Friends and Bedposts

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Group Sex

My current live-in girlfriend, Cara, and I were sitting down to an intimate Friday evening candlelight dinner, which we then planned to develop into a romantic candlelit evening in our bed. We had just made a major purchase which had been delivered that morning, a spectacular reproduction mahogany four poster Victorian bed. We had every intention of inaugurating it tonight.

Cara is about my age, 40 something, around 5’5″ and 140 pounds. Cara has shoulder length wavy brunette hair, is extremely attractive, and has a mature body. I don’t mean that she is obese or flabby. To the contrary, she keeps herself in spectacular shape. But she has had a couple of children (now young adults themselves) and is no high school cheerleader. She has prominent breasts, I would say a large “C” cup, with small breast implants to keep them firm. I know what you’re thinking, but if she didn’t tell you about them, you would never (and I do mean never) know of their existence. Her nipples are small and a bit pointy, but become very prominent when aroused. Her right nipple is pierced. Her hips are ample and round, not fat, but these are a mature woman’s hips made for some serious pounding with plenty of curves. Cara keeps her pubic hair cut very short and neatly trimmed, as she still favors sexy laced underwear. She regularly tans in a studio in town, and beneath her clothes displays a most intriguing collection of tan lines. Cara is, in a word, a smoking hot MILF, and no male breathing would argue the point with me.

We had just sat down to enjoy our meal when there was a loud and strident knocking at the door. It turned out to be Amelia, a lovely young vixen who is a student at the college where I teach. Not, I might add, my student. I teach a completely different discipline than she is studying, so there is no chance of that happening. Amelia is about 5’8″ tall and 120 pounds, slim with an erect carriage and straight back, just past 20 years old. She has a firm, small, tight little ass on top of long, stunning legs. Her breasts are probably a “B” cup, not all that large, but they compliment her body well. Her small breasts have very large and prominent nipples, which are nearly always erect and stiff. Her nipples are much too big for her breasts, and quite sensitive.

Amelia has extremely long, curly, red hair and an absolute gorgeous face, a natural pale complexion decorated with a fascinating splash of freckles. She lets her pubic hair grow naturally, and since it grows fine, sparse and red, the effect is quite fetching. Amelia had experienced terrible prior problems with boyfriends and an incredibly boring sex life when we were introduced, and since then I have been informally tutoring her. It is strictly sexual, she knows about Cara and Cara knows about her, and Amelia dates around regularly, although usually with disastrous results. Several times a month Amelia schedules an appointment to visit my bedroom, and I introduce her nubile young body to a new adventure, technique or experience. I should note, with some pride, that the young lady’s sexual repertoire has been expanding with considerable success, as she is a most adept and willing scholar.

Needless to say, Amelia was not scheduled to stop past the house this evening, and I was surprised to see her standing on my doorstep. I was even more concerned to see that she had been crying, and tears were still trickling down her beautiful cheeks. It developed, through deep sobs and hiccups, that Amelia was (as usual) having boy problems and needed to talk badly. She seemed to be quite upset, and there was nothing to be done but for Cara and I to invite her inside. We finally got her calmed down and talked through the whole story, and she started to feel better. We had finally gotten her problem resolved (at least for the time being), but it simply wouldn’t do to shove her out the door. With a whisper in my ear, Cara instructed me to leave the candles lit and added an extra plate and glass of wine. Cara and I finally resumed our interrupted romantic dinner, now joined by an additional guest seated at the table.

After our meal I left to use the restroom, and then had to field a university telephone call, and when I returned Cara and Amelia were passionately kissing and embracing. I had no idea what kicked this off, but on the other hand I saw no need to spoil a good thing once it was started, so I just sat back and enjoyed the really quite spectacular festivities that were unfolding before my eyes. They went at it for a while, with their respective garments in increasing disorder and threatening to be discarded at any moment in a most promiscuous manner. Amelia’s nipples were prominently protruding from the front of her barely buttoned, tight sweater.

Cara stood up, out of breath, flushed and glowing, and took Amelia’s hands, “I think we need to take this show to the bedroom.”

I was suddenly glad that I had just purchased a brand new king sized bed. I lagged behind to turn the thermostat up, secure the house, and ensure that all the candles in the kitchen were blown out. Meanwhile, Amelia and Cara kept feeling each other up, necking and fondling, and they vanished sarıyer escort down the candle lit hallway that led to our bedroom. I hastened to complete my domestic chores, to be rewarded with an extremely interesting trail of discarded female attire scattered down the hallway. Relishing the lacy garments scattered erotically across the floor, I snuffed the last candle in the hallway, throwing it into darkness, and stepped into our bedroom to be greeted by a most intriguing little scene.

