Five Years Pt. 02

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I will not rush this story, so there will be at least one more part. We celebrated our fifth anniversary of our first date last Friday. I dedicate all of these stories to Jodie. Love you so much.

I had expected to carry on lying there, but Jodie slid up into a kneeling position and took my hands and I wordlessly understood that she was asking me to join her.

Wondering what was about to happen, I sat up and Jodie said, “Okay. I have dreamed of and run through this moment a hundred times in my mind. I want to show you how I came to know you.”

I looked at her. I was puzzled and was about to speak when she placed a soft kiss on my lips, silencing me.

She pulled back. “I want you only to feel and see what I am doing and hear what I’m saying. I don’t want you to speak, Anna. I want you to just experience.”

I was still puzzled but now eagerly anticipating whatever it was she was planning.

I was sitting with my legs together, knees up. Jodie gently took my calves and I willingly spread my legs for her, my feet flat on the duvet. She then swung her leg over mine so she was sitting between my legs, with her thighs over mine. She scooted toward me and then put her arms around me, underneath mine. I naturally responded and wrapped mine down over her shoulders, my hands crossed on her back, loving the feel of her.

We kissed and I was suddenly aware of a delicious warmth and touch on my clit. She had arranged herself so that both of our clits were in contact. She was moving her hips ever so slightly, in a tiny circular motion, so that our clits were moving against each other.

I am fully aware that there is another name for what we were doing, a word I’ve never particularly liked, but Jodie broke the kiss and said something that came to be our term for it.

“I love that our clits are kissing.”

From that moment on this would always be ‘clit kissing.’

She started into my eyes and I felt her hands slide up my back, her finger tips spread.

She started a narrative that was frequently interspersed with little kisses,

“So Anna,” kiss, “the first time I saw you,” kiss, “the first thing I noticed,” kiss, “was your beautiful,” kiss, “wavy,” kiss, “long, red hair.” Kiss.

I felt her fingers slide up under my neck line and spread out over my scalp and I felt an enormous surge which went to all my pleasure centres and seemed to set my whole body tingling.

Pushing my hair up, moving her fingers through it she kissed me again and then said, “Hermione was always my favourite, and it was as if she had walked into my salon.”


She let her fingers slide down through my hair, her fingers outwards, until she had run them all the way to the ends and out. I felt an extra shiver run through me.

“And then you looked up at me,” kiss, “and I fell into your beautiful, hazel eyes.”

She came towards my eyes and I closed them as she kissed each of my lids.

Kiss. Kiss.

“Your perfect nose,” kiss.

If I had been allowed to speak I would have probably said something self-deprecating, but I now realised there was a real beauty in only being able to feel, see and listen.

All the while she was taking us through this ritual, she was somehow managing to keep those little movements going, down where we were joined. Our clit kissing wasn’t about to stop, I was delighted to realise. The combinations of her kisses, her voice and those movements on my clit were driving me wild with heightened desire.

“Then you smiled that awkward smile, and I saw the oxbow red of your lipstick covered lips.”


“As you looked up towards me I saw your neck. I could see the beautiful lines, the elegance.”

She now placed kisses under my chin, on my neck and round.

“And your hair fell back as you looked at me and I saw your beautiful ears.”

Here she nibbled on first my right and then my left lobe. I was glad I only had my studs in.

Now I felt one hand lower to the base of my spine and she gently pushed and lowered me slowly onto my back, setting me down softly with my head on the pillow. For one so slightly built she had remarkable strength and control.

She pulled her hands out from under me and another thrill ran through me as our clits lost contact. It was odd to get a thrill from something stopping, but it was really no different than edging, just in the circumstances it felt more softly intense.

She moved herself around so she was sitting with her legs curled to one side, next to me.

Stroking my legs she applied a little downward pressure and I stretched them out so they were flat on the bed.

“The next thing I saw were your beautiful shoulders as you stood. You were wearing that gorgeous white dress with cap sleeves and I could see the form of your collar bone.” Kiss. Kiss.

My god. She really had been paying a lot of attention.

Now she put her hands, with her fingers spread out, on either side of the top of my right arm. I felt a light pressure and she started moving them down, casino siteleri slightly massaging as she went. Following the path of her fingers she placed a kiss on my upper arm and then on my forearm.

