Freshman Year

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What they say is true – sometimes, when you get exactly what you want, you have no idea what to do with it. This, unbelievably, was the subject of my thoughts as my roommate Tim’s beautiful cock sprang free of his shorts, dangling mere inches away from my face.

I should probably back up and give you some context there.


My freshman year of college had been one of the most thorougly enjoyable experiences of my life for many reasons. One of the most important of these was that after what seemed like an eternity of dealing with bigotry, hatred and ignorance in my rural Alabama home town, I was finally in a setting where I could be completely open about my homosexuality. I could be myself. It was a liberating, freeing thing, and I had flourished as a result of it. Skills and talents I never knew I had rose to the surface. (No, not that kind of skills…well, yes, those too, I suppose.) Without being consumed by the inner turmoil I had always faced at home, always having to act like something I wasn’t, I found that my mind was capable of wonderful things.

The best thing about my freshman year, though, was Tim. He and I had instantly become close friends at orientation during the summer, and it had been quickly decided that we would room together. That was the first time my sexuality had come up, and I knew I had to be completely honest with him to avoid any potential headaches later down the road. To my complete surprise, he was more than ok with it – he had several gay friends at home (another new concept to me) and wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

The first time I saw Tim with his shirt off, I was almost afraid we weren’t going to be able to make things work – he had the sculpted body of a Greek god, lean and muscular. A state champion swimmer, there wasn’t a hair anywhere on his body (at least in the places I could see). He must have easily spotted my longing gaze, because he had laughed loudly and jokingly said, “You can look, but you can’t touch.”

When Tim started dating Jennifer, though, any fantasies I might have had about Tim and I became pure wishful thinking. Jennifer was a knockout – even I was able to appreciate that. At a relatively petite 5’1″, Tim’s powerful 6’6″ frame towered over her.

Tim and I quickly laid down some ground rules…he and Jen could do whatever it was they wanted to do in the room as long as I had been able to make plans to be elsewhere, and if I ever needed to use the room to study or do work, they would find somewhere else to fool around. The arrangement worked perfectly for a while, and I even found myself guiltily looking forward to the scent of Tim’s sweat upon my return after one of their sessions.

One evening late in January, though, things changed.


Mainly at Tim’s urging, I had accompanied him and Jen to a raucous party off-campus. While booze was booze in any setting, and I could hardly complain about the quality and variety of the alcohol, I very quickly determined that I was probably the only gay guy there. Already tired enough of “looking but not touching”, I made my way over to Tim and yelled over the music that I wasn’t feeling too well and was heading out. He gave a vague half-nod in my direction, occupied as he was with Jen grinding her ass into his crotch along with the music. The expression of pure, male, dominant lust on his face will illegal bahis forever be etched into my memory.

When I got back to the room, I stripped down to my boxers, got into my bed, and began immediately to jack off. That look on Tim’s face had been nearly enough to drive me over the edge on its own, and soon enough I was spurting hot, sticky cum all over my stomach and chest.

I was about to get up and clean myself off when I heard a noise outside the door – Tim was fumbling for his keys, and Jen was giggling drunkenly. Silently cursing to myself, I decided that the best course of action would be to pretend that I was asleep.

The two 18-year-olds burst into the room, with Jen continuing to giggle. I held my eyes tightly closed, and the giggling was soon replaced with soft, gentle moans. Shortly after, I could clearly make out the sounds of zippers unzipping and clothes being tossed on the floor. Tim, ever the gentleman, sounded a little concerned, even through his drunken stupor. “What about Shawn?”

Something about hearing my name made me open my eyes a little, though I quickly closed them again. Both of them were completely naked, and Jen had gotten down on her knees. “Don’t worry about Shawn…he’s completely passed out. And I NEED this.”

Unable to restrain myself, I allowed myself to open my eyes ever so slightly, and nearly came again when I got my first glimpse, however blurry, of Tim’s cock. Jen had taken him in her mouth and was sucking hungrily enough that one would have thought she was eating her first meal in weeks. The look, though, was back on Tim’s face, and this time it was accompanied by some of the sexiest moans I had ever heard come out of any man. Tim’s voice was a rich, velvety baritone and was sheer pleasure to listen to under normal circumstances. With these blissful sounds coming out of him…

“Suck it…suck my fuckin’ cock, you dirty little slut…”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Tim, quite possibly the nicest, most polite person I knew, was talking dirtier than I dreamed possible.

He lifted Jen up and tossed her down onto the bed, climbing on top of her. I could have almost sworn that he stared directly at me as he plunged his cock into her. She let out a long, loud moan, evidently not caring at all if I, or anyone else on the floor, for that matter, could hear. Tim quickly picked up a relentless pace, his meaty dick ramming in and out of Jen’s lithe, tiny body. His balls slapped loudly against her over and over as she locked her arms and legs around him in a death grip, pulling him in deeper and rocking her body against his. “Ohmigod…ohmigod…fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME…”

He grunted and growled with animal lust as he drove into her with a few final, punishing thrusts. Looking up – this time, unmistakably at me – he let out a cry of pleasure as he buried his cock deep inside her and unloaded his seed.

That was all I needed to cum again, without having touched myself at all.


After that first night, Jen and Tim became more brazen about their sexual escapades. They would have sex in the room while I was asleep (though most times this happened, I was about as asleep as I had been the first time). They would fuck in the room without asking me, leading to several instances where I walked in on them. Each time it happened, I became more and illegal bahis siteleri more shocked – and more and more turned on – by how dominant Tim became. One time, I returned from a shower to find Jen on her knees, hands tied behind her back, sucking Tim off. She didn’t bother to stop until Tim had come.