The candles remained lit in the bedroom, and it was bathed in a muted, fluttering orange glow. Amelia was on her back, Cara on top, both entirely naked and locked into a furious session of “69.” I got undressed and watched the two beautiful women, contrasting in every conceivable manner, MILF and sorority, freckles and tan lines, experience and enthusiasm, rounded and slender. Their hands were everywhere, wet slurping noises, damp kisses, gasps and sighs, whispered instructions, the sound of two bodies moving against each other. I could see Amelia’s red hair spread out below Cara’s hips, and could see Cara suddenly start thrusting hard against the bed. When she arched her back up with her eyes shut and biting her lip, grinding her hips urgently against Amelia’s face, only to suddenly stop and harshly cry out, I knew she had just come. The girls rolled over, with Amelia’s hair a red cascade over Cara’s crotch, and Amelia’s tight little ass grinding against Cara’s face. Cara’s hands were busy, caressing curves, pulling things apart, fondling and stroking. Amelia started jerking her hips in spasms and I could see her nipples rigidly excited. Amelia started crying out “oh oh oh oh oh” in little girl noises, and then in an instant her hips jerked hard and Amelia wailed loudly “Oh God Oh” and I knew that she had just come hard.

The two women shifted so that they could kiss lightly while they caught their breath.

Cara looked at me from underneath Amelia’s tight white thigh, “Why don’t you join us, Daniel?”

I didn’t need to be told twice, and next thing I knew hands and lips and kisses and strokes and fondles and tweaks and sucking and fingering and licking were everywhere. I discovered myself on my back propped up on some pillows, with Amelia at my crotch giving me an absolutely champion blow job. This was a fringe benefit of my earlier bedroom instructions, for when we met Amelia had never given another man a blow job. She had stroked a few youth’s cocks while parking, but that was the extent of her experience. After a number of absolutely delightful nights, Amelia had shown promise of becoming a fine little cocksucker. However, she had never taken me completely into her mouth, much less deep throat me. I was stunned and surprised, therefore, to discover that Amelia had just worked my cock all the way down her throat.

Amelia was furiously sucking on me, her right hand at the base of my cock, and the other hand fondling my balls. Cara was now behind and between Amelia’s legs, I watched her over Amelia’s back and red hair, licking her pussy, her hands busy. I reached back and grasped the front bedposts, enjoying the view over the back of Amelia’s head while she worked on my cock, feeling the young girl tighten or stiffen or twitch as my talented girlfriend brought her to another series of multiple orgasms. Cara must have taken pity, for she eased off and soon I felt an orgasm of my own beginning to build. As if on cue, Cara looked up from Amelia’s thin curly red hair and requested, “Amelia when he comes, jerk him off onto your breasts and those lovely hard nipples of yours.”

Amelia was more than willing to oblige Cara’s request, given that she had her tongue on her clit, a finger on her g-spot and a finger up her ass. Amelia tightened her left hand around my scrotum, feeling the balls preparing to blast a load of cum down Amelia’s throat. I was incredibly turned on by Amelia’s unexpected and wildly enthusiastic sucking, and just laid my head back and closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. Amelia kept me in her throat until almost the last minute. When my hips started arching off the bed she slipped my cock out from between her lips and with her right hand began to furiously jerk me off. I lasted for about ten seconds, and blasted a load of hot white cum all over her left nipple with a few clinging shots landing on her erect right nipple. I came so hard that I pulled the front of the bed nearly off the floor!

The sight of a full cum load dripping all over Amelia’s beautiful rigid big nipples was too much for Cara, and she returned with a old vintage Polaroid that we kept on hand for just such contingencies, and snapped three shots of Amelia displaying her cum soaked tits for the camera, one for each of us.

Cara gazed hungrily at Amelia, licking her lips, “Don’t clean it off, let me.”

Cara kissed her way up Amelia’s abdomen, nibbling and licking and tasting Amelia’s sweat streaked flesh. When she reached Amelia’s chest she lifted up the redhead’s small breasts, displaying them to both of us, then started to slowly and sensuously lick off my esenyurt escort dribbles of cum. Cara sucked Amelia’s nipples hard as she cleaned them off, then kept tugging lightly on them while she kept her mouth at work. At the same time, Amelia reached both her hands down to her crotch. Her left middle finger and index finger spread the hood of her clitoris apart, and her right middle finger began massaging her own clit, which was just barely visible as a slightly engorged swelling buried at the top of her labia. Cara kept playing with Amelia’s nipples and sucking on her tits, while Amelia fingered herself to what must have been a shattering orgasm. Amelia’s tight hard ass came straight up off the bed and her legs spread wide open then slammed shut, as she cried out her pleasure in loud breathless gasps. You could see the hint of creamy juices on her labia lips, just visible through her sparse bright red pubic hair. It was a beautiful orgasm to watch.