“I saw your hand as it came up to shake mine.”

Her fingers slid all the way down over my palm, gripping me. She then took each finger and my thumb in turn, forming a little cage using her thumb and first two fingers. She stroked up and out over the end of each digit. It felt as if she was draining all the cares from me out of my finger tips.

“I felt your hand,” she slid down and kissed my palm.

I was in a new place. All I could hear was her voice, all I could feel was her touch. It was as if every point of me was focused on where she was touching me. As if my mind’s eye was moving under her fingers.

“Of course, I can’t leave out your other arm. The perfect mirror.”

She repeated the ritual with my left arm. Her fingers caressing, my arm, my hand, my fingers. Kisses following, with the final kiss on the palm.

I was hoping that my breasts would be next, but no.

“Then you walked with me,” she moved down by my feet, “on your beautiful legs.”

She placed her hands at the top of my right thigh and I thought for one delicious moment that I would feel her touch on my pussy but again, no. She pressed firmly and slid her fingers, massaging down my thigh, over my calf muscles, planting following kisses.

“And then you asked me to give you a pedicure.”

She cupped my foot in both hands, repeating a squeeze and release massage several times before finally repeating on my toes what she done with my fingers. She then kissed the top followed by the sole of my foot.

“Then I worked on your other foot.”

Another repeat, massaging down my leg, foot, toes. Strokes and kisses.

I was in at a level of ecstasy I had not felt in years. A multi-sensory experience that was also completely unique.

She sat next to me once again and I looked into those beautiful eyes as she smiled, her little dimples showing. As if I wasn’t turned on enough I felt a new rush through me.

She shuffled slightly back and leaned over me, putting one hand just behind my thigh, the other on my upper arm. She gently pulled, turning me over onto my front. I lay there, exposed to her in a new way.

“And then, do you remember when you came in that evening wearing that brush black mini dress with the low back and the plunge neckline?”

Oh god, I did. I had worn it explicitly in the hope that Jodie would take notice. I didn’t think she had. Clearly, I was wrong.

“Well, that’s when I first saw your beautiful back. How well toned you were.”

At this she placed a kiss in between my shoulder blades and then one in the small of my back, her fingers trailing down my spine making shivers run through me.

“I also remember wanting to see your gorgeous bottom that day. I watched it several times when you went to the bar,” she chuckled softly, “Maggie had to tell me off for staring too much.”

I felt her kiss my left and then my right cheek. I then got another delicious shiver as I felt a finger trail down between them. I opened my legs to her, desperate for her touch, hoping that now it would be even more intimate, although I have to admit that there was a level of intimacy about what she was doing that transcended pure sex.

Her finger traced down over my back entrance and I sighed gently, hoping she wouldn’t try to push in there. I’m not against that sort of play, in fact I quite enjoy it, but that is one of the times I want to make sure I am completely clean. She didn’t. She continued to the bridge down to just before my entrance.

I felt my inner heat rise further as she stopped, placing a kiss just between my cheeks.

She moved and gently rolled me back over onto my front. I had completely ceded all control of my body to her and it felt wonderful. Liberating.

“That same day you had that dress on you obviously had no bra and I saw the swelling of your beautiful breasts. I have wanted to kiss them. In my fantasies I have kissed them many times.:”

Oh wow. She had fantasised about me. She had likewise featured in many a happy evening of self pleasure for me as well.

She bent down and kissed just above my right nipple.

“And I saw that day the little dents your nipples made in the fabric of your dress and I wondered what they looked like. They are more beautiful than I ever imagined.”

She flicked her tongue around my very erect and aching nipple and then sucked gently on it.

I forgot myself for a moment and said, “I think…”

Her finger came up and stopped my lips.

She released my nipple, “Shh, babe. Whatever it is you were about to say, remember it and tell me afterwards.”

I held my tongue and revelled in the delicious feelings as she moved over, kissed the top of my left breast and then took that nipple into my mouth.

By this point I felt I would cum if she just blew softly on my clit.

“In every slot oyna single thing I have ever seen you wear I noticed your shape. Your tummy and your beautiful behind making a smooth curve, particularly when you wore heels.”

