Foot Massage

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During the summer I was house sitting for my Aunt Julie while she was away. Her and her family had gone on vacation for two weeks. Having nothing better to I sat in her couch and began watching the T.V., when all of a sudden I heard the lock in the door click and Aunt Julie walked in. Startled that she had come home early I quickly shut off the T.V an walked up stairs to greet her.

“Hey Aunt Julie, what are you doing home so early??” I asked.

“Oh I had to come back to work, one of my co-workers got very sick.” She explained.

Here I must tell you that I had an extreme foot fetish, women’s feet had always turned me on, though at 18 I had never been able to peruse my fantasy. Today Julie was wearing some casual flip flops exposing her perfect feet. Though it was my aunt her feet had always aroused me when I saw them. She was about 40 years old but looked 25, 5’6″, with shoulder length brown hair with highlights, and had a fit and athletic body. What happened next amazed me.

“Greg, I have to get of my feet, I’ve been standing up all day and just need to sit down.”

“Sure go ahead, would u like me to get you a glass of water?”

“That sounds great Greg”

I fetched a glass of water from the kitchen and returned to the living room with it. She had taken her flip flops off and had her legs extended resting on the foot stool.

“Here is your water Aunt Julie”

“Thank you Greg, I appreciate it. Take a seat and watch some T.V. with me.”

I sat down and couldn’t help but stare at her cute feet and cute little toes. She was flipping through the channels when she must have noticed my gaze. Then she started to wiggle her toes around and rub her feet against each other. I then began to watch the T.V. casino oyna with her. Shortly after she began to talk to me.

“I’m so tired from standing all day Greg.”

“Maybe you need some rest aunt Julie.”

“What I need is a foot massage.”

“Do you want one?” I asked hesitantly.

“Really? You would give me a foot massage.?” She retorted.

“Sure why not.” I replied.

I got down on my knees and embraced her feet and began to rub them. As I gently massaged her feet my dick began to grow. I sat back on my feet and put one foot on my thigh next to my crotch and one foot I held in both my hands and rubbed it some more. She wiggled her toes in enjoyment while massaging her feet. When she spoke to me again.

“Greg your a foot guy aren’t you??” she asked.

“What do you mean Julie?”

“I mean you enjoy women’s feet, they turn you on…” she answered.

“Maybe…why do you ask??”

“Well a couple reasons, one I notice you staring at my feet ever since I got home and two your dick is hard.”

After she talked about my dick I was really embarrassed, but it made me so horny. I admitted that yes I was a foot guy.

“Yes Aunt Julie, I do enjoy female feet very much, do you like your feet massaged like this?” I asked her.

“I do very much Greg, do you want to do anything else with my feet?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean is there anything else you could do to my feet to make them and me feel good?”

“You mean you want me to….lick them?”

“I do want you to lick them but before you do let me get a little more comfortable, why don’t you get comfortable too”

She put her feet on the ground and stood up. She moved her hand to the top of her blouse slot oyna and began to unbutton it slowly, I watched her every move. She finished undoing her blouse and threw it aside, she then moved on to her Capri’s and unbutton and unzipped them they slid down her athletic legs to the ground and kicked them off. My own aunt Julie was standing in front of me in black panties an a black lace bra. She then motion for me to stand up and I did. She slid her hands under my shirt and took it off for me. She then undid my belt and shorts and slid them off me, I kicked them away. She flounced back down on the sofa and put her feet up in the air, signaling me to continue.

I got down on my knees again took her foot tentatively in my hand and moved it closer to my mouth. I placed her foot gently on my lips and opened my mouth, I slid her foot into my mouth and began to suck and lick her toes. I caressed and licked and sucked her foot for a while, my dick felt so big. She began to play with me dick with her other foot. It felt so good. I quickly grabbed both her feet by the ankle and brought them together.

I licked the up and down the little slit that her feet made between them. I licked all around bother her feet until the were shiny with the remnants of my saliva. I licked her soles and moved to her ankles and covered her feet in shine. After moving over her ankles with my tongue I slowly began to follow her legs up to her pussy with my tongue. I did this very slowly make sure I covered her legs with my tongue. I got to her thighs, when her feet began to play with my balls and she giggled. I licked all over her thighs and slowly worked my way to her vagina. I licked her pussy through her panties which covered her pleasure spot. When I saw that she was canlı casino siteleri shaven I couldn’t hold myself back. I moved her panties aside and caressed her clit with my tongue. I slowly licked her clit and all around he pussy and finally licked up past her vagina and to her naval.

My tongue caressed her flat stomach all around. Engrossed in licking her body, she slid her bra off without my knowledge. Taking my time at the torso I slowly but surely moved up to her breasts, only to find them bra-less and hard. I licked all around her curves, though not extremely big her boobs were big enough. I licked them up and down and saved the nipples till the end until I took one in my mouth like a pacifier and just sucked on and licked it. I noticed her hand reaching for my cock and playing with it, this felt so good.

I finished with her nipples and moved on to her collar. Licking slowly ever so slowly, I moved up her neck with my tongue and reached her cheeks and chin an licked theme up and down, when finally our eyes met. My tongue went into her gapping an surprised mouth and we kissed passionately as we had been lovers. We kissed for a long time, her tongue caressing my tongue were truly were tongue-tied. She pushed me off and rose her feet my shoulders and she helped me slide my erect penis into her dripping wet vagina. She then moved her feet around to my mouth and I began to thrust my dick in to her beautiful vagina as I licked her feet. We fucked passionately, my hands on her ankles guiding her feet into my mouth and her hands playing with her tits. I felt my dick begin to pre cum and told her “IM CUMMING!!” She moaned so loud as I shot me sex juices into her beautiful body. I kept going until she came and finished her off. I pulled out of her and sat next to her on the sofa. We looked into each others eyes and she began to speak.

“Thanks for the massage Greg”

Then our tongues locked again and began kissing passionately into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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