Forever My Valentine

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Completed February 14, 2005

Upon arriving home from a long day at work, he walked into the house to find her waiting in the bedroom, wearing only her nightgown. Soft music was playing, the scent of incense wafted through the air. He noticed two wineglasses on the nightstand, and a ceramic pipe filled with marijuana. “Perhaps we could stay in bed the rest of the evening” she said, a seductive smile playing across her face. “Why don’t you take a hot shower and I’ll pour us some wine, you’ll find everything you need already waiting for you.” She stated.

Giving her a look of wonderment and a quick smile, he headed for the shower. She had been thinking about him all day, longing for his nearness, dreaming of the way his touch made her tremble, and his kiss set her ablaze.

Bringing herself back to reality again, she quickly lit a candle, refreshed the incense, and began to pour the wine. She had just settled herself back on the bed as he entered the room, wearing the only article of clothing she had provided for him and a smile.

He took the glass of wine she offered and settled him self on the bed beside her. Then he thoughtfully sipped his wine. As he sat his glass on the night stand he turned to her and gently ran his fingers down the side of her face and across her neck, stopping just where her cleavage began, then leaned in & gently kissed her lips. He took the glass of wine from her hand & sat it on the stand, then turned his attention back to her, he needed to hold her, to make her his once more.

As he began his gentle caress, she sarıyer escort instantly felt her body respond to it. His kiss sent a chill thru her, she needed to feel his touch, to feel the heat of his body against her. She had never experienced the way he made her feel. She tenderly ran her hand across his chest, and as she leaned into him he lay back onto the bed, taking her into his arms, and gently caressed her back as she began a trail of fiery kisses across his shoulders and down his chest. His touch sent chills thru her and she felt her body throb with passion for him. She moved further down his body, feeling his body tense in anticipation. She gently began a caress across his stomach with her hands as her lips continued lower still. As she touched his sex with her lips, she felt him throb & he arched toward her as a gasp escaped his lips. She continued to tease him with carefully placed touches as she gently removed his shorts, following them down his body with tender kisses, then reversing her trail back to his sex

She felt his body tense as she slowly took his sex inside her mouth. When she began a gentle massage with her tongue, he instinctively arched towards her as he groaned and placed his hand in her hair, beginning a massage of his own. He knew where her secret spot was, he had found it long ago, and as he began his caress on her neck, he felt her body shiver in response. Her mouth felt warm & inviting, making his cock throb to be deeper inside her. He began a rhythm which she responded esenyurt escort to quickly and he was soon completely inside her mouth. She continued the rhythm until he felt like he would explode with need for her, as he pulled his cock reluctantly from her mouth, he pushed her onto the bed and kissed her, first on the lips, then on her neck, savoring her fragrance even though it was masked by her perfume.

Her warmth made him harder still, the softness of her skin made him ache with anticipation, throb with excitement. His kisses wandered from her neck to her breasts, stopping at her nipples, flicking them teasingly with his tongue then sucking them gently. He felt her move beneath him as he moved down to her stomach, trailing kisses ever downward, she arched her back and moaned softly as he moved to the crease of her thighs, he licked her teasingly, feeling the heat of her womanhood and she gasp as his tongue found her. He loved the taste of her, the scent of her, the feel of her as he caressed her with his mouth, she moaned as his tongue found her entrance then flicked back to her clitoris, moving back and forth between them. His cock felt like it was going to explode as she moaned and writhed with pleasure, he wanted to take her then, to thrust himself into her, to achieve the Nirvana that their coupling created for him, but instead he slipped his finger into her, feeling her gasp and moan. He started moving his finger in rhythm with his mouth as she thrust her pelvis forward and moaned deeply, her breathing accelerated, turning into avrupa yakası escort a series of gasps and moans as her orgasm started. He felt her spasm as her body shuddered, her moaning became louder as she climaxed, her body trembling more and more.

As her moans quieted he drew himself up, kissing her deeply, driving his tongue into her mouth, as his cock, now as hard as stone, slipped into her warmth, the head of his cock slowly sliding into her, then back, then in again. He resisted his every impulse to drive deeply into her, wanting to make the pleasure last, wanting to savor every second of this moment, to take her slowly as she moaned once more, begging him for more.

His breath rasped in his throat as he succumbed to his desire and pushed his cock into her hot moist pussy, thrusting slowly in and out, feeling the heat of her, feeling the velvet folds of her caressing his cock.

Her moaning intensified again as he himself groaned, the feelings overcoming the both of them. He thrust even deeper, his hips thrusting in and out ever faster , pumping into her, feeling her near her peak once more.

She cried out, thrusting her pelvis onto him, and now he felt his own orgasm welling up within him, feeling her pussy contract on his cock as she came was too much for him. With a low guttural moan he felt his cum well up and shoot deeply into her, his cock pulsed in her, as they both tensed and shuddered and came together.

He fell easily into her arms, feeling as if he were sinking into her skin as she held him tighter, he kissed her gently, wanting this moment to last forever………

She clung to him, pulling him closer still as their breathing slowed. He gently kissed her, then lay his head beside hers on the pillow as they held each other. As they relaxed in each others arms, her only thought was how precious her time with him was, and wanting this moment to last forever………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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