad and looked forward to a night in with him.

This had been a long time coming… after months of hanging out, she kind of knew what could happen but was still unsure whether he felt the same way. They’d started as friendly dance partners, running into each other at parties, figuring out they were great dance partners, compatible in style and energy. After showing up at her birthday, then spending a whole day together, but still no lean in, no kiss, just a gentle brush of the skin here and there, she felt like she was reading into things too much but yearned for him to just take charge and let her know that he wanted her too.

He arrived an hour later, in a crisp white shirt, clean cut and fresh to death. She grabbed her keys and card, realizing she hadn’t freshened up at all, but wanted to play it cool, like they were still just friends, nothing more.

After a quick excursion around the block, they returned to the couch with drinks talking about the news, their day, while playing an innocent game of cards. After a couple rounds she sat closer next to him while he reminisced about the music of the 90’s when neo soul exploded and sparked the hearts of teens everywhere.

Eyes closed and head leaning back, he stroked her hair and massaged her shoulder gently. Her body relaxed into his, wanting more. He wrapped one arm around her tighter, while massaging her stronger with the other. She finally turned around and asked him if he would follow her into her bedroom. She wanted more.

Without a word, he followed her lead and lay side by side in silence facing each other…after a moment of eyes searching each other, he leaned in and kissed her. She instinctively wrapped her arms around him and returned his kiss, entwining her legs in his and holding his body tighter and closer to her. He rolled her over onto her back, taking control of her wrists and continued to kiss her passionately, softly and showing her just how long he’d been holding back his affections for her. This was exactly what she’d been waiting for.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do this…not touching you, not saying a word. I’ve been thinking about this, but I’ve been very disciplined. I’ve been thinking very dirty thoughts about you”

She gasped in excitement, relieved after having spent the internet casino past few months wondering if it was all just her lusting after him. Wondering if he was attracted to her at all. She was petite yet curvy, but plagued by her own insecurities of not being tall or skinny enough. She was often complimented on her full lips, long hair, and beautiful smile but she was often blind to how men found her attractive.

He continued kissing her, long lingering kisses on her mouth and short sweet kisses down her neck, collarbone and nibbling her nipples ever so gently, then making his way down to her stomach and upper thighs. She stopped him, realizing that while she wanted him so badly if they crossed this line there would be no turning back and she wasn’t so sure she was ready to lose him as a friend.

She pulled him back to her lips, desperately wanting to show how much she wanted him but scared and worried that fucking him would change the course of their friendship and ruining the best guy friend she has found in years. All the other situations that had transpired had left her alone, miserable and throwing herself back into work, once again to drown the feelings that arose when she let the door open. It had become a tragic cycle, from the excitement of connecting with someone new, after being single for so long to finally getting what she wanted, all to have it swept away and see them with somebody else (usually someone she knew) just weeks later, reminding her of how single she was.

“Wait…wait…I don’t know if this is such a good idea. I mean, I don’t want to lose you as a friend. If we do this, promise me you won’t ghost on me. Like, I know neither of us is ready for a relationship right now but every other time this has happened… well guys just tend to tap it and gap it. I can’t…I’ll get jealous if I see you with another girl. And I’ll want you every day. I don’t know what to do”.

He stopped kissing her. “You don’t think this will be hard for me? I’ve wanted you for so long, but we both know we’re not in a place to be in a relationship.” She knew this was true on his end, his father had died and his mother had had a stroke and he was now responsible for the household, and looking after his mother and younger brother.

“I still have so much to build upon, to be the man I want to be. I just can’t be in a relationship right now. If things were different, man it would be a different matter.. but I put my mind body and soul into a relationship…but I can’t do that right now.”

She kissed him harder, wanting to be able to call it quits right there and then, but she couldn’t. She wanted to draw the line that if he wasn’t able to commit to her then he couldn’t have her tonight, but she couldn’t deny how bad she wanted him and succumbed to her feelings. Wanting him to feel how much she wanted him despite her better judgement, her fears, her past experiences of what had happened before with guys unlike him. She believed him though, he wasn’t just another guy trying to get in her pants. She knew that he had shown up for her time after time because he genuinely cared and believed in her.

She continued to kiss him, unable to kick him out, but torn to the fact that she knew that with such a strong emotional and physical connection to him, but still not able to have him by her side everyday as a boyfriend, she would be putting herself through emotional torture after the fact.

He continued to kiss her, and said “If you can tell me what you want, and how you want me to do it…” then excused himself to escape to the bathroom. She lay there, thinking, what DID she want? She knew she wasn’t really in a position to be in a relationship either…or was it because all the other guys she had met had ended up being losers, nothing canlı poker oyna like him… no one as kind, attentive, and thoughtful as he had been…and maybe she’d just given up on the whole thing. But she wanted him so bad, and here he was, attentive and feeling oh so good.

He returned…she stood up to kiss him, undressing him, taking off his t-shirt and wrapping her arms around him to hold him tight and kiss him more before leading him back to her bed. Laying down with him on top of her, he took her shorts off and continued to kiss him as he grabbed her ass firmer, asking “so let me know what you want, and how you want me to do it… or would you like me to just show you?”

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled his hips closer to hers, feeling his hard cock through his shorts while she grinded on him. She kissed him feverishly, wanting him so bad and reached down to undo his belt, his zipper and pushed his shorts down and away. He flipped her over and sat her up on his lap while she continued to grind against him while he took off her bra and got to work sucking and biting on her nipples, holding her in his arms so strongly while she got wetter and wetter feeling how hard and ready he was to fuck her.