When Amelia came down she reached forward and touched Cara’s nipple ring, tugging lightly on it, using it to pull Cara’s right breast to her mouth. She sucked eagerly on Cara’s nipple ring, playing with it, yanking it hard, touching it lightly as she barely pulled on it, twisting it, moving it up and down and sideways. All this time, Cara’s pointy little nubs had swollen up and were now ripe and prominent. Amelia fucked Cara with her other hand. Cara was breathing heavy and fast, her chest rising and falling.

When Cara was close she called out, “Amelia, pull the nipple ring away from my breast with your teeth and make me come, finger me hard, yeah, yeah, put a finger in me, finger me hard, two fingers in me, right at the g-spot, yeah, yeah, yeah, god I’m hot, yeah, put your thumb on my clit mound, yeah, right there, right there, push against me, yeah, chew on my nipple, suck my nipple ring, chew it, oh yeah, ooooohh yeeaaaah, oooooh yeaaaahhh, that’s it, take me hard, suck my nipple, yes, oh yes, yes, grab my tit, hard, yes hard, yes, yes, twist my tit with your hand, yeah, that’s it, hard, twist hard, get a handful of my tit, I’m there, I’m there, I’m there, faster Amelia, faster, yeah, yeah, I’m there, take me girl, yes, yes, yes!” and suddenly exploded into unintelligible yelping as she came with shouts and exclamations.

Both Cara and Amelia collapsed on the bed, out of breath. I left the bedroom briefly, returning with a couple of bottles of wine and three glasses, and a small platter of finger food. We sat together intimately, taking a respite while we let things build up again naturally. The candles were still burning, casting interesting shadows around the room as we ate and talked. Then Cara drained her glass, a sinister twinkle in her eyes, the room suddenly transformed into hot and erotic, and resumed the evening’s party.

Cara lifted her breasts, fingers lightly pinching her nipples, and asked Amelia, “Do you like my nipple ring, baby?”

Amelia replied, “I love it, I want one.”

Cara smiled in the subtle, shifting illumination of the bedroom, “Do you really want one?”

Amelia replied, “I want one bad, I want you and Daniel to pierce me, Cara.”

Cara asked again, “Can we pierce you in public?”

I knew what Cara was thinking, once in a while we had nasty little S&M, B&D parties in the secret room of our basement for a select guest list, and Cara wanted to pierce Amelia’s hard, rigid, over-sized nipples in front of an audience. Such an event would serve as Amelia’s introduction to their playroom, a long-overdue and greatly anticipated occasion from my perspective.

Amelia never hesitated, “Please, Cara, I want a room of people to watch my nipple get pierced while I’m strapped down, helpless, bound and gagged.”

And THAT, you can rest assured, will be another story.

Cara kept whispering to the luscious redhead cuddled against her, “Have you ever watched a man come in a woman, Amelia?”

Amelia replied, “No, just been fucked myself.”

Cara cooed, “Do you want to watch Daniel come inside of me and then lick his cum ooze out of my pussy when he fills it.”

Amelia, doubtless remembering the load I had just sprayed all over her little tits and big hard nipples, replied, “I want to see it. I want to watch Daniel fuck you.”

Cara kissed her long and hard, then asked Amelia to sit on the side. When Amelia slipped off Cara I rolled between her legs. Cara spread her knees wide and opened her pussy for me. I got up on my right arm with Amelia to my left, spread Cara’s pussy lips with my left hand, placed the tip of my cock at her pussy with my hips, and slowly sank into her. Cara was really aroused and still wet from her recent come, so I slipped easily into her. I kept leaning up and away from Cara and stayed on my right arm, so that Amelia could watch. Cara facilitated by lifting her right leg high and hooking it behind my neck, completely exposing our intercourse to our young friend.

Amelia almost forgetfully stroked Cara’s large breast with the nipple ring affixed and carelessly played with it, her eyes glue on my cock buried in Cara. Amelia’s already avrupa yakası escort big eyes went wide as she watched my cock spread Cara’s labia lips. When I pulled out, Amelia saw Cara’s lips grip me and pull out a little with the firmness of my cock. When I pushed in, Amelia saw Cara’s lips correspondingly part and the ridges of my veins slide past the edges of her hips. Amelia reached down once and felt Cara’s pussy, lifted one finger to her mouth and sampled Cara’s juices mingled with my sweat. Cara by now had wrapped her legs around my waist.