I was amazed that she had been paying so much attention to me and I had completely failed to notice. Of course, I had been paying an equal amount of attention to her and she’d also failed to notice. Our seduction dance had gone unnoticed by both of us.

She kissed down over my stomach, a soft kiss on my belly button and then down. I opened my legs to her and she knelt down between then.

“I can’t tell you how many times I dreamed of what you looked like down here. Were you hairy? Shaved? Trimmed? The reality is, again, more beautiful than the fantasy.”

She placed a kiss on my mound and I shuddered in further anticipation.

“And now my prize. You have a beautiful pussy Anna. I love your folds, how wet you are. The dark, puffy inner lips making a little heart shape.”

She ran her tongue up between my lips from my entrance up and over my clit.

I was lost. I couldn’t focus. Then I felt her finger trace the same line up and over my clit. Circling it once and then stopping.

Then she did something that I’d never experienced before. She pursed her lips and placed them over my clit, right down at the base, and then slowly drew her lips in and then back out, over and over, not moving her head at all. It was soft and gentle and I could feel the urgency in me grow further. Tingles running from my clit, through my lips, down into me.

As she kept this up I felt a finger at my entrance and she slid into me.

Then I got a small surprise as I felt a finger from her other hand stroking my back entrance. Not pushing, just adding that tingle to all the others.

She changed pace and I was suddenly gripping the sheets and moaning, careful not to say anything as she took my clit into her mouth, sucking me into her. I felt her slide her finger out, adding a second and pushing in deeply, opening me. At that moment she started flicking her tongue rapidly left and right.

This was enough to drive me completely over the edge and my orgasm started deep in the walls of my cunt and spread out from my clit. It washed up through my tits and nipples, and exploded in my head. I was shaking and crying out.

It just kept washing up and down me, through me, over and over.

I was lost.

As the feelings subsided I felt, rather than saw, her move up to next to me.

She kissed me and I tasted myself, by this point in my life something I was quite used to.

I managed to return the kiss, which turned passionate and then back to soft nibbles of each other’s lips.

I finally opened my eyes and there was her beautiful face, a smile lighting her eyes up, her dimples just showing.

I smiled back briefly and then I felt tears well up in me and I started crying.

Huge sobs racked through me and Jodie just said, “What is it babe? I know I didn’t hurt you. Did I?”

I knew what it was. She had knocked out several bricks from the wall I had built up around myself over the past decade. I was feeling, truly feeling, for the first time in years and it hurt.

I finally calmed and told a little white lie, “That was possibly the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

She kissed me and then said, “Oh no, Anna. Thank you. I have dreamed of this moment so often, and making love with you is better than I could ever have imagined. Now, what was it you wanted to say when I was kissing your nipple?”

I suddenly remembered and through the end of my tears I started giggling. It was obviously infectious because she started giggling with me saying, “What? What? What’s so funny.”

I managed to get a little control of myself, “Well, it wouldn’t have made any sense, but I was going to say, ‘I think Pinky likes you.'”

She looked confused. “Pinky?”

“Yes. You were kissing my right nipple. She’s called Pinky.”

She giggled and said, “You name your nipples? Why?”

I didn’t want to go into that story right now, “Oh well. You know. One of those things.”

She took my left nipple in her fingers and gently rolled it. “Okay, so what’s this one called?”

I smiled, “Perky.”

She snorted, and through a high pitched giggle said, “Perky? Really?”

I laughed with her. I couldn’t believe we were having laughing so soon after such an emotion filled moment.

Once we’d calmed she said, “So, any more secret names I need to know about?”

I nodded. “Just the one.”

She smiled, “Go on…”

I looked into her eyes, swallowed and said, “Chloe.”

She collapsed in fits of giggles and I found it infectious once more and joined her.

Through it all she managed, “You… you… named… your… clit! That is so adorable.”

“You think so? You don’t think it’s childish?”

She kissed me softly for a few seconds and we both calmed.

“No, babe. It’s not. Well, it sort of is but in canlı casino siteleri a cute way. I love it. Pinky,” kiss, “Perky,” kiss, slide down briefly, “Chloe. So lovely to meet you at last.”

She came back up and kissed me. I was getting used to Jodie’s kisses. Possibly addicted. I tried not to let it frighten me.