Flipping her back underneath him, he began to kiss down her body, slowly, sweetly, breathing in her scent and nipping at the tops of her thighs. She was nervous, but he gave her a kiss and asked “Are you wet? Can I taste you?” She nodded and he pressed his nose on her mound, then tracing his fingers gently on the outside of her panties before sliding them to the side… giving her another kiss before sliding her wet panties down her legs.

He pressed his tongue on her clit, and slowly licked it, she gasped and felt herself losing control as he continued to pleasure her…soft at first then hard and fast, pushing his tongue into her wet pussy, in and out, fucking her before returning to her clit.

He took his time, sucking and tasting every drop of her wetness, her hands grabbing his head, while he continued flicking his tongue, stimulating the most intense sensations, making her moan with pleasure from all the attention he was giving her.

“Fuuuuuuck!! omg omg omg…ohhhh ohhh… ” He continued sucking, licking, flicking and tasting all her juices, ever so attentive and determined in pleasuring her. She was more than ready to feel him inside her, wanting him so bad to just slide himself in her pussy at any moment now.

He was in no rush though, he continued his quest to pleasure her orally despite her pleas for him to come inside her, wanting to make sure she got to cum before he took a break. She grabbed his hand and he pushed his fingers inside her while continuously licking her honey pot…stimulating her g spot and clit simultaneously, she could feel the pressure building. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, while keeping pace with his tongue… before long she could feel her legs tense up, walls contracting inside and released an explosion of pleasure while coming over his fingers. He sucked her vagina to taste the last of her juices and licked his fingers…he knew she was more than ready to feel him inside her.

She rolled him over and knelt over him, kissing him while tasting herself on his tongue before tracing soft kisses down his body. Kissing, licking then softly biting his nipples, before making her way down to his fully erect cock. She licked the top before engulfing the tip into her mouth, sucking it while working on the base with her hands. Jerking him off while sliding her full juicy lips up and down his erection, running her tongue up and down and around it while pushing it further down into her throat. She switched angles, making sure he got a good view of her giving him a blow job, poker oyna grabbing her hair on the side of her neck. He moaned in pleasure. She worked a little bit harder, bouncing up and down on his shaft while gripping his cock a little harder, moving up and down a lot faster. ” ohhhhhh…this feels soooo good…ohhhhhhh k… keep going”

She continued, varying the pace, intensity and angles which she worked her mouth and tongue…but after a few more minutes, she came up for a breath and gave him a kiss.

Repositioning herself. she sat on his abs and reached down for his rock hard throbbing cock to guide it to her entrance…lifting her hips up ever so slight she rubbed the tip of his cock along her slit, teasing him with her wetness just so he could feel how much she wanted him. Slowly, she slid forward and back, holding him just outside her lips to really make him crazy, while leaning over to kiss him, tongues intertwining…and when she could no longer take the anticipation she raised herself just a little higher to slide him into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” That feeling of him sliding into her, she let out guttural, low groan of satisfaction, having wanted this for so long and finally feeling him fill her up, inch by inch, deep inside her, hitting all the right spots after a long session of foreplay…was everything.

She tensed her pelvic muscles as she rode the length of his cock, gently sliding in and out, feeling every inch of him. Gradually, she built up speed, getting faster and faster til the bed was shaking and squeaking and he was moaning and gripping her ass so hard. She continued to ride him fast and hard, tilting and angling her hips for variety and pushing harder than ever so he could be as deep as possible insider her. He tilted his hips up, stimulating her g-spot which caused the sensations to be even more intense. She couldn’t get enough of it and rode him harder and faster, holding herself back from screaming out, but losing her breath more and more. Her breasts bounced and shook over his face, him taking her nipples into his mouth momentarily before gasping for more air.

He wanted her to cum with him, but it wasn’t such an easy task…she was so wet from riding his dick, the sweat from grinding on top of him. He flipped her over and took control, pinning her straight legs on his shoulders and plunging deep into her pussy again, driving his hard cock into her while she rocked her hips up and down in motion with him. She screamed, feeling the intensity of this angle of him inside of her and fucked him harder. He spun her around and she got on her knees, knowing what was next… he reached in front and started thumbing her super sensitive clit while sliding back into her doggy style.

Her drenched pussy was eager and wanting, pushing back against him, feeling how much he wanted her. This was the most intense yet, he felt so good she thought he was gonna cum all over her, she continued playing with her clit while he grabbed her hair and fucked her from behind, ready to explode any second now.

At the last minute, he flipped her back on her back, and continued to pummel into her so deep and hard she thought the bed was gonna break.

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuckkkkk…Yesssssssssssssss ahhhhhhh shit yes omg”

He continued to fuck her fast and hard, her in a trance feeling all the pleasurable sensations riding in and through her, wrapping her body tight around his to not let go, to feel as much of him in her as possible. He gave one last deep thrust before his release, her vagina gripping on to him to squeeze the very last drop out.

The next morning she woke up to him sitting next to her, watching her sleep. He kissed her on the forehead, on her lips, on the back of her hand. She wanted so much for him to stay for round two, but she knew she had to let him go. She spend the rest of the day in a daze, masturbating to the pure ecstasy she had felt with him, how perfect he was at pleasuring her, and wished that she could keep him in her arms for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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