And each time, I couldn’t shake the sensation that Tim’s gaze was locked on me and not his girlfriend. As much as I enjoyed the glimpses I was getting of Tim’s gorgeous body, the situation was quickly becoming untenable. I finally resigned myself to the idea that I was going to have to move out, and headed back from class prepared to break the news to Tim.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, and was shocked to find Tim sitting on his bed in and old t-shirt and gym shorts, visibly shaken. Instantly feeling my indignance fade, I closed the door and quickly sat next to him. “Christ…you look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s wrong?”

He looked at me and sighed. “I just broke up with Jen. It wasn’t working out.”

I was shocked, and I guess Tim could see it, because he let out a half-hearted chuckle. “Surprised, I take it?”

Not quite sure of the right thing to say, I stumbled a little bit over my words. “I…but…all the sex!”

He snorted. “Well, she wasn’t so thrilled with it when she found out who I was thinking about all those times I fucked her.”

I looked at him, a quizzical expression on my face. “Let me guess…Emily. No, wait…Sarah.”


I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Tim, who I had fantasized about for months and ogled fucking his girlfriend for months more, had been fantasizing about me.

“Uh…wow. Really?” I couldn’t believe how stupid the words sounded coming out of my mouth, but I was at a loss for words.

“Yeah. Really. Ever since the night of that party in January, when you watched us fuck…” — (the secret was out, I guess) — “I’ve been…well, I’ve kind of been showing off for you.”

So much of it made sense now. Tim hadn’t been fucking Jen in front of me out of disregard or disrespect…he’d been doing it so that I could get a good look at him.

I swallowed hard and chose my next words carefully. “Tim…I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been dreaming of this moment for a long time. Before we do anything else, or say anything else…I want to make sure exactly what it is you want.”

He pulled me in and our lips met. It was as though my whole body was awash with energy. His lips were soft and smooth, but he kissed me with a passion and strength I had never experienced. Our tongues danced, and I melted as I felt his powerful arms grip me tightly.

After an eternity, we broke the kiss, and I stared at him, panting.

“Now get on your fuckin’ knees, Shawn.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I quickly got off the bed and sunk down to my knees, and Tim just as quickly stood up, his massive frame going on for miles above me. I tentatively reached under the elastic waistband of his shorts and began to pull them slowly downward. After all those tantalizing peeks I’d gotten, I was about to see what his dick looked like up close.

It sprang free of his shorts and bobbed slowly up and down in front of me, a few drops of glistening precum oozing from the tip. It was a thing of beauty, an object d’art. Ten thick inches, canlı bahis siteleri crowned by a large, bulbous head and adorned with throbbing veins. I was entranced, enthralled, mesmerized.

“Don’t just stare at it, you little slut boy, suck it. Now.”

The transformation was once again complete. Tim was in charge, in complete control – and I was loving every second of it.

Gripping the massive cock in my hands, I began to lick slowly, ever so lightly, from the base all the way up to the tip. I’d been dreaming of seeing this dick up close forever, and I was going to milk it (no pun intended) for all it was worth.

I began caressing the length of him in my hands as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. Tim started moaning, and I had to fight off the urge to lower one of my hands to my own swelling cock – I wanted this to last.

Craning my neck upward and looking him straight in the eye, I engulfed him in my mouth. He closed his eyes and let out a hiss of air. “Jesus, Shawn…” I began bobbing my head up and down, keeping my lips wrapped tightly around him, sucking hard. I felt Tim place his hands on either side of my head and grew even more excited as he began to dictate the tempo and rhythm of my mouth, firmly guiding my head up and down around his shaft. He began thrusting into my mouth, and my heart skipped a few beats at the sight of his muscled abdomen rippling up close.

He pulled out of my mouth and, to my utter shock, I heard myself let out an involuntary whimper. The corner of his mouth turned into a slight grin. “Don’t worry…you’ll get more later.”

Hooking his arms under mine, he lifted me easily from the floor and threw me onto the bed. Willingly, eagerly, I lifted my ass up into the air, offering myself to him. I heard him open a bottle of what must have been lube, and then close it moments later.

“You want this cock, Shawn?”

I moaned in response, and in return, Tim slapped his massive cock against my ass as though he were wielding a bat or a club. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Fuck…god, yes, I want you to fuck me. I need you to f–aaaaaaah!!”

He hadn’t waited for me to finish, and before I knew what was happening, he had slid all the way into me. It was utter bliss – all ten inches of iron-hard meat filling me like I’d never been filled before. I felt myself twitching around him.

After he had given me a moment to get used to his size, Tim started fucking me with wild abandon. It was all I could do to remain consciously aware of what was going on as I was impaled repeatedly, reduced to stammering, mumbling and soft moaning. His cock was setting off nerve endings I hadn’t known existed. For only the second time since that first night, I felt my engorged cock spurt cum all over the sheets, without having been touched once.

Tim grunted in approval. “Fuckin’ slut…you love taking my cock, don’t you…”

I was having trouble forming complete words. “Y–yes…oh god, yes…”

He pulled out of me and pushed me down to the bed, pivoting around so that his cock was right in my face. We locked eyes, and I knew exactly what was about to happen.

Tim groaned and shouted out loud. “FUCK!!” A second later, I felt his hot, sticky, thick cum splash onto my face. As much as I hated doing it, I closed my eyes – I knew Tim was a heavy shooter. Several blasts of cum later, I heard his commanding voice bellow, “Shower. Two minutes. Don’t clean it off.”

The door opened and closed, my ass still up in the air and my face coated with Tim’s seed. It was going to be an interesting end to the school year…

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