I looked into her eyes, “I want to give you as much as you gave me, but I think it would take hundreds of orgasms to equal that experience.”

She smiled, “Well, you’ll have paid me back by some point in the next couple of weeks then. I hope?” she said and we giggled.

I pushed back on her and she fell back on the bed and I now slid up next to her and kissed her. I let my hand slide over and took her nipple in my fingers, softly rolling it between them as we nibbled on each other’s lips. It was hard and she moaned into me as I squeezed gently.

I broke our kiss and slid down, placing kisses on her neck and then down onto her chest.

As I was kissing she said, “Do you remember the grey shift dress I wore a couple of weeks ago? When it was hot? We were out in the garden all of us.”

How could I forget. It had a spaghetti strap top, and was quite figure hugging and really short.

“Oh god I do. You looked so hot in that.”

I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it in, biting softly at the base and flicking it with my tongue.

She moaned and then said, “I wore that to try to get some reaction from you. I had absolutely nothing on underneath. I was hoping you would catch a glimpse. I even tried to flash you once but you didn’t seem to notice.”

The very thought that we had sat there with her practically naked made me go wild. So many missed opportunities. I was determined to make up for them.

Without a word I slid down so I was between her legs, kissing over her belly as she had mine, and then ran my tongue over her mound, savouring the smoothness of her skin, and then down over her clit.

It was my first taste of her. I took her clit into my mouth and savoured it for a few seconds. It was as perfect and wonderful as she was herself.

I flicked my tongue slowly, left and right over her. She was proud and hard and I could feel the contours of her hood at the base.

I placed a finger at her entrance and let my finger slide into her wet and ready opening. I put a finger from my other hand just below her opening and felt how wet she was. I covered the end of my finger in her juices and slid it down to her back entrance. As I touched it she said, “Oh god yes, Anna. Please.”

I pushed gently and felt the resistance then slow relaxation and I was soon in up to my first knuckle. I waited while she relaxed and then pushed slightly more and my finger slid in further and I felt it emerge inside her. I stopped and just held it there.

I curved my other finger upwards inside her pussy and easily found the pad of her g-spot and started stroking it. I felt her tense and then grip the sheets, saying in a beautiful growl, “What the fuck? Oh god. I’m going to Anna. I’m going to.”

I felt her pussy walls clamp down on me and she suddenly started shaking and crying out a long, warbling “Ohwoahwoahwoah.”

I slowed slightly and felt her hands grip my hair, “Yes. Again. Fuck…”

I felt it build in her and her walls clamped down on me. When they finally stopped squeezing on my finger I slid it out slowly and was delighted to feel a tiny squirt of juices which wet my chin.

As she finally calmed I slowly slid my finger out of her back entrance and, as I got to the point where her muscles took over and pushed it out, I felt her shudder as it finally emerged.

I slid up next to her and we kissed.

When we had stopped she said, “What was that Anna? What did you do?”

I was puzzled for a moment. “You mean the finger in your, um… other entrance?”

“No, babe. That’s not new. What you did inside me. In my… well,” she blushed cutely, “do you mind if I say cunt?”

I kissed her, “No babe. Never.”

She smiled, “You made me fill with something I’ve never felt before. Thank you, but what was it you did?”

“Your g-spot? You’ve never had a g-spot orgasm before?”

“That’s what it was? I thought that was a myth! No, I never have. Wow. Thank you. That was so intense,” she paused for a second, smiled, and said, “Damn.”


She giggled, “Well that was so gorgeous you now only owe me ten orgasms. I was looking forward to hundreds.”

I kissed her, “Let’s plan on hundreds anyway?”

She sighed and flashed a resigned look with her eyes. “Oh. Okay then. I suppose I can put up with it.”

We both giggled and kissed.

After a while we decided to slip under the covers, feeling the warmth from our lovemaking enfolding us. We held each other, my thigh over hers, we kissed often and eventually fell asleep.

A glorious, wonderful, peaceful sleep.

Sunday Morning

The next morning I was awoken by a brief kiss. I was momentarily disoriented but then the events of the previous day came rushing back and I opened my eyes to see Jodie, her head on the pillow, smiling and staring at me.

“Good morning posh bird,” she said, “I’m sorry if I woke you, but I just wanted to check you were real.”

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