Amelia whispered, “Oh my god, so that’s what it looks like, oh my god, he’s so big, he’s filling you like he fills me, oh my god, this is so hot.”

I enjoyed the ride for a long time, Cara’s left arm intertwined with my right arm supporting my body weight. Cara rested her left hand on my powerful triceps while I pumped in and out of her. It was a good long fuck, I wanted Amelia to get a real x-rated show out of this, and I know she wasn’t disappointed. But all good things must come to an end, and suddenly I had an urgent need to spray my cum deep inside the full hips of my horny girlfriend. I grabbed Cara’s hips with both hands, shifted her position, and went to town. I engaged in some good old fashioned, down and dirty, deep penetration, hard ramming, giving it to her fucking, and Cara’s pussy was as tight and gripping and milking as any teenaged girl. I shut my eyes to enjoy the sensation again, and with Amelia watching intently blasted a monster load of cum into Cara. I pushed hard and deep into Cara, shot the first burst, then pulled out a bit. I brought some of my first shot with me, and then blasted the rest of my load right inside Cara’s pussy lips. Cum oozed out of the sides of Cara’s pussy lips and dribbled down towards the cleft of her ass.

Man, it felt great, Amelia saw the muscles on my ass tighten as my cock fired off inside Cara, and placed her head close to our coupled crotches to observe the cum leaking out of my girlfriend. I leaned forward and kissed Cara lightly, telling her that I loved her, then pulled out. When I withdrew a stream of cum pulled away with my cock, and Amelia could see that Cara’s pussy lips were stretched loosely away, her pussy veritably swimming with my cum. It was quite a sight, but Cara was very sensitive and asked Amelia nicely not to finger her again. Amelia obliged, but all the time she never took her eyes off my girlfriend’s freshly fucked pussy, and her nipples looked so hard I thought they were going to explode off her chest.

When Cara had recovered a bit she told Amelia, “OK, now you can go ahead.”

Amelia eagerly pounced, placed the side of her head on Cara’s softly rounded belly and proceeded to tongue clean my cum from Cara’s pussy. Amelia seemed to enjoy the taste of myself and Cara co-mingled. Cara and I lay together and cuddled while Amelia cleaned her out.

After Cara was, well, pussy-licking clean she made a little suggestion to me. Specifically, she suggested that I fuck Amelia’s tight little ass from behind while Cara played with her. Amelia burst into a big smile, and in a twinkling she was on her hands and knees, her hot ass sticking in my face, her face hidden behind a veil of bright red curls glowing in the candlelight. Amelia reached forward and grasped the two front posts of our new four-post king sized bed. Amelia’s hands would initiate the posts, her would be the first female hands to grip them as she got fucked.

I settled in behind her and started rubbing her pussy, which was already moistened and parted slightly open in unmistakable invitation, while Cara placed her forefinger at Amelia’s dark brown little hole.

She hesitated a second, with just the tip of her finger resting against the puckered entrance, and told Amelia in a sultry voice, “You’re going to dream about this experience for the rest of your life, pretty little Amelia.”

With that, Cara pushed her digit inside the redhead. Amelia humped her ass a little bit when she was penetrated, but it was a randy “I want more” humping not a “Oh no not my ass” struggle. The young redhead whimpered as her ass was violated, and her fists grasped the bed posts in a death grip. Cara leaned forward and started tugging on one of the redhead’s large swollen nipples. Amelia started moving her body in response, her long red tresses swaying as my girlfriend toyed with her, and her whimpers turned into sensual gasps.

After a few long minutes, Cara leaned forward and asked the young trollop, “Two fingers, my dear?”

Amelia was being overwhelmed by sensations and couldn’t form a word, she just moaned in response. Taking this as an affirmative response, Cara withdrew her single finger from Amelia and began using both thumbs to spread her ass wide open. Amelia struggled a bit at this, but I fondled her breast with one hand and stroked her pussy with the other, and pleasure won out over pain. When Cara adjudged Amelia’s nether hole ready for more penetration, she placed two fingers at Amelia’s tiny brown hole and pushed. Amelia moaned loudly, her hands jerked against the bedposts, and her hair tossed and quivered, but she did nothing to stop the progress of Cara’s two fingers. Even though I had already come twice tonight, we had taken a nice long break after the first one, and watching and participating in this erotic scene had turned my cock into a piece of concrete- ready, eager and willing for another round, and the sooner the better.

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